Terrible Promotions That Lost Companies Millions Of Dollars

  • Published on Apr 27, 2018
  • Lots of marketing promotions fail, but none more than these top 10 terrible marketing promotions that lost companies a fortune!
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  • T3hHappyEmo
    T3hHappyEmo 2 hours ago

    3 didn't make sense at all the way you explained it.

  • paper bucket bob
    paper bucket bob 13 hours ago

    Wow thx communism for taking away everything from McDonald's

  • iirossii2005
    iirossii2005 Day ago +1

    what about build a bear pay your age

  • Slog
    Slog Day ago


    The man who was brave enough to leave smosh

  • Mister Alt
    Mister Alt Day ago

    6:27 hahaha who put Sean Dyche there

  • Sung-Hoon Kim
    Sung-Hoon Kim 2 days ago

    The energizer bunny is a bad pick

  • Kfc and pepsi good
    Kfc and pepsi good 3 days ago

    pepsi is great and kfc

  • David T.
    David T. 3 days ago

    Ummm... if Pepsi gave $2,000 per cap to the 800,000 caps with that number, instead of the $10,000 they promised, it would have equaled $1.6 billion. Not $10 million like you said. $10 million at $2,000 per cap would have only paid 5,000 people. You honestly couldn't figure out that math?

  • RMP 303
    RMP 303 4 days ago

    #11 - gay pride promos

  • MyChannel
    MyChannel 5 days ago

    You’re really not funny please stop it

  • R/Whoosh R/EntitledParents

    Filipinos so dumb. I myself live in philippines. Fucking gold diggers. Rallying for money that is not theirs. What they did just showed they dont deserve the money at all.

  • manuel seyer
    manuel seyer 5 days ago +1

    Stonks 100

  • Anthony Boby
    Anthony Boby 6 days ago +1

    I seen bananas for 00.01$

  • Anthony Boby
    Anthony Boby 6 days ago +1

    I have Duracell because fastest to find I don’t value what type of battery I have a long as I can use it find it and it’s a good battery

  • だれも
    だれも 6 days ago

    the problem with the U2 crap was that there was no way to remove it from your iphone. The first thing most people did was try to delete that shit only to find out they couldnt, including myself. At the time I was pretty fucking annoyed to say the least.

  • Darryl Jaye Music
    Darryl Jaye Music 6 days ago

    Imagine you're some broke college kid going for the ballon event some guy comes up to you and is like, here's 600. FILL EM. Then you gotta go to court... xD

  • Gibson Fernandes
    Gibson Fernandes 6 days ago

    3:25 INDIANS

  • Cloudy Landcraft
    Cloudy Landcraft 6 days ago

    *Don't do give aways*

    i t s g h e y

  • Jasper Thompson
    Jasper Thompson 7 days ago

    Do not trust this guy. He does not really do his research.

    • kenzukicool gamer
      kenzukicool gamer 7 days ago

      But some wasn't mentioned in this video he forgot to mention other things too tho

    • kenzukicool gamer
      kenzukicool gamer 7 days ago

      It actually happened on the Pepsi part my aunt said they won but didn't get the big prize

    • kenzukicool gamer
      kenzukicool gamer 7 days ago


  • SuperNova Gamers
    SuperNova Gamers 10 days ago +1

    ...were injured by the baloons......


    • Thatguyover there
      Thatguyover there 6 days ago

      they hit electric wires or other contraptions that caused a lot of damage by causing electric outbreaks and explosions

  • Abhishek Sharma
    Abhishek Sharma 11 days ago

    Kejriwal amazed at 3:24 😂

  • StarTrekerYT0. Subscribe to official craft!

    2:51 CLEVELAND dat my home city and right at 2:51 that tower it’s called the terminal tower was built in 1932 and is amzing!

  • Walking Taco
    Walking Taco 13 days ago


  • Alfie Nixon vlogs
    Alfie Nixon vlogs 13 days ago

    Omg that Tesco is in my town hahahah 7:11

  • Jack Gibson
    Jack Gibson 13 days ago +1

    I have both brands of batteries

    ABHISHEK KAUDARE 13 days ago

    What is arvind Kejriwal doing in this video at 3:24

  • Samjam1684 3
    Samjam1684 3 13 days ago

    Everybody 2k 19 is only 3 dollars on the ps store

  • Luiz Merino
    Luiz Merino 14 days ago

    Ayy David Dobrik vlog is on here too

  • Jason Oatman
    Jason Oatman 14 days ago +1

    Buy oatmeal.

  • Sunichaya Punyachotichot

    I hate rise of kindoms

  • Nameless Spiral
    Nameless Spiral 15 days ago

    The Title Is A Lie Walkers Crisps Didnt Cost Milllions

    • Nameless Spiral
      Nameless Spiral 13 days ago

      I Didnt Want To Be Funny I Was Pointing Something Out And If You Are Trying To Help This Shitty Channel SCrew Off

    • Clorox Bleach
      Clorox Bleach 13 days ago

      Nameless Spiral if your try to be funny u failed

  • Nelson Chen
    Nelson Chen 16 days ago


  • Phantomneko Cameron
    Phantomneko Cameron 17 days ago

    Here’s a tip if any plan involves LIQUID FUCKING NITROGEN then ITS A BAD PLAN!

  • B3ANZ
    B3ANZ 17 days ago

    4:03 is from David Dobrik

  • Alex Cochrane
    Alex Cochrane 17 days ago

    £660,000 is nothing for an advertising campaign

  • Sirc927
    Sirc927 17 days ago

    deadass U2 album isnt that bad

  • roy roark
    roy roark 18 days ago

    You forgot the all you can eat crab legs at red lobster lost a million dollars a month

  • Barry Johnson
    Barry Johnson 18 days ago

    Kraft cheese was giving away minivan to lucky winner that had both halves of a minivan picture but they printed several hundred of the half that was needed to match.

  • Jomari Averille Romarate

    Haha that was on 90s era Philippines

  • tjc0ol
    tjc0ol 19 days ago

    I am one of the winners of 349 pepsi, they didn't pay us until now.

  • Unknown
    Unknown 20 days ago


  • Jessica  Lozano
    Jessica Lozano 20 days ago


  • Lauri Ketola
    Lauri Ketola 20 days ago


  • Tsz Ching SIU
    Tsz Ching SIU 21 day ago

    If Pepsi made that mistake again I will only asked him $10 I come on it’s just a little mistake

  • douglas787
    douglas787 22 days ago

    7:15 one of the world's most famous niggers promoting fried chicken. What could go wrong?

  • Derrick Zonio
    Derrick Zonio 22 days ago

    Thats why Filipinos like coca cola

  • Proxima Centauri117
    Proxima Centauri117 23 days ago +2

    9:05 wtf!? The USSR was not too lazy. That is not what a boycott is! Rosa Parks didn’t boycott buses because she was too lazy to ride them.
    On top of that, the US also boycotted the Olympics so it’s not like they were braver than the USSR by staying to compete.

    • Sam Burns
      Sam Burns 22 days ago

      It was a pretty stupid thing to say by the narrator. And especially so because he didn't mention the reason for the boycott.

  • lamar mikell
    lamar mikell 24 days ago


  • Chevalier Wills
    Chevalier Wills 24 days ago +11

    5:07 It says that duracell m,ade bunny as their mascot after the
    incident. But if bunny was not the mascot of duracell at that time, why
    would people misunderstood energizer for duracell?

  • Gavin D
    Gavin D 24 days ago +3

    In the iTunes screenshot there was a Kenny Chesney album. I love dat dude

  • Joel Pilapil
    Joel Pilapil 24 days ago +1

    Such a shame, sabi nga in this vid. #349 number fever.

  • SqiffyMarlin
    SqiffyMarlin 25 days ago

    5:36 the Mandela effect is real

  • DavidRock
    DavidRock 26 days ago

    *Some Genius records about some geniuses*

  • LoungeFly02
    LoungeFly02 26 days ago +2

    Pepsi also had a campaign to return bottle caps in the mid 90s. Each cap was worth a point and if you turned in 1 million points, you'd get a private jet for free. Someone returned the million caps and pepsi refused to honor it thinking no one would have been that crazy to collect that many caps. One lawsuit later and the man had his plane.

  • Kerrie Lou
    Kerrie Lou 27 days ago

    The fucking head phone jack... i HATE apple

  • EvilGrin
    EvilGrin 27 days ago +4

    Should add GILLETTE to that list

  • Mark
    Mark 27 days ago

    8:39 A gladiator with a clown and a guy in a parrot suit surrounded by people in swimming wear sounds like a fun party to me!

  • Nik Evans
    Nik Evans 27 days ago +1

    You could of added Hoover free flights promotion. Which ended up closing UK production and Candy of all companies owning them! Also the New Coca Cola fiasco!

  • TheMichigander
    TheMichigander 27 days ago

    Of course Ohio was on this clip LOL

  • slammed E34
    slammed E34 27 days ago

    9 fif hee hee 9:50

  • Shao Lor
    Shao Lor 27 days ago

    "Some genius"

  • Jace Ladgett
    Jace Ladgett 28 days ago


  • Mark Bautista
    Mark Bautista 29 days ago

    I heard of the infamous 349 promotion from my elders when I was a kid. Basically some of these filipinos who "won", threw lavish parties to celebrate their win and the money they‘d soon be getting... some even promised money already to their friends and relatives. Damn.

  • 420BudNuggets
    420BudNuggets Month ago

    @7:05 which porn is this? Asking for research purposes

  • BSavage128_YT
    BSavage128_YT Month ago +4

    Now I know how I got that free u2 playlist 😂

  • boiva 2005
    boiva 2005 Month ago

    The koka cola figther jet incident

  • Khalud’s Pc Channel
    Khalud’s Pc Channel Month ago +2

    I didn’t know Walkers Crisps even existed I thought it’s a knockoff of lays
    Edit: Walkers Crisps is promoting Lays for there logo

  • Evan Clayman
    Evan Clayman Month ago

    Was that a guy in a batman costume telling weather of the state of Maryland

  • big boy things
    big boy things Month ago

    The worst mistake was me

  • Hacking Buds
    Hacking Buds Month ago

    4:04 DAVID! DAVID ! DAVID!

  • We Hate Brandon Barry

    Asda is best, there’s Asda in Bromsgrove less than a mile where I used to live.

  • That teen from Texas

    Y in the living fuck would you release 1.5 mil of balloons 🎈 that’s a lot of cleaning up for some of you like Y tho??

  • M3 Icy
    M3 Icy Month ago

    Did anyone notice the ifht cameo

  • Tech Help Portal
    Tech Help Portal Month ago

    No liquid nitrogen do this type smoke on the water 035 036530

  • Psyched Explorer
    Psyched Explorer Month ago

    What was Kejriwal in the video

  • Joel Illustrisimo45

    RnM Szechuan sauce

  • Jos Kirin
    Jos Kirin Month ago

    every of those promotions are succesfull, because we still talk about them untill today.

  • Rita Miller
    Rita Miller Month ago

    Drunk people and dry ice, my head hurts now.

  • Tucsoncoyote 2019
    Tucsoncoyote 2019 Month ago

    Pepsi didn't do it once..

    They did it TWICE!

    Redeemer the infamous Harrier Jump jet for 70 million Pepsi points?

    Well someone got that Jump Jet (Nah they didn't get it, but still

    If you look it up it's there and the irony is, someone actually would have gotten the jet..

    Scary thought!

  • T1ger8oi
    T1ger8oi Month ago

    You forgot Quiznos

  • TC Skillz
    TC Skillz Month ago

    If you flip Pepsi round it says isded

  • Nezumi
    Nezumi Month ago

    Oh, the Energizer Bunny issue gets dumber. It wasn't for no reason that people thought it was advertising Duracell. They specifically lifted the concept from a Duracell ad, with the bunny's intro directly parodying an earlier Duracell "Drumming Bunny" Ad.

  • Jambo ___
    Jambo ___ Month ago

    I really think you underestimate the popularity of Walkers crisps

  • Sami Ali Özdemir
    Sami Ali Özdemir Month ago

    4:42 I literally died

  • thecrustyJman
    thecrustyJman Month ago +1

    Duracell used the bunny mascot first you dip shit

  • Vivian Pan
    Vivian Pan Month ago

    Honestly if I won one of those Pepsi thingies I would’ve been fine with it. If they apologized to me and gave me a coupon for a free Pepsi or something. I don’t need a lot to be happy clearly XD

  • Lieutenant Axner
    Lieutenant Axner Month ago

    I think 10 million is better than 55 billion

  • omny66
    omny66 Month ago

    Pepsi harrier jet lawsuit.

  • corturia
    corturia Month ago

    obviously you never shop at tesco if u think its cheap dude!

  • Fino Menezes
    Fino Menezes Month ago

    In fairness to the Apple/U2 debacle, everyone involved from the top down was a stupid fucking cunt.

  • Rohit Sahoo
    Rohit Sahoo Month ago

    3.24 kejriwal...

  • Lil Rail Short Rail

    U2 still

  • Sprytez
    Sprytez Month ago

    Now i know why my parents hate pepsi
    I mean i like pepsi

  • A Random Gamer
    A Random Gamer Month ago

    “Damage by the balloons” there some deadly balloons.

  • Jason Sabbadini
    Jason Sabbadini Month ago

    just did the math 40,000 x 800,000 does not equal 55,000,000,000 it is 32,000,000,000 NICE MATH NERDS for it to be 55 billion they would have had to make 1,375,000 get your math right and also 800,000 x 2000 is not 10 million its 1.6 billion this youtube channel isnt very good with numbers either

  • My Real1
    My Real1 Month ago

    Walmart is cheaper than Target

  • kaustubh gaur
    kaustubh gaur Month ago

    सड़ जी आप ? 3:24

  • Astonthepunk Punkish immortals

    Why is no one talking about the fact that they used David’s vlogs thumbnail?

  • Weight Loss Dietitian

    Wish you all a good day

  • Devang
    Devang Month ago

    The marketing mistakes are done mostly because either they're women or blacks....Atleast that's what this video is showing....No wonder the team is dumb.