Binging with Babish: Bob's Burgers

Restaurant chalkboards have become the artistic outlet of choice for coffee shops and pubs, but more than anyone, for the titular character of Bob's Burgers. Can a play on words make for a great burger, or will Bob's punny patties fall flat? Only thyme will tell.

Music: "Cream on Chrome" by Ratatat

DISCLAIMER: Undercooked beef increases the risk of foodborne illness. The FDA recommends cooking beef to 165F internally. Replicate these recipes at your own risk.

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Автор D hYn ( назад)
Make Monica's thanksgiving leftover sandwich with moist maker 😁

Автор Jenny Do ( назад)
Issa automatic subscribe for me

Автор Super Jan ( назад)
krabby patty please

Автор Tropic Clan ( назад)
The black garlic burger looked heavenly.
Edit- You actually sort of sound like Bob, I liked the video!

Автор Daniel Eid ( назад)
If you can't get your hands on the black garlic, my mom has a very simple Lebanese garlic recipe that is probably a lot stronger but just as tasty. Just add two heads of peeled garlic to a food processor, pulse them until fine, then slowly drizzle 3 parts oil (vegetable or unflavored like sunflower not olive), and lastly 1 part lemon juice on high. It's just like emulsifying mayonnaise but instead of using eggs you use garlic. Really strong stuff, it'll definitely put hairs on your chest.

Автор Car Ram-Rod ( назад)
oh shit.. ratatat!

Автор nschwartz311 ( назад)
Aw man I was hoping for the "we're here, we're gruyere, get used to it" burger. Definitely one of my favorites

Автор Isaac Giraud ( назад)
I'd like to meet this guy in person

Автор Arturo Zamora ( назад)
Do all white people like to eat literally raw meat? I mean WTF I didn't even know people eat raw burgers.

Автор Georgia Bardell ( назад)
I have been waiting my whole life for this channel. How am I only finding it now?

Автор Boy-Oh-Girl ( назад)
I Liked This Video Purely Because Of The Ending And Your Obvious Love For That Song

Автор Dylan Patterson ( назад)
these videos are great but they make want to try to make some of these.

Автор Rey Hernandez ( назад)
Do Ed's sauce from Good Burger

Автор Alistair Mervyn ( назад)
Do you have/work in a restaurant? If so, where? I'm so, so hungry. :'(

Автор BurnMyToastYouDead ( назад)

Автор Stephanie Starkey ( назад)
so everyone's gonna ignore the fact that he sounds like Tina

Автор kay bee ( назад)
I love this !!!

Автор Richárd Manfredi ( назад)
dont want to hate or anything but you are supossed to pronounce prosciutto like so:Proshutto with like an sh like showel

Автор Billy Boy ( назад)
End of the video you put that song that song made me cry my girlfriend did cheat on me

Автор Steven Hinch ( назад)
youre channel is fuckin amazing

Автор GLADOS Gaming ( назад)
The guy has 666k subs...

Автор Batman Drinks Pepsi ( назад)
I thought pornography wasn't allowed on Youtube.

Автор Normal Music ( назад)
You need to make a Kraby Patty.

Автор Joe Taylor ( назад)
Why kosher salt

Автор Lagarto Lacertus ( назад)
what's the intro song title? anyone?

Автор Mirei Rodriguez ( назад)
the intro ❤ Frasier

Автор CarlaCatherina ( назад)
Marry me.

Автор Lightskin Thoughts ( назад)
bibing bith babish

Автор Karen cordero ( назад)
Make the buzz feed caviar taco.

Автор Samuel Cright ( назад)
omg you actually made the meatsiah!
I don't subscribe to much so it says a lot when I've subscribed to this channel!

Автор Daicia Davis ( назад)
The burgers are so bland . You barely seasoned that shit 😂🚮

Автор Sychology 2,000 ( назад)

Автор Tanner Cordalis ( назад)
This is my favorite cooking channel on YouTube

Автор Today's Tutorial ( назад)
I don't know why I hate this guy but I just do

Автор Dan! ( назад)
Well now I have to go listen to Return of the Mack.

Автор Kay Bee ( назад)
More singing. Please.

Автор Toggle [On] ( назад)
For someone as myself who does enjoy cooking shows and youtuhe channels, Im suprised I havnt stumbled here sooner.

Автор Actually Arin ( назад)
Screw me sideways, your videos make me hungrier than a bear after a long hibernation.

Автор EricLeafericson ( назад)
2:20 "...Melted feta in the center"

Feta doesn't melt. What probably happened is the feta dissolved into the burger juices.

Автор ALICE LIDDELL ( назад)
i guess no one will mention the into song, it was the one from Fraiser..
i like that song

Автор BB TT ( назад)
bob, is this you?

Автор Ekonomen ( назад)
That singing voice is on point

Автор zack carnes ( назад)
the song in this was in thps5... yeah I played it ... lol

Автор NayyirahZ ( назад)
First time watching this channel, and the outtakes sold me.

Автор Sophie Wang ( назад)
Crusty scrub please

Автор wisforwhatever ( назад)
c2c? noice

Автор AG ( назад)

Автор hamslab ( назад)
song is cream on chrome- rattatatat (or something similar)

Автор Justice Wilson ( назад)
More singing

Автор Jennifer Murray ( назад)
This is amazing

Автор Olive Flowers ( назад)
This is my second video of yours and I'm seriously digging them. As soon as I heard Ratatat, I knew! Haha. Anyway, great content! (Coming from a vegan. Sorry! Had to say it. :-) )

Автор lemonjelloguy 1 ( назад)
should have made the child molester.

Автор N Larrea ( назад)

Автор BlazeFireheart0 ( назад)
Well what did the guy think of his first burger? I dig the show whenever there's nothing else on, but I'm not gonna dig through it all to see.

Автор Cindy C ( назад)
Throwing in Return of the Mack at the end 👏

Автор Clorox Wipes ( назад)
I wish you gave your opinion on the best one

Автор JoJoke Central ( назад)
You NEED to to make Big Smoke's Order!

Автор Greg Dundee ( назад)
are bob and Archer voiced by the same person?

Автор Triks Gamig ( назад)
Who else wants to see the krabby patty?

Автор Triks Gamig ( назад)
this looks so good and satisfying !

Автор Luke Posadas ( назад)
Does anyone else think Bob sounds like Archer? I wonder if they use the same voice program when animating? I am still in awe how they get the characters in cartoons to sound like real people!

Автор Trxmpled ( назад)
I wasn't going to watch if he didn't grind the meat.. lol

Автор BrunkY ( назад)
Baby you can chive my car burger, more like bored burgers, cause the burgers aren't having any fun.

Автор Janis Hopkins ( назад)
can't believe you bought this incredibly expensive black garlic and then didn't make fresh mayonnaise

Автор Grand Bullet ( назад)
hey can you do Peter's car sandwhic from family guy

Автор Felipe Dominguez ( назад)
I'm glad you exist.

Автор Shaniqua Harris ( назад)
The fact that you open with the theme song to FRASIER and started singing "Return of the Mack" made me subscribe. Lmbo!

Автор Chapi ( назад)
2:30 isnt that raw?

Автор Joshua Spector ( назад)
man. a sour cream and chives burger sounds foul. also shoutouts to ratatat

Автор Genesis Lopez ( назад)
I'm seriously in love with this channel,where have you been all my life?

Автор FynnFTW ( назад)
Gordon Ramsey: " ITS RAW"

Автор Fernando Cevallos ( назад)
I don't know about any Regular Show fan but it will be awesome that you can do the best burger in the world… The ulti-meatum *.*

Автор The1AndOnlyMarioMan ( назад)
darn he didn't make the Child Molester

Автор Chase ( назад)
Poorly baked burgers, sorry.

Автор 18obaid ( назад)
you suck at cooking guy and this guy has the same voice.

Автор Michael Jeffers ( назад)
Burger Wonders and Mark Morrison....Imma grown man, but i wish i could be your little spoon while you hand feed me things in bed....

Автор Lefazo ( назад)
My dick passed out with that outro song.

Автор Lou Carvalho ( назад)
...I love you.

Автор Robert Manders ( назад)
Actually, Bob and Linda use a hand crank meat grinder in the basement.

Автор Salva E ( назад)
Can you do that burger from Regular show?? The one thats suppose to only be available every 100 years. Id love to see that

Автор Cheeki Breeki Slav ( назад)
please make a restaurant where you make food from tv shows and games

Автор David Gordon ( назад)
I'm so high right now.... uhhhhhh. droolingggggggg... I hate you, seriously, I can't eat my TV.... or.... CAN I.... Nooooommmmmmmm ZZZZZZZTTTTTT!!!!!!! .....

Автор Hashida Tackey ( назад)
My mom made black garlic!

Автор imuno18 ( назад)
intro song?

Автор Jim Lovell ( назад)
This video just made me want a shot of Grand Marnier, for some reason.......

Автор gonzalesalex17 ( назад)
That black garlic burger looked so bomb!!!

Автор Ry 729 ( назад)
Hey! Fraiser theme song!

Автор swapna sarit nayak ( назад)
Creme Fraiche Cafeteria Fraiche

Автор Fake Name ( назад)
Just bite the freaking cow!

Автор Mary Hasak ( назад)
Just because this guy knew about Bob's Burgers I subscribed.

Автор Pokemonlettuce Angela ( назад)
You sound like bob from bobs burgers

Автор Scott Powell ( назад)
Make the ramen from naruto please.

Автор Night Kiplin ( назад)
Humans are funny.

Автор Budget Gamer ( назад)
Just discovered your channel and I have to say. I am loving it!!!

Автор Clorox Bleach ( назад)
found your chanel before around 10 mins and from hungry i went to i want to eat my monitor mode

Автор The Newt ( назад)
"oh this stuff looks interesting, let's watch another video from this guy- aaaaaaaand I'm subscribed"

Seriously though, as a hungarian, with a natural passion for good food, your videos are better than porn

Автор Sk3L3tOn 15 ( назад)
you should do potatoes and molasses

Автор Husky Gamer ( назад)
I subbed

Автор GameWorks12 ( назад)
It's Raww

Автор Teri Scallon ( назад)
so enjoyable to watch I don't need to make this

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