Exploring the World's LARGEST Mopar Junkyard!

  • Published on Feb 9, 2019
  • And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. 2 Corinthians 12:9
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Comments • 459

  • Jamie Lee
    Jamie Lee 15 hours ago +1

    I bet 75% of these cars where whole when they were parked on that lot

  • Jamie Lee
    Jamie Lee 15 hours ago +1

    So much good is going to be wasted because of the vegetation and leaving the doors open and hoods up🤦

  • Jamie Lee
    Jamie Lee 15 hours ago +1

    I have to disagree many many of those could be saved now with AMD parts🤷

  • Peter Minadeo
    Peter Minadeo 4 days ago

    At 25:18 you mean that’s not for sale really what a waste

  • Dragon Of Dojima
    Dragon Of Dojima 4 days ago

    Are these cars able to be restored?

  • chris walker
    chris walker 6 days ago

    Amd replaced everything on that car but the cowl an that's because of a vin number. Car was in sad condition an really wasn't a car to save but they did it showing off their replacement metal an chose a great car for it cause it needed everything.

  • chris walker
    chris walker 6 days ago

    Buddy you could bomb can your cars an i still would support your videos just because of your knowledge on mopar an passion behind it. Old Mark wherman would be honor to have you apply to work for him I'm sure from graveyard cars. Im not sure how Mark gets anything done cause his crew all but few seem lost around mopars.

  • PP777 El PutoAmo
    PP777 El PutoAmo 7 days ago

    I cried

  • Kent Stone
    Kent Stone 9 days ago

    I remember walking through yards like that when I was your age. Not many of them around anymore.

  • Brian R
    Brian R 11 days ago

    I was disappointed you didn't show any C bodies, except a couple of Imperials for a second by mistake I guess. They're never seen on the street, only car shows . They're very rare and should be given more attention.

  • KD Daniels
    KD Daniels 11 days ago

    does he really selling parts? lots of these guys just let them rot

  • Bryan Keith
    Bryan Keith 12 days ago

    My mom had a challenger rt like the red one with the white top. It was also a 71'. My dad got side swiped and he parked it next to our driveway for 25 years. Behind it was his 1970 alpine white 383 satellite. With factory orderd blue, dyed black, buckets, console shifter. He parked it because it was starting to rust in 1983. The rockers had a few small holes and some rust on the panel below the rear window. And the gas tank had a rust hole at the seam. Because of that little bit of rust it sat there until 2003 when he asked me if I wanted it. At the time I was 23. I didnt have a garage. I liked the car but, really didnt have much interest or money to restore it. The car had a bit more rust than it did when he parked it, I was by no means a rust bucket. Especially by todays standards. He ended up letting some guy he knew bring his kid over to buy it. The kid had plans to gut it, tub it, and race it. To me, sickening. He sold it to the kid for $600. Mostly just to get the car and kid out of his sight, I think. To this day I cant ask my dad anout that satellite. Sometimes he will let me get one question out. If I say anything more than that he gets upset and tells me he dont want to talk about it or think about it so quit talking to him about it and reminding him of it. Over the years of the car being parked he had started it up a few times. It never took more than a little fresh gas and a battery. He would get the car started drive down the road or around the block. Usaully doing a burn out as long as whatever road he was on was. Then park it, not touching it again for several years until he would get an itch to start it again. When ever I see a 68-70/71 satellite/roadrunner I see my Dad. The shape that the windshield and roofline makes. The angles of the side and door glass. The grill and rearend shapes. Somehow at a young age my mind melded those images into the image of my Dad. It always weirds me out seeing one roll down the road. Like seeong a ghost or memories forgotten.
    Its amazing what cars do to use as people. How they effect us and the feelings they envoke. It doesn't seem to make sense. Especially when you stop to think about it. After all, they are just cars.

  • Bryan Keith
    Bryan Keith 12 days ago +1

    Just makes me want to have things i cant have

  • Jorge Rivero
    Jorge Rivero 12 days ago +1

    All these beautiful works of art sitting in a junk yard makes want cry but it is what it is thanks for sharing Dylan 👍

  • bigunitandmore
    bigunitandmore 13 days ago

    he is a hoarder. he cant take those cars with him when he dies.

  • Scott Williams
    Scott Williams 18 days ago

    Liked seeing Stevens Performance. bought 2 quarter panels for 69 dart back 95. Thanks for the tour.

  • truthparanormal
    truthparanormal 19 days ago

    Late 80s i could have bought road runner for 2500 cash nothing wrong with the car just small dent on fender but i was young didnt have cash

  • Frankie's super crazy channel

    Junkyards like this save mopars that need parts And restoration

  • Eric Hansen
    Eric Hansen 20 days ago

    I have seen heaven and it is good ! 😀

  • Nova 2006
    Nova 2006 21 day ago

    Sorry but it's not about safety it's about money he knows if he parts them it's worth more it's his property he can do whatever some yeah completely done. Other I see no not for a charger people will go through great hard core restoration to bring one back hell as long as it has a Vin it can come back.

  • Mincenchez
    Mincenchez 22 days ago

    Damn it sucks living in New Zealand. Look at all those mopars sitting around, over here the only decent junkyards are full of British cars, the ones with 4 cylinders and 50hp from factory

  • JIM Crow
    JIM Crow 23 days ago

    They're not for sale because he parts them out!

  • HEMIdotCA
    HEMIdotCA 24 days ago

    what got me the most was the rusted out general

  • Hans Eder Romero
    Hans Eder Romero 24 days ago

    Where are al they??? What state??

  • Suicidebynitro7
    Suicidebynitro7 26 days ago

    That red challenger off on it's own was definitely salvageable

  • superhoggbike
    superhoggbike 27 days ago

    I would be so depressed if I had that much junk on my property . When scrap prices go up. Crush that junk!!

  • Platform2020
    Platform2020 27 days ago

    Unbelievable collection of Mopars

  • Гараж Wheels
    Гараж Wheels Month ago

    How much is the body for the Dodge Charger in this landfill? Please write Who knows.

  • Randy Weston
    Randy Weston Month ago +2

    I’m in the process of making my 70 Superbird clone.

  • Daniel Lobo1
    Daniel Lobo1 Month ago +1

    That looks like HEAVEN😍❤😋😘👌👍💪 i need to start behaving a little more😈

  • Ahzantee Quick
    Ahzantee Quick Month ago

    My dream car Is the 1970 Dodge Charger R/T and I would love to go they're and get one to restore it.

  • Ahzantee Quick
    Ahzantee Quick Month ago

    I breaks my heart all those poor Mopars are sitting.

  • Doug's custom car garage

    Thats where all the mopars went lol

  • J X
    J X Month ago

    anything with tags good factory options (426-440-340-r/ts-trackpacks 6packs,etc)should be sold to people who can do the body work and get them back on the road..most are all repairable.if have time and money..

  • United Urban Warrior Society

    I'm here in rapid City SD. My old friend Russell has a yard full of mostly Dodges & Chrysler's About as big! mooresautosalvage.com/

  • Rob
    Rob Month ago

    i just want my 62 dart back , but ill never have the money ever again

  • Gotie Journe
    Gotie Journe Month ago

    So sad to see these witnesses of the past in such a state

  • Evil Mofo
    Evil Mofo Month ago

    It’s a shame they had to go out that way

  • John Douma
    John Douma Month ago

    Let em ROT

  • Jacob Thorson
    Jacob Thorson Month ago

    Where is this located ?

  • craig christon
    craig christon Month ago

    You might as well crush all of them, the corrosion has destroyed what is left of the parts.

  • Joe Billielo
    Joe Billielo Month ago

    Does anybody know if there's a million dollar car in there??........Possibly????

    SOCALDEVILDOG Month ago +1

    the thought of all of those Mopar's languishing there is literally making me foam at the mouth #savethecudas #godblesswelders #everythingcanbefixed

  • Retrogamer1010
    Retrogamer1010 Month ago

    This guy will never sell those parts in his lifetime. He should sell whole cars if they can be restored. Otherwise his family will just have it all crushed for scrap when he dies.

  • Rick Loera
    Rick Loera Month ago

    The Big Chrysler that you saw with the canted headlights is a 62. Called the plucked chicken because the fins were removed after 61. You mention that the 77 Cordoba is the one that people prefer over the 75. I know there are slight differences between the years but the 1975 through 77's were pretty much the same car. The 78's came with the stacked square headlights. I definitely prefer the round headlight models. You passed by a Dodge Magnum which in 1977 or 78 was the direct cousin of the Cordoba. The 71 red Challenger with the with white interior is one sharp looking car. Did you notice the rare optional chrome around the front of the fenders and hood. I actually prefer leaving that option off because it looks like some add on from JC Whitney. I remember when these cars were new. A neighbor bought on the same day a brand new red Demon for the mom and a red Challenger for the daughter. They also had a mopar with a the mod top. Can't remember which model that was though. If the owner of the yard could snap his fingers and make these cars new again he'd be a billionaire. I always tell my kids that old wrecking yards are my Disneyland. Where I live we have a really good yard called Turners Auto Wrecking. He deals with classic cars. He probably has over 1000 cars in his yard. There was one Near Oakhurst, Ca. That yard had 3500 old cars, mostly complete. When the man died who owned it, the family had them all crushed. Another sad crush was the man that had about 100 Imperials from 1957 to about 1963 died and his cars also got crushed. Their is a video on you tube showing row after row of these Imperials. I saw them in a yard I visited about twenty years ago and at the time were in really great condition. Wish I had a phone with a camera when I used visit these places 30 to 40 years ago.

  • Rick Loera
    Rick Loera Month ago

    The white Valiant with the green top is a 73.

  • John Ogo
    John Ogo Month ago

    Where is this place at?

  • Julian Limehouse
    Julian Limehouse 2 months ago

    OMG I saw so many of my dream mopar builds I wish to god I could go up there n get a lot of those mopar dream rides but sadly like he said that guy doesn’t sell those n I wish those two guys look at the trucks more

  • Tyler Whittaker
    Tyler Whittaker 2 months ago

    They could be rebuilt

  • orange70383
    orange70383 2 months ago

    I've sent 4 70 barracudas to the crusher in times past, bodies were good but they needed various work which at the time wasn't worth the effort, now they're smashed and recycled. I burnt one to the ground because the rear end went bad in it, it was a 70 gran coupe 383 w/console, car was blue with a white top and we poured gas on it and flamed on.

  • MH Ghostreaper
    MH Ghostreaper 2 months ago

    I’m 14 and I have a dream that there be no such thing as a parts car or a car being scrapped hopefully eventually they can make every single part brand new to these cars so they can all be saved

  • matt s
    matt s 2 months ago

    Can any of these parts be bought..?
    If so how do i contact... I need some parts for a 1964 belvedere.. I seen a few in this vid...

  • Çarl Tate
    Çarl Tate 2 months ago

    Hey Dylan you're doing a great job! Love the fact that someone; so young is into the old
    Mopars. I to love each and every one. My favorite would have to be the C bodies though. Second would be the A bodies from 67 down. I just don't like to jump on the bandwagon with everyone else. Right now I am working on a 1986 D100 short bed. Well keep up the good work.

  • Brad Hardy
    Brad Hardy 2 months ago

    Lying on the ground hasn't helped any of these cars. .plus need a crew to come in with chain saws and clear the trees

  • Tilli Vanilli
    Tilli Vanilli 2 months ago

    Hi Dylan! Thank you for this very cool video! :)
    I´m often looking your videos here at YT and I´m very grateful to you to doing that nice videos about the salvaged classic cars... :) I know you are a real Mopar fan, and I´m too! But I like many different cars from many different automakers. (Dodge/Mopar is in thw upper position! :) ) I hope my english is good enough for you to understand because i´m from germany...? I restore & save cars, especially US classic cars because i think thats more than history, thats my life! :)
    Still in this moment i´m restoring a `67 Chevy Caprice 4 Door Hardtop, -you know, the same car like shown in TV show Supernatural... Yes, it´s really a most similar base to nuilt a supernatural replica. It´s also a 327 4bbl 275hp,... and I´m still not sure if i really build a exact replica or a tribute car. I will see. It´s a thing about to get the last parts to choose the way to go. And now I´m asking you if you can help me about? You know that could help me so much! :) I think it´s not bad to ask you about because you are often at junk yards what nobody others know... And you are als a specialist for those vintage cars, I think you even also know which car is in front of your lok :)
    And if you can´t or wouldn´t help me by yourselve, I hope you can give me a contact (eMail at best) that I can contact a owner of a yard with parts for my project..??
    It´s difficult here at YT to talk to you, how we can get a eMail contact or else, at best? :)

    Cheers from bavaria, Till

    PS: At timecode 27:50 is a 72/73 Plymouth Fury Station Wagon... This at best as a 73 Dodge Coronet 4 Door Sedan is a car what I´m looking for (Or 72 - 76 as Dodge Coronet or similar from Plymouth (Satellit). then 77-79 Dodge Monaco... it´s even the same car with a little different trim or facelift... Yes, I didn´t found anyone and the Caprice/Impala was the car i got for this project. But when you know or see anyone, can you tell me pls? :)


    Why you proselytize in all ur damn descriptors though? Less propaganda, Just show the fuggin' MOPARS!

  • Eyehate Phukingoogel
    Eyehate Phukingoogel 3 months ago


  • Randy Bingham
    Randy Bingham 3 months ago

    on the blue truck you brought home 1970i believe you had contest on about guessing what your gonna do with it was a sweptline truck, and the chrome running down side is below the body line on this truck seems like on other ones i have seen the chrome is adove the body line am i crazy or did things change

  • Dennis Copp II
    Dennis Copp II 3 months ago

    Just to give you an idea of rust in the north east, if your car is 10 years old or older it will have serious rust and holes, some look like the cars in the yard you are in.

  • duster71
    duster71 3 months ago

    Stephan's is ripoff,sold me a set of Mopar rally wheels with. Corvette trim rings. Hes known in the Mopar community for not being honest.DO NOT BUY FROM HIM UNLESS YOU SEE THE PARTS FIRST. HE WILL SEND YOU CRAP IF YOU PAY FIRST