Binging with Babish: Pasta Aglio e Olio from "Chef"

What dish can make any man or woman ache for the touch of Jon Favreau? Pasta Aglio e Olio is the dreamy midnight snack that lives up to its porny portrayal in the foodie-comedy-drama "Chef". Recipe below!



1/2 head garlic, separated and peeled

1 bunch parsley, rinsed

1/2 cup good quality olive oil

1 tsp red pepper flakes

1/2 lb dry linguine

1/2 lemon


Heavily salt a large pot of water, and bring to a boil. Cook pasta to al dente while completing the steps below.

Slice the garlic cloves thinly, and set aside. Pick the parsley leaves from their stems, and finely chop. Add olive oil to a large sauté pan, and heat over medium flame until shimmering. Add sliced garlic, stirring constantly, until garlic is barely toasted. Add the red pepper flake and remove from heat.

Add the pasta, drained, with about 1/4 cup reserved pasta cooking water. Add lemon juice and parsley, and toss to combine. Season for salt and pepper, and serve.

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Автор Miss charlie Paris ( назад)
garlic is easy if you put it on its side then put the flat side of your knife on the garlic gif the knife a decent tap with your palm (might have to hit it a few times) and then you should be able to take the skin off a lot easier and quicker

Автор Stacy Crnkovich ( назад)
"Be sure to use your Scotch as necessary". Love it lol

Автор Brittany Benjamin ( назад)
Made this. Amazing.

Автор Sarah Kozicki ( назад)
hahaha thank you so much for debunking that shaking garlic "technique" I found out the hard way that it doesn't work either

Автор Will N ( назад)
Made it today. It really does make you go 1:11

Автор herbstwerk ( назад)
Still note sure what makes me come back to this channel all the time. It's either the great recipes combined with clean presentation and great humor, or Cream on Chrome.

Автор Max Bowman ( назад)
Smash the garlic with the side of your knife to peel! Ya goof.

Автор Camille Pango ( назад)
I'm making this for my boyfriend's birthday with a seared salmon filet and a white wine lemon caper sauce. hope he likes it!

Автор Visconte ( назад)
I made this so poorly that it made me temporarily suicidal. Do you think there's a female version of Jon Favreau out there, so I can be her male Scarlett Johansson?

Автор Magic Man ( назад)
Surprise. Making the dish with a tablespoon on red pepper instead of a teaspoon is not advised.

Автор Matthew Reyes ( назад)
So much garlic! Yummmmmm

Автор Daniel Franco ( назад)
Made this last night and it was amazing, thanks for the videos!

Автор Mason Chance ( назад)
Just made it fucking awesome

Автор Christine Bell ( назад)
I made it, it tastes so good! Thanks!

Автор Dino Spumoni ( назад)
Steel bowls for the garlic trick works about 85% of the time, every time.

Автор Andrew Eastman ( назад)
My name chef

Автор Steve Padilla ( назад)
I really want to try this recipe but I'm not a huge fan of garlic any recommendations? I figured I could try to use a mandolin and get them as thin as possible.

Автор wonders ( назад)
what kind of scotch?

Автор Saif Shamim ( назад)
I just made this and does anyone else feel like this has too much oil, I even used a full pound of pasta not half like that directions said.

Автор sack943 ( назад)
please recreate the el jefe truck cubano sandwich with the fried yuka

Автор crazyjd64 ( назад)
If anybody see this comment listen up. I made this pasta the other day and it was amazing 8.5 out of 10. Added freshly graded pecorino romano and it bumped up the flavor to a 10. It NEEDS the cheese :)

Автор carl shneebly ( назад)
I made it, ate too much of it, going to sleep now, goodbye.

Автор wvman2374 ( назад)
yours looked better than the one in the movie, which i thought looked as if the garlic was a bit burnt (which is very easy to do if your pan is too hot). My only suggestion would be to cut back on the salt and instead use a liberal application of grated pecorino romano or parmagiano

Автор Brandon Tran ( назад)
Lol, I drink whiskey when I cook too. It makes it so much more fun :)

Автор Gunnar Hegg ( назад)
and its a pasta fork he uses not a carving fork

Автор Gunnar Hegg ( назад)
smash the garlic a bit to peel it... thought every1 knew this

Автор PsychoGenetiX1 ( назад)
"Hey baby I hear the blues are callin', tossed salads and scrambled eggs..."

That little snippet in the beginning really sets the mood for your little show. Babish, I gotta say, you got me hooked. Subscribed.

Автор knightmarauder ( назад)
Can confirm the garlic shake trick works, but in metal prep bowls -- using plastic is sadness

Автор extremzocker ( назад)
I love everything about this. not this particular video but all of them. that attention and love for detail and quality grade of the ingredients... dedication. I love it

Автор Rory Booth ( назад)
Made this tonight and It was absolutely lovely. Great video and thanks for the recipe.

Автор Ghostie ( назад)
What portion size is the description does anyone know? I'm cooking for five and I don't want to under season the dish.

Автор Ellis Yuki ( назад)
can I add a little seafood to it? like small hand full of shrimp?

Автор Jaxefer ( назад)
My mom has this thing thats just like this little rubber cylinder that she uses to get the skin off of garlic. You just put the garlic inside, put pressure on it, and roll and the skin breaks so its really easy to peel

Автор meme master ( назад)
*insert filthyfrank chef joke*

Автор Todd Medium Wellington ( назад)
some chicken in it would be nice

Автор Tom Servo ( назад)
Literally just made this for dinner. Bretty gud.

Автор kek nine ( назад)
have you... have you seen chef??

Автор Jorge Martinez ( назад)
I just made this rn & it tasted good asl 😁

Автор Blane Pierre ( назад)
Your channel is dope

Автор ChrirTFM ( назад)
the Tupaware trick does work, just do it for a while longer :)

Автор Justin Luc ( назад)
I tried to make this and I followed every step, yet it came out bland and unappealing. Maybe I just don't have that chef touch.

Автор Joshua Kading ( назад)
I just cooked this for the "have you seen Chef" meme value, and I have to say even as a joke this dish is fracking amazing. "10/10 would bang" -IGN

Автор TeensierPython - ( назад)
Then you grill up a piece of chicken breast and place on top.

Автор Al Fredo ( назад)
Made this quiet hastily last night in a small portion to test it out. My ratios were off, cause I only wanted 1 serving, but came out pretty well. I noticed that the 'official' recipe from Roy Choi includes tossing in some Parmesan cheese into the mix, which I can't see hurting.

Anyways...aside from a huge plate of carbs, this is fantastic...and even would love it with a simple sauteed chicken.

Автор Stephen Vincent ( назад)
That clip is to funny, it sounds like shes having an orgasm when she tastes the pasta :p Look I'm sure it tasted good, but even made properly, when all is said and done its fuckin garlic oil pasta. Aglio e oilo is about as simple as pasta gets. Seeing that scene in the theater I was like "really? thats the best you could come up with to get laid?".

Автор Bernardlv. ( назад)
my name chef

Автор Ánh Nguyễn Ngọc ( назад)
pls recreate dishes from burnt (starring bradley cooper)

Автор Tipperman ( назад)
Lagavulin 16, good choice of scotch. I've been watching your videos since I saw your post on Reddit. Love the format, the humor, the food, and the beard. I feel the beard is key, as it ties everything else together.

Seriously though, good taste in scotch. Food looked good, too.

Автор Jennifer Taylor ( назад)
Fuck is he married? 💔

Автор P E ( назад)
I made this recipe without even realizing it but I also put a little basil

Автор Clay Boy ( назад)
You should make a calzone from Parks and Rec!

Автор TheHorror/WrestlingGuy1 ( назад)
I just made this for my family tonight and I am happy to say that it was an absolute hit! Andrew you have made me vastly more competent in my family's eyes! :)

Автор Arthur Filemon ( назад)
Don't even think about kissing after eating that...

Автор Zahid Pathan ( назад)
the music in these vids is amazing and i really wanna have it on in the background when i'm in the kitchen. anyone know what it is?

Автор Beverly Lee ( назад)
I like to smash the garlic with the flat blade of the knife, it releases more flavor and the skin comes right off.

Автор Toren Tank ( назад)
I get all giddy when I see vegan meals, I'm far from vegan but I admire the lifestyle.

Автор Name Name ( назад)
Have you ever seen chef? My name chef.

Автор Canadan98 ( назад)
This is always my go-to meal whenever I don't have much time to cook. Always impresses everyone I make it for!

Автор Thomas Zuckerman ( назад)

Автор Silvia Finori ( назад)
In Italia ci è venuto mal di pancia solo pensandoci 😂

Автор onraj9mm ( назад)
The garlic looks a bit overdone and I would just pour the oil over the pasta. And don't forget the parmigiano :)

Автор mia kaplan ( назад)
Omg but you gotta make the grilled cheese sandwich with the movie!

Автор Steven Hill ( назад)
I like this one because it's vegan.

Автор Ch'ng Ee Ho ( назад)
try lightly crushing the garlic first before shaking them, that's how it works for me

Автор Leandro Tomás Oscar AHUMADA ( назад)
Ratatat Song!!!!! 😍

Автор Crippling Depression ( назад)
Remember to use a stainless steel bartender drink mixer thingy for perfect garlic

Автор Christopher Wang ( назад)
these videos are great. clever and creative... perhaps do the various dishes seen in The Sopranos?

Автор Sunny sideup ( назад)
can you please make more food from "Chef"

Автор Ari Humberto ( назад)
my name a chef

Автор Kris Shaneberger ( назад)
You should go on Iron Chef.

Автор Colin King ( назад)
just found this channel. needless to say i will no longer be watching any other cooking tutorials. hands down favorite youtuber

Автор Jamie Nishimura ( назад)
this is just shrimp scampi without the shrimp or butter

Автор boomshizzIe ( назад)
Why the fuck are you drinking Lagavulin 16 with light pasta

Автор Jeff Martin ( назад)
Hey Andrew, is the olive oil extra virgin or standard?

Автор Josh Alfstad ( назад)
You are supposed to microwave it a little bit before shaking.

Автор Kerupt ( назад)
Love your channel, Andrew. Just a comment on the garlic peeling: we use a small glass mason jar and shake the hell out of it. Usually peels just fine! Going through your backlog because I can't wait for more! :D

Автор WoWKoest ( назад)
have you seen the movie Chef by Jon Favreau?

Автор themcbobgorge ( назад)
Why not opt for california olive oil?

Автор fraaazzz1 ( назад)
if you like peat, try Ardbeg Uigeadail

Автор Alisa ( назад)
the garlic in a bowl works with metal bowls! Works great, and i get some arm muscles from it lol it's a win win

Автор 1104zion ( назад)
Mmmmm... Lagavulin 16, single malt, peat-smoked scotch. God's chosen amber elixir.

Автор Luke ( назад)
Dont manually peel garlic. Place the flat side of your knife on top of your garlic and then hit the flat side of your knife with your fist. Then just easily remove the skins.

Автор Михаил Пятых ( назад)
This man is gold of comedy AND cooking.

Автор Jackie Blake ( назад)
what is the music he uses in his voice overs? i feel that its by an artist i know that i just can't place

Автор Dylan Beck ( назад)
The garlic peeling bowl trick works, you just have to use 2 metal bowls. It's loud as hell, but it works, haha.

Автор martijnkerk ( назад)
I made this and it was really bitter :(.
What did I do wrong?

Автор Bob Barker ( назад)
you're my everything

Автор fckt3hp0l1c3 ( назад)
mi mild cheese? die.

Автор stickeltickle ( назад)
In this case, would there be a problem with crushing the garlic with the knife and then peeling the skin? Does that mess up some step, like slicing it becomes harder or something?

Автор koolerthanapolarbear ( назад)
next time give da ghalick a quik smush wid da side of yerr kniff, and then shake it in da bowl

Автор deathpyre42 ( назад)
Um, isn't the trick to bash the cloves to loosen the skin, then shake them?

Автор Joe Casacca ( назад)

Автор Coldwintersss ( назад)
You are the best YouTube food channel live it am

Автор William Harris ( назад)
Lagavulin 16... You sir just got yourself a subscriber.

Автор Nero Crescendo ( назад)
Porny pasta? You're wrong sir.

This is break up pasta from a made up country called Italy

Автор Gunveet singh ( назад)
What is that booze?

Автор GPIA7R ( назад)
Lagavulin 16, excellent choice.

Have you tried the Lagavulin Distiller's Edition?

Автор MonkeyBoy543210 ( назад)
I made this and it is so fucking good

Автор Nickk Cameron ( назад)
Now I'm just creepin', but Ron Swanson would approve of your scotch choice. (as do I)

Автор Megan Finn ( назад)
Make the Cuban Sandwich from this movie!

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