Trapping All Animals In The River - Best Trap in


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  • Mummii
    Mummii  Год назад +15

    Add me on Skype to play with me

    • No
      No 11 месяцев назад

      Mummii ii

    • Oh Well
      Oh Well Год назад

      Wow wtff trap stealer lmaoo

    • emiGirl TheGames
      emiGirl TheGames Год назад

      Me to

    • SKULLdaNUB
      SKULLdaNUB Год назад

      yo mummii thanks now u always kill the animals at last in this type of videos thanks bro and btw im skull and u r mummii we r cuzens xDLool some type of when mummii's tape falls off then skull cames haha
      anyways nice video bro :)

    • Average Boi
      Average Boi Год назад

      Mummii ok

  • TopDoGord
    TopDoGord Месяц назад

    you are shit now the game is not playable

  • Đıāŝ MŪŠĪŇ
    Đıāŝ MŪŠĪŇ 3 месяца назад

    You noob? :3

  • Matheus reis
    Matheus reis 3 месяца назад

    O fixada dA potável transferência vídeo se pinto e gostoso tu gosta de mulheres de periquita e beijos de mulher tá

  • Jonathan Mendoza
    Jonathan Mendoza 3 месяца назад

    It's not that good and time consuming

  • unicornio kawuay
    unicornio kawuay 5 месяцев назад


  • Grace King
    Grace King 7 месяцев назад

    Hmmmm Interesting 3 ways for escape

  • Trap Fox
    Trap Fox 7 месяцев назад

    You noob in

  • H A W K
    H A W K 8 месяцев назад

    Animal abuse

  • Vedat Kosdak
    Vedat Kosdak 10 месяцев назад

    i love you mummiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii ♥♥

  • The Bearcat
    The Bearcat 10 месяцев назад +2

    Call peta

  • AudiGamer [King Of Thieves]
    AudiGamer [King Of Thieves] Год назад

    why it says activate windows

  • Ryan Walsh
    Ryan Walsh Год назад

    I blocked off the whole river in experimental twice, it fucking hard

  • 小白殺Z MC龍哥
    小白殺Z MC龍哥 Год назад

    hahHaha you’re are noob

  • lorenzo chamorro
    lorenzo chamorro Год назад

    Mummii pro 😎😎😎😎

  • Mini-anthrax
    Mini-anthrax Год назад

    rip windows

  • Leis Cartridgerefillexpress
    Leis Cartridgerefillexpress Год назад

    Do boosts and spikes

  • elzbieta fiedur
    elzbieta fiedur Год назад


  • XxAeroxX
    XxAeroxX Год назад


  • uplift
    uplift Год назад

    sup dude

  • Ramez Mahmoud
    Ramez Mahmoud Год назад

    34 pro disliked this vid

  • Ramez Mahmoud
    Ramez Mahmoud Год назад

    You could just buy the fish hat and no need to build a bridge and you also need to train to use numbers......

    • 彡BM彡 Resolute314
      彡BM彡 Resolute314 Год назад

      I kinda agree but at the same time I *DON'T* 1 Reason I don't agree is because look at when you said this comment you retard and also look at when the video was made! *Published on Jun 28, 2017*
      1 Reason I do agree about the Flipper Hat is the update log. *Look very closely here*

      *(20/06/2017)* = *Released on Jun 20, 2017*
      0.80 *(20/06/2017)* (Delayed Gold Weapons):
      > Fixed Weapon Rotation
      > Optimized Some Server Code
      > Added new Cow Names
      > Added new Skin Color
      *> Added Flipper Hat*
      > Buffed Castle Walls
      > Eating Food now Regenerates Health over time (To counter auto heal spammers)
      > Pressing C adds a marker to the minimap

  • abcdefghaijk l
    abcdefghaijk l Год назад

    Poland Poland me

  • Thiago Bertolotto
    Thiago Bertolotto Год назад

    sos todo un dios mummii

  • Ziah
    Ziah Год назад

    Its been a while since i havent watched you i remember the first time i played with you you didnt let me in the garage on two houses btw where are you dude its just like all the io youtubers are done

  • Hdog9988
    Hdog9988 Год назад

    Make the trap out of spikes

  • aresio hicianomonegro
    aresio hicianomonegro Год назад

    if lloulaic dis vidiou tu de laic or suscribirse

  • Jason’s Adventure's
    Jason’s Adventure's Год назад

    duuuhhh ok we heard

  • emiGirl TheGames
    emiGirl TheGames Год назад

    Mummii is so cool good work Mummii

  • emiGirl TheGames
    emiGirl TheGames Год назад +1

    Hey guys do you know why is ne player in a party kick all!? Is he crazy? When i kick one little shit go awey... I kill one bull... I think... And
    Bull kill me. Ok why is that player kick all?

  • emiGirl TheGames
    emiGirl TheGames Год назад

    Plzz i want to play with you i am a big fan

  • emiGirl TheGames
    emiGirl TheGames Год назад

    I hate IXPLODE

  • Sir Devil
    Sir Devil Год назад

    I did something similar to this but all I needed were 4 great spikes (2 on each side). The spikes would trap bulls and when some unlucky people floated downstream without flipper hat, well then.... they'd be in for a surprise.

  • Tj Walters
    Tj Walters Год назад +2

    U broke your like goal and good vid

  • فوزى النجار
    فوزى النجار Год назад +2

    dude just activate your windows XD

  • Murat ARINMIŞ
    Murat ARINMIŞ Год назад +2

    yıl olmuş 3058 hala ızlıyom :)) adım :) ne

  • King Tomson
    King Tomson Год назад +2

    Dude your trap are so cool dude and I'm a little boy 9

  • Jst005
    Jst005 Год назад +3

    1:00 if your'e wondering why its hard to get kills and stuff well look at your build.
    Get cookie/heals more get turret good when stuck in pit trap and raiding/bow is fine but hammer would be better for raiding

    • Hel Trom
      Hel Trom Год назад +2

      bro,he dont want kills,he want a build to build a farm...

  • J F Gamerz
    J F Gamerz Год назад


  • mario anzo
    mario anzo Год назад +1

    it a fence to open for a farm

  • mario anzo
    mario anzo Год назад +1

    i got an idea

  • Mirna  Corrales
    Mirna Corrales Год назад


  • xXaLphaXx _
    xXaLphaXx _ Год назад +4

    Mummii! I guess your computer got fixed ehh?? Lol welcome back bro nice vid n nice to c another upload :D have a nice day

  • Musky
    Musky Год назад +2

    Do you have a clan tag or something like that? Because I would join it.
    Also just subscribed ;)

  • Gergely Kiss
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  • Lea Bailet
    Lea Bailet Год назад +2

    mumii you best!!!!

    • Mummii
      Mummii  Год назад

      Lea Bailet ❤

    • Lea Bailet
      Lea Bailet Год назад

      si tu sais parle France mummi tu peut faire un top 10des jeux vidéo .io les meilleurs

    • Lea Bailet
      Lea Bailet Год назад

      i love vidéo Mummi!

  • Eman Ali
    Eman Ali Год назад +9

    Mummii is back!


  • TheHunterWithStyle
    TheHunterWithStyle Год назад +4

    Done I hope you get more likes subs and views good luck I'll be back in a couple of days see the progress. Keep on going

  • TheHunterWithStyle
    TheHunterWithStyle Год назад

    Mummii great vid! Can you play where you start from no gear. (No one does it you will gain views.)I'll spread word of your channel no matter what I subscribed

  • Robot
    Robot Год назад

    its a river not a lake lol. good vid

    • Mummii
      Mummii  Год назад

      Robot LoL

  • Fqceman CosmicPvP - VeltPvP
    Fqceman CosmicPvP - VeltPvP Год назад


  • LeafeonFam
    LeafeonFam Год назад +2

    Omg finally nice video been so long

  • Eduardo Rivas
    Eduardo Rivas Год назад

    good video :D

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    the last thing keep the good work everybody subscribe and like nowwwww

  • ergi lloci
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    just to let you know i am istealth friend and peanut head friend as well

  • ergi lloci
    ergi lloci Год назад +4

    its ok mummi if you have bad memory

  • Overmancar
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    good video

  • ergi lloci
    ergi lloci Год назад +2

    mummi remember me in old videos

    • Elfriede Wiesinger
      Elfriede Wiesinger Год назад

      Mummii is good game for ya

    • Mummii
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  • ergi lloci
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    the first vwer and first liker holyyyy molyy

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    Mysticsword 1007 Год назад

    Yur coool mummi :DDDDDD

  • ergi lloci
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  • Mysticsword 1007
    Mysticsword 1007 Год назад

    First to write in comment :DDD

  • ergi lloci
    ergi lloci Год назад

    hi xd

    • Mummii
      Mummii  Год назад

      hello im finally back lol