Dalai Lama: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Tibetan Buddhists have suffered deep persecution by the Chinese government. John Oliver sits down with the Dalai Lama to discuss China, the conditions in Tibet, and horse milk.

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Длительность: 18:52
Комментарии: 13078

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Автор Yan Tse ( назад)
they see horns on the Dalai Lama's head...... so the Chinese government is constantly high on LSD

Автор Parikshit Bhujbal ( назад)
Hitler annexed one country after another breaking the treaty of Versailles several times yet the allies did nothing, China annexed Tibet and has committed more human rights violations than any other country yet no one does anything, History repeats itself.

Автор simzark ( назад)
Horse milk tastes like shit. It's sharp and tangy and just not right at all.... camel milk is much better.

Автор Duke ( назад)
Call me Crazy, John, but I think the Dalai Lama enjoyed meeting with you. It was nice to see the two of you joking around and having a good time.

Автор abschussrampe ( назад)
Mr. Dalai Lama, learn from us peaceful Christians and call *DEUS VULT ON THEIR FILTHY CHINESE ASSES*

Автор Mainland Hunter ( назад)
dalai lama is such a pure spirit! 😊

Автор JVIPER88 ( назад)
When the Dalai Lama shits, it still stinks. Let's not forget that.

The Lamaist Buddhist monks were the top of the pyramid in a Tibetan caste system. The majority of the population were poor farmers, with a small "upper echelon" of rich business owners, with the monks in control, sitting at the top.

Now, this doesn't give China an excuse to oppress people, but... as a Communist movement, you can understand why they would want to eliminate a religious feudal caste system on their doorstep. I would hope that if Tibet were to gain independence at this point, that they would not revert to such a system.

Автор Mr. Savage ( назад)
Hmmm, meet Dalai Lama or go to china? I'm taking the monk, thanks

Автор NICHOLE JACKSON ( назад)

Автор DEEPAYAN KUNDU ( назад)
fuck china

Автор X Guillaume ( назад)
To John Oliver and follower of this interview, which country today could allow Dalai Lama and Tibet under his leadership exist today? UK or USA??????????

Автор Surya Prakash ( назад)
@jOHN , Awesome interview buddy.. TBH Dalai Lama has better sense of Humor than you ;)

Автор Ahlam Nuur ( назад)
انت احلى حاجه على يوتوب

Автор thompsonfj1 ( назад)
Just saying... I would watch this sitcom.

"HE's the leader of a major world religion. HE's a cranky Brit. They're BOTH looking good in some sweet eye wear..."

They could be roommates. It would be the best.

Автор FPSGamer48 ( назад)
He seems like such a kind and enjoyable man. Even in the literal WORST situation he could be in aside from being arrested by China, he can still laugh and make jokes

Автор DPOH Productions ( назад)
Remember that Tibet was a theocratic monarchy before

Автор Lucas van Berge Henegouwen ( назад)
The Dalai Lama is revered but stands for an authoritarian theocracy. Before he was driven off by the Chinese, Tibetans had zero rights, zero property, zero liberties. He sounds like a peaceful and kind man but what he stands for is evil in its purest form.
I'm no fan of the Chinese but a 'free Tibet' would be free in no way at all. People would once again be shackled in service of the ruling monk-class.

Автор Yolanda Huang ( назад)

Автор István Nagy ( назад)
So kind, so wise, so mindful

Автор faerytree ( назад)
the Dalai Lama is so adorable

Автор Victoria Edge ( назад)
love Dalai Lama.. a truly good soul

Автор AR Godara ( назад)
Thank you John Oliver for this.

Автор LuminaryPrism75 ( назад)
He's one of those chill old people isn't he?

Автор Tsukiyo ( назад)
This epsiode not available in Hong Kong even though I paid for HBO. Have to watch this here... Hong Kong is doomed

Автор Steven Feucht ( назад)
Thank you, Mr Oliver, for lessening the hardship of this gorgeous personality for a moment. Btw, I love your sense of humour.

Автор Laurinda Pierre ( назад)
Let's talk about a lighter subject DEATH.

Автор Mossy48 ( назад)
there are many different types of yoga. the exercise is only one type.

Автор loopie ( назад)
John Oliver is my spirit animal

Автор apaneagra ( назад)
Can anybody recommend any good documentaries about Tibet?

Автор Honolulu Aunty ( назад)
He is so charming. How wonderful to hear him laugh.

Автор Pine Joi ( назад)
Dalai Lama looks like a jerk. I'm waiting for the next Dalai Lama who can promote harmony.

Автор 沈洪 ( назад)
Ignorant ! First,We didn't INVADE Tibet, Tibet is part of our territory, part of our family,we just took back what had been taken, at least try to learn the complete history of China.second, What kind of leader is he, he colluded with Falun Gong cult tried to destroy the2008 Beijing Olympic with 16000 people they gathered, he and the cult brainwashed them innocent people, asked them to burn themselves in order to tear our country apart and get those god damn political capitals,just another twisted psychopath who is willing to kill innocent people in any possible ways without blood in his hand to get what he wants, you call him a spiritual leader? Yeah ,by turning his own people into spirit . BTW, One episode is not enough to introduce your "spiritual leader", and try to learn more before you talk.

Автор gufcfan ( назад)
> A man so enlightened he's basically the original woke bae

Criminally underappreciated line. Give that writer a raise.

Автор Time for Fun ( назад)
I wonder how much they had to pay the Dalai Lama for an interview.

Автор NothingXMuch101 ( назад)
Is it just me or this story is pretty similar to the plot of Avatar the Last Air Bender?? with the whole reincarnated notion? and China (fire nation) wanting to stop this... huh?? coincidence? I think not!

Автор Judicial78 ( назад)
We should have let China starve/bleed out decades ago when we had the chance. Sure, the west may not be as rich as it is today, but it would also not have created such a vicious beast in the east. The Chinese people are generally timid, and have been brainwashed for generations. Unless the Chinese people overthrow their regime the brutality will only continue and get exponentially worse.

Автор Aaron Bruce ( назад)
I couldn't help smiling every time I saw the Dalai Lama's face. He is just such a wonderful person.

Автор Peter Schipper ( назад)

Автор PixelBlood3 ( назад)

Автор Kaelyn Moseler ( назад)

Автор DownhillMC ( назад)
17:03 absolutely genious

Автор Caodiao Youtuber ( назад)
this Dalai lama said he'd be the last one. if he was truly caring about his followers and know how powerful his words are to them, why made such an autocratic and hurtful decision? Or he was just willing to do anything to discredit chinese government just the way chinese gov does to him

Автор Melissa Standley ( назад)
I think I finally understand. Common sense

Автор Arinjoy Basak ( назад)
Just got a new respect for this man, John Oliver - the right blend of humour, seriousness, and reverence...

Автор Compasion and Wisdom ( назад)
@ the great jack of clubs:

Its funny the Dalai Lama actually supported China in their choice of the 17th Karmapa, the leader of the Kagyu school of Tibet. And some Tibetans nominated another non Chinese one. He will be the victim of his meddeling in others affairs. Karma is a Bi$%@, and even high lamas are sometimes effected by it!

Автор Caodiao Youtuber ( назад)
Dalai-lama this word is not even Tibetan, it comes from mongolian, why? because this godly title was vested by the emperor of Qing dynasty (Qing dynasty 's official languages were Man, mongolian and mandarin). I cant believe westerners believe china invaded tibet in 1950s, wtf? Tibet has been a part of China since 500yr ago, why else the Tibetan religion leaders were willing to take whatever the Qing emperor gave them? Use your human brain properly. it's just as absurd as saying China invaded shanghai in 1949.

Автор Earl Larrabee ( назад)
The Dali Lama has a sense of humor!

Автор KeemRat ( назад)
Every time the Dalai Lama laughs someone with cancer gets cured.

Автор Shivam Chanana ( назад)
He has the most contagious laugh ever!!

Автор RhoDaZZ ( назад)
Nationalism for them, but not for us evil white people.

Get your positions sorted out.

Автор JackSuer ( назад)
Libertards naive propaganda again.

Автор zz q ( назад)
Such a cliche trendy thing to do. now Mr.Oliver joined the club of other well known public figures who was honored by the presence of dalai lama. now Mr.Oliver is somebody now huh? Got upgraded. He's now more than a talk show host. congratulations. All these praise and talk, which is all cliche and old hat, about Dalai Lama was just to in the end, lead to this little clip of him sitting next to dalai lama, gifting him a watch like a former president did. That made John Oliver somebody. He becomes the person that he himself ridiculed in the same episode. Look at his silly face in awe, does he think he's different from Lady Gaga who talked about yoga with dalai lama in Indianapolis?

Автор Kazenshi ( назад)
Man, I cannot get a read on that guy. Is he angry or peeved at all? Does he even get peeved? He's truly something else.

Автор I Muggs ( назад)
Comment 13,001

Автор Aditi Tallu ( назад)
Hey! you were in India! The Dharamshala city is a bliss. Thinking about Dharamshala and Dalai Lama makes me proud as an Indian. Dalai Lama has become an important part of Indian strength too.

Автор Astoria Jellett ( назад)
Last Week Tonight staff - is there a reason you did not use the word GENOCIDE to identify what the Chinese have been doing to Tibetans? Is there also a reason why you did not address the fact that the UN, despite being petitioned and picketed about it consistently, fails to do anything about it because of China's council position? So essentially, UN member states seem to be excepted from International Humanitarian Law (as is the US with Gitmo)? I would love to see a critical episode on the UN sometime, but more than anything I'd appreciate it if you called genocide out when you do an episode on it.

Автор zachwolfe239 ( назад)
His laugh could heal wounds.

Автор Zachary Adaes ( назад)
I don't regret watching this.

Автор Abhinav Singh ( назад)
Could you please make a video for S. Arabia specially house of Saud and human rights situation there?
People know a bit but ofcourse your performace would be a different story.

Автор Jared Howard ( назад)
Help fund my study abroad program so I can learn to speak German proficiently if Trump orders martial law. I'll have the option to leave lol. As a fellow fan of Jon Oliver, either a share or donation would be great. Here's the link: .gofundme.com/jareds-study-abroad-in-berlin

Автор Edward Liu ( назад)
Why so many downvotes?

Автор Debbie Price ( назад)
This made me so happy and so sad at the same time.

Автор Dear Leader ( назад)
I'm curious to see what's gonna happen once this silly old buffer bites the dust :D

Автор Stephen Carboni ( назад)
Dalai Lama is savage.

Автор Nashdat Khaled ( назад)
This video deserves YouTube inventing the double-like button.

Автор andy andy ( назад)
When is Buddhism about politics

Автор andy andy ( назад)
Lie and fake

Автор america ( назад)
Woah, he's so chill :)

Автор Yugandhar Retharekar ( назад)
This is literally THE best show I've ever watched. No question.

Автор MickyTheBoot ( назад)
is the horse milk not fermented. i thought that was something i came across when reading about the Mongols.

Автор Alex Smith ( назад)
Five thousand chinky disliked.... 😊

Автор Jesus Christ ( назад)
It's a quantifiable reality that the CCP has done more to help the Tibetan people than the Dalai Lama ever has.

Автор Josue Giovanni Gonzalez ( назад)
WOW!!!!!! Inspiring, funny, humbling...that was great!

Автор SalJM ( назад)
Does nobody want to talk about the atrocities committed by the ruling class of Tibet, when they had power?

The Tibettan Buddhist Priest class treated the poor terribly, even executing and torturing dissenters.

I'm not stating anything about the way China treats them, but the situation was not happy and carefree as some people like to imagine.

Автор Shuai Ni ( назад)
Even I still think Tibet was part of china from long ago but Dalia Lama is so cute haha

Автор m0rtred ( назад)
John f****** Oliver. You crazy **** ... Did it again :DD amazing

Автор Charlie Margot- James ( назад)
These 2 men have just kept me from killing myself. I never knew how horrible these conditions were and now I need to live so I can help them out and see how this turns out. The Dalai Lama and John Oliver both are such amazing people working for such amazing causes and they are my inspiration. I love you both with my whole heart and please keep up the absolutely incredible work.❤❤❤

Автор sleePerCore ( назад)
The Dalai Lama is such a great soul. He's everything you would expect him to be.

Автор Kaizer Villain ( назад)
What a beautiful soul the Dalai Lama has and such wisdom.

Автор Red Fox ( назад)
john oliver isn't funny.

Автор GanjaaaBoy ( назад)
oliver gets his jokes from the yt comment on these clips

Автор Hong Fei Bai ( назад)
This is sad. I'm Chinese and I wish I could do something about this. I'm Buddhist and throughout history sometimes the government suppresses the monastery, makes monks and nuns go back to regular life, burns/destroys temples, etc.

Автор Craven Moorehead ( назад)
Check out the episode of Penn and Tellers bullshit that features some different takes on this person. Mother Theresa is also skewered.

Автор 丁氏云梦 ( назад)
Stupid Americans who believe made up gods, good luck with Scientology and fSM!

Автор 丁氏云梦 ( назад)
Your show is gonna get discredited if you continue your shows like this!

Автор 丁氏云梦 ( назад)
Stupid actors who talk about peace and make movies going on wars against other countries, they don't know anything about china and wanna slice it like a Marco Polo pizza!

Автор 丁氏云梦 ( назад)
Dalaï lama could burn himself to get attention lol, why don't you give California back to Mexico you pricks?

Автор Literally Lizzy ( назад)
This made me very happy 😊

Автор Catheryne Sainz ( назад)
The Dalai llama is such a beautiful person!!

Автор messier thirtyone ( назад)
Plot twist: John Oliver turns out to be a secret agent of the Chinese government who was trained since childhood to infiltrate LWT-HBO series, only to gift the calculator watch to Dalai Lama, which is actually a spy watch to be used as an eves-dropping device to find the location of the next Panchen Lama. Well Played John Oliver, Hope you choke on Horse milk.

Автор Clark Strobel ( назад)
No mention of the fact that religious rule in Tibet wasn't really any better than Chinese rule. Other than that it was good.

Автор dovlication ( назад)
Why doesnt John Oliver talk about Palestine?

Автор Gayani John ( назад)
i think Dalai Lama is a cool guy, but if the people of Tibet wants fight for something they should fight for democracy not to be ruled by monks. i am from sri Lanka and our monks does not have actual power, but they can have lot of influence over people. and a considerably amount of monks get involved with politicians and they help to conceal their corruption's and crimes, and also spread racism.

Автор Roh Hurra ( назад)
OMG The Dalai Lama is one of the most precious people alive! X3

Автор HaywoodYaBlowMe ( назад)
The dahli lama looks like the coolest person ever

Автор Ian Grimm ( назад)
To the Chinese, the Dalai Lama is a Felonious Monk.

Автор gabiluch87 ( назад)
The Dalali Lama's laugh is sooooo wonderful

Автор harald ( назад)
laughing and crying..so touching!

"..and then?"
"..they follow!"

Автор 陈振行 ( назад)
My dear friends,do you want an old style Thangka?It would be so beauty just like you,because it will be make of you skin.

Автор Free iptv ( назад)
Facts to know my mother about John Oliver

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