Trapping All Animals In The River - Best Trap in

  • Published on Jun 29, 2017
  • Today i Made a Mini Farm In the Water and I Killed all the animals At the end.
    Lets Go For 69 Likes?
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  • Mummii
    Mummii  2 years ago +15

    Add me on Skype to play with me

    • No
      No Year ago

      Mummii ii

    • Pony World 2 Fan
      Pony World 2 Fan Year ago

      Wow wtff trap stealer lmaoo

    • emiGirl TheGames
      emiGirl TheGames Year ago

      Me to

    • SKULLdaNUB
      SKULLdaNUB Year ago

      yo mummii thanks now u always kill the animals at last in this type of videos thanks bro and btw im skull and u r mummii we r cuzens xDLool some type of when mummii's tape falls off then skull cames haha
      anyways nice video bro :)

    • Average Boi
      Average Boi 2 years ago

      Mummii ok

  • Derrick Martell Rose
    Derrick Martell Rose 16 days ago

    the first guy Mummii was fighting: Don't be a hater, join me dude
    the first guy I always see or talk to: *immediately calls in hacker buddy*
    Me: Oof

  • TopDoGord
    TopDoGord 5 months ago

    you are shit now the game is not playable

  • Limon TV
    Limon TV 7 months ago

    You noob? :3

  • Matheus reis
    Matheus reis 7 months ago

    O fixada dA potável transferência vídeo se pinto e gostoso tu gosta de mulheres de periquita e beijos de mulher tá

  • Be Happy :D
    Be Happy :D 8 months ago

    It's not that good and time consuming

  • ire 3l1gg1
    ire 3l1gg1 9 months ago


  • Grace King
    Grace King 11 months ago

    Hmmmm Interesting 3 ways for escape

  • Trap Fox
    Trap Fox 11 months ago

    You noob in

  • U.L.A :]
    U.L.A :] Year ago

    Animal abuse

  • Vedat Kosdak
    Vedat Kosdak Year ago

    i love you mummiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ♥♥

  • The Bearcat
    The Bearcat Year ago +2

    Call peta

  • AudiGamer [King Of Thieves]

    why it says activate windows

  • Ryan Walsh
    Ryan Walsh Year ago

    I blocked off the whole river in experimental twice, it fucking hard

  • 小白殺Z MC龍哥

    hahHaha you’re are noob

  • lorenzo chamorro
    lorenzo chamorro Year ago

    Mummii pro 😎😎😎😎

  • Mini-anthrax
    Mini-anthrax Year ago

    rip windows

  • Leis Cartridgerefillexpress

    Do boosts and spikes

  • elzbieta fiedur
    elzbieta fiedur Year ago


  • Aero
    Aero Year ago


  • uplift
    uplift Year ago

    sup dude

  • Ramez Dr
    Ramez Dr Year ago

    34 pro disliked this vid

  • Ramez Dr
    Ramez Dr Year ago

    You could just buy the fish hat and no need to build a bridge and you also need to train to use numbers......

  • kaczka kaczka
    kaczka kaczka Year ago

    Poland Poland me

  • Thiago Bertolotto

    sos todo un dios mummii

  • rayzer
    rayzer Year ago

    Its been a while since i havent watched you i remember the first time i played with you you didnt let me in the garage on two houses btw where are you dude its just like all the io youtubers are done

  • aresio hicianomonegro

    if lloulaic dis vidiou tu de laic or suscribirse

  • Jason’s Adventure's

    duuuhhh ok we heard

  • emiGirl TheGames
    emiGirl TheGames Year ago

    Mummii is so cool good work Mummii

  • emiGirl TheGames
    emiGirl TheGames Year ago +1

    Hey guys do you know why is ne player in a party kick all!? Is he crazy? When i kick one little shit go awey... I kill one bull... I think... And
    Bull kill me. Ok why is that player kick all?

  • emiGirl TheGames
    emiGirl TheGames Year ago

    Plzz i want to play with you i am a big fan

  • emiGirl TheGames
    emiGirl TheGames Year ago

    I hate IXPLODE

  • Sir Devil
    Sir Devil Year ago

    I did something similar to this but all I needed were 4 great spikes (2 on each side). The spikes would trap bulls and when some unlucky people floated downstream without flipper hat, well then.... they'd be in for a surprise.

  • Tj Walters
    Tj Walters 2 years ago +2

    U broke your like goal and good vid

  • فوزى النجار
    فوزى النجار 2 years ago +2

    dude just activate your windows XD

  • Murat ARINMIŞ
    Murat ARINMIŞ 2 years ago +2

    yıl olmuş 3058 hala ızlıyom :)) adım :) ne

  • King Tomson
    King Tomson 2 years ago +2

    Dude your trap are so cool dude and I'm a little boy 9

  • Jst005
    Jst005 2 years ago +3

    1:00 if your'e wondering why its hard to get kills and stuff well look at your build.
    Get cookie/heals more get turret good when stuck in pit trap and raiding/bow is fine but hammer would be better for raiding

    • Hel Trom
      Hel Trom 2 years ago +2

      bro,he dont want kills,he want a build to build a farm...

  • J F Gamerz
    J F Gamerz 2 years ago


  • mario anzo
    mario anzo 2 years ago +1

    it a fence to open for a farm

  • mario anzo
    mario anzo 2 years ago +1

    i got an idea

  • Mirna  Corrales
    Mirna Corrales 2 years ago


  • xXaLphaXx _
    xXaLphaXx _ 2 years ago +4

    Mummii! I guess your computer got fixed ehh?? Lol welcome back bro nice vid n nice to c another upload :D have a nice day

  • Musky
    Musky 2 years ago +2

    Do you have a clan tag or something like that? Because I would join it.
    Also just subscribed ;)

  • Antikuka
    Antikuka 2 years ago


  • Lea Bailet
    Lea Bailet 2 years ago +2

    mumii you best!!!!

    • Mummii
      Mummii  2 years ago

      Lea Bailet ❤

    • Lea Bailet
      Lea Bailet 2 years ago

      si tu sais parle France mummi tu peut faire un top 10des jeux vidéo .io les meilleurs

    • Lea Bailet
      Lea Bailet 2 years ago

      i love vidéo Mummi!

  • Eman Ali
    Eman Ali 2 years ago +9

    Mummii is back!


  • TheHunterWithStyle
    TheHunterWithStyle 2 years ago +4

    Done I hope you get more likes subs and views good luck I'll be back in a couple of days see the progress. Keep on going

  • TheHunterWithStyle
    TheHunterWithStyle 2 years ago

    Mummii great vid! Can you play where you start from no gear. (No one does it you will gain views.)I'll spread word of your channel no matter what I subscribed

  • Robot
    Robot 2 years ago

    its a river not a lake lol. good vid

  • Fqceman CosmicPvP - VeltPvP


  • LeafeonFam
    LeafeonFam 2 years ago +2

    Omg finally nice video been so long

  • Eduardo Rivas
    Eduardo Rivas 2 years ago

    good video :D

  • ergi lloci
    ergi lloci 2 years ago +3

    the last thing keep the good work everybody subscribe and like nowwwww

  • ergi lloci
    ergi lloci 2 years ago +4

    just to let you know i am istealth friend and peanut head friend as well

  • ergi lloci
    ergi lloci 2 years ago +4

    its ok mummi if you have bad memory

  • Overmancar
    Overmancar 2 years ago +2

    good video

  • ergi lloci
    ergi lloci 2 years ago +2

    mummi remember me in old videos

  • ergi lloci
    ergi lloci 2 years ago +2


  • ergi lloci
    ergi lloci 2 years ago +2

    the first vwer and first liker holyyyy molyy

  • Mysticsword 1007
    Mysticsword 1007 2 years ago

    Yur coool mummi :DDDDDD

  • ergi lloci
    ergi lloci 2 years ago


  • Mysticsword 1007
    Mysticsword 1007 2 years ago

    First to write in comment :DDD

  • ergi lloci
    ergi lloci 2 years ago

    hi xd

    • Mummii
      Mummii  2 years ago

      hello im finally back lol