High & Hungry [Black Star Burger (West LA)]

  • Published on Oct 16, 2019
  • The first location in the nation is Black Star Burger where the burgers are fresh and organic and the ice cream is just as good. Located on Fairfax right across the street from the Golf clothing store, E-Zone and DJ C-Minus review the establishment where it hasn't even had its grand opening (at the time of this video publication). Check out the steak-like fries that scoop up ketchup like nobody's business and witness the 100% hemp seed burger (yes, hemp) that taste as good as the real thing if not better. Enjoy.
    Music by rasdude.com
    Black Star Burger

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Comments • 54

  • Санжар Холжигитов

    Вкусно там?

  • Pacan prav
    Pacan prav 29 days ago

    Guys this is the worst burgers in Russia, they only existed in Russia before. The creator of this chain is the gayest “rapper” you’ve ever seen. People rather eat McDonalds than black star. Sorry for my bad English

  • 13th Exit
    13th Exit Month ago

    Berner should get in on this.

  • Patricia Jones
    Patricia Jones Month ago

    Another win broooo! i wrote this shit down, like do u know how serious this it has 2 b for a millennial 2 physically write some shit down? this will b a trip 2 LA by its self! ty so so so much for inspiring me again!

  • Daniel Menez
    Daniel Menez Month ago

    Guy with the glasses sent me to some wack spot in DtLA was in a rush scared or something kinda like his shit dont stink bad vibe

  • KermTha
    KermTha Month ago +1

    BS is owned by a sellout, lame 'rapper' Timati 😂 Why this place is not listed on their website though? 🤔

  • drumboz79
    drumboz79 Month ago

    but you still need a napkin to wipe your mouth

  • Samuel Maradiaga
    Samuel Maradiaga Month ago

    That hemp seed burger, man. That's something different. Great spot you reviewed, awesome episode guys.

  • M C
    M C Month ago

    Fuck dat nigga sheeky he’s a bitch

  • Elevated Emotions
    Elevated Emotions Month ago

    14:04 dude with the lovers/lakers shirt digs out with a nice hottie

  • Kojo Mbasi
    Kojo Mbasi Month ago

    Cough inception

  • Jesus Serrano
    Jesus Serrano Month ago

    Wow yall don't have those soda machine in all your fast food places

  • Gilbert Vela
    Gilbert Vela Month ago


  • kermit1
    kermit1 Month ago

    Check out apple pan burger in west la bro they been around since the 30s

  • The Original Dizzy-D Michael Lavimodiere

    #MotaVational🌲💨 #MunchiesStyle🍔

  • Mike Oxsbigg
    Mike Oxsbigg Month ago

    leftover weed is the shit

  • Johnny Blaze
    Johnny Blaze Month ago +1

    The burgers look good but the gloves thing is corny.

  • Mayra. 1intllectual4u

    Lmao munchies time😤

  • Mayra. 1intllectual4u

    Mucch love LA baby😤❤️

  • KrAkEn
    KrAkEn Month ago

    Hemp napkins. *drops mic

  • Christopher Pazen
    Christopher Pazen Month ago

    So ❤that 🦈 art & HaHa I see the camera guy checkin out that chicks Ass as she be bending over. Very nice critter

  • InsaneLocoPsycho
    InsaneLocoPsycho Month ago +4

    Why they saing that this is european place if this is straight up russian place, any problems with that?

    • InsaneLocoPsycho
      InsaneLocoPsycho Month ago

      @TRPM no shit, i mean it looks like they're avoiding that it's russian, but it exists only in russia

    • TRPM
      TRPM Month ago

      Part of Russia is part of Europe, if you dont know

    • Marshall B
      Marshall B Month ago

      Yea they just to stoned

  • Self Elevation
    Self Elevation Month ago

    The Black Star is the Black Sun, which is Saturn.. the Black Sun is also Nibiru & Sirius B (astrology).. you also got a "black sun" in your brain... uumm.. Marcus Garvey had the "black star line" (where Mos Def & Kweli got that squad name from).. .. uumm.. I wonder why Europe chose "Black Star" for a Burger joint name... hmph.. we need to open up spot called "Washington Wings".. LMMFAOOOO!!!.. ran by black, hispanic & POC, with a dollar bill for the Logo... oh yeah yall, let's get it.. CTFUUUU 😁!!!...

  • Chris Kinsella
    Chris Kinsella Month ago

    Looks dope as fuck ha

  • Benji Angeles
    Benji Angeles Month ago


  • Chris Kinsella
    Chris Kinsella Month ago

    Lol id never eat soy burger or some veggie burger. But id eat a hemp seed burger all day

  • Chris Kinsella
    Chris Kinsella Month ago +1

    Hemp or cannabis seeds have more protein than a piece of meat the same size

  • C Wazza 0151
    C Wazza 0151 Month ago

    I’m from UK an it seems everything in LA is brand new buildings no bricks is it true?

    • C Wazza 0151
      C Wazza 0151 Month ago

      calichef1962 thank you that’s the best reply to my question I could of asked for haha I have some family in America but never been I’m wanting to learn the history n that’s gave me a lot😄

    • calichef1962
      calichef1962 Month ago +1

      There are some brick buildings in LA, but most buildings are new, especially by UK standards! The thing is, that the US as a whole, and especially the far western US, didn't have much of a written history until 100 years ago, 150 if one includes the gold rush years. Bricks aren't a common construction material in LA because of the earthquakes. Building standards are different in California. We use a lot of concrete blocks with metal reinforcement and commercial buildings are usually steel framework. However, there are some buildings that were built during the colonial mission period that still stand, and they are all adobe brick buildings with terra cotta roofing tiles. If you're interested there are lots of examples of California Mission Period architecture online.

  • Vine Glory’s Fan
    Vine Glory’s Fan Month ago

    Russian titles please

  • Vine Glory’s Fan
    Vine Glory’s Fan Month ago

    Ооо Russia ))

  • BukTop SviriD52
    BukTop SviriD52 Month ago +2

    Wtf...Ёбен-бобен?!Какого рожна Тимати тут делает;;))

  • ASAP Gangsta
    ASAP Gangsta Month ago

    Bro that is shit, go to IN n OUT

  • 1 big
    1 big Month ago +2

    This foo... hahahaa
    I don't like tequila but now i do

  • Davidyjess Oseg
    Davidyjess Oseg Month ago


  • O
    O Month ago +1

    Why are yall wearing gloves if its going in ur mouth ?

    • Morning Shot Films
      Morning Shot Films Month ago +1

      The purpose of gloves is to not have your hands dirty while handling the burger

  • SoundDispensary B
    SoundDispensary B Month ago +7

    def wanna to try the Hemp Seed burger.

    • Marshall B
      Marshall B Month ago

      @calichef1962 its gonna get bad though

    • calichef1962
      calichef1962 Month ago

      I'm a retired chef, definitely NOT a vegetarian, let alone a vegan, and *_I_* want to try this hemp seed burger! I'm an OLD stoner chick, paid my dues back in the illegal bad old days. I'm happy to see that sanity in cannabis laws is starting to be normalized in state after state, it's about time!!!

  • Anton Pospelov
    Anton Pospelov Month ago

    Guys, this is the franchise created by a Russian pro-government hip-hop sellout Timati, the one John Oliver made fun of in one of the last Last Week Tonight. This guy is best friends with Putin and Tchechenia''s vindictive and murderous cult leader-like Khadyrov, those are violent, pretty much evil and corrupt people and you should not suppport them, please. I thought the US was supposed to sanction Russia, not allow its propagandists roam free

    • Morning Shot Films
      Morning Shot Films Month ago

      Omfg it's just burgers. we're reviewing a burger spot not a whole nation lol

  • Oscar Gomez
    Oscar Gomez Month ago +2

    Eating at them top notch spots this season 🔥

  • Bruno Propheta
    Bruno Propheta Month ago +1

    hungry af watching this and I ain't got nothing interesting to eat in the house

  • Suzuki_paul
    Suzuki_paul Month ago

    Awwwwwwman sweet potato tots yesssss. Burgers looked 🔥👍🏾💨✅💯

  • Bradley Roberts
    Bradley Roberts Month ago

    send that franchise to Australia.

  • 麻姑麻姑獻壽
    麻姑麻姑獻壽 Month ago

    Black Star burgers is shit. This burgers makes timati he is pidor.

  • Dead Gamer
    Dead Gamer Month ago