Do looks matter in MMA?

  • Published on Nov 18, 2019
    Chael Sonnen discusses athlete marketing and promotion on this episode of Beyond the Fight.
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  • DaveKublersVideos
    DaveKublersVideos 14 days ago

    This is not unlike the music industry....much is about the 'looks'.

  • Jojo Dawide
    Jojo Dawide 21 day ago

    Trust me bro looks matters everywhere I’m not trna be cocky but I’m pretty good looking I hate saying it cuz I don’t like giving props to myself but I get alotta of attention from females or like at the mall girls staring at me or smiles at me even tho idk them and also alotta of people that comes to our house tells my mom that she got a good looking son tbh even my mom likes me more just cuz I’m a better looking in the family it’s sad but true she cares about me a little more so looks definitely matters it makes life easier it little bit in my opinion

  • Jojo Dawide
    Jojo Dawide 21 day ago

    Looks definitely matters definitely life is a little either lol than being ugly that’s for sure promotion wise

  • Lyg3rBurg3rz
    Lyg3rBurg3rz 21 day ago

    Ben Askren's chin was chiseled from stone, but it was still cracked by a Cuban Missile.

  • Felix Henriquez
    Felix Henriquez 21 day ago +1

    Chael thinks wanderlay Silva is the most handsome fighter in the world.

  • Conversation Strangler Steven

    I used to think looks don't matter in MMA, until my brother pointed out my favorite fighters are Luke Rockhold, Carlos Condit, Alan Jouban and *Bigfoot Silva*. The 4 best looking men in all of UFC.

  • M Ibrahim
    M Ibrahim 21 day ago

    I miss the old Chael, I feel like this one is the nice bad guy

  • Chase Potter
    Chase Potter 22 days ago

    It was definitely an ugly dude asking you what looks have to do with anything lol

  • Tommy Marquez
    Tommy Marquez 22 days ago

    This is the best ending song lol

  • tas tiger
    tas tiger 22 days ago

    I think Bisping was/is very handsome too 😍

  • 2019? comments shit me
    2019? comments shit me 23 days ago +1

    A likeable face is usually a "Good looking" face.
    We are fans of greatness but are bigger fans if the people we like If the two line up then that make a a superstar.

  • adam g
    adam g 23 days ago

    Somewhere in the distance costa is laughing

  • Normal Man
    Normal Man 23 days ago

    Tony Ferguson is handsome

  • Akmma Abb
    Akmma Abb 23 days ago +1

    Paige vanzant is a perfect example for this

  • King Wild
    King Wild 24 days ago


  • Kurt Franklin
    Kurt Franklin 24 days ago

    Great ending theme.👍 it’s like if Chael had a show where he was a private detective.

  • Kurt Franklin
    Kurt Franklin 24 days ago

    I’d say it helped Paige van Santa’s career immensely. Don’t think it hurt cyborg. Who I’m not convinced isn’t Wanderle Silva.

  • Kurt Franklin
    Kurt Franklin 24 days ago

    Back when Chael was in the UFC, My dad couldn’t remember his name. He would refer to him as “the handsome guy.”😁

  • DouglasQuade
    DouglasQuade 24 days ago

    The eraser will take everyones virginity

  • wilder17
    wilder17 24 days ago

    pretty gracious of chael to accept random guys apology

  • BizzyIzzy87
    BizzyIzzy87 24 days ago

    It mattered for that hype job Roger Huerta.

  • Shawn Hughes
    Shawn Hughes 24 days ago

    obvi.... as an 8 wit abs.. It is w..... it is.......and you cant do nottin bout life and its reality.

  • Tim t6589
    Tim t6589 24 days ago

    Why's that outro such a banger?

  • Cannibal vegan
    Cannibal vegan 24 days ago

    David Beckham is the prime example of this....IAM not saying he wasn't talented but his looks played a vital role in his popularity till this day.

  • Stig Lauren
    Stig Lauren 25 days ago

    Being handsome is always beneficial in anything in life.
    You get more women, bigger social network, more opportunities. Not saying that a handsome guy can’t get sacked. That boring fighter calling himself the mane event was cut and rightfully so. But he would have never made it to the UFC if he wasn’t goodlooking. They Thought he would be more marketable.
    By the way. Chael was a goodlooking fighter back in the day, still looks good at 42 as well. And no, I am not gay. Every bloody American immediately thinks you’re gay when you give another man a compliment.

  • Anthony Celis
    Anthony Celis 25 days ago +1

    Hi chael can i get your autograph

  • Faustine L
    Faustine L 25 days ago

    so true there are so many AMAZING fighters at every gym ive trained at in Toronto

  • Daebak
    Daebak 25 days ago

    Most of the ufc fighters would be considered good looking by the general public

  • sebastian Sm
    sebastian Sm 25 days ago

    Alot of homosexuals watch mma. I think it matters some what.

  • H K
    H K 25 days ago

    Look at Sage Northcutt

  • H K
    H K 25 days ago

    If any other grown man would've made this video it would be suspect. But this is Uncle Chael

  • Nathan M
    Nathan M 25 days ago

    GSP a decent example

  • Bilal Khares
    Bilal Khares 25 days ago

    So basically it matters in the business but not the sport.

  • YUNG Kenpachi
    YUNG Kenpachi 25 days ago

    Looks only are for the medis

  • Matt Zeccardi
    Matt Zeccardi 25 days ago

    This literally is the same video that you already post!!! Damn Chael you must be hurting for content

  • Grim Reaper
    Grim Reaper 25 days ago +13

    Chael: Looks don't matter
    Me being ugly: Ok great

  • maDDog 3F
    maDDog 3F 25 days ago

    I stand by my statement and I accept your apology-Uncle Chael. Classic. 😁

  • Jati B
    Jati B 25 days ago

    Handsome will sell for women’s

  • ben d
    ben d 25 days ago

    I mean look at sage northcut, the guy was paid way more than other fighters and was given so many opportunities until they had to let him go!! He was a good fighter but his looks are what separated him from the others

  • Gustavo Serrano
    Gustavo Serrano 26 days ago

    Real Answer: said fighter doesn’t have enough things on his resume so we say he’s handsome just to fill a list
    Most these guys are charismatic before good looking lol

  • S.M.C. Kennels
    S.M.C. Kennels 26 days ago

    So, you're saying Mike Tyson isn't handsome?!

  • ChiKid 312
    ChiKid 312 26 days ago

    I swear to fucking god israel adensaya is the goddamn UGLIEST SHIT IN UFC HISTORY! Not being a hater just honest.

  • Chuanne Blofield
    Chuanne Blofield 26 days ago

    Dana White should go look for fighters at modeling shows

  • klappty66
    klappty66 26 days ago

    Its just a fact that sex sells. Better looking people are just more marketable

  • Doug
    Doug 26 days ago

    Well said sir and the correct answer is marketability otherwise it has no value. It's not as if a fighter will take it easy on his opponent because he is handsome nor will he freeze up because of it either. It will certainly cater to the female fans therefore great for business by selling more tickets and ppv

  • Martial Villager
    Martial Villager 26 days ago

    Ariane Lipski

  • Ken PowerZ
    Ken PowerZ 26 days ago +2

    “Being handsome has nothin to do with it, but I am the most handsome man in the sport” - Chael Sonnen

  • The Golden Snitch
    The Golden Snitch 26 days ago

    Cyborg was pretty good with the punches and the kicks. Chael might be onto something here...

  • Henry O'Brien
    Henry O'Brien 26 days ago

    You are also failing to mention that there are plenty of ugly fans who love watching someone 'destroy something beautiful', to quote Fight Club.

  • Edward Kelly
    Edward Kelly 26 days ago

    Just look Luke and Cody they are marketable for male fighters.Paige,Waterson are considered cute for many male fans.
    The UFC is marketing plenty of Latina fighters like they’re the next Rosa Acosta and Vida Guerra

  • systemsoundbar
    systemsoundbar 26 days ago

    after hearing chael's answer, the guy that asked the question is on suicide watch.

  • Cole
    Cole 26 days ago +4

    Fan: What's a guy's looks got to do with it?
    Chael: I can't let you get too close!

  • American English With Grant

    Looks matter when you're looking at the biggest arms in West Linn, Oregon! 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪

  • 135i
    135i 26 days ago

    Awesome end music

  • Euryale Music
    Euryale Music 26 days ago

    Tony Ferguson is the type of guy whom gets asked by the Mirrors which one is the prettiest.

  • Euryale Music
    Euryale Music 26 days ago

    Mike Tyson wasn good looking but he was scary AF and deliver, (Strong Personality) which it counts as much or even more than being good looking.
    Tito Ortiz had neither of that, or any brain whatsoever, he can barely puts together a paragraph...poor guy.

  • Euryale Music
    Euryale Music 26 days ago

    Looks matter EVERYWHERE, a good example of that is ...Me

  • Miguel Alamo
    Miguel Alamo 26 days ago

    1:22 I nearly shit my pants for the guy who questioned Chael.

  • Jorge mora
    Jorge mora 26 days ago

    Sorry to burst your bubble but Chael is bi. My co worker said he and Chael use to blow each other back in college.

  • Jesse Estall
    Jesse Estall 26 days ago +1

    Looks dont matter. Brock Lesnar, Conor, Ronda, Diaz bros, Jorge Masvidal, Anderson Silva aren't exactly top models super hot people. What made them super stars is their charisma and their ability to win.