Dalai Lama: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Tibetan Buddhists have suffered deep persecution by the Chinese government. John Oliver sits down with the Dalai Lama to discuss China, the conditions in Tibet, and horse milk.

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Длительность: 18:52
Комментарии: 14110

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Автор Matt Williams ( назад)

(grabs popcorn) this should be interesting

Автор Vie Loi ( назад)
Dalai Lama is the human form of Yoda..

Автор kilian foust ( назад)
I like how the Dalai Lama laughs at Oliver's jokes. And, yes, his laugh is amazing.

Автор Shamsham ( назад)
I love the dalai lama

Автор Thomas Brogan ( назад)
Why America thinks that when it fires shots at the uk it gets anywhere is hilarious when the whole world fires shots at them lol

Автор BuBBle.D ( назад)
I fuckin` hate how smug he is when speaking with the Dalai Lama.

Автор Aiman El Sewisy ( назад)
i love this old man :D

Автор Lyonheart501st ( назад)
Dalai Lama is awesome

Автор Kuroda Cursus ( назад)
I'm a bit horrified. I have no clue who these people are or that this was even happening.

Also we're fucking back to demonology in China. Ok then. HORSE MILK > VODKA? XD

Автор onesecbeforetheend ( назад)
Am I the only one here thinking that Oliver and Lama look very much alike?

Автор Prashant Choubey ( назад)
Dalai Lama is a peaceful old man.

Автор Terror Czar ( назад)
Popesident or Presidope? You decide!

Автор Nerf The Wind ( назад)
Asta nu e Killa :)))

Автор Greedy Baron ( назад)
China needs to admit the fact, peace is the solution. but they just don't know how to initiate the trials of the peace practice. John Oliver brought an amazing laugh to this man in decades.. he needed that. it will make him think straight again.

Автор Greedy Baron ( назад)
F*ck society that Down Liked this episode. hope your rot slowly in pain. this was the best thing John did for humanity in co-operation with the Dalai Lama, which will defiantly benefit humanity in the centuries to come. ill defiantly try my best to share this as far out as possible. just because of the thumbs down. .. unbelievable.. ..honestly..

Автор uMaD448 ( назад)
This is the best interview I have ever seen 😁

Автор hato nakito ( назад)
I think he is a great person

Автор Ares ( назад)
Self immolation is the worst way to protest. Yes you can tell them to stop, and if they are disappointed in their family doing something against the will of the dalai lama then tell them to forgive them, and tell them you forgive them. If your words are as powerful as they seem then there won't be a problem, you can then guide them to regain some control and then start from there.

Автор Kenny Pow ( назад)
We all can learn so much form him

Автор Sparkes TV ( назад)

Автор Devraj Khatri ( назад)
It's always been MOTHER INDIA where every persecuted community around the world has found refuge; be it bene Israeli Jews, Assyrian Christians, Zoroastrians of Iran, present day Rohingya muslims, or Tibetan Buddhists. Proud of my #MotherIndia that has adopted all these children and nurtured them just like her own child. These children, today, have not only survived but also flourished under the bosom of #MotherIndia 🙏🏽

Автор Oscar Grant ( назад)
I feel sorry for dalai lama but then its a joke that he is fighting against China..

Автор multiyoisi mok ( назад)
12:59 is absolute bullshit. the dalai lama is more worried about feelings than he is about people's fucking lives. who the hell cares if the families feel sad if he has the power to stop more people from setting themselves on fire he should do it but if he doesnt say anything against it he is a piece of shit. china may be complete shit to tibet and perhaps its best if tibet got independence and a new leader but not this dalai lama. he sounds like an arrogant cocky, scheming asshole that doesnt really give a shit about people's lives and only wants to regain power. just like almost all religous leaders

Автор Angelina Lemoine ( назад)
guys, omg evaluate that was pretty funn| worl collection

Автор joe rogers ( назад)
He reminds me of Jabba the hut, at least at the start of the interview

Автор ankiith s ( назад)
is it fake ?

Автор Aditya Choubey ( назад)
We Indians are lucky to host the honorable Dalai Lama as our guest.
And a middle finger salute to the Chinese.

Автор t ( назад)
Didn't the Japanese Imperial army justified China and Korea invasion by stating they are backwards and need our help. They build railroads and other transportation means and yet why Koreans and Chinese are still mad at the current Japanese gov't, it is the same reason why Tibetans and Uyghurs are mad because even if you gave these benefits, they will still never forget the suffering caused by the ccp in the past and even today. Do not meddle in people's beliefs because you will get a backlash. You cannot calculate people's emotion as the ccp calculates the benefits given to Tibetans and Uyghurs.

Автор Doggald ( назад)
Just goes to show that religion is the root of all our problems

Автор Jack Mills ( назад)
Hey, Lama, hey, how about a little something, you know, for the effort, you know

Автор Manatee Man ( назад)
It's incredible to see a man surrounded by people calling him "His Holiness" and treating him with the utmost deference and respect have so much humility, empathy, and compassion. He seems so genuine and warmhearted.
I love that even despite the solemnity of his office, he views himself functionally as only one of a community of millions of Buddhists.
I had never considered how difficult it is for him to discuss and weigh in on the issue of self-immolation. On the one hand, he abhors violence, including self-violence, and it clearly pains him to see people get hurt. On the other hand, they are dedicated to the same cause, one which he obviously and passionately believes in, and he cannot bring himself to disavow the actions of Tibetans and monks and by doing so discredit or shame their actions. As he said, it would sadden their families to know they did something against the Dalai Lama's (both the purpose and the office) wishes, and he does not want that.
He's an amazing man, an amazing human being.

Автор gabriel lisi ( назад)
The dalai lama is such a delightful person

Автор SoUl90FaKeR ( назад)
Funny thing those chosen reincarnations are all Asian like it wouldn't be possible that he would be reborn as a black man and also only man no women

Автор Top Lobster ( назад)
10:00 There are already two rival Dalai Lamas. When Dalai Lama escaped Tibet, the Chinese appointed another Dalai Lama who has not been accepted by the Tibetans. So there are two, but it's the legit Tibetan appointed one, and the Chinese fake one.

Автор zanzeh teh hero ( назад)
"The strong do what they want... and the weak suffer what they must."
Yanis Varoufakis

Автор iris zhao ( назад)
I love john oliver. but does no american knows dalai is a supporter of slavery.... like if he is still in charge, he gets to hv and trade slaves

Автор September Bl0tches ( назад)
Can I have a pet Dali Lama? I'll feed him watches and walk him every day, just give me that adorable laugh.

Автор Bongo1020 ( назад)
The Dalai Lama handled the humorous tone of the interview better than many politicians and pundits have on this show and others like it. Its amazing how a man that is revered as a something of divine takes himself less seriously than certain elected officials.

Автор IsLife JustAGame ( назад)
Dalai lama saying he'll reincarnate but the truth is that's not even part of his religion. Worship the creator not his creation

Автор Finley Castello ( назад)
"the self killing. Not good."

Автор nishi ran ( назад)
you know what would change china's view on him? going full avatar mode on them!
just a joke) but i believe that freedom fighters should stand up there, they tried it peacefully for many years
it is time to stop burning themselves and kick china in the nuts.

Автор Austin Liu ( назад)
As a Chinese living outside Tibet, I'm hardly aware of what is going on there, because the government always shut down the whole communication (telephone internet) in Tibet when things happen. I only realise something terrible must happen there but I might never know the truth. Not even mention people outside China. There is no way Tibetan let the world hear their voices.

Автор The 80's Wolf ( назад)
Dalai Lama, for you that like slavery. So a bit american right?

Автор tjr3145 ( назад)
And American Colleges are protesting him.

Автор Vib3s ( назад)
Popesident it is.

Автор Mand'alor ( назад)
Although it is horrible that China arrested the kid and his familiy, ever wondered about what would have happened to him after beinh chosen? They would take him to Tibet and make him the person they want him to be, even without consent which is hard to get from a 6 year old child.

Автор NISHANT JAKHAD ( назад)
The lying lama .

Автор 倪缅云 ( назад)

Автор ZorkFox ( назад)
I'd like you to know… I snorted quite a lot of a particularly delightful martini up my nose watching this segment.


Автор polifatts ( назад)
The Dalai Lama is an extremely intelligent individual. He understands the muslim immigration crisis which is destroying Europe, unlike John Oliver and most of the left who encourage it..


Автор 陈南飞 ( назад)
At least Tibetans have better fate than those Indians slaughtered by Euro-Americans

Автор Pine Joi ( назад)
Dalai Lama's clique incite Tibetans to be self-immolated, and consider victims as martyrs and heros.[15] Stephen Prothero stated that in a very real sense, blood of the victims is on Dalai Lama's hands. [16] Dalai Lama is shjt.

Автор Brian Lau ( назад)
omg, the ignorance of Americans was hard to watch...they think they smart but dont know jack shit about the world, but America. How the fuck they don't know him...? But seriously though, I would love to hang with Dalai Lama and John Oliver. I'd probably be too busy laughing lol

Автор matthew baker ( назад)
it's Lars von Trier. is anyone really surprised?

Автор Peter goh ( назад)
It is rubbish to described the Dalai Lama as a peaceful man or a holy Man.
I'm a Buddhist, like most of the Buddhist I know, he is a shame for the teachings of Buddhist theology.
1. He was a leader like Khomeini, mixing religion and politics, willing to kill mercilessly and totally against the Buddhist theology on mercy and not to take lives . He is despised by most ENLIGHTENED Buddhists. If you believe the incarnation identity he claims: Christian view would conclude he can only BE the "incarnation of devil". Yes a WOLF WARPED IN SHEEP'S SKIN!
2. He himself and his groups of privileged monks who exploited the poor, keep SERFS to serve them- you can have the photographic evidences on the net of how they torture disobedient serfs by gouging out their eyes or severing their hamstrings!
3. Hi speakers and the supporters of this documentary, Hi John Oliver, what about if one your children is an incarnate of the "serfs" from Tibet ? Go and see one of the very Old Buddhist in the country side of Bangkok..... if you have the chance to meet him and let you know what happened in the past lives!!!!!
Use your wisdom.... go and find the real TRUTH ON SERFDOM.. through the net and historical records. I GUARANTEE YOU WILL CRY AND WILL NEVER CALL THE DALAI LAMA A HOLY MAN ...EVER AGAIN!

Автор Tenzin Dekyong ( назад)
there is so rare people coming up with the issue of tibet but as a tibetan its my primary duty to regard my big thanks to john oliver for covering it up. we may not know what will happen in future but everyday we wish for a better day specially for those tibetans who are living in tibet. long live his holiness the 14th dalai lama and thank you for all those who support our country issue. may tibet be free soon🙏

Автор Prateek Batham ( назад)
😈 is the official emoji for dalai lama in China .....

Автор Hugo ( назад)
The occupation of Tibet is horrible, but it serves as a buffer zone between the Chinese heartland and India, so it is extremely unlikely that China withdraws it's troops in the foreseeable future and they will continue to undermine Tibetans. It's basically the same situation in Xinjiang which btw gets covered much less than Tibet.

Автор Wong Tik Ki ( назад)
Other than pissing of the Chinese, what is the reason of the west supporting all these religious bullshit? Try to google what Tibet is like before the Chinese, you may be surprised.

Автор Damak Shine ( назад)
Dalai Lama is pain in the ass for Chinese and Tibetan people in the first place.

Автор sathesh kumar ( назад)
this is why india and china going against each other

Автор Devakinandan Panda ( назад)
Loved the fact that John covered this. Dalai Lama and his community's struggle has been never ending.

Автор Whiterun Guard ( назад)
Penn and Teller have a much better video about the Dalai Lama

Автор Dusan Zec ( назад)
Tibet needs some American democracy to get better...

Автор Geoff Chiles ( назад)

Автор Robbie Backpacking ( назад)
"Nighty night, sleep tight" haha

Автор Rashid Saif ( назад)
You know about us in Bahrain!

Автор Joseph Mort ( назад)
Lady Gaga was with the Dalai Lama in Indianapolis to talk about yoga... sounds like a mad lib

Автор ed good ( назад)
Dalai Lama is so like hearted and funny.

Автор Spish Spish ( назад)
10:57 best. laugh. ever.

Автор Ryan Theen ( назад)
Dope Zebra from Rhett and Link is the original ...

Автор craftaddiction ( назад)
I think he is fake...he didnt spit once during the interview

Автор Anmol Dhawan ( назад)
This was so beautiful. I really hope I am able to meet him in person someday. He is so deeply religious, and can take jokes on himself so wonderfully! Such an amazing soul. :)

Автор Pimue Verqua ( назад)
Something about his soothing laugh makes me want to cry...

Автор Michael Maldonado ( назад)
god bless John Oliver!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор SammySlamma92 ( назад)
Would it not be the responsibility of the Dalai Lama to state self immolation is unacceptable. I understand it's upsetting to the families, but think of the lives he would save, compared to the dishonor of dead martyrs. If that is the main issue, it seems more like if he makes a statement against it, the people will be upset, see it as giving into the Chinese, and he loses power. Seems pretty blasé about people setting themselves on fire in his name.

Автор 赵冬 ( назад)
I didn't know we invaded Tibet in 1950, what i know was we were invade by Japan around that year, I was under the impression and i think we were lead to believe that we won't do such thing. So I was kind of shocked when I saw this, it's not that far long ago and I totally have no idea. I never trust the things our government feeds us, at the same time I can not be sure that this burning-man video is 100% like the women said. Because people have their own agenda, I don't have the intelligence or means to tell which information is true and which isn't, also I don't care that much because killing for things is just part of human, part of most creature.My guess is that burning-man is just a tool, I can't think of any good reason to set oneself on fire. For the freedom of others? I don't think his intention is that pure and noble.
The "Dalai Lama" part I didn't watch don't know who he is and couldn't care less. Religions are obviously lying crap made up by somebody, I once thought religions will extinct with older people. It turned out there are younger believers too, make no sense to me.

Автор Alexei Jeremiah ( назад)
How in the logical fuck can any one find this wannna be clown funny?

Автор KelsaRavenlock ( назад)
john always asks people in new york questions if he had someone ask on the west coast then they would tell him who the Dali Lama was or Snowden or a few of the other questions asked on his show. Im not saying east coast people dont know anything or west coast people are better im just saying we have different areas of expertise and knowledge want to know about finance ask somebody on the East Coast want to know about tech somebody on the west stage plays east movies west etc

Автор Smeif Chapman ( назад)
you all know the big D would be so awesome to get just smashed beyond smashed even. he would probably out drink anyone but would have epic stories to tell 4 days.

Автор Anthony Tinay ( назад)
The Dalai Lama seems super cool.

Автор Branson Lo ( назад)
Aang the last Dalai Lama

Автор Skulduggery Pleasant ( назад)
The Dalai Lama is a troll xD brings people to drink horse milk xD he's probably laughing his ass off

Автор kay jay ( назад)
This religious conman wasn't smart enough to pick a Panchen Lama who wasn't in Chinese territory....LMBAO!

Автор beach side ( назад)
He gave him an 80's calculator watch......hahahahahaha

Автор Victoria Ciarlo ( назад)
The Royinga send their regards.

Автор Vanda Feller ( назад)
buddist version of survivor

Автор Brett Edman ( назад)
It's worth pointing out that Mongolians brew alcohol from horse milk. The Dalai Lama's story isn't as crazy as it sounds at first.

Автор fjficm ( назад)
very heartwarming. well delivered John

Автор Captain Mal Reynolds ( назад)
a Presidope

Автор Grizabeebles ( назад)
I know it doesn't work this way, but I can imagine that when the Dalai Lama dies, John will be possessed by a Buddhist spirit that amplifies his comedy powers a thousandfold, provided he speaks only the truth.

And the Dalai Lama is right. China crowning their own puppet Dalai Lama is immensely short-sighted. Especially when when everybody knows they have the "true" Panchen Lama in custody anyway. Plus, any Chinese-appointed Dalai Lama will have a _lifetime_ to prove China made the wrong choice. They've already opened the door to pretenders putting up their _own_ Dalai Lamas by hiding (or destroying) the original and making their own.

The harder they try to control the reincarnation, the less legitimacy it has. If they just back off the _tiniest_ bit, and let the "true" Panchen Lama do his thing, there's an opportunity to have a role in developing the "true" Dalai Lama rather than putting up their own pretender to the throne. Of course, they may have already killed the long-lost Panchen Lama and backing off even a little bit means losing face and implies the State is capable of making (god forbid!) a _policy_ mistake.

Автор Justin Post ( назад)
Believe it or not, the Dalai Lama has family in Indiana. He's actually there quite a bit.

Автор Thue Morse ( назад)
Fuck the Chinese government. What a dystopia.

Автор icyburger ( назад)
Correction: All right wingers have that part of the brain missing. Not just the Chinese right wingers.

Автор hood Tian ( назад)
Rebirth ? What a funny joke.....

Автор dagreatwaffle ( назад)
The Dalai Lama is just fun to watch, every time I see a picture of him I smile

Автор Deborah Gessler ( назад)

Автор jennifer queen ( назад)
That was cute.

Автор Skyler Isaac ( назад)
I want to see a movie about the two warring Dalai Lamas.

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