Little Mix - Shout Out to My Ex (Official Video)

  • Опубликовано:  10 месяцев назад
  • Little Mix's official music video for Shout Out To My Ex.

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  • Длительность: 4:09
  • Pop  Little Mix  Shout Out to My Ex  Syco Music  

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  • moon wolf
    moon wolf 14 минут назад

    Lol 0:18 sec tho XD

  • Tin Narvadez
    Tin Narvadez 20 минут назад

    i like this song so much😍😙

  • MyRandomizer ;D
    MyRandomizer ;D Час назад

    Ughhhhhhh!!!!! shout out to Trixie Royo and Clauinne Ramos FUCK U Fakers i hope u guys die I thought u guys r great friends but u guys r just a fake A big slutty fake

  • Villamer Cervera
    Villamer Cervera Час назад

    fuck zayn

  • Daisy Healy
    Daisy Healy 2 часа назад

    you can see their bond is a lot stronger than fifth harmony's

  • angela porter
    angela porter 3 часа назад

    Hi girls add me on twitter

  • Ricky Mccormack
    Ricky Mccormack 3 часа назад


  • Lucy_the_Worst
    Lucy_the_Worst 3 часа назад

    I've replayed this so many times that half the views are probably mine XD

  • richard carrola
    richard carrola 5 часов назад

    shout out to my ex love

  • Filomena Velho
    Filomena Velho 6 часов назад


  • Nadia Woszczyk
    Nadia Woszczyk 7 часов назад

    I love song this is the only song I like

  • Nadia Woszczyk
    Nadia Woszczyk 7 часов назад

    And have friends

  • Nadia Woszczyk
    Nadia Woszczyk 7 часов назад

    Little mix makes the
    best songs I love you guys

  • Allef Sousa
    Allef Sousa 7 часов назад

    I hope she fake like HADID

  • Adriana Leite
    Adriana Leite 8 часов назад


  • renad 124
    renad 124 8 часов назад +1

    الله ياخذ زين الحمار يترك بيري المزه عشان جيجي الزقه😤

  • Melanie Firtau
    Melanie Firtau 10 часов назад

    Shout out to my ex. 👏👊❤💘😋

  • Anka Abduli
    Anka Abduli 11 часов назад

    My favourite song

  • Yellow Snail
    Yellow Snail 11 часов назад +1

    Ive always realised how BEAUTIFUL the rest are but I only recently realised how BEAUTIFUL Jade is !!!! Gorge

  • Gorata Sephuthe
    Gorata Sephuthe 12 часов назад

    i really like this Perrie Gal.

  • Μαρθα Κωνσταντινιδου
    Μαρθα Κωνσταντινιδου 12 часов назад +1

    I don't have an ex or a boyfriend 😝 but I love this song 😍❤️

  • Kristal Blazo
    Kristal Blazo 13 часов назад

    shout out daw ex

  • Melina Delimatsis
    Melina Delimatsis 13 часов назад

    Where are they anyways? I wanna be there!!!!!!

    RONGGRIKSHIRAVEVO 14 часов назад +1

    little mix you have been always amazing and I think I'm your biggest fan in the world and everyone is really cool But I like most Jade and everyone

  • Alsafa Zaman
    Alsafa Zaman 15 часов назад +1

    99% of the comments is all about zayn. This shows that zayn is the only reason why Perrie Edwards became famous. Instead of hating zayn, thank him for making Perrie famous.

  • Yuno- ThisGirlIsAYandere
    Yuno- ThisGirlIsAYandere 16 часов назад

    BLACKPINK or Little Mix?
    I can't choose..

  • Salim Douma
    Salim Douma 17 часов назад

    I love I got the power

  • Rose Schneider
    Rose Schneider 17 часов назад

    I have to sing my ex. Abolish SMS is out

  • Jesse Kelly
    Jesse Kelly 18 часов назад

    i love you

  • gamer penguin
    gamer penguin 19 часов назад +1

    78,965 dislikes how many emails do Zayn and Gigi have ?????

  • Divija Fadnavis
    Divija Fadnavis 19 часов назад

    i love this song i can not stop listning to it

  • sel 17
    sel 17 21 час назад

    Make up goals 😍

  • Christy Benford
    Christy Benford 21 час назад

    Perrie's ex is zayn from 1d

  • Rudy Calvillo
    Rudy Calvillo 23 часа назад

    I love you little mix I can't believe I saw you guys in Chicago March 14 you guys was amazing and I love when you guys sing this song I wish I can meet you guys in person it would be amazing.i was trying to make a music with y'all

  • Cbkjannu Magadi
    Cbkjannu Magadi 23 часа назад

    i get hard whenever i listen to this song. anyone else???

  • Zabstar - Minecraft & More
    Zabstar - Minecraft & More 23 часа назад

    No won needs too now that u now \

  • Vanny Echavarria
    Vanny Echavarria День назад


  • Judy Nique
    Judy Nique День назад

    These girls are beautiful! They'll go places!

  • Melissa Nunez
    Melissa Nunez День назад

    Love this song ❤️❤️

  • maria najera
    maria najera День назад


  • Shaylea Pace
    Shaylea Pace День назад

    I. Love. Perie

  • sophia talbot
    sophia talbot День назад

    they made a song just for perrie <3 thats goalz

  • Jordyn Gabrielle Evans
    Jordyn Gabrielle Evans День назад

    Shout out to my *ass*
    Did i just miss something?
    Nevermind, i need a life

  • Elsa Gad
    Elsa Gad День назад


  • Rose Hunter
    Rose Hunter День назад

    #exgoals be like XD

  • Bella Smith
    Bella Smith День назад

    My sister Kaylee is Jade and my sister Alexis's is Prairie and my friend Mia is Jessie

  • Bella Smith
    Bella Smith День назад

    I LOVE YOU little mix me and my sister's pretend to be you I'm Leanne

  • Kiyoko Nightcore
    Kiyoko Nightcore День назад +2

    My ex broke up with me 'cause his old crush asked him out and she didn't know he was taken. But I guess he still kinda liked her so he broke up with me to be with her...

  • XeniaGames GR
    XeniaGames GR День назад

    78.000 dislikes from exes..

  • XeniaGames GR
    XeniaGames GR День назад


  • Suzanne Whitfield
    Suzanne Whitfield День назад

    Soooo goood🙊🙊😎😎

  • ani tv
    ani tv День назад


  • EpicPanda 0616
    EpicPanda 0616 День назад +1

    yes my queens!

  • Wyncia Bowen
    Wyncia Bowen День назад


  • Sarika Karim
    Sarika Karim День назад

    ❤️💙💜💛. 👑👑👑👑

  • Angela Luvs TØP
    Angela Luvs TØP День назад +1

    Shout out to my ex friend/brother/best friend/lover fuck you🙂😘imma live my life with or without you😊

  • Shinemarie Alesna
    Shinemarie Alesna День назад

    Shout to you're ex

  • Londonisahuman
    Londonisahuman День назад

    Aye my baby sister literally when she's crying she listens to this and stops crying!❤️❤️😘

  • Sarah LovePikachu
    Sarah LovePikachu День назад

    This song was released on my birthday😍😍😍😍

  • Nihad Garti
    Nihad Garti День назад

    For zayn Malik

  • spaik 2145
    spaik 2145 День назад

    uma salve para zayn malik

  • sinya lino
    sinya lino День назад

    zayn is super dick

  • Titan Susan
    Titan Susan День назад

    Sub to me

  • Cosme Suarez
    Cosme Suarez День назад

    Zayn stupid

  • Betül Cengiz
    Betül Cengiz День назад

    I love you Perrie,I love Little Mix ❤😍💕

  • Shaylea Pace
    Shaylea Pace День назад

    I. Love. Petrie. Jade. Jessy. And. Leigh Anne

  • Crystal Rajput
    Crystal Rajput День назад

    Love u perri😘

  • Briar Rose
    Briar Rose День назад +2

    A ShoutOut to little mix haters 😂😂

  • Rainier Caunca
    Rainier Caunca День назад

    perrie u are my idol

  • Rihanna Rico
    Rihanna Rico День назад

    If im broke in my ex i will sing your song littlemix

  • valkyrienz
    valkyrienz День назад

    Wish I had an ex to send this to


    luv u litle mix!

  • ErikaZee Gamer
    ErikaZee Gamer День назад

    BlackPink VS Little Mix. who wins?
    Jisoo VS Leigh-Anne
    Jennie VS Perrie
    Rose VS Jade
    Lisa VS Jesy

  • Emma Add
    Emma Add День назад +3

    We did it mixers,250MILLIONS!!!,let's go to 300m

  • ZUHAIB Khadim
    ZUHAIB Khadim День назад

    She throw the teady that Zayn give her

  • This Isn't My Account
    This Isn't My Account День назад +2

    CNCO ft. Little Mix

  • Letícia Lopes
    Letícia Lopes 2 дня назад

    Leigh fica linda de rosa e a jesy fica muito bonita de vestido preto. Não sabia que a leigh dirigida.

  • BySnake 33
    BySnake 33 2 дня назад +1


  • Danny Harris
    Danny Harris 2 дня назад

    This song got me over my crush

  • Lucy O.M
    Lucy O.M 2 дня назад +1

    #RemixReggaetonLento-CNCO FT. LITTEL MIX

  • Marijo1998
    Marijo1998 2 дня назад


  • Hannah Askar
    Hannah Askar 2 дня назад

    Wax isii hadaa everyone star weed

  • Luna Moreira
    Luna Moreira 2 дня назад

    True af tho 😏

  • Baby Micheal
    Baby Micheal 2 дня назад

    love the background music!

  • Celine Ballmann
    Celine Ballmann 2 дня назад

    I hope she'll get better Sex than Hadid 😅

  • Sheryl Miller
    Sheryl Miller 2 дня назад

    Little !is is the best ever

  • Elsa Petersson
    Elsa Petersson 2 дня назад

    Jesys body is so amazing!! 😍

  • lenicia maasdorp
    lenicia maasdorp 2 дня назад

    Love this song,my ex should listen to this because he broke my heart

  • Deepa Lalson
    Deepa Lalson 2 дня назад


  • Internet Vice
    Internet Vice 2 дня назад

    You are the best.

  • Reea Xoxo
    Reea Xoxo 2 дня назад

    who is listening this song because broke up with boyfriend or gf

  • Audi and Abbi
    Audi and Abbi 2 дня назад


  • ItsKeila M
    ItsKeila M 2 дня назад +1

    shout out to Zayn Malik 💀

  • Niamh Reardon
    Niamh Reardon 2 дня назад

    Love you !!

  • Faira Magi
    Faira Magi 2 дня назад +1

    Jade my queen. 💖😂😍

  • marinette lady bug
    marinette lady bug 2 дня назад +1

    یلي عربي لايك😂✌

  • Phoebe Camilleri
    Phoebe Camilleri 2 дня назад

    This is cool but I'm 8

  • Madison Creaney
    Madison Creaney 2 дня назад

    I love this song so much

  • Καίτη Φραγκούλη
    Καίτη Φραγκούλη 2 дня назад

    perrie <3<3<3<3

  • Ellie W
    Ellie W 2 дня назад

    Is it just me or does everyone else know this is gonna be aimed at Zane