Nina Ansaroff's Early Plans For 2018: UFC Title Shot or Parenthood

  • Опубликовано: 8 мар 2017
  • UFC strawweight Nina Ansaroff breaks down the importance of her UFC win over Jocelyn Jones-Lybarger, whether or not she wants to fight on the same night as her girlfriend, the UFC bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes, how a title shot would postpone her family plans, and more.
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Комментарии • 30

  • T888 T888
    T888 T888 Год назад +1

    first of all Nina should not involve kids in her life style her and Amanda should leave kids out of their lifestyle they are both women. The only way for Nina to get pregnant is going to sperm bank and get insinuated. When u involve kids with ur lifestyle u will be held accountable for what u expose them too.

  • Matt Skylar
    Matt Skylar Год назад

    There is no shame in this period in time whether legitimate, or manufactured it is sad. Parenthood? You are a lesbian, you've chosen what sort of life you want to live, sooooo How on Earth can a person want to have a piece of cake they know darn well is not for them.

    • Agnostic Monk
      Agnostic Monk Год назад

      Matt Skylar They're going to adopt a child, or one of the ladies will be inseminated. The fact that they're a Lesbian couple will make it definite.

    • Matt Skylar
      Matt Skylar Год назад

      child abduction, a realistic doll where are we going with this? ;)

    • Agnostic Monk
      Agnostic Monk Год назад +1

      Matt Skylar That's simple: adoption, or artificial insemination. Or, pay me $50,000 up front.

  • TheProdigy-NL-
    TheProdigy-NL- Год назад +3

    Bla bla who cares

    • kopxpert
      kopxpert Год назад +3

      Hmm.. I wonder why u clicked on it

  • Kombatjunky
    Kombatjunky Год назад +1

    She needs at least three legit wins before being considered for the champ.

    • kopxpert
      kopxpert Год назад +2

      I guess u are right but it all depends on who her next opponent is. For example, if she fights someone like Calderwood next and wins, opportunities will open up. She could also be a short notice replacement against a high ranked girl. "Luck" is a very overlooked thing in MMA. Luck changes everything. But of course, u need to win first & foremost

    • GaudelioCarlos
      GaudelioCarlos Год назад

      Not if the rest of division came from losses. I believe the next on the line are Namajunas/Waterson, then Herrig and the third might be Nina or Torres

    LUI NARCO Год назад +2

    FAKE NEWS!!!!

    OCTAGON MMA Год назад +4

    4 of 5 loses are decisions, so i believe she can improve since she can train with the champ.
    Also she had a nice comeback - 5 win streak after 3 lose streak.

    • Con 0
      Con 0 Год назад

      Mega Monkey she can improve

    • Mega Monkey
      Mega Monkey Год назад +1

      Everybody can improve and don't you think she's already training with Amanda ? .Nina has 5 losses and only one of them is a splitt decision.5 wins in minor leagues and as soon she got in to UFC she lost 2 fight's and her only win(in ufc) is over a fighter who is 6 and 4 in her carrer. Yeah she's a real title challenger ...

  • Dean D
    Dean D Год назад +11

    Would love to see a full lesbian couples main event and co main in the UFC. Nunes vs. Pennington and then Ansaroff vs. Tecia Torres.

  • David Amonett
    David Amonett Год назад +23

    Someone please tell me exactly why I should care about this girl?

    • David Amonett
      David Amonett Год назад

      I watch these videos in an effort to support the channel. But this chick is just riding Amanda's coat-tails. I ain't sayin' she's a gold digger....

    • Matt Skylar
      Matt Skylar Год назад

      because the media is covering her. Anymore questions I can answer for you. That was an easy one. ;) The child part is ridiculous, but I'm reading that practically all believe both in the title are too.

  • Mega Monkey
    Mega Monkey Год назад

    7 wins and 5 losses in mma,(2 and 1 in ufc) and she thinks she's anywhere near a titleshot.Talk about delusion. Didn't Amanda say she wasen't gonna fight much longer since she was gonna have a family? Going by the looks of Nina and Amanda, and yes i'm judgemental so what?, everybody who say they aren't are fooling themself , i'm guessing that Nina is the one who is gonna give birth to the baby.Amanda is also the one who brings in cash so why would she retire? I don't get it.

    • David Amonett
      David Amonett Год назад

      Mega Monkey Ninas not a major player in women's MMA. Despite what she may think...

  • Exodus
    Exodus Год назад +35

    Both impossible.

    • David Amonett
      David Amonett Год назад +1

      Matt Skylar Very Fake News everywhere these days. Media acts like a child doesn't need the influence of both sexes in their development and if you express concern over this someone will invariably show up with the name calling brigade in tow...

    • Matt Skylar
      Matt Skylar Год назад +2

      Hahaha I don't know about the title part, but unquestionably the child part is sad to hear her speak as if it is normal in any way. Sooooo your cured now? Why didn't anyone congratulate her in overcoming a sick way of life for either sex. The media is filled with cowardice. If only there were a media player not worried about money, or being fired we'd have some legitimate coverage.

  • Culture2k
    Culture2k Год назад +8

    Work for a title shot or overpopulate the world more. Hmmm, tough one

    • Norman Monroe
      Norman Monroe Год назад

      Help this overpopulated world. Kill yourself. :)

  • a Bellend
    a Bellend Год назад +18

    Not going to happen.

  • Robin MXZ
    Robin MXZ Год назад +6

    TIL a woman can have a child with another woman. Ayy Lmao

    • VFudge
      VFudge Год назад +3

      I don't know how it works but I'd like to watch them try.

    • Lapis Lazuli
      Lapis Lazuli Год назад


  • Lovesick
    Lovesick Год назад +22

    This gave me a good laugh. Thank you