Seattle is Dying

  • Published on Mar 19, 2019
  • KOMO's Eric Johnson explores the impact the drug and homelessness problem is having on our city and possible solutions in "Seattle is Dying."
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  • Christopher Rael
    Christopher Rael 10 minutes ago

    Insulin is not a choice drug use is. They spend millions on addicts and charge diabetics millions to live. Let them get as high as they want quit enabling.

  • Brian Quinn
    Brian Quinn 12 minutes ago

    Wow! Never heard such hard-hitting analysis from a news source. I live in the Portland, OR metro area (outside in Clackamas County) and everytime I take my 12 year old daughter into town to the Rose Garden or on a walk along the Willamette River, I point out the decline to her. She has a tough time processing how adults can allow other adults to live this way. She asks questions of "Why and How"; answers to which I struggle to offer. Add 'Antifa' to the blend and well, what is the common denominator? Liberalism and Democrat elected officials.

  • Charlene McKenzie
    Charlene McKenzie 34 minutes ago

    Your liberal politicians that you voted for did this

  • Mo Sizleck
    Mo Sizleck Hour ago

    USA is a third world country.

  • truth dog
    truth dog 2 hours ago

    White people were made for greatness, not this... Jews

  • Ossie Orlowski
    Ossie Orlowski 2 hours ago

    Austin, Texas is next

  • gerald thiroux-lovett2nd

    They're getting exactly what they want. Society doesn't care, politicians just want reelection. Its a leftist theme of government, free,free,free on the back of everyday John and Jane doe working and paying taxes on a failed government that is only for themselves and their neighborhoods. It's a political problem as well as a intervention one. You have to change both attitudes NOT just one. I repeat NOT JUST ONE.

  • ElkEars
    ElkEars 3 hours ago

    The Seattle voting public has made bad decisions at the polls.

  • scott little
    scott little 4 hours ago

    Travis needs lead transfusion for his trouble.

  • ToxicFanboy
    ToxicFanboy 5 hours ago

    Travis pulling an Oscar the Grouch"I live in a trashcan bitch!"

  • Dwight Turner
    Dwight Turner 5 hours ago

    Oh bullshit! I saw nothing in this video that I didn't see in Washington, DC over 15 years ago. I visited Seattle for 5 days and was mostly in the downtown area. I never saw the homeless tent cities. You have to go LOOKING for the shitty things shown in this video. You can drive around Seattle and never see this kind of shit. There are great neighborhoods and shopping. A yelling mentally ill person doesn't present a real picture of Seattle. This video was produced by a group of bleeding heart SJW's. Oh my, isn't it terrible that this person is homeless and on drugs. Well give me a break. You try to drag down the WHOLE CITY OF SEATTLE based on the nasty scenes you were able to find and record. Well all of you SJW radical liberals can go to hell. For every sad scene you can show I can show you hundreds of scenes of wonderful neighborhoods, crime free shopping areas, community activities such as barbeques, safe schools, thriving businesses, etc. Wow, you show a few mentally violent and homeless people and then shout to the world..."Oh god, Seattle is hopeless! We've been destroyed! The city is hopeless!" Screw off.

  • Tod Ganzer
    Tod Ganzer 6 hours ago +1

    Wtf is the narrator fucking saying??? How did we get to this point? Meaningful help.... give them their own camps outside the cities,,, they like to live like that... its the liberal dream, dont complain about it,,, the same people that shut down the mental institutions are now complaining about the effect of doing so.??? When you let non contributors have a choice? Well this is the future of liberalism and the simple side affect of giving non contributors the run of the land.... you point at the shit and say but why does it smell? Lol its not our fault ..... its your fucking shit politicians...clean it up you fucking assholes🍷🖕 how about that for a fucking answer

  • Kari Ivins-Senft
    Kari Ivins-Senft 6 hours ago +1

    That was powerful.

  • not sure
    not sure 7 hours ago +1

    Seattle is full of can enforce the laws yourselves & perform citizens arrests. Under a citizen's arrest you can use whatever force is required to make the arrest...

  • Marilyn Desrosiers
    Marilyn Desrosiers 7 hours ago +1

    Rather like Los Angeles and California in general.

  • not sure
    not sure 7 hours ago +1

    Only a corrupt cop follows the unlawful orders of a corrupt mayor flagrantly breaking the law by making obstruction of justice the sop.

  • Pat Garrett
    Pat Garrett 7 hours ago +1

    I was going to ask you WHY so many homeless when the economy is so good! After reading this I am beginning to understand- -- - drugs!!! Why, with a booming economy are so many on drugs??? What makes drugs so glorious that so many go that way, Especially when they MUST see what that future is??

  • Nolan Jones
    Nolan Jones 9 hours ago

    Who else lives close to Seattle

  • flyback 2me
    flyback 2me 10 hours ago

    Who gives a shit? Just don't allow the freak, pedo liberals to flee to another states. That's THEIR bed, not ours.

  • Gabriel Zang
    Gabriel Zang 10 hours ago +1

    Seattle: "Travis, you wanna smoke or a candybar"
    Texas: "Travis, which color do you want your bodybag, black or blue?"

  • Billyboy17
    Billyboy17 10 hours ago +1

    Dump the offenders off where the city council lives. If it happens to them, in their neighborhoods, watch how fast they are to fix the issue.

  • Rosebud
    Rosebud 11 hours ago +1

    Welcome to the USA mad house of the universe. sad but true! The USA has become a third world country, as evidence seen on city streets. The Police -State would love to invoke Nazi Germany's solution, I'm sure!
    This documentary is a commercial for building more prisons, and locking up 10% of the population, from now 2%, from 2.5 million locked now to 20 million! Where does this solution end, with a wall around every city, creating prison cities, I Guess

  • VetteKid
    VetteKid 12 hours ago +1

    When you put "progressives" in charge this is what you get, people that are more concerned with individual rights over the rights of the whole of the society to have a clean, crime free environment. My suggestion is to vote the progressives out but until elections take place refuse to pay your local & state taxes as a protest because any liberal is powerless when they don't have someone else's money to spend.

  • MoeLarryCurly
    MoeLarryCurly 12 hours ago +1

    Stop electing these morons, they get funding,

  • Thomas Stecyk
    Thomas Stecyk 13 hours ago +1

    Ah in the first place, 'call nine one one' is four words. Where do these people go when they leave.

  • Lydia Selwood
    Lydia Selwood 13 hours ago +1


  • Stephan Arminski
    Stephan Arminski 13 hours ago +1

    And yet half of America still votes Democrat. Yeah, lets keep taking more from the productive to enable/encourage this behavior. You can't even exagerate this type of logic, where the CEOs are viewed as the problem and the pants pissers are their darlings.

    APCWORLDSUXAZ 15 hours ago

    medicated assistance treatment is why this is all happening..... get people addicted to legal pharma drugs.... hence why we took over Afghanistan to produce more opioids and turn them into pills and get tax payers to fund drug addicts...…. opium production is up almost 1000% in 20 years...….. pretty shitty numbers if we are there fighting terrorist growing opium to support terrorism then I guess it a major fail the numbers keep going up? lol

    APCWORLDSUXAZ 15 hours ago +4

    1 billion dollar a year addressing homeless issue... you could have built 9 huge internments camps at that costs per year?

    APCWORLDSUXAZ 15 hours ago +1

    it isn't dying, it was a shithole long time ago...… now the problem is just so big normal people can see it.

  • salamander 2007
    salamander 2007 17 hours ago

    too many people, too many college graduate, too many job and only a few get the job

  • M7656King
    M7656King 19 hours ago

    Do away with Travis bergy.... and all the filth

  • ricksduman
    ricksduman 20 hours ago +1

    Donald Trump got it right when he mentioned, "shit-hole cities". The hard working decent people of Seattle are being held hostage by the politicians that do nothing. VOTE THEM OUT!

  • ricksduman
    ricksduman 20 hours ago +2

    -- Thank your leaders and your university professors for promoting their lies that have led to this slow death.

  • Iredidv
    Iredidv 21 hour ago

    this docu is just more dividing, us vs the homeless. Not one grain of sane comment or solutions. hat hate hate me me me.

  • HORSE - D
    HORSE - D 21 hour ago +1

    So the politicians aren't going to jail them. They're just gonna sit there and allow them to kill themselves foul the city and commit crimes....Seattle what a dumb fuckin joke

  • tsun
    tsun 21 hour ago

    What happens when you unironcally spew this advice: "Do whatever you want as long as it doesnt hurt anyone"

  • trimtrac
    trimtrac 21 hour ago +1

    LOL!LOL! you voted that crap in, quit your bitching

  • A Breckenridge
    A Breckenridge 22 hours ago

    LOOOOL NICE 15:30

  • Dam Big Foot
    Dam Big Foot 22 hours ago +1

    Most cities decide to do something when these druggies start messing with the tourism industry and find their way into the upscale areas. When I went to the west coast it was much like the scene at 42:47 you have to dodge around people on drugs who are walking sporadically even in the nicest places. Maybe these city council people just get everything delivered to their gated communities so they don't know how its like to be bumped into by a urine soaked druggie.

  • Valeria Hargand
    Valeria Hargand 22 hours ago +1

    This is NOT "compassion" - this is abuse. These people need help. Real help. Why were mental institutions shut down and the people put on the streets? This is NOT compassion ...

  • Barry White
    Barry White 23 hours ago +1


  • Barry White
    Barry White 23 hours ago

    Perfect example of "Problem Reaction Solution" Seattle is run by a Satanic Jewish Free Mason Death ☠ Cult and Jews created the homeless problem and bring in all the drugs..

  • Over Worked
    Over Worked 23 hours ago +2

    Have the homeless move in with the politicians who promote agendas that create this. Giving jobs to other countries, creating a welfare state, allowing drugs to pour into our country across open boarders, promoting everything anti family, and anti Jesus.

  • bill ding
    bill ding Day ago +3

    Travis needs a post natal abortion. Followed by the City Council and the rest of the morons running the city.

  • Underground Wes
    Underground Wes Day ago +2

    I live north of Seattle and yes, it's a shit hole. Luckily I live far enough away not to deal with it daily.

  • Whanker Akerill
    Whanker Akerill Day ago +2

    Welcome to liberal, progressive thinking keep the people broke and on drugs with no self respect

  • Dan Franco
    Dan Franco Day ago

    Amazing documentary. Well done KOMO. I totally agree, doing nothing while these people are suffering is basically like pulling the trigger yourself. Except it's a long and drawn out gun shot. Very sad.

  • Rottinghere
    Rottinghere Day ago +2

    No sympathy here. Seattle, you voted for what you've got. Deal with it.

  • Sally Hillal
    Sally Hillal Day ago +1

    Californians destroy everywhere they move to/invade.

    • Over Worked
      Over Worked 23 hours ago +1

      It is global. Happening in Canada, Europe and all over USA. This is by design. These policies are promoted by globalists agenda, politicians who are puppets and media lying to a dumbed down public. We abandoned Jesus and western civilization is falling. This is by design. Stay woke!

  • Jim Coulter
    Jim Coulter Day ago

    Seattle is almost as bad as Los Angeles the Third world city, but not quite as bad .....Yet, but it is getting there a Pig Pen. You can thank the Damned Democrats for stopping the flow of Drugs at the Southern Border because they are getting too much of the Dirty Drug money!

  • Mufaro Chivore
    Mufaro Chivore Day ago

    That Travis guy can barely contain his Mayonnaise privilege lmao

  • not yrbsns
    not yrbsns Day ago

    Democrats in office will get this result every time.

  • S Perreault
    S Perreault Day ago

    I was incredibly excited to visit Seattle. After 3 days, I couldn't wait to leave. Between dodging turds on the sidewalk and having aggressive panhandlers block my ability to walk to my destination, I had enough. I will never go back.

  • Gypsi Minion
    Gypsi Minion Day ago

    Thanks for showing the truth.

  • BigFather ent
    BigFather ent Day ago

    but we need heroin buildings

  • MsBenlane
    MsBenlane Day ago

    i have worked hard all my life and payed taxes and i am held hostage by people like travis and i am fed up.

  • AJ Hill
    AJ Hill Day ago

    "The option must be treatment or jail." Agreed. I've had a few offers to move west, but i've drug my feet until i see if the west coast can fix itself. I loved the state of washington, but i'll never expose my family to this.

  • MsBenlane
    MsBenlane Day ago

    the frisco paper has had letters saying from travelers saying i did not see this in tokyo or paris

  • CaptainRon1913
    CaptainRon1913 Day ago

    Need more liberals in Seattle. They'll solve the problems. Omar and Cortez want Seattle to become a 3rd world shithole

  • HORSE - D
    HORSE - D Day ago

    JUST SAY NO! (Nancy Reagan)

  • Sarus Drake
    Sarus Drake Day ago +2

    This is my home and it's falling apart...

  • Pat Curry
    Pat Curry Day ago +2

    The Gang Of Four should be brought to Seattle to walk the streets and see upfront the result of far-left policies. And then report to Congress. Above all tell the truth.

  • Drowned Rat
    Drowned Rat Day ago

    Oh yes, methadone and suboxone are the magic bullets for addiction. I feel so sorry for the people forced onto them. They're still addicted, just can't feel a buzz. The withdrawal is just as bad if not worse than from heroin, and that's straight from the mouth of a family member who has experienced both. And what happens to these people when they get out of prison? Who pays for this treatment? Who will help them detox of these meds? What do you think they'll do the first time they go in withdrawal and the clinic isn't open? This isn't treatment. It's just keeping addicts as compliant prisoners.

  • Rebecca Hughes
    Rebecca Hughes Day ago

    America is becoming a third world country 😥

  • Don Hart
    Don Hart Day ago +2

    Hey it's just not Seattle!
    They just legalized all of the same crap in Austin Texas but hang on because it's coming to a city and a town near you soon if it's not already there probably is..... this is actually a national crisis.
    It's called drugs, drugs, drugs and it's just not only in the streets it's in the office building & the high-rises with opiate addiction as well!!!

    HD MGTOW Day ago +3

    These politicians are not for the people, they are all for the DS. It’s time to drain the swamp!

  • Jack Sparrow
    Jack Sparrow Day ago

    YOU CAN GET OUT OF THIS. DEATH PENALTY FOR DRUG DEALERS. MINIMUM 5 YEARS HARD LABOUR FOR USING ANY DRUG!! Sorry to say half your population would be in prison immediately and half of the remaining executed..
    Bunch of foo-king pussies running to drugs when you have problems. Sheesh everyone is on some form of damn drug! Sheesh!

  • tsun
    tsun Day ago

    Just like Rome. Incredibly degenerate right until its collapse. So we're seeing another repeat of history but no one learns from it.

  • Jack Sparrow
    Jack Sparrow Day ago

    This must be one of the levels in Hell ! Welcome to Africa wait that is actually insulting Africa because these a-holes have everything going for them yet they still cock it up. Still vote for retards..

  • Daniel Bowers
    Daniel Bowers Day ago

    And of course KOMO is a Sinclair Broadcasting channel.

  • E C
    E C Day ago

    ...OMG. how did the great people of America allowed this to happen. This is sooo sad . If this problem is created by the politicians, it is not going to be solved by them .

  • Bill 1405
    Bill 1405 Day ago

    Liberal is as liberal does. By their fruits ye shall know them.

  • Rose Torres
    Rose Torres Day ago

    Where's Eddie the masterbater stalker when the homeless white people need him...

  • Daniëlla,s
    Daniëlla,s Day ago +2

    Is this a joke if travis was black .
    Travis was long dead.
    Amerika 😂what a joke

    • alex than
      alex than 2 hours ago

      Daniëlla,s yup if more than half of the homeless isn’t white heroin addicts, they all be in prison!

  • Jusst Jared
    Jusst Jared Day ago

    It’s the homeless? You clearly show it

  • Chuck Tarpley
    Chuck Tarpley Day ago

    America see what stainest socialist democratic controls,, they destroyed a once-great city,, people must if forgotten what these same democratic did to Detroit this cause by liberalism and democratic total control in the state government WHICH HASTRASH THE STATE

  • worseto1
    worseto1 Day ago

    George Washington was ok with territories but not cities let's see we didn't listen to him .

  • Gordon G
    Gordon G Day ago

    and we need to allow more people through our southern border ?!?!

  • Fun&Games
    Fun&Games Day ago

    Another thing this homeless & mental illness is caused by the fluoride in water, and poisons in usa food.
    Usa is making their population sick... even the rich are suffering birth defects,disease,& mental breakdowns.
    We must go back to nature to heal the usa. Organic food,clean water, clean air.

  • Fun&Games
    Fun&Games Day ago

    I call Bull! The usa already fixed this problem in cali with tiny homes the rockstar built with his own money. Except the usa gov said no they homeless cant have them, and took away all the tiny homes.
    So our gov is wicked. We need reform of the gov.

  • colt45 Peacemaker

    That's the way liberals like it. They vote for socialist politicians and the people want more liberalism.
    They Love 💩👄

  • Health is a Choice!

    DEMON...Christian police need to use their authority in CHRIST over these drugged demonized.

  • jeffrey luciana
    jeffrey luciana Day ago +3

    Why doesn't Seattle city council pass a law requiring all homeless people to be paid $15.00 per hour?

    • jeffrey luciana
      jeffrey luciana 2 hours ago

      @alex than There will always be poor people in the land. Therefore I command you to be openhanded toward your fellow Israelites who are poor and needy in your land. Deuteronomy 15:11

    • jeffrey luciana
      jeffrey luciana 2 hours ago

      @alex than Luke 16:19-31

    • jeffrey luciana
      jeffrey luciana 2 hours ago

      @alex than You have a man who is worth $50 billion in your area. Why do you think you have tens of thousands of homeless living in poverty? How difficult is this to figure out?

    • alex than
      alex than 2 hours ago

      jeffrey luciana hmmmkay! Got it.

    • jeffrey luciana
      jeffrey luciana 2 hours ago

      @alex than God is emptying the guff. All of these souls have been released from the guff and when the guff is empty, the Apocalypse will begin.

  • Enda Dorgan
    Enda Dorgan Day ago

    Why wasnt Travis Tazed? What a clown.

  • 2nd classCitizen

    Hurry up and die already...the cpuntry will be better off without ypur passive ahhressive racism and your creepy Stasi Army.
    Go to Hell Seattle...You Jesus Hating pieces of shit!

  • Deborah Alqanai
    Deborah Alqanai Day ago

    Is Seattle a sanctuary city? Democrats are ruining everything!

  • Jackson Dog
    Jackson Dog Day ago +10

    That's what you get with Democrats running these cities and with open borders the drugs just keep flowing in

  • Rune Martin Guldberg

    Breakdown op family over many generations the reason. More liberalism and democratic policy and the nightmare continue.

  • Sheriyah Israel
    Sheriyah Israel Day ago

    He would be dead if he were black!!!

  • Sharon Tate
    Sharon Tate Day ago

    Every white parasite keeps talking about liberals and progressives as if Republicans don't rape, kill, lie , steal and EMBEZZLE BY THE BIILLIONS OF TRILLIONS . STOP THE SELF RIGHTEOUSNESS and WILLFUL IGNORANCE

  • Hope SweetHope
    Hope SweetHope Day ago

    Dayz of Noah has some good exposé videos that might help you figure out the real agenda that lies behind the planned destruction of society... but you are running out of time to seek truth.

  • Mark I
    Mark I Day ago

    But Americans love to talk about the poverty in North Korea and Venezuela and Iran and Cuba!!....and the need to go and "help" the poor people of those countries!!....plenty of money for bailing out banks, plenty of money for illegal wars, plenty of money for the military industrial complex to build weapons that dont work and no one needs!! The United States of America ladies and gentlemen!!....oh yeah!!...Come on brothers and sisters let's hear it!!....USA!!.....USA!!!....USA!!

  • Ron Burke
    Ron Burke Day ago

    As Gov of the state why don't inslee step in and do something? Oh thats right hes a piece of shit too yep the blue party is destoying our state when we going to get rid of them i bet they have a lot of money in the bank i also bet they support and control antifa democrats....the domestic enemy of the American people

  • Bradley Love
    Bradley Love Day ago +3

    These are the kind of results you get when you have left wing liberals running your city

  • Ron Burke
    Ron Burke Day ago

    Gotta stop voting democrat this is how democrats roll.

  • David C
    David C Day ago

    The dirtiest nasty city in America is Las Vegas. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. Any place that is attractive to people, will always have homeless people.

  • This Sun Child
    This Sun Child Day ago

    Omg....what an absolute dump! Is that America?!
    I never saw anything like that her in Scandinavia, thank God.

  • thisisjules 7
    thisisjules 7 Day ago


  • youmakemelaugh
    youmakemelaugh Day ago

    What a disgrace, you people who vote those type of politicians in to office deserve what you get. Don't walk around shaking your heads in confusion year after year wonder how your city got that way. Keep enabling addicts and criminals, prevent the police from enforcing the law, vote judges in who excuse criminals and their actions and you think you are kind, have a conscience and empathy-no you don't. I won't even touch on illegals, has it''s clear what your policy is on them. Good luck and keep spending other people's money. The addicted and mentally troubled individuals are not all on the street, they sit on your conciles and in the mayor's office.