NHL Highlights | Panthers vs. Capitals - Nov. 26, 2021

  • Published on Nov 25, 2021
  • Alex Ovechkin scored his 28th career hat trick as the Washington Capitals edged the Florida Panthers 4-3.
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  • Matthew Simonds
    Matthew Simonds Month ago +358

    2010: It’s nice to see ovi in his prime
    2021: It’s nice to see ovi in his prime

    • Jonathan Allard
      Jonathan Allard Month ago +1

      @Dox Yeah, he's a beast for sure.

    • Dox
      Dox Month ago +4

      @Jonathan Allard still out of this world he has 36 points in 21 games at 36 years old in the modern nhl

    • Jonathan Allard
      Jonathan Allard Month ago +3

      @Dox Keep calm, it's not even December yet.

    • Dox
      Dox Month ago +1

      @Jiankan Liao he’s on pace for 140 points in a full season this year at 36 absolutely ridiculous

    • Jiankan Liao
      Jiankan Liao Month ago +10

      @Ads Asd I think Ovi is on pace for a career year (weird to say so to a 36 year old player). I think a few games ago, JoeB and Locker said that he never scored this many points in the past at that point of the season. And last two games, he got 3 goals and 3 assists.

  • Landon S
    Landon S Month ago +143

    Ovi with 3 assists his last game.
    Ovi: I think I'll go for the hat trick this time.

  • Justinn Zamora
    Justinn Zamora Month ago +114

    Whenever I check on Capitals games, I think to myself, "I wonder how many goals did Ovechkin get."

    Congrats to him on his 28th career hat trick. He's getting closer to Jagr on the ladder.

  • Dnndnd Nendnd
    Dnndnd Nendnd Month ago +59

    Hat trick against the best team in the league and the best goalie in the league at 36 years old. And you what have you done with your life ?

    • Eric Sargsyan
      Eric Sargsyan Month ago +2

      @naidz S history has nothing to do with their performance this season wtf you on about dude. they are inform now that’s all that matters

    • naidz S
      naidz S Month ago +1

      Best team in the league? More like one of the worst performing teams in NHL history. Best team in the league would be determined by the amount of cups/trophy's. Not the amount of wins in the first 20 games of a season. Say less right now.

    • Elias Lundgren
      Elias Lundgren Month ago +11

      Chugging beer

  • Goose
    Goose Month ago +18

    Did someone say to OV that crosby is the best all around player.
    21 games, 18 goals, 18 assists, +16.

    • Strannoe TV
      Strannoe TV Month ago

      The best are McDavid and Ovechkin

  • Yevgeniy Potapov
    Yevgeniy Potapov Month ago +22

    Ovi got the puck to the face in the first than came back and score hat trick, what a legend👋

  • Noah Schuster
    Noah Schuster Month ago +27

    It's not a matter of if Ovechkin will pass Gretzky. It is a matter of when it will happen.

    • lkesha82
      lkesha82 Month ago +4

      @Denis Laferriere
      Bro, try to read before writing comments...
      Here talking about number of goals, not points...

    • Denis Laferriere
      Denis Laferriere Month ago

      Never. Gretz is too far ahead with 2857 points....

    • lkesha82
      lkesha82 Month ago

      @Risu Juse
      And if it won't happen, you'll eat your hat? )))

    • Risu Juse
      Risu Juse Month ago +4

      Rank 3 this season.in 2022-23 over 800 and then its only last 100 .if ovie hit 800 he will not stop until he gets it.need luck/health/skills to do it.everything is possible and i am 100% sure he can do it.russian bear come and show the world,king have to change one day

    • lkesha82
      lkesha82 Month ago +1

      Man I really want this to happen, but right now it's too early to say it...
      Just a very long distance to go...

  • дамир счастливый

    Хет трик Ови даёт заряд сил на всю рабочую неделю !! Так держать, Саня!!

    • дамир счастливый
      дамир счастливый Month ago

      @Alexsandr Barzakovsky ну так на будущую рабочую 🙌

    • Alexsandr Barzakovsky
      Alexsandr Barzakovsky Month ago

      на какую рабочую...неделя заканчивается!))

    • Alexsandr Barzakovsky
      Alexsandr Barzakovsky Month ago

      @Kobe 41 да только перед этим обновит рекорд....и на покой!))

    • Alexsandr Barzakovsky
      Alexsandr Barzakovsky Month ago

      @Kobe 41 как как...как пять лет назад как десять как двенадцать лет назад когда подобных вопросов не возникало...так что мешает ему это делать сейчас!))

    • Kobe 41
      Kobe 41 Month ago

      @mich lugano и как ему удаётся стоко забивать...🙄

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C Month ago +58

    I was at the game. The energy in the building was amazing

    • Kevin C
      Kevin C Month ago

      @COTE Official good luck

    • COTE Official
      COTE Official Month ago +2

      Lucky u man. I'm going to see them in Carolina tomorrow

    • Валерий Петрович
      Валерий Петрович Month ago +1

      Я тоже был, согласен бро

    • Kuat Kaniyev
      Kuat Kaniyev Month ago +1


    • Варежку порвал
      Варежку порвал Month ago +3

      Красавчик) Наблюдать за тем, как бьются исторические рекорды, такое запоминается на всю жизнь.

  • Nick 488
    Nick 488 Month ago +8

    The greatest ever. He’s gonna blow right by Gretz.

    The first to score 900.

  • No Skill
    No Skill Month ago +31

    Великая восьмёрка капс. У Сани вторая молодость. Так держать Ови🔥🔥🔥! Столичных с победой!

  • Zack Lazo
    Zack Lazo Month ago +42

    2:31 Tom Wilson's face after he accidentally hits the goalie says so much. "Come on man I didn't do anything".

    • Masoko Tanga
      Masoko Tanga Month ago

      He shouldn't have started out of his crease with a truck bearing down the right side slot..

    • Darmus
      Darmus Month ago

      I mean... Broski skated into him. I'd be confused as hell.

  • Владимир Бабич

    Кто из вас мог подумать, что в этой игре будет так?

  • Константин Чапаев

    Вот это ХОККЕЙ!👍

  • Kevin Dorish
    Kevin Dorish Month ago +6

    What a goal by Verhaeghe! Great to watch. Nice to see Ovechkin get the hat trick too.

  • welcome2havoc
    welcome2havoc Month ago +39

    Ovi, Kuzy and Willy are playing out of their minds

  • Joshua Konz
    Joshua Konz Month ago +39

    Ovi 2 goals in less than a minute 🌟

    • J.K. Clare
      J.K. Clare Month ago +2

      Wow, that's like one every 30 seconds!!!

  • Канал Драника

    Хет трик овечкина топ

  • Edita Ševčíková
    Edita Ševčíková Month ago +13

    Looks like Ovechkin's going for his second cup

    • lkesha82
      lkesha82 Month ago +1

      So early in the season to say that, playoffs played when everyone are tired and carry on injuries. No one knows what will happen till then.
      Anyway I wish Ovi and Caps to take the cup!

    • Ivi
      Ivi Month ago +2


  • Александр Дронов

    Михалыча с хет-триком! Кузнецов супер пас! Илья молодец! С победой!

  • Sandro
    Sandro Month ago +48

    Шура! Тёзка! Наконец то! Пошла машина. Не останавливайся. Кузя супер. 👍Диспетчер от бога.

    • Xandr81
      Xandr81 Month ago

      @Джон Сноу вот именно, свои же рекорды бьёт по скорострельности.

    • Джон Сноу
      Джон Сноу Month ago +1

      А ты не заметил, что она с начала сезона пошла?

  • messi barcalona
    messi barcalona Month ago +47

    Dude is a Legend. Ovi

  • Money888
    Money888 Month ago +7

    the thing with Ovi is He learned how to be more of a team player once he learned how to win His hocky IQ is at the highest its ever been You add allat while still continuing to be Ovi tht jus pt up numbers then this is what you get regardless on who you surround him with......i.e like crosby was always known to play with anybody on his lines cause he always had outstanding IQ, Ovi wasnt known For Having "Great IQ" But obviously he finnally won that cup It took some years of experience but he finnally realize how to win while also playing the same way He's been playing since entering the league

  • cooledge47
    cooledge47 Month ago +26

    I wish I had ovechkins rookie card

    • Marcus McCluskey
      Marcus McCluskey Month ago +1

      I have one but its like the 4th edition, still worth 500$ tho

    • Barta Bhaus
      Barta Bhaus Month ago

      @Andrew Tanner 2k at least

    • Andrew Tanner
      Andrew Tanner Month ago

      You want to buy mine? What’s the going rate these days?

  • Qenai The Custodian Guard

    Damm i love those uniforms for Washington, the colourway is damn nice and the clean look is money.

    Nice game for ovi and kuzy

  • Dark Sting
    Dark Sting Month ago +4

    Только два слова. АЛЕКСАНДР ВЕЛИКИЙ 👍👍👍

  • Kanat Tokhtarbek
    Kanat Tokhtarbek Month ago +3

    Эх, Ови, а мог и покер сделать, но снова промедлил с броском в пустые ворота! А так только хет-трик, что тоже неплохо!

  • Владимир Гилев

    Саня красавец! Гордость русской нации!

  • NaitJet
    NaitJet Month ago +1

    Ови пробил обоих воротчиков у Пантер. Машина просто!

  • swedish_leasuretime_shed

    Ovi's 2nd goal was basically bending the laws of space-time it was so hard. It straight up phased through Bobrovsky.
    Edit: It was Knight, I didn't knew from the highlights Bob got pulled for a while.

    • SST
      SST Month ago +2

      knight was the goalie

  • Viktor Skvorcov
    Viktor Skvorcov Month ago +3

    Овечкин красавец! Но. В этом сезоне удивляет Уилсон - меньше выносит соперников и много забивает!

    • Quasimoto7
      Quasimoto7 Month ago

      Very underrated playmaker Viktor. He’s not simply a goon.

      If he was just a goon he wouldn’t be on the first line.

  • ThyMasterToo
    ThyMasterToo Month ago +20


  • Georgii Khaltarov
    Georgii Khaltarov Month ago +13

    Ови Лучший 👏👏 браво

  • Andy Adams
    Andy Adams Month ago +7

    Alex Ovechkin!!!

  • сын анархии
    сын анархии Month ago +11

    Кузя 🔥🔥🔥💪 мы тебя 👀👍 так держать 👏👏👏😎✊

  • BOLDERtv
    BOLDERtv Month ago +9

    "Through the hats"
    Haven't heard that quote in a while, especially for Alexander DaGr8.

  • Roman Borris
    Roman Borris Month ago +31

    Wait till the Caps are fully healthy…

    • Roman Borris
      Roman Borris Month ago

      @Jon very true aside from the Tampa series, Caps beat them fair and square, it went alll the way and Burakovsky/Holtby played lights out when needed, no lucky bounce given; and Vegas got stomped. Yes, they did need luck though especially in the first 2 rounds. I would always say that about teams that seemed to always win in the playoffs, they had that combination of good luck and skill.

    • Jon
      Jon Month ago +1

      @Roman Borris Eh. People criticize losing early in the playoffs all the time and forget that most playoff teams do that frequently, particularly in today's era of parity. There's not much difference between a team that loses in the first round and one that loses in the third. It's very easy for any team, no matter how good, to do both. To get to the later rounds - and ultimately the Stanley Cup - you need committed players, but you also need a lot of luck. More so than other sports. Among team sports, hockey is the most luck-dependent. When the Caps won the Stanley Cup, did the Lightning give the Caps their best? The Caps won that series with surprising ease. And when they killed Vegas, were they actually playing the best team in the West? A lot of things outside of the Caps' control had to happen for them to win that Cup. That's true of every single Cup-winning team.

    • Roman Borris
      Roman Borris Month ago

      @Jon exactly, we can only hope they can pull out another memorable run instead of turning into choke artists who forgot how to play

    • Jon
      Jon Month ago +1

      ​@Roman Borris Perhaps. But the Caps' usually fare well in the regular season.

    • Roman Borris
      Roman Borris Month ago +4

      @Jon I think the youth they will still have after the regulars come back (Fehervary, McMichael, Sprong etc.) make the team faster and look like a younger team. The Caps have to be pleased with the guys they have in their system, makes them deep. Yeah, they have to stay consistent when healthy, but it’s a good sign seeing them still win games against fellow contenders, and can be happy with how Kuzy and Ovi have played, will only have less stress on them once Backstrom and Oshie return.

  • Rexx
    Rexx Month ago +4

    When are NHL PK lines going to realize they need to cover Ovechkin?

    • Heavy4th
      Heavy4th Month ago +3

      Have you tried to cover a much better player during a PK in any sport? It’s damn hard i tell you.
      You have to go zone defence and try to cover him from a distance cause if you point mark him there is going to be oceans of space infront of the goal.

  • Vlad Rabtsau
    Vlad Rabtsau Month ago +8

    Dang it on the first goal

    • Laoesi
      Laoesi Month ago +1

      steve is gonna put that in

  • Денис Ильин

    Все таки Panthers самая ГОРЯЧАЯ команда в лиге!

  • Пол Харис
    Пол Харис Month ago +5

    Самсонов, как суслик в поле. Пропустит шайбу и замрёт на пару-тройку секунд

  • Chris ForTheCross
    Chris ForTheCross Month ago +3

    Ovechkin 🐐

  • Archiebald
    Archiebald Month ago +22

    Ovi The Great8

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star Month ago

    Honestly i believe ovi can pass Gretzky for all time goals

  • сын анархии
    сын анархии Month ago +5

    саня с такими показателями за игру 😉 маленький контракт подписал 😨😉😆 ови 👀🔥👍💪😎✊

  • Randy Pullman
    Randy Pullman Month ago +1

    The ticket was for the whole seat but i only needed the edge!!

  • rob rick
    rob rick Month ago +2

    I heard Ovechkin made Father Time an offer he couldn't refuse.

  • Алексей Еремеев ЛПХ

    Вашингтон🏆🏒 Александр газуй👍 Молодцы Кузнецов, Орлов, Самсонов успеха вам парни💪

    • Настоящая TV
      Настоящая TV Month ago +2

      Я бы ещё выделил Беларуса ,Протаса ,тоже молодец

  • Vladimir BOND
    Vladimir BOND Month ago +11

    Кузя завелся,первая звезда матча. А Саня кравчик.

    • NichosiCOUB
      NichosiCOUB Month ago

      У Кузи даже рейтинг полезности выше в этой игре, он же 3 ассиста сделал и перехватов куча)

  • Олег В.
    Олег В. Month ago +6

    Защита Флориды опять сыграла на другую команду

  • 100 Carat Studio
    100 Carat Studio Month ago +4

    6:50 американский комментатор после третьего гола Ови, говорит русское слово ОБОЛДЕТЬСЬ)))

  • Masoko Tanga
    Masoko Tanga Month ago

    Man, Kuzys penalty killing has been incredible. This is the third he's set up of this season. He was NEVER a killer before this season.

    ** Bob, LMAO! Has anyone seen Bob!? He was last seen leaving Earth's atmosphere..

  • Brandon Mitchell
    Brandon Mitchell Month ago +1

    Man Florida gift wrapped Ovi's 3rd goal. You both wanna leave him wide open infront of the net? Yea sure.

  • Игорь Паршутин

    Где у Него кнопка)) Великий спортсмен!!

  • Sad Face
    Sad Face Month ago +1

    Terrible reffing in this one but ovi played well

  • Salty Army Soldier
    Salty Army Soldier Month ago

    Blues fan here, I want Blais and Revo back

  • SNoCappidona
    SNoCappidona Month ago +3

    lol that caps fan throwin the bird at 4:56

  • канал01
    канал01 Month ago

    I love this game..

  • Петрович sarai-servis

    Таки заели Вши Котов..!🙄😆
    Болеем за наших!👈👍

  • Максим Ильин

    Саня такой: Какой ещё Драйзайтль, ну-ка дай сюда

  • Мил Милов
    Мил Милов Month ago +2

    Яромир ! Саня идёт за тобой )))

  • Warchief Kiryakulov
    Warchief Kiryakulov Month ago +1

    Пожалел что не дождался матч и спать пошёл)))) как не смотрю всегда у Саши получается отлично! Надо делать выводы))))

    • Olifer
      Olifer Month ago

      @Warchief Kiryakulov У вас хоть дороги нормальные, а у нас без джипа не проедиш. И мосты каждую неделю рушатся. Уже термин появился Приморский мостопад. Можеш загуглить. А так по России 24 мы процветает.

    • Warchief Kiryakulov
      Warchief Kiryakulov Month ago

      @Olifer в Москве тоже не сильно хорошо! Бизнес задушили почти весь. Экология плохая ! Много людей я думаю сейчас мало где хорошо живётся, везде сложно

    • Olifer
      Olifer Month ago

      Хоть в чем-то у нас дальнем востоке пруха, смотрим днем. А в остальном жопа

  • иван иванов
    иван иванов Month ago +16


  • Jen Mareck
    Jen Mareck Month ago +4


  • Оксана Тимошевская

    Да как кэпсы в такой форме творят жуть какую то.И сами ах...ют.Так и не понял чтт исполнил бобер?

  • Владимир Поздняков

    Ови супер !!!!!

  • Nick Stefanyshin
    Nick Stefanyshin Month ago

    For all you k8ds watching, it's that shot. Practice shooting as much as you can.

  • Da_rampage
    Da_rampage Month ago +2

    1:34 That's a dang it

  • Евгений Коханик

    Орлы красавцы

  • Иван Максимов

    Саня 💪🇷🇺

  • Naturalist First
    Naturalist First Month ago +1

    You can't break Russian Bear!!!!

  • Сергей Орлов

    Самсонов удивительный персонаж, то два шатаута подряд стоя на голове, то вообще ничего поймать не может(

    • Сергей Орлов
      Сергей Орлов Month ago

      @Sstepan Belugin за исключением Бродо, так себе тройка) спорить дальше не вижу смысла, останемся при своих)

    • Sstepan Belugin
      Sstepan Belugin Month ago +1

      @Сергей Орлов дело в не том, что кто-то пропускает. Если защитники не выполняют свои обязанности качественно, то хоть Луонго, Бродо или Кипрусоффа ставьте, результат будет эквивалентным.

    • Сергей Орлов
      Сергей Орлов Month ago +1

      @Sstepan Belugin открою тебе секрет, привозят абсолютно все защитники в мире, и Йоси и Хедман и Пьетранжело, только вот Самсонову и Ванечеку эти привозы нивелировать не удаётся.

    • Sstepan Belugin
      Sstepan Belugin Month ago +1

      @Сергей Орлов вообще-то наоборот, хотя бы последние матчи нужно пересмотреть ради приличия. В основном, это кривые передачи.

    • Сергей Орлов
      Сергей Орлов Month ago +1

      @Sstepan Belugin с обороной более менее нормально, вратари откровенно неудачно играют.

  • Kobe 41
    Kobe 41 Month ago +1

    прошлая и эта игра радует за вашик

  • Илес Джабаров

    Наши предки:
    Мы жили во времена Гектара,во времена Ахилеса!!!
    А мы:
    Мы жили во времена Мессия,во времена Овечкина!!!

  • Тимофей Зима

    Неприятно наверное вратарю слышать как бьют о ворота клюшки от досады или злости.

  • Сибирь Россия


  • BTC 1
    BTC 1 Month ago +1


  • The Great 8
    The Great 8 Month ago +1


  • Александр Мигеев


  • чеге вара
    чеге вара Month ago +18

    Кузя диспетчер

  • SamAc_schnitzerS3
    SamAc_schnitzerS3 Month ago +3


  • сын анархии
    сын анархии Month ago +5

    Боб 🔥✊✌ Самсон 🔥✊✌ ребята 😎👋✊✌

  • mohawksniper79
    mohawksniper79 Month ago

    How the f did they get the powerplay when they ran down the goalie and they wonder why Carey Price does not want to play when you run down goalies like that who would

  • giorgi abhaz
    giorgi abhaz Month ago

    Отличная новость на утро!!!

  • Natural Rock
    Natural Rock Month ago

    Florida changed goalie 2 times?

    • Natural Rock
      Natural Rock Month ago +1

      @boe rhae thanks for the full report, man!!)) Bob and Ovi are my countrymen)

    • boe rhae
      boe rhae Month ago +1

      on Wilson shorthanded goal, Bob got hit on the follow through. You can see it on the replay.

      Bob stays in for a bit, allows the Ovechkin power play goal, then he leaves; Knight comes in, allows the next Ovechkin goal, then leaves; Bob comes back, Panthers score, Bob leaves again and Knight comes back; then a little while later, Bob comes back again.

  • Иван
    Иван Month ago

    Саня 😎✊

  • relcychoho
    relcychoho Month ago

    wow - you know = when Ovenckin retires - because he is so successful - he would make a great Russian President

  • Almost40
    Almost40 Month ago

    Why why why would they change caps Jerseys?

  • Stas Net
    Stas Net Month ago +1

    Next game 3+3, w not

  • Артем 56ДШБ

    Бобёр такие не пропустил бы

  • James Lee
    James Lee Month ago

    3rd goal showed it wasn't Holtby's fault.... js.

  • Radik Musin
    Radik Musin Month ago +5


  • Damien Chance
    Damien Chance Month ago

    Yep..the Panthers is not the hottest team in the NHL.

  • Юрий Кутепов


  • Сергей Коптев

    Что ты творишь Александр Великий

  • That 90s show
    That 90s show Month ago +1


  • javier du
    javier du Month ago +2

    cats bad loss :-) :-) :-)

  • Julius Mironoff
    Julius Mironoff Month ago +2

    Филиал офиса открыл?

  • Sumotong
    Sumotong Month ago +6

    gr8 8

  • Roman Borris
    Roman Borris Month ago +1

    TVR has a bad night