Blind Taco Taste Test

Can we pick out your favorite fast food tacos while blindfolded? GMM #1036!
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Автор Softball_ Taylor ( назад)
I know what it is just by smelling the lettuce 😂😂😂

Автор Harigan Plays ( назад)
I love chipottel

Автор ScrubDog ( назад)
chapotley..not chapotle

Автор Hailey Ruzicka ( назад)
Chi-pot-le LOL

Автор Ethan Villanueva ( назад)
It might be a southwest thing but...Rubio's fish tacos are seriously the best tacos ever

Автор shırxsı ( назад)
what the fuuuu...they are from fuquay??? how have i not heard of them

Автор Kelbi P ( назад)
You guys should do a blind chip test

Автор Emily Dinsmore ( назад)

Автор PacPacHomo ( назад)
fast food greasy taco i love

Автор Hello_Hedghog 101 ( назад)
whoever sees this, I hope you have a great day/life!

Автор Nermeen Soliman ( назад)
How well do we "knows" Rhett? Really?

Автор Aissobored ( назад)

Автор Sallzemander ( назад)
They don't have Jimboys... SHOOK NASTY

Автор buckeyes are back ( назад)
they should do a will it talk about it

Автор Rex001X Blank ( назад)
Rhett purposely mispronounces everything in this episode and it annoys me XD

Автор Tristan Holly ( назад)
Starting the show with a pun I see...

Автор i smell bananas ( назад)
the mug! it's on the edge

Автор Logan Hunter ( назад)
I love the " As you can see we can't " saying.

Автор Emmy hamsterFLUFF ( назад)

Автор Brittany Morden ( назад)
For as often as I was GMM, the phrase "As you can see, we can't" still makes me laugh every single time.

Автор leo leo ( назад)
did rhett say chipotl instead of chipotle

Автор Nicola Thomas ( назад)
A "tacoasis" if you will

Автор Alexandria Huffman ( назад)
They are having high five issues.

Автор Doomester Gamer ( назад)
Every video I go, it show ad even a single one

Автор Meme King ( назад)
when Link said "Let's taco about that" it brought back so many memories

Автор Cara and Brooke vlogs ( назад)

Автор Zachary Lewis ( назад)
the way rhett said chipotle hurt my soul

Автор Lpsinfinity ( назад)
Washuu oo I oh woo my face? This way?
Me: *pulls out dictionary to do required research*

Автор Black Rhino ( назад)
When link eats a taco he always says "Its like seventh grade all over again"

Автор Waldo Saltwater ( назад)
It reminds me of the hand In buddy system

Автор Emma&Erika LOL ( назад)
man I can really go for a taco

Автор Tina Woods ( назад)
i love tacos

Автор Allison B ( назад)
Fast food
I love

Автор Sulu Gaming ( назад)
Why is Rhett so happy when Link says "Let's taco about that"

Автор Eva Jongewaard ( назад)
Link:takes a bite. Rhett:I'm going to say this before you eat your taco

Автор Eva Jongewaard ( назад)
Link:tries to give Rhett a high five then says did you try to give me a high five?Rhett:NoLink:Oh...well I didn't try to give you a high five either.

Автор Eva Jongewaard ( назад)
Link:tries to give Rhett a high five then says did you try to give me a high five?Rhett:NoLink:Oh...well I didn't try to give you a high five either.

Автор Phil's Dead Houseplant ( назад)
I've never had a taco and don't have Taco Bells in the city I'm from. I guess it is Britain....

Автор tvwatcher90 ( назад)
it's so distinctive linktive

Автор nathan mc ( назад)
Watching the tacos fall really hurt my soul

Автор Pokemonfan1128 ( назад)

Автор Mojosoyo - ( назад)
9:03 wtf xd

Автор Craig Johnson ( назад)
the shell should be 2 points and the filling 1 point. WHO IS WATHCING IN 2017 I'v never ben to QDOBA have you

Автор Derpiecakes ( назад)
i just had sushi tacos .o.

Автор The Rainy Pig ( назад)

Автор The Chipfoxes Den ( назад)
You would know if it was Jack in the box tacos, they are such horrible sad excuses of tacos it would make your soul cry.

Автор Cayden Barnard ( назад)
I love chipotle

Автор Emma Rush ( назад)

Автор EY's Wonderful Life ( назад)
How they said chipotle killed me xD

Автор ThePlatinumAlpha Wolf ( назад)
Is the entire weal of mithicality gift?!?!?!?

Автор Hiber Siber ( назад)
Let's taco about that😱😂😂😅

Автор Michelle Isnt Awesome Williams ( назад)
i want this job

Автор Evelyn Harrison (Student) ( назад)
I want a taco so badly right now 🌮🌯

Автор BARSAN Tube ( назад)
5:58 who is that

Автор Player 3 ( назад)
Eating Tacos while watching this episode makes me so happy in ways I cannot explain.

Автор Will Shrake ( назад)
Rhett always guesses two things twice.

Автор JohnnyBoi BillyBoi ( назад)


Автор Dom's PlAYList ( назад)
It's Rain Tacos!

Автор Wolfie LovesHorses ( назад)
Link: As you can see, we can't.
cracks me up every time.

Автор iSkilled1337 DD ( назад)
"it's so wide" Link - 2016

Автор Magix ( назад)
Del Taco's Fre sha vo cado!

Автор school shooter ( назад)
I can guess Taco Bell by just licking the shell. I love Taco Bell.

Автор Addie B ( назад)
They forgot Jimboys

Автор HeyItsMeDaisy ( назад)
The taco drop zoom ins omg 😂

Автор crab rangoonz ( назад)
lmao i pronounce chipotle chi-POT-le. i know it's incorrect but it's sounds much more fun when ya say it that way :)

Автор Sebastian Santos ( назад)
Rhett: i didnt try to give u high five.

he did try to give him high five

Автор Mythical Beast32 ( назад)
I thought it was pronounced chip-ote-lay

Автор Berly Stein ( назад)
Guys, let's just talko bout how bad this pun was🌮🌮🌮

Автор Ryan Neugent ( назад)
if anyone has eaten jack in the boxes tacos they know how different they are from any other taco

Автор Zac Pritcher ( назад)
How anyone could miss Taco Bell would have been beyond me.

Автор Meme Lord ( назад)
0:04 Rhetts face is priceless

Автор Bree jordan ( назад)
New watcher and I love the intro song

Автор ahmed alani ( назад)
I died when rett said chipotle

Автор C.upcakes and S.weets ( назад)
Who else got the joke that link made at 1:38

Автор VoltzGames ( назад)
How Rhett pronounced Chipotle in the beginning.......

Автор 50cal ( назад)
I want myself a Taco Hando TM

Автор Princess Genny ( назад)
Anyone else not a fan of tacos?

Автор Lyna Ammi ( назад)
The title though 😂😂

Автор Haga Jaga ( назад)

Автор Max Headroom ( назад)
Wait is Rhett and link from North Carolina? They just named my home town and the cities around it lol

Автор Irish Wolf ( назад)
Taco Bell: Just Smell The Lettuce

Автор VIG Comperser ( назад)
i wish i could eat taco im singaporean so i cant eat taco

Автор Lottes Leben ( назад)
Let's taco bout that 😀😂

Автор Icarus ( назад)

Автор Icarus ( назад)

Автор Icarus ( назад)

Автор Icarus ( назад)

Автор Joshua Johnson ( назад)
why was he saying chapotl

Автор Challenge CrAZy ( назад)
Gosh taco hand!!

Автор Hello, My name is Stephanie Wagner ( назад)
Is it bad that I'm watching this sooooooo hungry!

Автор Maia Wilson ( назад)
Link: As you see we can't. Gets me every time

Автор Fatma Mohammed AbdulRab ( назад)
I hope they'll one day do a Taste Test for Rhett and link where they try different things ( apart from each other ) and then when Rhett says " it's so spicy " it will cause total confusion for them XD

Автор Zia Foley ( назад)
Please do another fresh vs frozen video!

Автор Madison Alivia ( назад)
Do Mac'n cheese blind taste test

Автор Gilli Weed ( назад)
I love how much they overthought the flavors hahaha

Автор Charlie Estrada ( назад)
Two favorite sayings during the taste tests- "you donkey lipin it..?" "What kind of magic is happening here...? Lol

Автор Ghirahim the Demon Lord ( назад)
I love del taco

Автор Black Smith Grind ( назад)
The "taco hand" needs a serious upgrade

Автор Newcomb Rage ( назад)

Автор Matthew Heckman ( назад)
blind pizza taste test where they have to say where the pizza came from like pizza hut papa John's

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