Binging with Babish: Bob's Burgers

Restaurant chalkboards have become the artistic outlet of choice for coffee shops and pubs, but more than anyone, for the titular character of Bob's Burgers. Can a play on words make for a great burger, or will Bob's punny patties fall flat? Only thyme will tell.

Music: "Cream on Chrome" by Ratatat

DISCLAIMER: Undercooked beef increases the risk of foodborne illness. The FDA recommends cooking beef to 165F internally. Replicate these recipes at your own risk.

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Archer on Bob's Burgers

How to Make McDonald's French Fries Recipe at Home | Get the Dish



Автор Daniel Bluecat ( назад)
I'm glad that Facebook led me to your channel because your a wonderful cook and your a wonderful man. You are seriously amazing, how do you know so much about cooking of your self taught?

Автор NotSo Handso ( назад)
Is it me or he sounds like Bob's from Bob's burgers...

Автор Rosa L ( назад)
tf when you realise bob and archer are the same voice actor

Автор Sydney Heschuk ( назад)
it's dope because you kinda sound like H. Jon Benjamin from Bob's Burgers

Автор patricia taylor ( назад)
Because I have $200 to make burgers. In all seriousness this was a great video. You gave Bob a run for his money

Автор Kyle German ( назад)
Need reviews of the foooooooood, even if it's just a "do or don't do"

Автор Francezca Rae Airoso ( назад)
Please make some krabby patties

Автор Haii Nikki ( назад)
Black garlic is AMAZING

Автор Ana Cordatos ( назад)
I don't understand why this is so entertaining 😂 I love it

Автор Jake Pannabecker ( назад)
you lived through it that's crazy

Автор Martha Padilla ( назад)
Lucky is the woman or man that ends up with you!! Looks sooo good

Автор Rachel Ward ( назад)
You should do a Krabby Patty from Spongebob 🤔

Автор katie faust ( назад)
Does anyone else think that Andrew sounds like Bob?

Автор Many Moon ( назад)
Make "Atlanta's" lemon pepper wet chicken wings

Автор Kat Gusarova ( назад)
Please make the pigeon pie from the Purple Wedding in Game of Thrones!

Автор Sam SAM ( назад)

Автор Madalina Ana ( назад)
Is it just me?

Автор UcG gaming ( назад)
they should make regular shows best burger in the world

Автор Cooli Highh ( назад)
You earned like an extra 1k in cool points for the return of the Mack bro haha

Автор peregrinatus ( назад)
I'm curious why you only put the duxelles underneath, most of the advice I've seen on Wellington has it lining the entire surface.

Автор benwyattsbutt ( назад)
brie baguette twin peka

Автор Adam Hale ( назад)
Can you please please please do Hot Hamburger Sandwhiches from Trailer Park Boys?? Love your work

Автор 21joebloe ( назад)
Soooooo glad your channel exploded. If there's one person that deserves it, it's you Babish.

Автор Duck_Billed_Atheist ( назад)
We need a part two to this

Автор Kyle Kovach ( назад)
I don't like your background music.

Автор emy valeria leiva ( назад)
How can people eat meat that is so rare blood literary comes out of it when you squeeze it?? Just eat the fucking cow while it's still alive already

Автор Riley Keller ( назад)
Krabby patties

Автор Chase Berryman ( назад)
Krabby patty

Автор Chase Berryman ( назад)
Your a god. Please upload for the rest of your life

Автор Tyni Razon ( назад)
That voice... No wonder more than 1million subscribed lol

...did not mean the falsetto at the end lol

Автор Woogie ( назад)
Return of the Mack sealed the deal. I'm subscribing. I love you

Автор Kinneth McCoy ( назад)
The end made the video.

Автор madmiles ( назад)
Quick criticism/question. What the hell were you thinking using black garlic with nasty jarred mayo!? Dude make your own mayo.

Автор Romil ( назад)
Nice song choice

Автор Sarina Smith ( назад)
Andys mouth surprise and a Swanson from parks and rec

Автор Sarina Smith ( назад)
Meat tornado from parks and recreation

Автор David Bouffard ( назад)
What the fuck is a babish

Автор Liz Liang ( назад)
are you accepting girlfriend applications or nah?

Автор Kristina Mc Dermott ( назад)
You kind of sound like Bob in this video.

Автор Craftable Rundown ( назад)
he sounds like ryan Reynolds when he sing that great 😂

Автор Gingercreeper ( назад)
I dont normally give likes on videos, but you get one for that outro.

Автор Drek De ( назад)
I can actually make this.

Автор Jennifer Kim ( назад)

Автор MsJerico12 ( назад)
I recently found your videos from a BuzzFeed article, and I really love them!!! Very unique and artistic!!! would you be open to making a video on the foods from Miyazaki films? Like the giant soup dumplings Chihiro's dad eats in Spirited Away?

Автор Kaylee Hanson ( назад)
I'm so glad your videos are gaining speed! Much deserved. :)

Автор Burak Bozkurt ( назад)

Автор Angus Hirst ( назад)
you actually kinda sound like Bob too...

Автор spikydemon86 ( назад)
But how was the black garlic burger?!?!?!

Автор UnknownAlienSpecie ( назад)
but you sound like bob

Автор Chris Lazar ( назад)
I really appreciate your channel and everything you do, so first off thank you for doing it.

My only caveat is that with such a high quality garlic, such as black garlic, I wish you would've stepped up the mayo to tag along with it, namely Sir Kensington or another top mayo brand.

Anyways, still loved the video, cheers!

Автор sack943 ( назад)
this channel makes me so happy

Автор Lily ᵔᴥᵔ ( назад)
Oh my god

where have you been all of my life

Автор Drbutts ( назад)
Love the return of the Mack at the end there

Автор Oliver Allen ( назад)
Return of the Mack!

Автор Brandon Tran ( назад)
Lol, can't believe you made the Meatsiah! Great channel!

Автор NormalGorl ( назад)
stupid name

Автор john waff ( назад)
I didn't see toothpicks on the pickle burg.... fail.

Автор Dorkyteddy ( назад)
You sound like Bob tho..

Автор Rachel Patricia ( назад)
Andy!! You're practically famous!!!! :)

Автор Mary Gross ( назад)
Dude these videos are so entertaining. Keep it up!

Автор Burger Miester ( назад)
Best YouTube channel ever.

Автор Alex Hutchins ( назад)
there is thiscooking anime called shokugeki no souma. could you watch it and atempt to cook the food in the show. the first 2 episodes are perverted then it stops.

Автор Abby Delaney ( назад)
Btw, I've watched this like 4 times now. I love this series soooooo muchhhh

Автор Chrissy C ( назад)
Subscribed just for the ending.. and maybe all the great recipes

Автор Vicki Velagio ( назад)
The ending tho.haha that's my jam

Автор MortosX ( назад)
Came from reddit. Will probably subscribe after seeing a few more videos. Your channel makes me hungry.

Автор Mekanacbf ( назад)
I am so happy I've found this channel.

Автор watch channel ( назад)
I love this channel

Автор jon jaquez ( назад)
i love Return of the Mac mark morrison could still doing shows if he wanted to

Автор Dave Robles ( назад)
You know what makes this awesome?!? Return of the Mack!!! It's now officially my favorite video on the channel.

Автор nazpunjabimc ( назад)
Return of the Mack at the end made it that much better.

Автор Tom Mulliner ( назад)
Yeah this was amazing.

Автор pie bowl ( назад)
I'm a student, why am I watching this? you're making me hungry and sad!

Автор chribban ( назад)
You ar AMAZING! :)

Автор Isabelle ( назад)
I don't eat meat but I still find it interesting to watch this video.

Автор [INSERT_NAME_HERE] ( назад)
man i love your spatula

Автор //\\//\\//\\ film ( назад)
You should colab with Feast of Fiction.

Автор naonao77090 ( назад)
Kinda sounds like bob

Автор flexmasterant ( назад)
You sound like Bob

Автор Chris Red ( назад)

Автор Claudia Greene ( назад)
"Binging with Babish" isn't a very catchy title. Consider "Raw Rea" because that's how you like your burgers

Автор Amy Larson ( назад)
ive found my happy place

Автор Anton Arreola ( назад)
Do the krabby patty

Автор Kingcart 21 ( назад)
The subscribe button changed to subscribed. Good vids keep it up 👍

Автор Jeffrey McCullough ( назад)
Dude you sound kindve like Boh

Автор Marlee616263 ( назад)
Lol you are adorable, and these videos are so much fun to watch. It's like all my cartoon-fueled food dreams as a kid come to life lol. Love 😁

Автор Artsy Archer ( назад)
you kinda sound like Bob, wich is really nice

Автор Danny Rincon ( назад)
You sound A LOT like H Jon Benjamin... it was kinda cool.

Автор Joseph Buchanan ( назад)

Автор CrimsonSkyz ( назад)
When you're complaining about the rare burger and he says that's how he likes his burgers and you think to yourself "why are you being such a prick" and just erase the comment.

Автор xkuma ( назад)
bobs burgers, burger... and you play the intro to Frasier?

Автор Chris Na ( назад)
Dude this channel is awesome

Автор fullmetalpomato ( назад)
I'm clearly an idiot, but is he posting the recipes anywhere? I'm not big on "eyeballing" ingredients and instructions.

Автор GuyCN ( назад)
Full on man crush

Автор Brandon Binder ( назад)
hey great video but you should have include the recipes in the description. thanks again mate brilliant

Автор Wide World of Trains ( назад)
Now were talkin!!

Автор Jane Doe ( назад)
You're a genius. 😍

Автор moth x ( назад)
you kinda sound the tiniest bit like bob

Автор ThetaGames ( назад)
Also, Denethor's meal from "The Return of the King"

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