AG Pisses Off Sheila Jackson Lee


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  • luuke luketer
    luuke luketer 20 часов назад

    give this man a medal and a raise.......

  • sirrapper
    sirrapper 20 часов назад


  • sirrapper
    sirrapper 20 часов назад

    REP. SHEILA JACKSON LEE. D-Texas, 18th
    District, Houston NEEDS SOME MENTAL HELP.....

  • sirrapper
    sirrapper 20 часов назад

    REP. SHEILA JACKSON LEE. D-Texas, 18th
    District, Houston NEEDS SOME MENTAL HELP.....

  • lorddamiano dani
    lorddamiano dani 20 часов назад

    arrest all demorats and 90% republican

  • KnuckleGame100
    KnuckleGame100 20 часов назад

    The White male privileged!
    This white boy shouldn’t be in office for any position. He is obviously hiding , ducking and dodging. 99% of the white boys in office are crooks, racist, traders and enemies to the American people, more specifically African American People.
    This country will continue to crumble as long as white boys are in charge. Their entire system is crumbling from the USA and all across Europe. Just remember, the first shall be last and the last shall be first! Their last attempt to hold on to power will be a world race war. 90% of the planets population is people of color, go figure!

  • Leilani Keller
    Leilani Keller 21 час назад

    Whisper louder lady in the background ! Maybe my imagination , 3:25 4:53

  • John Ormsby
    John Ormsby 21 час назад

    He thinks he,s a smart-arse. He will get his medicine in due course.

  • S955US84
    S955US84 21 час назад

    living proof of the need for TERM LIMITS
    Lee is a disgrace who is now in her 13th term. That's been 13 too many.

  • Scoop Johnson
    Scoop Johnson 21 час назад

    Hypothetical questions are useless. And he is going to hit her with voting rights statutes verbatem BUAHAHAHAHAHA! Sheila Jackson does not know what law is, she is an embarrassment to Houston Texas.

  • S955US84
    S955US84 21 час назад

    13 term congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee is a JOKE who recently had to resign from two house committees.

  • Nancy Mesek
    Nancy Mesek 21 час назад +1

    That asshole can’t even follow simple instructions. He’s clearly trying to run out the clock.

  • memyselfandi
    memyselfandi 21 час назад

    1:50 that fucking bitch for fucks sake, what is that on her head is it her hair which is braided or is she wearing a hat, whatever it is she looks fucking ridiculous.

  • Sticks and Stones with Mike.
    Sticks and Stones with Mike. 22 часа назад

    "You shall answer with a yes or no as your unqualified, elected purely based on her race, Lord commands you, peasant!" A disgusting display of contempt from that woman. She then goes on to ask two questions in one which can't be answered with a yes or no! Africans- so often reminding us why Africa is a pit of misery.

    • Le F
      Le F 20 часов назад

      As America reminds compared to developing countries it Is The Murder Capitol or the World.

  • Michael Veasy
    Michael Veasy 22 часа назад

    Stupid bitch

  • Shawn Futch
    Shawn Futch 23 часа назад

    They just don't like her tone (for some reason.....

  • geoff bonner
    geoff bonner 23 часа назад

    Don’t get circumcised if you aspire to be a Democrat as they only want complete pricks.

  • MB1 White
    MB1 White 23 часа назад

    "are you capable of saying the words "yes" or "no"?"

  • MB1 White
    MB1 White 23 часа назад

    this guy is such a cunt

  • Worm
    Worm День назад

    Shelia Jackson Lee....what a dumb ass skank. Dumber are her constituents that continue to vote for her. Doesn't take a genius to own her intellectually.

  • Danny Smith
    Danny Smith День назад

    She look like a silver back gorilla 🦍

  • Benty Baroon
    Benty Baroon День назад

    She nasty.

  • Mark Cannon
    Mark Cannon День назад

    4:53 - 4:55 whispers

  • Private One
    Private One День назад

    Yes or no.
    What's this "brilliant " man understands for Yes or no?

  • gerald surratt
    gerald surratt День назад

    These all white men are showing their true colors I am so glad we get to see. But thank God we have a younger generation this going to take your old white ass place.

  • gerald surratt
    gerald surratt День назад

    You could tell he was bothered by her skin color oh boy. He did not win telling lies don't win. What a shame. That I'll government has become one big lie. People love evil today.

  • yeramaya ybarra
    yeramaya ybarra День назад

    AmeriKKKa/ Babylon has fallen and cannot get back up ,,united snaKKKes of ameriKKKa is swirling the toilet and in its last dying throes ,,,,good fucking riddance
    Obadaiah 1:3
    The pride of your heart has deceived you- O dwellers in the clefts of the rocks whose habitation is the heights, who say in your heart, ‘Who can bring me down to the ground?’ 4Though you soar like the eagle and make your nest among the stars, even from there I will bring you down,” declares the LORD.…
    you white europeons who invade the americas are edomites a descendant of esau according to the Bible and you and your ancestors have brought the anger of our God on yourselves because you have invaded our lands and greedily stole our resources and murdered our people ,,we are the Hebrew Israelites ,Gods chosen people... You Fucked up. And there is no escaping Gods wrath!

  • Gabriel Watson
    Gabriel Watson День назад

    He wa. s a smart ass--but you cannot ask a complex question and expect a "Yes" and "No" as an answer. He could have just said "Yes" and "No" and kept is simple. He was disrespectful, she was disrespectful. The hostile nature of congress and congressional testimony must change. If legislators are to be effective they need to begin doing their job correctly. They are all asking questions in pursuit of a headline answer.

  • Dr. Robert Uda
    Dr. Robert Uda День назад +1

    Sheila Jackasson is a typical Demonrat Left-wing Donkeyass. The jackass-mule is an apropos symbol and mascot for the Demonrat Party.

  • Barberman
    Barberman День назад

    ALL these lying, disgusting, full-of-shit politicians get on my nerves. It's just a simple yes or no question! SMH

    • Tim Hurst
      Tim Hurst День назад

      Complex question = complex answer
      $20 says you're a hardcore liberal Democrat

  • whiteclifffl
    whiteclifffl День назад

    Have you stopped beating your wife?
    Yes or No.

  • whiteclifffl
    whiteclifffl День назад

    Why is this beast so hostile?

  • knickandchester
    knickandchester День назад +1

    Mr. Whitaker represents the American people

  • Bobby Brown
    Bobby Brown День назад +1

    she is a racist dirt bag - fkn bully

  • Dave Gill
    Dave Gill День назад

    SHe looks like JJs dad from 'Good Times' in a hippy wig

  • Dave Gill
    Dave Gill День назад

    I just took a constitutional dooty on her ugly face...

  • John Stroncheck
    John Stroncheck День назад

    hold that bald fool in contempt

  • Greg
    Greg День назад

    James Earl Jones is a dick!

  • knowTRUTH2013
    knowTRUTH2013 День назад +1

    this is the key reason we need to draw a line and separate from all libs progressives leftist democrats forever. take our half the the country and never be subjected to these types of people again. they are filled with satan and evil, let them all go with Lucifer far away from the good people.

  • knowTRUTH2013
    knowTRUTH2013 День назад +2

    there is no collusion....................... Jackson - lee is evil and scary. this is a Nazi interrogations by the left. they are the hitlers of our times.

  • Brandon Blair
    Brandon Blair День назад

    Popcorn...coke...comment reading time 😀😆

  • Jay Robertson
    Jay Robertson День назад

    Named after two Confederate Hero Generals I thought she might have common sense, but then she opened her big mouth

    AUDE SAPERE День назад

    *America has seen its days. We have 2 big parties and one has no intention to act in good faith again, like the early days up til recent decades...its over guys*

  • Tom B
    Tom B День назад

    Dumbest woman in Texas while democrats have no business being in government in America.

  • zaq55
    zaq55 День назад

    She spent most of her time asking for more time.

  • zaq55
    zaq55 День назад

    She’s like an NFL ref: “Would the Time Keeper please put 30 more seconds back on the game clock. Thank you.”

  • Jesse Sanchez
    Jesse Sanchez День назад +1

    Congress woman to appease your circus questions with either yes or no, I will answer with: Yoh!!!! Combination of both...hahahahah

  • Ron Rook
    Ron Rook День назад

    I love this guy

  • Matt Moore
    Matt Moore День назад

    “Where were you for Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch” HAAAHAHAHAHAHA...what an awesome statement. So true.

  • finster50001
    finster50001 День назад

    This woman is an ass! Dumb as fuck and is lucky to be born in the good old USA, otherwise in most countries, she would be bare foot and dare I say NOT allowed to leave the home!

  • Cheryl clark
    Cheryl clark День назад

    And the republicans aren't bloodsuckers? I'm an independent, please feel free to reply to my comment AFTER you see your income tax refund. Unless you're in the 10%

  • Lance Rexington
    Lance Rexington День назад +2

    Mr. Obama did you smoke dope while President of the USA, Yes or No ???

  • Butch Seeger
    Butch Seeger День назад

    She has a point, she's talking about corruption and so many of you are just calling her stupid. i'm not even a fan of Cortez, but 3 minutes in she's just exposing how corrupt campaigns can be.
    I might totally disagree with her on most things but i support her exposing corruption. My fellow Americans have been brainwashed by hate on all sides.

  • Kuya Ian
    Kuya Ian День назад

    Shut up Doug and go fuck your sister you hillbilly piece of shit

  • Ethan Cmer
    Ethan Cmer День назад

    I will never understand why Houstonians in my district keep reelecting this ignoramus.

  • Jon Wick
    Jon Wick День назад

    Do you watch porn yes or no?

  • Jon Wick
    Jon Wick День назад

    Do you beat ye meat twice a day yes or no?

  • neverlooksatit
    neverlooksatit День назад

    Whitaker is a SHILL. He is a career political hack, who called the investigation a witch hunt publiclcy, and was placed as AG ILLEGALLY to fuck with the investigation. He is also, as you can see a fucking disrespectful asshole. Who did nothing but stall and rope-a -dope during his first appearance before US Congress.

  • Mike Schoeffter
    Mike Schoeffter День назад

    This bitch should be shot many times, I.m.o.

  • Bruno marcs
    Bruno marcs День назад

    What a disgusting old bitch

  • Handyman Hogan
    Handyman Hogan День назад

    congress woman, Why dont you go give terrorists some anthrax so they can threaten us and there own people with it!!!!!!!

  • Sleeper No1
    Sleeper No1 День назад +1

    She is a bitch and always has been an incompetent bitch....

  • Ash S
    Ash S День назад +1

    fat racist pig

  • B W
    B W День назад

    Stop @ing with stupidity

  • David Moore
    David Moore День назад

    I wants my times restode, I am axing the questions here, um um um ah er ah, yeth o no?

  • barry durham
    barry durham День назад

    A rude black woman
    I’m so shocked

  • Michael Perry
    Michael Perry День назад

    Jackson is an epic failure and an embarrassment to Texas.

  • nobull shiit
    nobull shiit День назад


  • RockChild56
    RockChild56 День назад +1

    I think he was Right On. SJL Is a Completely Unhinged Nut Trap.

  • Josh Thomas
    Josh Thomas День назад

    Wtf is she wearing? And why?

  • BarryAir
    BarryAir День назад

    So disrespectful

  • Skid Louie
    Skid Louie День назад

    Planet of the ape

  • Roger Baker
    Roger Baker День назад

    I like him..... He refuses to be badgered by a very rude person... like he was on trial or something. Where the hell is professional courtesy...

  • Big Snook
    Big Snook День назад

    She almost started slinging shit at the crowd.

  • jo slice
    jo slice День назад

    wow what a cunt bag....

  • kwjuan edwards
    kwjuan edwards День назад

    I can never understand why a racist hates other races hides behind a deceptive shield of " I'm not racist". If you are a full fledged bigot, own it and be loud and proud about it. Hey racists, you don't have to be cowards. Be true to your hatred.

  • Ivan Will
    Ivan Will День назад

    Cross Hannity with Trump, and their ass baby is the biggest piece of shit that looks and sounds too much like Rush the big fat pig Limbaugh

  • kwjuan edwards
    kwjuan edwards День назад

    This guy is an idiot

  • Real Talk
    Real Talk День назад

    Who takes SJL seriously? Both parties think she's a joke. Sprinkle in Cortez an Omar and you have an idiot sandwich. In fact, most Democrats are either young, from another country, or complete buffoons. Forget tearing down statues.The Democratic Party is the oldest vestige of our racist past and needs to be dissolved.

  • willie b
    willie b День назад

    this ho is outa contro!

  • rks515skr
    rks515skr День назад

    SJL is the joke. Her party is a farce, they're a bunch of clowns.

  • Roland David
    Roland David День назад

    When GOD asked the question do you deserve to go to heaven yes or no I would love to be there listening. I’m Not against this guy or her. He will get his chance at bat after their done asking him questions. GOD BLESSED THE ONES THAT UNDERSTAND AND HELP THOSE THAT DONT

  • Tom Shepardson
    Tom Shepardson День назад

    What a low life typical piece of shit she is

  • Amr Ali
    Amr Ali День назад

    What a trash bag... If this guy is an intellectual Im Beyonce knowles

  • Hans D
    Hans D День назад

    It's sad now the music group R.E.M is trying to become relevant again by bashing President Trump: see @t

  • JFandL55
    JFandL55 День назад


  • Jeremiah Alphonsus
    Jeremiah Alphonsus День назад

    Wow. She's super simian.

  • Stephen Tomlinson
    Stephen Tomlinson День назад

    Both of them are wasting people’s time and money . Both as corrupt as each other . Wouldn’t trust any of them if my life depended on it.

  • Jack Barrett
    Jack Barrett День назад

    You cannot put sociopaths in any position of authority.

  • Grieg Ragen
    Grieg Ragen День назад

    Racist Commie Bitch

  • Your Name
    Your Name День назад

    The raw statistical odds that a Black Female are intelligent enough for such a position...

  • Sarahyah Yahudah
    Sarahyah Yahudah День назад

    ESAU IS THE DEVIL😂😂😂😈🔫видео.html

  • Sarahyah Yahudah
    Sarahyah Yahudah День назад

    Psalm 58:3 King James Version
    3 The wicked are estranged from the womb: they go astray as soon as they be born, speaking lies. 😈🔫
    ESAU IS THE DEVIL😂😂😂😈🔫видео.html

  • John Flynt Adams
    John Flynt Adams День назад

    good God Almighty she is as Stupid as she is Arrogantly indifferent .......kick this Black Bitch Out!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hank Bruner
    Hank Bruner День назад

    This guy should have been confirmed as AG. He is just the kind of man that would tear the scabs off all the "Woke" panty men that are on the left now. His masculinity makes all of them mad as hornets. Every time he looks at them, they start scraping at the ground and snorting, trying to act as if they are really men too.

  • Michael J
    Michael J День назад

    Brilliant and shows how toxic the left has become.

  • quinn osborn
    quinn osborn День назад

    Fuck your yes or no, you idiot

  • Dusti D
    Dusti D День назад

    Shame on all of you for condoning foolery on behalf of the American ppl. Never mind if she’s black or a woman. We have a president that has put unnecessary stress on Americans through high taxes, stupid tariffs and making America a global embarrassment.

  • Jules Winfield
    Jules Winfield День назад

    Republicans couldn’t put President Obama’s administration under this much scrutiny because they couldn’t. It’s so easy to go after trump cause he is way out of his league. He claims to be smart all the time because he’s not. Smart people don’t have to tell they’re smart, it’s obvious. Stupid people play smart because they know they’re dumb as hell. Worst president in history and by far the most racist and divided our country has been since the Jim Crow era. Pitiful