// BESTS MOMENTS AND KILLS COMPILATIONS // From 10K to 20K // 20K Special

  • Published on Mar 25, 2018
  • Bests moments and kills compilations from 10K to 20K !
    I choosen to put this mysterious moment from my To Be Continued Video as a thumbnail . Who died your asking ? Still No one know it :TrollFace: !
    Thank you all for 20K , If you watched the video till the end your a legend ! Thank you all for the support and positives comments . Im Thanksful to you all . I have some videos projects that should be up soon i hope ;) ! Stay tuned and thanks for reading this
    Clips : Dragons fight , Dragons race , To be continued mope , Some epic moments like huge elephants army , Bests moments and kills .

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    Videos appearing , in order :
    - Fighting a big dragon
    - Dragons Race
    - To be continued (Hippo VS Cobra)
    - Dragon Double Kill and lucky donkey kill dragon in hole
    -Black Dragon Fight
    -Big Elephant Army
    -Gorilla Kill
    -Zebra making mud full of foods
    -Rhino glitch
    -Yeti Infinity ability glitch
    -First drop sync edit video
    -Instant 4.9M T-Rex
    -Eagle fish kraken
    -Im blue bluewhale clip
    -Killing blue whale with boa
    -King crab double kill
    -Black dragons event (king of agario)
    -Stone Octopus
    - SuperSonic eagle
    -Last And best edit on camtasia
    - First sony vegas edit
    -Tiger fishing kraken
    -Cobras Army
    - Noob dragon fighting then pro
    -Progressive editing (puffer to bd)
    -Killing huge kraken as a dragon
    i invite you to go to my videos page for the last one since they are recent
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