How has Donald Trump's position on Syria changed? BBC News

The US has carried out a missile attack against an air base in Syria in response to a suspected chemical weapons attack on a rebel-held town. Until this week, President Donald Trump opposed taking action against the Assad government in Syria.

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Автор runningshoe1000 ( назад)
Stop lying you fake president puppet!

Автор P1mpMyBr1de ( назад)
Please strike Fake News BBC HQ, London please!

Автор Hussein27 ( назад)
Well done Trump. The pigs of latakia have been laughing for too long.

Автор Hussein27 ( назад)
Well done Trump. The pigs of latakia have been laughing got too long.

Автор ashes2rose ( назад)
Trump was showing himself a savior or lesser evil than Clinton before the presidency. Now he is showing his true color of the evil he is being a Zionist and Wahhabi alliance.

Автор Jim Smith ( назад)

Автор studioshane shane ( назад)
syria had it coming

Автор studioshane shane ( назад)
any piece of crap that thinks this wasn't a good idea can jump off a cliff

Автор YojimbO 619707 ( назад)
Trump serves the regime of israel and launders drug money in Florida


Автор Politics & Post Metal ( назад)
The only impact on you, Trump, is Jewry. Tell it like it is you hypocrite.

Автор Fahad Khan ( назад)
whenever a new us president takes charge.
Israel. s enemy govt starts attacking its own people. America takes pity and attacks Israel keeps stronger and larthat country. so one by one all enemy countries of Israel keep getting weaken and destroyed. meanwhileger in achieving it's goal to establish. new world order. while stupid muslim countries keep killing each other blindly sectrain wars and finally us forces reach their doorstep as well

Автор Donald Trump ( назад)
Nailed it today!

Автор Jesse Ryan ( назад)
lol Trump betrayed his supporters.

Автор Mattuiop ( назад)
I like Trump, but we should advise and warn him to not make any further actions in the middle east if he want's to live up to the promises to his voters.

Автор Maksimilijus ( назад)
stupid orange clown, who is a president of a nation of imbeciles, like him... the funny part is that all this, who call him racist and sexist will not go on the street to protest this fool's decision to attack a sovereign nation!!!

Автор tino v ( назад)
Just proved you are a fool and a puppet. Without any investigation you AGAIN bombed a sovereign country without any evidence. In 2013 when chemicals were used and after an investigation by UN proved that the chemicals were used by the rebels funded by the USA. Fools

Автор Chandel Schenally ( назад)

Автор It's Always Then Other Guy ( назад)
You have to ask?

Автор Divano Vrij ( назад)
👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❌❕❕❕❕❗❗❗❗ sukkels Trump

Автор LeBitch James ( назад)
BBC is controlled by idiot liberals.

Автор krink 01 ( назад)
What a MOOving speech. It moved me straight to the bathroom for a TUNNELLED DUMP.
Mmmmm! Nothing like the smell of fresh bullshit in the morning.
Makes ya wonna take up farming Syrians?

Автор Xicotencatl III ( назад)
Why does the radical regime of Israel and puppet Trump hate Syria so much ??

Автор BirdyTweet11 ( назад)
I don't hate hate trump, neither do I like him but I'm sick of people blaming him for everything! For goodness sakes we all make mistakes!

Автор Mr. Clean ( назад)
Zionists are cancer to humanity, this is all about the greater israel
project an expanding the apartheid nations borders to the original
judeas borders and sending all the arab refugees to America and Europe.
Our money and military does the fighting and Zionists jews who run the
corporate media banks and destroyed our economy get their ethnic state
expanded. Its about time we kicked these rats out about there is a
reason why 109 countries before us have done so

Автор Baron Munchausen ( назад)
Why does Trump of all people believe this clearly fake news about a chemical attack?

Автор i hate youtube ( назад)
guys hes bombing syria... so more dead muslims... how wonderful 😍

Автор Jonny Parker ( назад)
Donald trump is a Zionist plant . just like every other puppet they put up there to read their script .

Автор Josh Way ( назад)
Rocket strike of the idiot. 59 missiles were fired. 36 have fallen. 23 flew in and they got into the soap), more than $ 150 million of US taxpayers went into soap or to the ocean. Russians now consider the United States a terrorist number 1. My congratulations.

Автор Mr ADI ( назад)
I'll sub to anyone that subs to me and likes this comment Comment "DONE"

Автор अलेक्सेय् ( назад)
Americans are agressors and terrorists.

Автор Aboy ( назад)
Let the WW3 begins

Автор Bui Phong ( назад)
Because U.S is the most dangerous terrorist in the world! Wish all Syrian safe and sound from Vietnam!

Автор joe collinsworth ( назад)
He caved to the Jews. Now the Jewish run media will stop saying the Russians hacked the elections.

Автор Kowsar Moallim ( назад)
Its all about making money. People are stupid.you see right away oil prices jumped ,what has to do bombing military airbase and oil. maybe we pay for those 50 cruise missiles that they send.that what im thinking.

Автор Ce Sar ( назад)
Up to yesterday nobody believe in any of his bs, because everything he attempted to do was a fail. In 2 months he didn't change this pattern. Added to that he doesn't take criticism, and takes everything personally..this guy is a time bomb. Very easy to provoke. Somebody must have given him bad advice. He doesn't have good judgement; all his dealings and late failures prove it.. and this is good for Russia.. they have a Trump much closer now, and will not be able to escape so easily like he is use to do.

Автор vo duc ( назад)
his command is right i support it

Автор Big Boss ( назад)
Actually it's so sad to say that no Government, no International agencies has done nothing good to Syria and many Arab countries. Calls bombing attacks on these countries without any war declaration and something and causes a lot of damage. We hear Russia, NATO, US, Assad does bombings, genocide, etc. So, it's obvious that everyone wants to wipe Syria out of the map.

Автор Big Boss ( назад)
Actually it's so sad to say that no Government, no International agencies has done nothing good to Syria and many Arab countries. Calls bombing attacks on these countries without any war declaration and something and causes a lot of damage. We hear Russia, NATO, US, Assad does bombings, genocide, etc. So, it's obvious that everyone wants to wipe Syria out of the map.

Автор Aysun Pavliy ( назад)
God bless you Mr Trump I believe you

Автор Quinn McTiernan ( назад)

Автор John Davies ( назад)
The Tomahawk missiles the US fired at Syria cost over $50million (£40million). How many Syrian refugees would that have saved from danger?

Автор Juan J Mendez ( назад)
Ellos sentados en comodos sillones, buen ambiente, prósperos disponiendo de la VIDA del Otro lado del Mundo. sin importarles niños, ancianos, enfin Humanos inocentes.

Автор Whitney Angelie ( назад)
I can't even believe all of the idiots commenting in this thread. I don't even like Trump but I agree that he did exactly what he needed to do in this situation. He was willing to leave Assad alone and let Russia deal with him. However, when Assad broke the agreements that he wouldn't use chemical warfare on his people Trump had no choice but to call their bluff. Our military warned the Russians about the air strike per the agreement and launched the missiles. The missiles were directed at the Assad government only, and several soldiers were killed (not a bunch of innocent children). We did not "declare war" like so many on here seem to think. We simply retaliated for the "red tape" being crossed. If Trump had done nothing we would've looked like our word meant nothing, as if this "red tape" in place meant nothing and Assad would've ramped up the vicious attacks and chemical agents toward his own people. The ball is now in Assad's court. Will he calm down and stop using the forbidden chemicals or be an idiot and push against the most powerful military in the world? Hopefully he's smarter than that and the message is received.

Автор Jon Snow ( назад)
Why the hell is this video so quick? I mean, can I read before the slide changes?

Автор x x ( назад)
The BBC are becoming a joke network,peddling pure garbage when it comes to Trump,BBC coming like CNN,FAKE NEWS.

Автор Stephany De La Rosa ( назад)
why haven't UK government did anything about syrian government attack its own people? this isn't the first time this happen and when it happened before they said "the US, British, French and Israeli officials said they had evidence that Syrian government forces used sarin against rebels and civilians on several previous occasions". i hate the fact that the US always have step in be the bad guy but don't make it seem like the syrian government is innocent. maybe the British and French can get off their lazy ass and take action next time and it will be a next time

Автор عبدالله هلال ( назад)
كس اختكن نتاك ام سوريا اش عم ياكلو خرة العالم تلحسو اييري عرصات

Автор leo Flores ( назад)
Trump did this to save his face, his is Hypocrit. He did this to distract over his treason involvement with Russian and cover all his lies

Автор April Kim ( назад)
I read quickly, but your video progressed so fast I hardly had time to keep up, which in its own is frustrating.

Автор TheCausation ( назад)
So Trump has allied himself with ISIS and globalist neocons? If that's true, he will lose any support he once had. What a waste.

Автор killbotone ( назад)
The UK better send troops to Syria and back up Trump or he will give you no investment...and if you dont get the US investment you are screwed.

Автор President Boobies69 ( назад)
Liberal Logic -
Obama orders hundreds of drone strikes in Syria killing thousands of innocent people: Hero
Trump orders 59 missile strikes in Syria killing no one: Evil warmongering idiot!!!!

Автор Salam salam ( назад)
i am muslim.allah akbar.i love trump .he help us.thank u trump thanx trump

Автор Earumamaadu ( назад)
And they said hillary is the warmonger.

Автор mikaveli ( назад)
Are we really to believe that on the eve of peace talks assad would suddenly commit such an incredibly stupid act? What we dont recall this was tried before and even the weapon's inspector's had to admit it WAS NOT assad, this is greater israel in the making, but if we refuse to stand up for these ppl now do not cry when they come for you next, you think it cant happen here? With russia in syria(their only warm water port)this will become ww3 in an instant.

Автор rick padilla ( назад)
he wanted this war. to take off the heat from Russia's connection. it's a simple strategy. declare war on a nation. and divert attention from his problems...... however that will not work in our nation. in the middle of a war. he will be stripped of his power. and all you trumpeters are going to eat all of your words. because this is Trump's war now. you will inherit it. as he goes to prison. that's how smart you were this election.

Автор Osama Bin Laden ( назад)
It's time to launch an attack on the White House. North Korea, this is your time.

Автор John Jeffry ( назад)
What was BBC doing when Iraq war was running .these Media all puppets of same War Monger regime

Автор cary bary ( назад)
Why attack trump bbc? Why not attack Savile more? He's your mess. You're not in a position to attack trump since you're an evil organisation

Автор Jano Raja ( назад)
two days before msm reported Syrian gas attack immediately trump ordered to strike syria without any investigation

Автор Goat Culler ( назад)
Goat Culler1 second agoTrump has blood on his hands now a War Criminal!!! he will be held accountable !  I'm a Kiwi and this Insane US behaviour used on a false pretext is a Crime. I for one wont be friendly to any American Tourist. they can fark off just like Trump and Co and if Britain joins in the same applies to Pomms visiting NZ maybe then you will sort out your Criminal Zionist puppets.

Автор MasteR BlasteR ( назад)
Thats President Trump to you cuckhead bbc!

Автор Andrew Campbell ( назад)
What changed? His close ties with Putin is what changed. Russian troops are intermingled with Syria troops, but just before the attack a convoy of Russian military vehicles was seen leaving the airbase. Putin told Trump what to hit and being the good little puppet he did what he was told. If he's not careful this will become Trump's unwinnable war, just as Iraq was for Dubya.

Автор bebop palooka ( назад)
I am so distracted now.

Автор offbrand101 ( назад)
I have this broken fishing pole from high school somewhere in my garage. If trump doesn't get reelected maybe that could be president...

Автор Aden Lind ( назад)
BBC propoganda is terrible

Автор Edwin Joseph ( назад)
Hypocrite? Yeah.Why so many dislikes, I guess people don't like him being exposed?

Автор docbar ( назад)
The Democrats are the biggest bunch of vagina hat wearing hypocrites on the planet.

Автор Lemuel Carbon ( назад)
Damn. Trump is so mad. Russia better stay away or they'll
sure get it

Автор Lee Cross ( назад)
So this is how WW3 starts...over some shithole in the middle east?

Автор Dimas Perez ( назад)
trum eres un hijo de puta por apoyar arusia. no tienes corazon no tienes hijos tantos niños q tan muriendo y tu apoyando a ese pais solo ponte auq sea un segundo en el lugar de los padres de esos niños q mueren

Автор Geometry Dash Apollo ( назад)
How come Trump is blaming Obama for the Syria attack? He's not even our president anymore!

Автор Trihard Indachat ( назад)
We basically bombed Syria to tell Syria they can't Syria guys think about it

Автор fifa fafon ( назад)
молитесь американцы

Автор Di Dxpeo ( назад)
there is not change of position, it is just an order problem, Obama -> strip Russia, Trump's mission : strip China.
now trump want to continue attack Russia and Syria at least for a while, trump is a war bitch, no doubt about that, i told ppl this before he was president, it is just their mission.
FULL WW3, the USA taking down Russia and China, in 5-10 years, ppl, no mistake about that.

Автор شخصيات الالعاب في الحقيقة ( назад)
fuke you tramp

Автор Syeda Batool ( назад)
trump you misusing your power on other countries but remember one thing where ever I see I'll kill you GOD promise

Автор Md Masud ( назад)
This attack was need for Assad.

Автор Trihard Indachat ( назад)
Did Syria directly attack America? NO Does this give America the right to attack Syria? NOIs Trump a retard? YES

Автор BinaryClash ( назад)
My god! It's gonna be another Iraq war, spending huge amount $$

Автор black jiggaboo nigger ( назад)
hold on the keep bombing us and Russia and you people are still bitching and complaining the keep killing us so....

Автор colin moore ( назад)
No he's pragmatic about peace. But won't allow chemical attacks

Автор Md Imtiaz Bin Quasem ( назад)
Nasty world politics..Shame on we Muslim..we create division ourself..so called Sunni, Shia and thousands of fraction..and permit to kill our childrens..invite other country to kill us..when these dumb middle East countries will understand ??

Автор Peerally Ehsaan ( назад)
Trump ur dead time is coming

Автор andyhello23 ( назад)
Anyone ever watch wag the dog?

Автор Creative House ( назад)
Today I watch this news. I thought Donald Trump stop Syria War and make peaceful road-map. But now all understand he is not stop the Syria war either star this war again.

Автор Doubil Troubil ( назад)
BBC = complicit in lies of WAR justification

Автор Michael Mariner ( назад)
He's a stinking Hypocrite..And I believe a Cruise missile or ten should take out The BBC Head Quarters like it did with the Pentagon on 9/11.
Only the stupid are fooled by the Lies of The U.S Warmongers..You have blood on your hands Mr Trump,The U.S Is actively Provoking WW3.

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