Barren Gates - Falling In Reverse (ft. VinDon)

  • Published on May 25, 2019
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  • Trap City
    Trap City  6 months ago +171

    Hey guys! Idmon & Gabriel here. We wanna update you about some stuff that has been going on behind the scenes for quite a while now.
    So we’ve been running this channel for almost 7 years now and it has been such a crazy ride for us. We’re super blessed by the overwhelming love and appreciation we have gotten from all you fans over the world.
    Right now it’s time to step up our game and improve the visual experience for all you fans out there. And by doing that, we felt that we needed a rebranding that fits with our new creative vision and goals to make sure you awesome fans get the best experience.
    We’ve been planning and brainstorming about this rebranding for almost a year now and have made so many ideas and concepts. We have set extreme high standards for ourselves and it has been such a struggle and pain in the ass. But the last couple of months we’ve finally reached a point where we feel this new look for the Trap City brand is absolutely next level!
    Our goal was to ditch the whole static look of visualizers you see nowadays and create a more immersive and visual listening experience. It took us quite some time and effort to find a perfect balance between something new and the infamous, well known current look.
    We’re happy to announce that the biggest part of the rebranding process is almost done. We’ll be sharing more info soon enough so definitely stay tuned for that!

    • iAmguYFaWKeS
      iAmguYFaWKeS 6 months ago

      @Kavi Check out my playlist

    • TOSHIK smallbabytape
      TOSHIK smallbabytape 6 months ago

      The best music!!!

    • Kavi
      Kavi 6 months ago +1

      My library has 447 trap music! Took me 4 months to reach here. Now finally I can keep up with your latest uploads. Thank you 😊

    • John Botham
      John Botham 6 months ago +1

      Improvise, adapt, do rebranding, do shit! But you have already acquired tht brand name for yourself, and tbh, You have just acquired a very special status in my life, precisely, coz the level of disappointment and depression i have gone through.. i was on the verge of ending this.. ending everything and just let my demons say hello!
      Yep you got tht right!
      But then i have been an edm lover and always you could see me commenting about uploading dubstep coz i loved these kindda hard edm's..
      Your songs have given me enough and more than enough of encouragement to live and spend time with myself.. put of headphones on and listen to those groovin drops.. I might be in depression still, but u have cut a huge extent of it..
      Till you were a music director, it was fine.. BUT NOW..
      Thank you for this, and hopefully, I STAY ON, INTACT, SOMEHOW!😶

    • Im Inuri
      Im Inuri 6 months ago +1

      Been here since before you reached 1mil subs. It’s been a long ride listening and seeing changes. Whatever you guys do I know you’ll make the right move! Keep up the amazing work. Will always be a fan!

  • Stephanie Nuggs
    Stephanie Nuggs 3 days ago

    First half is good but then it sounds like ass

  • panfy
    panfy 22 days ago +3

    G2 vs HellRaisers brought me here.

  • icore
    icore 28 days ago +5

    Faze vs Vitality brought me here.

  • Kilax1
    Kilax1 Month ago


  • Joao Guilherme
    Joao Guilherme Month ago +1


  • Holy Doggo
    Holy Doggo Month ago +1

    G2 vs Navi brought me here

  • Manik999
    Manik999 Month ago

    G2 vs NaVi brought me here

  • TLG Y0SseF
    TLG Y0SseF Month ago +1

    ESL Pro league :3

  • xyzNexus
    xyzNexus Month ago

    CSGO ESL 🎶

  • Francisco Sanchez
    Francisco Sanchez Month ago

    Trihard Spam

  • dekisa 5
    dekisa 5 Month ago

    Esl broo

  • Dude-Love
    Dude-Love Month ago

    TriHard 7

    • Dude-Love
      Dude-Love 8 days ago

      @ElderPelder ¯\_( ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉)_/¯

    • ElderPelder
      ElderPelder 26 days ago

      Where have i heard this name before

  • Berosar
    Berosar 2 months ago

    astralis north

  • CheekiBreeki4Life
    CheekiBreeki4Life 2 months ago

    Esl proleague ++

  • Ricky Wang
    Ricky Wang 2 months ago

    Two channel nice!

  • buglag
    buglag 4 months ago

    yuh yuh

  • TrickzzZ Gaming
    TrickzzZ Gaming 4 months ago

    is this song free? i mean the copyright issues?

    • ElderPelder
      ElderPelder 27 days ago

      No, ESL payed them $4500 for using this song.

    DFFUSE 4 months ago

    Good luck Ence

  • Shot Gamer
    Shot Gamer 4 months ago +3


  • k- -
    k- - 4 months ago

    this need to upload on ncs

  • Jyem
    Jyem 5 months ago

    #Eplcsgo S9 in Montpellier

  • Ojog Oliver
    Ojog Oliver 5 months ago +114

    G2 vs Liquid brought me here.

    • Evan Nirpataka
      Evan Nirpataka Month ago

      Me to 😂

    • Firmino
      Firmino 4 months ago +4

      Liquid vs Ence brought me here

    • Arekisu
      Arekisu 5 months ago +4

      hype of the final brought me here.

  • Snoopsy
    Snoopsy 5 months ago +56

    ESL right now!!

  • VenomAfonsoXD
    VenomAfonsoXD 6 months ago +2

    One of the best songs I've heard so far
    !! Thanks Trap City

  • Daniel Emil
    Daniel Emil 6 months ago

    1:25 min ---> 1,25x speed

  • Emily 8400
    Emily 8400 6 months ago

    Any tomboys out there 😝

  • m1tsos gr
    m1tsos gr 6 months ago

    Very nice!!👍👍👌👌

  • Evan Peterson
    Evan Peterson 6 months ago

    This is that stick with the fire swag

  • CJpai GAMER
    CJpai GAMER 6 months ago

    Oh fuckkingoddddd

  • Dj Eclat
    Dj Eclat 6 months ago

    Check this Men!!! Is AWESOME

  • lahmbo1
    lahmbo1 6 months ago

    Thats bad ass shit, more of this 🔥🔥💪🏼

  • Laxs Fly
    Laxs Fly 6 months ago

    Barren Gates, one of the best Trap artists

  • Аки Ашер
    Аки Ашер 6 months ago

    Б*я буду кто русский? Правда-ж треки З.Б.С.

  • aatuliii
    aatuliii 6 months ago

    despacito better

  • Luca Rodriguez Fernandez

    Is there copyright on this track?

  • Phùng Kim Tú
    Phùng Kim Tú 6 months ago

    Lit Gates !!!!!!!!

  • Taazikshow
    Taazikshow 6 months ago

    Друзья подпишитесь на мою группу вк

  • Bass Nite
    Bass Nite 6 months ago +1

    Barren Gates ❤🔥

  • 탁이스쿨YouToube
    탁이스쿨YouToube 6 months ago

    신나고 즐거운 리믹스 음악 잘 듣고 갑니다 사랑해요 😍💖💝🎁💞🎧🎶🎶💗💞🤗💞💓💞💓💘💓💋✨✨💝🔥💝🔥😍😍💘😍💘💓💞💓💞💕💞💓💞💓💞💓🎧💓🎧💗🎶💗🎤🤗🎤🎤🎤🎤
    화려하고 멋진 일러스트 잘 보고 갑니다 사랑해요🎤🎧🎵🎵🎧💗🎧💗🎶🎶💖💞👑💘💓💘🤗💖🎧🤗🎤🤗🎤🎤🎵💞🎵🎧🎵🎧💓💞💓💘🔥😎💝✨💝✨😍😎👍😎👍✨💝🔥😍💘💕💕💞💕💞

  • LEWIS Cross
    LEWIS Cross 6 months ago


  • Music Nation
    Music Nation 6 months ago +1

    Amazing like everytime ♥️😍

  • Charlie Cubes
    Charlie Cubes 6 months ago

    Orgasm to my ears

  • 月亮獨坐
    月亮獨坐 6 months ago

  • Cameron Kimble
    Cameron Kimble 6 months ago

    Dont got to say it again but trapcity is on point as always 👌👌🔥🔥🔊🔊

  • Ken Kaneki
    Ken Kaneki 6 months ago +1

    So gooooood

  • bk-x records 記錄
    bk-x records 記錄 6 months ago +1

    A b s o l u t e l y A d o r e T h i s 🌸☀️💥💜

  • handssecrets
    handssecrets 6 months ago +3

    That beat drop! Dark and Fast!

  • Soumalya Pramanik
    Soumalya Pramanik 6 months ago

    That Distorted Bass says it all...

  • Minhazul Karim Fahad
    Minhazul Karim Fahad 6 months ago +1


  • Bass Galaxy
    Bass Galaxy 6 months ago +2

    I'd rather fall forward than in reverse! 😐

  • Emmanuel Palacios
    Emmanuel Palacios 6 months ago +1


  • Cronos 325
    Cronos 325 6 months ago

    this is epicard

  • Marijuana
    Marijuana 6 months ago +2

    Barren Gates bring the *🔥Faya🔥* back

  • DTA2
    DTA2 6 months ago +1

    Barren Gates - Dropping In Forward (ft. VinDon)

  • 綠綠
    綠綠 6 months ago


  • Newgen Rcrds
    Newgen Rcrds 6 months ago +1

    Amazing track!

  • Jayed Hassan
    Jayed Hassan 6 months ago

    Awsome 😎

  • BlackusPL
    BlackusPL 6 months ago +1

    I waitong for instrumental version

  • Rizky Alviant
    Rizky Alviant 6 months ago

    I am from Indonesia,please give me love