Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin Insult Each Other | CONTAINS STRONG LANGUAGE!

  • Published on May 15, 2018
  • "That's three balls to you my friend, it's called a tri-sticle!" - Deadpool 2 stars Ryan Reynolds and Josh Brolin take it in turns to INSULT EACH OTHER in the Playground Insults game on Scott Mills' radio show on BBC Radio 1.
    Who will win when two Hollywood superstars rip each other apart?
    Contains strong language and adult humour.
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  • Mistakes
    Mistakes 4 hours ago +1

    thanos actually snapped

  • Holly G
    Holly G 5 hours ago

    What happened with drinking?

  • Serenity
    Serenity 6 hours ago

    My favorite one. We so need Blake and Ryan. They're so funny.

  • Joseph Kitembo
    Joseph Kitembo 7 hours ago

    He should have mentioned Jonah Hex that was fucking horrible

  • Saurabh Rathi
    Saurabh Rathi 9 hours ago

    What happens in the room stays in the room!
    *Uploads on RUclip 😂*

  • mmiikkeeb14
    mmiikkeeb14 14 hours ago

    no mentioning the fart jokes in blade Ryan?? :D

  • Swed King
    Swed King 14 hours ago


  • NaomiA
    NaomiA 17 hours ago

    Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan would be so good on here as well as Chris Evans and RDJ

  • AH- 64
    AH- 64 Day ago

    Please do Keanu Reeves vs Tom Hanks!

  • Ainzbern 77
    Ainzbern 77 Day ago

    i want see ryan and hugh

  • Kvas Man
    Kvas Man Day ago

    Thanos vs Deadpool

  • Kevin Ramirez-Melendez

    They should make one with Tom holland and Anthony mackie

  • Martin Caldwell
    Martin Caldwell Day ago

    Dont start hating on the goonies

  • iDaRkSaVaGe- Yt
    iDaRkSaVaGe- Yt Day ago +1

    DeadPool Vs Thanos Roast Battle 😂 this Was just iconic when I first watched this video

  • Arcien
    Arcien 2 days ago

    Reynolds won
    Brolin won
    Lantern lost

  • LetsGoToMarsMan
    LetsGoToMarsMan 2 days ago

    What’s with the drinking thing?

  • dragonball slayer326

    Deadpool and thanos together in a interview

  • Blue Man
    Blue Man 2 days ago +1

    I love Brolin's voice it reminds me of Thanos

  • Andy Jacobs
    Andy Jacobs 3 days ago +3

    Okay, I may be in a small minority but I just want to say that I actually really enjoyed the "Green Lantern", movie. And I'm not ashamed to say that I liked it.

  • Aaron Pilon
    Aaron Pilon 3 days ago

    What's your favourite colour? Should've said, "Used to be green"

  • peter manos
    peter manos 3 days ago +1

    *Whatever you say in this room, stays in this room*
    10 minutes later
    *Puts up a youtube video*

  • The Dood Productions
    The Dood Productions 3 days ago +2

    I love thanos cussing

  • thenewlifeofme
    thenewlifeofme 3 days ago

    2:01 *Jazz music stops*

  • Kelvin Pineda
    Kelvin Pineda 3 days ago +1

    If you close your eyes and listen, then this is pretty much a roast session between Thanos and Deadpool

  • foodie animal
    foodie animal 4 days ago

    You're Canadian, Canadians are nice..

  • MrPoker
    MrPoker 4 days ago

    zip it agent k

  • E R
    E R 4 days ago

    Robert Downey Jr Vs Benedict Counterstrike!

  • AV Productions
    AV Productions 4 days ago

    U think u can beat deadpool in one liners😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 no bitch u cant😆😆😁

  • Lonystal
    Lonystal 4 days ago

    You Smell So bad
    *I CAN HEAR IT!*

    I died xD

  • StillHdz17
    StillHdz17 5 days ago +2

    We need this with Ryan Reynolds vs his twin brother.

  • Kyyhkynen
    Kyyhkynen 5 days ago

    1:52 lmao sounds like a shy fart :D

  • Bobby TheAnt
    Bobby TheAnt 5 days ago +1

    Who is actually watching this with an infinity gauntlet replica

  • Prudence Ray
    Prudence Ray 5 days ago

    This was good.

  • SONG
    SONG 5 days ago +6

    Playground Insult: try your best.

  • Crimedian b
    Crimedian b 6 days ago +2


  • mili
    mili 6 days ago

    Zendaya and Tom Holland pleaseeee

  • Venetia Astrop
    Venetia Astrop 6 days ago


  • blank name
    blank name 6 days ago +12

    Josh Brolin : "Canadian are nice.."
    Keanu Reeves : nahh

  • Josh Human
    Josh Human 6 days ago

    "I feel genuinely hurt" - they laugh lol

  • muhammad zelza
    muhammad zelza 6 days ago +1

    i beg you get simon cowell vs gordon ramsay

  • NukDuk
    NukDuk 6 days ago

    If one of them said "Your mom is so fat, Thanos had to clap"

  • Kemal Redivo
    Kemal Redivo 7 days ago

    “Because you’re Canadian and Canadian’s are nice”

    *KD gets hurt*
    Canadian’s : WOOOOOO

  • Collin Rank
    Collin Rank 7 days ago

    Nobody can beat Ryan Reynolds😂

  • Broken White Boi
    Broken White Boi 7 days ago

    I expected deadpool introducing thanos to the 4th wall

    MSTHSHOT 7 days ago

    Just close your eyes and imagine Deadpool and Thanos (or Cable) insulting each other.

  • Winnie The Flu
    Winnie The Flu 7 days ago

    Oh god I forgot about the annoying ass hosts

  • Nathaniel Hill
    Nathaniel Hill 7 days ago

    All I hear is Thanos and Deadpool insulting eachother, this is what I want in an MCU movie lmfao

  • 9c1official
    9c1official 7 days ago

    Ow, my cheeks hurt from laughing

  • Jace Dunn
    Jace Dunn 7 days ago

    “What happens in this room, stays in this room”...22 million views

  • subscribe for a vbucks giveaway

    Ryan Reynolds sits there with his legs crossed, then says just jump into the pants hahaha

    ΛXCEL 8 days ago +3

    No one talking about this part,

  • Robert Cypress
    Robert Cypress 9 days ago +4

    When josh brolin took a shot at green lantern, ryan reynolds should have said jonah hex lol

  • Dice
    Dice 9 days ago

    Thanos and Deadpool insulting each other !

  • Zennyrham Marah
    Zennyrham Marah 9 days ago +1

    Admiral General Aladeen V.S Donald Thrump

  • National Coaster News

    This is the best one out of all of these

  • kaito tatsuya
    kaito tatsuya 9 days ago

    Dr strange : Thanos vs Deadpool.

  • Akecheta Lahpay
    Akecheta Lahpay 9 days ago

    😆😂 *Yo he killed him with the George Hamilton* *!*

  • Matthew Villacorta
    Matthew Villacorta 9 days ago +1

    Ring vs Gauntlet or
    Swords and guns

  • yOzeJ
    yOzeJ 9 days ago

    Thanos was getting pissed off so he was gonna click his fingers

  • isaac hunt
    isaac hunt 9 days ago

    That was as funny and awkward as talking about that brexit nonsense.............watching two yanks attempt humour, hilarious

  • Jessy Avila
    Jessy Avila 10 days ago

    I used to confuse Ryan renolds with Bryan callen

  • No U
    No U 10 days ago

    Wait.... Thanos and Deadpool has a sex scene?

  • Anti Gaming
    Anti Gaming 10 days ago

    Is it sad... That i didn't laugh. But i died laughing when watching kevin hart and the rock

  • Teeqo Merrell
    Teeqo Merrell 10 days ago

    Don’t ever put Brie Larson on one of these episodes 😂

  • justin boughamer
    justin boughamer 10 days ago

    I want rejoice and Ryan Reynolds making fun of each other’s


    Closest we’re getting to Deadpool vs. Thanos

  • Lexcriss the gamer
    Lexcriss the gamer 11 days ago

    Rare footage of deadpool roasting thanos in infinity war

  • Gascon Brossard
    Gascon Brossard 11 days ago

    These series are so, LAME!!!

  • Shut Up
    Shut Up 11 days ago +1

    *m U f F i N s N u G g L i N g P i R a T e P u N c H e R*

  • Justin Jeffers
    Justin Jeffers 11 days ago

    That's not a insult.

  • Meghan
    Meghan 11 days ago +1

    Ryan should've said that josh's chin looks like something special (you can figure it out)

  • Slapped Pork
    Slapped Pork 11 days ago +1

    Josh Brolin: My movie made over 2 billion dollars
    Ryan Reynolds:....

  • Small Boi Leon
    Small Boi Leon 11 days ago

    He just doesn't like Thanos

  • Bienvenue Chez Malika
    Bienvenue Chez Malika 12 days ago

    The tristicule joke 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    AGENT SMASH 12 days ago

    thats why thanos wiped half of the humanity

  • S S
    S S 12 days ago +1

    This vs the Hemsworth and Scarlett one😂😂

  • The Manger
    The Manger 12 days ago

    This is my most favorite collab

  • Teddi786 OG
    Teddi786 OG 12 days ago

    Ryan you still cant mess with the goonies

  • MrSpacelyy12
    MrSpacelyy12 12 days ago

    Lmao they silly

  • Alex Clark-Thompson
    Alex Clark-Thompson 12 days ago

    Surprised Josh didn't point out thaf Ryan was so shit at being Deadpool the first time round he had to trick Fox into allowing him to make a standalone film

  • dawsyn
    dawsyn 13 days ago +1

    Dude Ryan’s so funny he can try to 100% be unfunny and he’s fucking hilarious

  • Thomas Lundy
    Thomas Lundy 13 days ago

    Brolin looks more like Thanos then Thanos

  • Scott Hewitt
    Scott Hewitt 13 days ago

    "That's your insult?" That should count.

  • Kimo v.
    Kimo v. 13 days ago

    Wait, josh brolin sounds alot like thanos

  • A-man
    A-man 13 days ago

    Hearing thanos converse with Deadpool is enlightening....

  • Shalini
    Shalini 13 days ago +2

    I need one with Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

  • Ty Wild327
    Ty Wild327 13 days ago

    Josh Brolin kinda sounds like than- ooohhhhh

  • Sekolah YouTube
    Sekolah YouTube 13 days ago +1

    green lantern was one of the best movie, i wonder why they dont keep it going?

  • Duke The Staffy
    Duke The Staffy 14 days ago

    Thanos vs pikachu

  • HexoYt Gaming
    HexoYt Gaming 14 days ago +23

    "What happens in this room, stays in this room"
    Also them : *publishes it to youtube*

  • Quratulain Shah
    Quratulain Shah 14 days ago +6

    Ryan: You smell so bad, I can hear it. Lol

  • Seth G
    Seth G 14 days ago

    Who needs Iron Man to snap when Deadpool could just kill Thanos with insults

  • Harby Andre Franco Fernandez

    *Muffin Snuggling Pirate Puncher*

  • ur mom h
    ur mom h 14 days ago

    guys please do jeremy renner vs rdj

  • John Bee
    John Bee 14 days ago

    😮 rolling 😂

  • Rennan Macena
    Rennan Macena 15 days ago

    *Deadpool vs thanos*

  • Conny Westlund
    Conny Westlund 15 days ago

    Josh should got a lot better roles. casting sux

  • Conny Westlund
    Conny Westlund 15 days ago

    I love it two of my favorite actors

  • Suineg
    Suineg 15 days ago

    Reynolds is so scared its so funny haha

  • Hi
    Hi 15 days ago

    Thanos vs Deadpool