Gaming on a Laptop using an External GPU

In this experimental video I try connecting a desktop graphics card to a laptop... the results were certainly interesting.

NOW AVAILABLE ON EBAY! http://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1?icep_ff3=2&pub=5575117832&toolid=10001&campid=5337657473&customid=&icep_item=291688406245&ipn=psmain&icep_vectorid=229466&kwid=902099&mtid=824&kw=lg

I've been wanting to try this out for a while, so a big thanks to BangGood for sending me the adapter (ebay link above, banggood link below).

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Автор 95 R ( назад)
so i have a laptop with an I7 processor and gtx960m. am i able to play with and external gpu gtx1080 ? it would help me a lot because i wouldnt have to build complete desktop

Автор BobbyJay ( назад)
+DIY Perks so I just recently got the same setup. same dock using an HP power supply from a desktop to power the dock. I have an HDMI cable running from the video card to the TV and the supplied data to HDMI cable that's connected to my laptop and the dock. I installed the latest Nvidia driver restarted and I'm still getting a code 43 in my device manager. I attempted to play star wars the force unleashed 2. played like complete shit. even worse then when I play normally on my laptop's gpu.. running Windows 10. Any thoughts on how to clear this up?

Автор HumdrumAnt ( назад)
But you couldn't play online cos you have to disconnect the WiFi card, am i missing something?

Автор Perrin Bussière ( назад)
Great job!!

Автор Dan Krieg ( назад)
Beats getting ripper off by Eurocom. My mobile card died a while ago, might give this a try

Автор Top Sy Krettes ( назад)
how much cost for those external gpu accessories adapters included?

Автор MINECRAFT_ PLAYER_3000 ( назад)
does it work whit desktop pc whit apu

Автор Wilo Usuramo ( назад)
MIND BLOWN!! Deadly!

Автор Alisson Damasceno ( назад)
Amazing! Just a quick doubt, do I need to use a ATX/DC PSU to power up a graphics card that does not need that "extra" pci-e connector? Like the GTX 750Ti, for example...
(I'm really interested on a high resolution DisplayPort output from my laptop haha)

Автор DaveK183 ( назад)
How is this thing old? I have a laptop for almost 8 years and wanted this the whole time, but never did find anything like this. Don't fucking understand why.

Автор TECHNO freak ( назад)
will both laptop gpu and external gpu work at same time or only external gpu works?
any one knows please replay!!!

Автор SperodicPlays - Tutorials and More! ( назад)
wait wait wait wait so your telling me that I can build an external gpu without using a thunderbolt cable?!?!?!?!

Автор Ahmed Rashed ( назад)
National geographic is her ! nice job

Автор Craig Buchan 6930 ( назад)
Can i use this on an all in one desktop

Автор Dead pool ( назад)
Can i use my laptop's lcd screen instead of a external monitor for this setup?

Автор D.O.T ( назад)
I have a question. Is it possible to do it in reverse? ~ Aka use laptop graphics card on Stationary pc? This might be retarded question but I started investigating this because my laptop is dead and I want to use its parts, IF POSSIBLE. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

Автор E McG ( назад)
Why would you try to game on a shit processor? You need that to game to, retarded

Автор Ronan ( назад)
Pls build a case around it, love your vids

Автор Abhishek Basavaraj ( назад)
can you do a refresh with the all new cool thunderbolt 3.

Автор The Electric Pig ( назад)
Will this work with an hp notebook and what card should I buy I have $400

Автор Animiles ( назад)
To me it looks like Grid 2 (3:31) doesn't even reach 30 fps.
I count everything below 60 fps as not playable.

Автор Esteban S. ( назад)
Can I just us my usb 3.0 port or I have to open my laptop any way?

Автор scrubs understanding ( назад)
DIY PERKS do you think this will work on a all in one aspire z1800 i cant upgrade the graphics on it but i love the layout of the computer itself

Автор whitebeartigtig ( назад)
Is the adapter compatible with a Samsung RV-515

Автор TheJimmyShow ( назад)
YOU ARE A LIFE SAVER! I was just about to give up on putting a graphics card in my aio pc.

Автор DecibelAlex ( назад)
looks kinda laggy

Автор Osirin ( назад)
would this work for the zenbook ux305ca

Автор Kiseong Ra ( назад)
does it work for ultrabook too?

Автор G18 OUTO ( назад)
Your laptops is fucked from everydway

Автор Daniel Cardoso Balieiro ( назад)
#vid • #Gaming on a #Laptop using an External #GPU : @banggood @DIYPerks : #HyperLink @TechMayas #CoolTech #DIY : #shared @dbMayaHyperLink : #MayaLink @dbalieiroNET : #WikiLink #WikiSmile ... [;)]

Автор GraysFrame ( назад)
I spent a lot on my laptop. but streaming twitch on it is too hard on its cpu. would connecting an external quad core cpu work?

Автор Ashfaq Beg ( назад)
did gtx1070 will work with i5 4210U CPU??

Автор Jonathan Joestar ( назад)
Protip: Don't even consider buying this for a newer Acer laptop, the only way you'd be able to plug something like this in is if you keep the thing open and remove the Wireless card.

Автор iinRez ( назад)
This epitomizes the whole "planned obsolescence" business model.

Автор Freadoline Francis ( назад)
Very good information..

Автор Brent Ang ( назад)
Can you try Sonic Riders on your laptop using your own external GPU?

Автор Slimi Le Slime ( назад)
Can anyone try to tell me how to do this for an ASUS K52F?

Автор Anuj Falcon ( назад)
Looks like lot of work! But awesome piece of info.

Автор Dragos B ( назад)
Smart solution, but quite unportable.

Автор AzSam Pako ( назад)
On a Asus Rog GL551JW will I be able to do this?
Removing my 960m won' be such a problem, right?

Автор SudoTech ( назад)

Автор Sander R. ( назад)
Does it really need to be hooked to a mini pci express or can it use the expresscard slot wich my laptop also have?

Автор Shadowwalker0408 ( назад)
please look at it now in 2017

Автор Zachary E ( назад)
rofl this is so inconvenient but it's cool you can do it at least.

Автор jak russel ( назад)
so when can i get this in the size of a flash drive?

Автор Fury is live ( назад)
Can i use it for hp notebook

Автор Michael Townley ( назад)
Would it work using the laptop's display?

Автор 宁爽迪 ( назад)
i only want to say ...why the main PCB board was ..THE PRODUCT of CHINA...but i can't buy it in china...........

Автор theILLICET 1 ( назад)
is it mac compatible?

Автор Blacken ( назад)
is it pci-e 3.0???

Автор Noble Alfred ( назад)
Good on you for giving Tomb Raider Underworld the appreciation it deserves.
Anyway, Great video.

Автор Σταύρος Κόσσυφας ( назад)
Man I love your videos! Can I use this even as a replacement for a laptop's broken gpu?

Автор Jone P. ( назад)
I have this Acer laptop, It has 3.0GHz AMD processor but the graphics card is shit...I'm new to this, If I wanted to adapt a new graphics card what would I need exactly? I mean other than the new graphics card and the adapter. Thanks

Автор Eno Toska ( назад)
can i use my laptop graphic card to my pc??

Автор Diego Undreiner ( назад)
Hi i have a dell laptop pretty modern from the year 2015 i belive, can i connect for example a gtx 1050 ti evga gpu to it?

Автор Young Senpai ( назад)
Got everything done but now it won't give any display on my monitor because it says "This device cannot find enough resource that it can use. (Code 12) if you want to use this device, you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system" what do I need to disable? I already disabled my laptops hd graphics display adapter.

Автор pranay salam ( назад)

Am I watching an acer product of this tech with gtx 960 graphic card????
Please someone tell me If it will run with my laptop
Its an Acer v5 series( 4gb 750 gpu, 8gb ram, ssd, i7 4500u)

Автор Muhamad Lutfi ZW ( назад)
does it work when im using laptop display instead external monitor ?

Автор Titan Channel ( назад)
I'm saving money for GUA3120A . will it work if I install gt 730 on it?

Автор Kody-Raphael Sproat ( назад)
Hey I don't want to fry my new card or this external dock for the new gpu.. what is the recommended Power Supply to use without frying it? It says that it can only take... Power support:
8P interface: 220W max.
DC interface: 150W max.
Note: the power limit without ATX cable.

Please respond.

Автор Gimmie a dollar ( назад)
Can i use a RX 480 8 gb graphics card 4 this

Автор PS Pigton ( назад)
Can you give me a like to a power supply I could do this with?

Автор Amyar Memo ( назад)
Is there no input lag if you connect laptop to a monitor?

Автор Gamer vlogs ( назад)
how to plug graphic card in monitor

Автор Timothy Queva ( назад)
What is the outgoing song used for "credits"? It sounds really nice.

Автор Gergo Kismarton ( назад)
what is the brand and product number of the power supply you used?

Автор FrostBittn ( назад)
Is there a way I can have it display to the laptop instead of a different monitor?

Автор Zain Shoaib ( назад)
can't I just use this and buy a mini PCIe to USB type c 3 adapter to connect it to my laptop and use it like a for example another market solution like the razer core?

Автор Der Kubist ( назад)
Today you can just use an praphicscard by plugging it in with usb c

Автор Doge_the_Almighty ( назад)
What is the specific model of that laptop? because since it has two wlan slots i am using one of them for the gpu and the other for a capture card. :3

Автор Dr. MEME! ( назад)
Should I get the one from Amazon or Ebay? Which is more reliable?

Автор So Chetra ( назад)
Do that support usb 3.0 cable?

Автор Leon ( назад)
This Video is very helpful and most of my friends believed it when I showed them your video about the mPCIe adapter. It help them a lot and they can play their games now and specially with me online. Thank you very much! Hopefully this is still available once I already have my own laptop. :)

Автор Timo He ( назад)
Can i use a adapter Form USB to mini pci?

Автор Baran Azadi ( назад)
What a fucking chore

Автор Iane FuoS ( назад)
Will this product work on my compaq Presario CQ58-130sk Intel Pentium B970 2.30GHz 8Gb Ram ?

Автор Peter Meyer ( назад)
If you going through all that to get a game to play better on a laptop, it probably be better to get a Tower PC. To me Laptops are not really meant for serious heavy 3D games. More for businessmen doing computer work on the run. Can do simple 2D graphics/game applications.

Автор DoomDukem 1998 ( назад)
I have an idea for an External GPU enclosure. What you do is you use a Micro ATX desktop PC case (so it'll not only support the card, but the PSU as well.)

Автор K Chris ( назад)

Автор Gergő Kovács ( назад)
do i have to buy a monitor for this?

Автор DJ Middlekauff ( назад)
How is the game running if the laptop is still booting up? 2:40

Автор MAD MAX Gaming ( назад)
I am unable to detect my amd radeon rx 480 8gb in my device manager. I am using an MSI ge72 apache with an ngff connector. I took out the wifi card and followed all of the steps. Should I get an Nvidia card or what should I do because I've tried a bunch of things. If anyone has any ideas can I please get some help.

Автор Ask Wintersborg Govertsen ( назад)
how do i know if my laptop is competable?

Автор the7observer ( назад)
Does the GTX 1060 in some latops are the same as the desktop ones? Because if they are and the laptop supports SLI, then in theory you could use such adaptor to run the laptop 1060 with another 1060.

Автор sid____bawse iiuoqo ( назад)
wow this is better than building  pc

Автор Toby Is awesome ( назад)
Is an external power source required it was a bit short

Автор Hanzi2u ( назад)
is this still a Thing that are being supported, because i thought it could be fun to try it out!

Автор Kalyan Rao ( назад)
Can dell inspiron 13 7359 support external gpu

Автор PixelSlayer TV ( назад)
can you use rade cards

Автор DansGame ( назад)
INSTA SUB. This is truly amazing. Thanks DIY Perks.
Before I jump into this. I have a lenovo laptop e531 with i3 3110m processor. Would it be able to run like a gtx 1050 or 1060?

Автор Acer Marbella ( назад)
does it really need to have the separate monitor?

Автор Emmanuel Lacaba ( назад)
can i ask a question?
is there any external GPU that works on just a normal USB?

Автор Rodeo Thompson ( назад)
Can someone help me? I bought the exp gdc but the expressscard version but my computer has no expresscard slot. Is it possible to just buy an expresscard to usb adapter and use that. OR do I have to try and return in and buy the other verison? Thanks

Автор ScootieXP ( назад)
Do you need an external video card?

Автор Jive Bedonia ( назад)
will it work through a single usb type c connector? Or usb 3.0?

Автор Sam Ballington ( назад)
QUESTION? So in theory could I/you connect the m.sata cable at the end of the external dock to a laptops USB port with an adapter like this:http://m.miniinthebox.com/cwxuan-mini-pci-e-msata-to-usb-3-0-external-ssd-pcba-conveter-adapter-card-without-case_p4765249.html?currency=USD&litb_from=paid_adwords_shopping&utm_source=google_shopping&utm_medium=cpc&adword_mt=&adword_ct=153426320819&adword_kw=&adword_pos=1o2&adword_pl=&adword_net=g&adword_tar=&adw_src_id=9772115911_686959326_35189017357_aud-79897721551:pla-256149117540&gclid=CjwKEAiA-rfDBRDeyOybg8jd2U4SJAAoE5XqoQWC0zOaTJPlPS6OmrYCZJKrVHqt35OzH5L26i5lrhoC_Ojw_wcB

Автор aaronT FPV ( назад)
titan x on a laptop. lol

Автор YOLO OR Troll ( назад)
do this thing have all the cables in? please answer or not were i can find them

Автор SilverWingKezho ( назад)
I've got an sff computer it exists an adapter that can be used for it?

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