John Oliver - Trump's Wiretapping Claim

From HBO's Last Week Tonight with John Oliver.
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Автор Rhand Taru ( назад)
I would be bothered more by the fact that so many people are retarded enough to watch Fox and take it seriously giving it a right to excist then Trump doing as well. In a normal countrie Fox would not survive.

Автор Kyle Stubbs ( назад)
0:16 Well, _you_ don't seem to be doing that...

Автор t healey ( назад)
perhaps if the public werent so hooked on trumps twitter bullshit he'd stop being such a fucking cunt. twitter really is more of a toilet than youtube . the only thing tweeted about trump id like to hear is that he'd been killed

Автор Laura Bess ( назад)
please, please, don't give traitor trump the codes!!

Автор Frank Winkhorst ( назад)
This guy really is an idiot. No matter how much you hate Tweety Bird, the fact is that the evidence is overwhelming that John Kennedy was murdered by former elements of the CIA. There is a photograph of Ed Lansdale in Dealey Plaza. As for the World Trade Center, the entire building turned to dust. A plane crashing into it just doesn't do that. But keep believing your little fairy tale. We wouldn't want you to get upset or something.

Автор freelandsm1 ( назад)
Anyone who gets their "news" from Comedy Central" is being brainwashed......WAKE UP!

Автор josiane rico ( назад)
Un génie .John oliver 👏👏👏👏👏👍💝 vu le show. ☆☆☆

Автор TeddyPicker191 ( назад)
Yeah we're all gonna die

Автор Cyril Goudreau ( назад)
A queer ass limey and CNN fake news, what a great source of reliable information!

Автор Shpira ( назад)
Love your show but...are you going to address this? As silly as Trump appears he does seem to get it right in the end...albeit not exactly as he wanted it...


punchline: there are "multiple FISA warrants outstanding against Trump" Nunes also told reporters. So my question...are you ever going to talk about any of this...or are we simply plowing along throwing shit everywhere as we go?

Автор rene reyes ( назад)
John Oliver is a unfunny prick... Lbj had the English spy on Richard Nixon... So it's not far fetched. It is now obvious that Trump is not a bullshiter you unfunny sad clown... Obama did spy on him. Another failed show.

Автор Thoth ( назад)
Man, you know I really hope Sid Meyer makes Barack Obama POTUS in his next game to rightly analyze modern history.

Автор Martin Censur ( назад)
Ha even Olivers crowd is heard forced laughing in a loooow volume... Your not doing yourself any favors John. How about not taking things out of context and thinking "hm, could there be something to this, or am I just gonna go with my belief that Trump is crazy" Vault 7 confirms Everyone being spied on and how did the Fakestream media get a hold of all those calls to Other foreign leaders when Trump was President-elect...

Автор FUFUGANU ( назад)
Turns out to be true are you fucktards awake yet? Democrats are useless pieces of shit.

Автор Holly B ( назад)
Trump is unfit to be POTUS. Why is not impeached yet??!!

Автор Soviet Wanderer ( назад)
Get Rodger Ales in the Whitehouse and appoint all the Faux News pundits as the Cabinet. We should at least know who is running America.

Автор bookashkin ( назад)
Napolitano is right about 9/11. Meanwhile the ever-so-smug Oliver recorded this a couple of days before it comes out that ... guess what... Trump's people actually were snooped on and the eavesdropped info was leaked to third parties.

Автор bryce walker ( назад)
Why would questioning 9/11 or the JFK assassination be met with boos and disappointed "oohs"
Even if it was illogical, questioning something should never be disapproved of.

Автор yopotico ( назад)
Hope you morons who voted for this fool enjoy him fucking up our country. Thanks idiots

Автор Deplorable David Duke ( назад)
Fake news by the jews

Автор Jason Wozniak ( назад)
Looks like all Trump supporters are total Retards

Автор Windfield Scott ( назад)
Hurry up and impeach this embarrassing clown who disgraced our great nation.when he goes,I'm bringing to work a couple of Im-peach pies for me and my republican co workers to celebrate. Can't wait!

Автор MrTacomaPrime ( назад)
Fuck trump. He's just trying to cover up his ties with Russia.

Автор Kevin Krueger ( назад)
So FOX said it? Oh, well, that's okay then. Once you get past the whole lack-of-evidence thing it's all downhill from there.

Автор Whitey McKnighty ( назад)

Автор Nathan Embry ( назад)
What do you have to do to get fired from the mainstream media?

Автор teggerzz ( назад)
"Mid transition"?
Arent You meant to pretend you're pro all that stuff on this channel? Isn't that the MO?

Автор Jasmin Mustedanagic ( назад)
911 was an inside job... Why do liberal cucks defend Bush?

Автор jackie tollund ( назад)
this is side-splittingly funny why would they leave this out of the webisode

Автор The Hammer And Tickle ( назад)
Holy fuck this guy's British... never heard him before. makes him even more of a fuckhead.

Автор AC/DC.4.LIFE ! ( назад)
🤓 Got Mouth Full of Marbles ? 🤓

Автор Blue Max ( назад)
So Obama was investigating Trump since July?

Автор Dale Gribble ( назад)
yeah guys those agencies designed to lie to you would neeeeever spy on you like citizens of the USA and UK have already proven before
and i'm sure if they did spy on you they'd never lie about it like their mission statements say they should

Автор Dave Underwood ( назад)
It's always going to be tough for Trump. You have the Libtards infesting the government, media and academia for half a century. Grown cry-babies not excepting that they lost the election. Libtards are an embarrassment to humanity and will be looked at by future historians as idiotic and mentally retarded by trying to take down the best society ever in human history, western society.

Автор Emily Rose ( назад)
Why is he pushing that narrative that its so absolutely insane to claim he was spied on? After Snowden, after Vault 7 ... we are all spied on but sure Trump was excluded and how dare he claim Obama actually used that power.

Автор Cherula Famana ( назад)
Real men will admit when they're wrong. None of the Republicans have any balls.

Автор Emily Rose ( назад)
Yeah total Propaganda comedian. Trying to decredit a awesome Judge for daring to question 911 and going on Alex Jones. Napoletano is one of the few Judges who stand by the constitution and actually understand what freedom means. I don't like Fox at all but he is actually one of the best people they have there. But here we go again, trying to decredit someone for actually researching and thinking about things. "Conspiracies". No wonder this Guy is so successful he does a perfect job. HIs showden Dickpics piece was great but that probably it. Don't get fooled and think this guy is critical of the government as a hole. He is there to protect it.

Автор 8888stealth ( назад)
I used to be counting everyday we have Trump President, now I realize I'm just counting the days until he is impeached.

Автор Barry Sabahat ( назад)
Isn't it interesting that the same Repugnuts who created the environment that nurtured Trump are now complaining about his bullying and lying.

Автор minkner ( назад)
True or not no one would ever admit their spying.

Автор Ash J ( назад)
What's up with the Séan/Melissa jokes?

Автор Ash J ( назад)
What's up with the Séan/Melissa jokes?

Автор Timothy Judge ( назад)
Vault 7

Автор Cerise4697 ( назад)
"And you know when Fox News admits a story is bullshit, it is BULL-_SHIT._"

Автор Toby Holland ( назад)
pretty sure questioning the 9/11 BS doesn't discredit someone. in fact, that kind of fearless disregard for herd acceptance gives someone's ideas legitimacy in my view. not a single mention of building #7 in the 911 commission report.

Автор Wayne Royce ( назад)
I keep hoping that one day John Oliver might eventually say something funny.
They say persistence is the key so don't give up John, hang in there, keep trying.

Автор lostreferentials ( назад)
But...Comey said they were investigating links between Trump and Russia. Weren't they using surveillance?

Автор 72.5% kek Asian ( назад)

Автор blueshue 1989 ( назад)
well gotta admit world trade center 7 did fall in a really weird way, killing osama bin laden and then put him under the sea was a bit weird way of dealing whit the most wanted man on earth(like who would not think conspiracy theories can come out of that?), Obama administration did order wiretap and hacking on officials in europa.. like why are edward snowden still wanted? so is it possible that this guy is right? yes. do i want to belive what trump says is true no, he says so much bs all the time,. but its not the best hand of cards.

Автор Tuukka Apaja ( назад)
3:05 John missed a change to say: ''Bull Shiiiit.''

Автор EdgeofWhat ( назад)
I'll take all this buffoonery before the evil incarnate that is Hillary Clinton.

Liberals are happy to be spoonfed whatever the propoganda mills churn out because considering any point of view besides their own would compromise their self-esteem within their fragile worldview.

Автор Julian Hicks ( назад)
Am I the only one who's noticed how trump supporters seem like they have no idea what trump is actually doing in the office other than "making America great again" and "bringing the money back to America"

Автор V Pen ( назад)
Piss off. The britains

Автор FuckOffToby ( назад)
Wow this administration are fucking morons. "Talk to Fox" Shut the fuck up and take some responsibility for saying dumb shit.

Автор Qing Li Lu ( назад)
John Oliver take your head out of your ass. Globalist cuck.

Автор chadrickjared ( назад)
They call these wiretap accusations ridiculous on the basis that it accuses Obama of enlisting a foreign entity to spy on another party without evidence, but isnt that the exact same thing that is happening with the Russia allegations. There has been no evidence of collusion, yet John Oliver is willing to perpetuate that conspiracy theory.

Автор Sogs 89 ( назад)
Espionage on political opponents has been going on since the beginning of politics. You don't need a court order, you just need leverage and favors. They intent is not to use any of the information in a court room. The executive branch (all the current and former) appoints NSA, CIA, FBI, DHS department heads and you think they don't use favors to gain every type of an advantage possible during a multi-billion dollar campaign, that's just being pure naive, they key is not to leave tracks and get caught doing it. The public can only imagine the amount of time the intelligent service spend on spying on political groups and even more so corporations, they will catch and parade around a criminal once in a while to show they some relevance. This TV show along with the rest of the national media has nearly zero credibility.

Автор ерунда сэндвич ( назад)
Merkel said "fuck me."

Автор Dean Vanderbush ( назад)
Trump was spied on. The NSA spys on everyone.

Автор CCphotography ( назад)
Trump is an idiot

Автор tritondriver1 ( назад)
Trump keeps me watch news

Автор Dan Metallica ( назад)
this is fake news

Автор Ali Mazraani ( назад)
But 9/11 was a Controlled demolition..

Автор Davis Zanko ( назад)
"Questioning views on 9/11"??? I mean come on, even a 5 yr old understands that buildings dont fucking fall by themselves. This just shows what a fake cunt Oliver is.....but the rest I agree with lol

Автор kadejito1 ( назад)

Let me just provide this shortcut for anyone who is interested in hearing the basic distillation of Trump's campaign and presidency.

Автор esj8341 ( назад)
Trump's wire tapping claims as baseless as Left's Russia claims. Only real scandal is the spy guys are leaking state secrets.

Автор M.A. Stough ( назад)
Absolutely unbelievable that the President of the United States acts this way. Focus instead of revamping (completely) the tax code in the USA!

Автор Louise Mcconnell ( назад)
oyea.. did you send trump a campaign check john oliver ??

Автор Louise Mcconnell ( назад)
cant wait till you fuckers find out Obama is guilty.. and you fucker comedian didnt you say trump would never win... asshole

Автор walter80922 ( назад)
because the intelligence agencies of the world have never done anything untoward for one another when it was in the interest of their political classes

Автор Olden C. Nile ( назад)
We are living through the most fucked time in American history ... and that's saying a LOT

Автор Allen Akers ( назад)
Yep, thats how it works you ask "did you kill that person?" "why yes I did thanks for asking can I go to jail now?". That sounds about right..

Автор asianboy ( назад)
How does he know how big my dick is!? (The thumbnail)

Автор Mr. Smith ( назад)
Lol poor Melissa Mcarthy. John Oliver will never let that SNL sketch die

Автор Jahan Jacobson ( назад)
It's worth watching to see Fareed Zakaria say bullshit with a straight face on CNN. Go Fareed !!!!!👍

Автор danyellwar77 ( назад)
this was hilarious.

Автор Fabzil ( назад)
If America thinks they can do it on their own and dump Europe and former allies, they gonna have a surprise when China knocks on the door and the rest of the World pretend to look away.

Автор Ashton Sexton ( назад)
Fuck you

Too bad Fox News is the most watched news channel. More viewers than your crappy little show will ever get.

Автор Jay Cee ( назад)
Finally something i agree with from the Trump camp.. There's no possible way 9/11 was done the way the government has told use #falseflag

Автор {PSYCH_3VAL} OFFICIAL ( назад)
9-11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB! -and i'm starting to like john oliver less and less...

Автор Romi Madia ( назад)
Go Fahreed - He also takes credit for being a great negotiator by threatening people... thats what mob bosses and the cartel do... Telling the GOP they could lose their seats in 2018 unless they sign the fucked up health bill is a threat, not negotiations. Personally, grow a set of balls some of you GOP leaders and recognize why you were elected

Автор I77AGIC ( назад)
bad time to be a trump supporter man what a fuck up

Автор Edward Martinez ( назад)
Obama did it the left obeyed him they are afraid of blacks

Автор Christian Hagerman ( назад)
the new York times reported on wiretapped data from trump and there was a fisa court order by Obama and look up operation dragnet which revealed documents that showed the trump family was spied on for years and so when you ask the people who did something highly illegal "did you do it" they are going to say no. and profanity on air is not a very good argument cnn. no logic or reason only buzzwords

Автор Rob Cole ( назад)
The FBI briefs the president on ongoing investigations. Surveillance techniques are used, no need for a request by potus he gets his intel without any request in the briefings

Автор apocalypse ( назад)
9/11 was a controlled demolition.

Автор smokeythehobo ( назад)
Everybody knows Trump is in bed with the Russians and is trying to cover it up with his FAKE NEWS of unproven allegations of wiretapping.
TRUMP GATE is what we have now. His national approval rating at 37% in  the Gallop Poll (an all time low for a President) he needs to be IMPEACHED  for lying ASAP!!!!!!

Автор Mark Twain Wood ( назад)
lets ask Donna Brazile. Hillary says she is the most honest. Altleft are to stupid to tell you.Good lil altleft puppet. now heres your 20 pieces of silver.

Автор Peter A ( назад)
I wonder what payroll John Oliver is on. Who is he trying to please?

Автор Billy Cowan ( назад)
Yes, it's true. Get over yourselves.

Автор DavidFranklin t.v. ( назад)
so sad how the liberal left is a nit picking piece of shit pile of nobody's begging and pleading for something for this beautiful beautiful president to be doing something wrong laughter in your face from all angles of the Republican party we will own you and 2020 and we will also have you in 2024 have a great life

Автор DavidFranklin t.v. ( назад)

Автор Cartoon Toys Baby Game ( назад)

Автор David Rodgers ( назад)
This jackass libtard comedian was wrong when he said Donald Trump would not become president and he's still wrong on the issue of wiretapping and he still doesn't know it.

Автор Mohamed S. ( назад)
Wouldn't you get censored if you curse on CNN?

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