Sesame Street: Julia Invents a New Game | Boing Boing Tag

Meet Julia, the newest friend on Sesame Street. Julia has autism. When her new friend Abby notices what a good jumper she is, the two friends invent a new game to play together: boing boing tag!

To learn more, visit http://sesamestreet.org/autism

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Sesame Street is a production of Sesame Workshop, a nonprofit educational organization. The Workshop produces Sesame Street programs, seen in over 150 countries, and other acclaimed shows, including The Electric Company. Beyond television, the Workshop produces content for multiple media platforms on a wide range of issues including literacy and numeracy, emotional wellbeing, health and wellness, and respect and understanding. Learn more at http://www.sesamestreet.org.

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Автор Aniss Toudjine_23 ( назад)
this is so cool, since my brother has autism

Автор 山内貴実子 ( назад)
boing boing boing
I love you, Sesame Street! Love love love!

Автор Myles Moore ( назад)
I love this so much omg

Автор elsa1942 ( назад)
I'm very happy Julia is here ^^ I just wish they'd say she is autistic rather than she has autism.

Автор Cherry Sans TV ( назад)
imma gr8 puppet

Автор Barbie Girl ( назад)
you do very well

Автор EspioMetroidNano ( назад)
For their sake I just hope people on the internet don't make such a sweet character into a horrible meme using her to make fun of autism yanno? But then again what the heck am i gonna do about it lol. But all of that aside I love what Sesame Street is doing with Julia :)

Автор BugPope ( назад)
I really like that their message is about accepting Julia for who she is and interacting with her on her terms instead of the usual "wow, that kid sure is a weirdo" approach to autism you see in most movies and TV shows.

Автор Keyshell ( назад)
Julia is so adorable I can't stand it.

Автор dankmex attack ( назад)
im just here because of the memes here

Автор Overlord ( назад)
This is such a vital thing for children to see and understand, and it's handled with such expert care and respect. Sesame Street is still the best at making the world a good place...

Автор M. Nourishad ( назад)
Boing boing boing boing!

Автор pumpcin ( назад)
i just hate people who make fun of other people and how the other people suffer.this...this is happy for me cause instead of the characters making fun of julia,like bullying and other mean stuff,they get along perfectly.

Автор AwesomeFoxGamer ( назад)
Julia is soooo cute 😝

Автор James Smith ( назад)
This is a great and uplifting message to society until you start reading the comment section.

Автор iHeartRyanStiles ( назад)
I was wondering if we were ever going to see her on the show, I hate that I have to wait until it shows up on PBS for me to see her on tv because Canada doesn't have that special HBO app

Автор sam pjk ( назад)
Good on Sesame Street to do this and show her as something away from the stereotypical view of autism. Autism is a spectrum and not everyone with autism is the way they're portrayed: withdrawn, strange, and lacks social skills. A lot of them are like Julia: happy, sociable, and energetic.

Автор Han Solo ( назад)

Автор Enana Rivera ( назад)
H a ha ha
Ha ha ha

Автор Kyle's Other Cat ( назад)
Aww she is cute

Автор PeridotPlumbob ( назад)
As a person with autism this is so awesome to see!!!

Автор Sir Kike of Shekelton ( назад)
Does Julia die when she is 30?

Автор Sofia Pickkers ( назад)

Автор J S ( назад)
Very uplifting! Here's more information for those curious: http://dailyascend.com/new-sesame-street-puppet-with-autism-meet-julia/

Автор Coolcat 1911 ( назад)
I love how cute Julia is, and seeing a character on this with autism really cheers me up since my little brother has autism

Автор watungedoe ( назад)
Normies get out of here!

Автор Adventures With Wild Warrior Bill ( назад)
keep on vaccinating your kids and you might have a little julia too

Автор Juan Calvillo ( назад)
welcome back.

Автор Enana Rivera ( назад)

Автор Michael D. Kimpton ( назад)
Nice that they didn't just restrict Julia to the storybooks. It's good to see her live action. I can't really say I'm "glad she's a muppet", cause here in the UK, "muppet" is a slang term for "idiot", so saying she's a muppet, despite the fact she IS one, just sounds awkward... Yeah... But anyway, I'm glad she's a live action character now. :)

Автор Edward Sanchez Productions ( назад)
Julia seen like a great addition to the Sesame Street family

Автор Veston Bruno ( назад)
This girl and I have so much in common, Julie that is, we're both autistic.

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