Jordan Peele, 'Get Out' Was "Meant to be a More Direct, Brutal Wake-Up" | Close Up With THR

  • Published on Nov 28, 2017
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    Jordan Peele ('Get Out') joins Close Up with The Hollywood Reporter for this season's Writers Roundtable. Peele speaks of how during writing the film as a horror story "it turned into something more important."
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Comments • 532

  • J P
    J P 21 day ago

    I cant take this fuckin guy serious after seeing all the shit hes done on key and peele lmao

  • Black Sun
    Black Sun 2 months ago

    Not an horror story. Horror for those who don’t know the real story behind this movie.

  • Nightcore Bloodcore
    Nightcore Bloodcore 2 months ago

    U know I watched this movie and I was like
    What is this movie like supposed to tell me? That all white people are racist? and than I watched an interview with JP in which he said that get out is about the fact that eventhough we have a normal accepting society
    There still is racism in this world
    So I was like
    Ok true I understand now and I think its a great movie

  • ethan salsbury
    ethan salsbury 2 months ago

    Yah lets keep acting like yet another "white people are evil" movie is groundbreaking so we dont seem racist guys

  • Mikhail Villacorta
    Mikhail Villacorta 3 months ago

    1:56 Peele: "White people are the villains at the movie....."
    White guy in glasses: (leans forward) damn... You can feel the tension building up......

  • Ana C
    Ana C 5 months ago

    He looks like lord farquad

    LEGO TUBE 5 months ago +1

    Fuck this racist trash.

  • Rollie Pollie
    Rollie Pollie 5 months ago

    I like the alternate ending..
    Because I feel like it's closer in relation to Reality

  • Samantha Lewis
    Samantha Lewis 6 months ago

    So he's explaining the plot and meaning behind a black horror story to a table full of white people 😕

  • Lil Freesmoke
    Lil Freesmoke 6 months ago

    Jordan: White people are the villains in the movie
    Camera : pans to all the white guys

  • Reyiel Cloud
    Reyiel Cloud 6 months ago

    I never knew it was categorized as horror.

  • TruthSurge
    TruthSurge 7 months ago

    45% black, speaking with excellent diction, very intelligent and educated = not black. ? You are more white, Jordan, than you are black. So... this kind of.... doesn't really make sense. Put a REAL black person as lead. Not some educated actor who's quite dark but a REAL congo full-blooded African-American with a thug education. Like.. oh, any rap "artist" you might see in the news who was recently murdered. Cmon, man. Keep it REAL!

  • Sunny Bear
    Sunny Bear 7 months ago +1

    Amazing writer and visionary, loved the film and his thoughts about it.

  • Gideon Kes
    Gideon Kes 7 months ago

    Jordan wrote, directed and coproduced GET OUT. It made $250M worldwide. Why isn't he mega rich? The internet says he only worth $12M when after GET OUT that should be $50M! What kind of shit deal is that?

  • Kenia Sharpe
    Kenia Sharpe 8 months ago

    They pist with this black king 😂😂

  • mike
    mike 8 months ago

    Yeah, they were nodding their heads as if they were listening, but they weren't interested in any of his answers. In their heads they were thinking "Stop it, and go do some manual labor!" Lol

  • Theme Fresh
    Theme Fresh 10 months ago +1

    Some of the white at the table were pissed and just wanted to tell him to shut the fuck up

  • Contrapunctus XV
    Contrapunctus XV 11 months ago

    Infantilised black people. Listen to Larry Elder and Thomas Sowell and stop blaming everyone else.

  • Freddy
    Freddy 11 months ago +1

    Look at the white people faces hahahaha

  • Q Huynh
    Q Huynh Year ago

    Such great content, but so low views...

  • Ɲɛѵɛʀɱѳʀɛ
    Ɲɛѵɛʀɱѳʀɛ Year ago +2

    Black people are the victims in a movie? I am shocked.
    White people are the villians in the move? I'm shocked.

    • mike
      mike 8 months ago

      This is why its important for Black people to make film and media, playing basketball, buying cars, and women has no real power, the messages conveyed through film and media is much more powerful and thought provoking.

  • jliveslife Smith
    jliveslife Smith Year ago

    A smart movie for a change the same white or jewish males speaking for everyone has gotten stale its cool that its changing slowley more indian asian woman arab just people that live on earth telling stories there own way. Good for everybody

  • T M
    T M Year ago

    The people at the table look pissed like they forgot what happened in Ohio & other cities the past year, heck the past 100 years. The privileged are always in denial about the protests against bigotry & rising hate crimes in America. If your not from America then I excuse your ignorance but If your are and you don't understand the civil rights movement, white supremacy & the klu klux klan look it up.

  • Busie Dube
    Busie Dube Year ago

    Great movie

  • Ronald Fields
    Ronald Fields Year ago +1

    A very talented young man. So funny yet even smarter. Congrats

  • Gregory Castel
    Gregory Castel Year ago

    love these roundtables...very inspiring

  • The 9ine God
    The 9ine God Year ago

    A God in a room full of devils. A wolf among these white sheep.

  • Cory Lewis
    Cory Lewis Year ago

    Point Blank tho he needa help others make movies this great. More please

  • scott simmons
    scott simmons Year ago

    Good fiction that perpetuates the fiction of racism and racial stereotypes.

  • Miguel Aguilera
    Miguel Aguilera Year ago

    Wow. Even in this setting, it looks like Jordan is in his own film!!

  • Topaz fire
    Topaz fire Year ago +1

    To say kudos to him he did a really good job on bringing something alive that no one else had really thought about

  • jediphunk
    jediphunk Year ago

    so is peele Black, White, or just gay and in denial?

  • jediphunk
    jediphunk Year ago

    what an ugly bunch of people on this panal

  • thwip71
    thwip71 Year ago

    Stephen Galloway = 1/2 Hank Azaria + 1/2 Jeremy Irons.

  • ryu ray
    ryu ray Year ago


  • Hydro Knight
    Hydro Knight Year ago

    I Love Jordon Peele but this bullshit on how Obama broke a so called "Racist Barrier" is like I said, bullshit... Martin Luther king Jr. Should be your prime example

  • Jonathan Trevino
    Jonathan Trevino Year ago

    There's an interesting irony at work in the fact that the vast majority of the cinematic language was created by European and European American men (aka "white people"). In this way, it's worth considering how even what we might call the "black experience" might translate to something not so "black" after all in the cinemac world. A world understanding arrived at through the language of cinema. In the cinematic world, skin color doesn't really seem to have any solid authority over values because we all speak that language equally. But if one wants to take things to an evaluation of race and capacity, theres no way to avoid the consideration that we all may very well be just as "white" as the next person, regardless of skin color.

  • Jonathan Reed
    Jonathan Reed Year ago +1

    Well, I guess I completely missed the point. I thought it was a very dark comedy that exaggerated the paranoia that racism creates in the minds of black people. For example, in the first scene the guy is walking in a very middle-class suburb and tells his friend on the phone how "scary" it is. Was anybody really scared by the film? The whole idea of switching bodies with a group you hate is comically absurd....

  • Lwebz19
    Lwebz19 Year ago

    Lol some salty faces

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous 2 months ago

      @Ben Harper stupid hate filled biggots you say...oh the irony

    • Ben Harper
      Ben Harper Year ago +1

      The only people seeing "salty" faces are shit stupid hate filled bigots. Quit basing everything on skin color or at least stop being a "victim" and living off handouts while you complain like a little bitch about the people feeding your lazy ass.

  • S. D.
    S. D. Year ago

    I am grateful for you sharing your story. Alaskan Natives and Hawaiian Natives have always talked story and sang songs to get messages across. White people forbade and burned our stories and songs.Under the ruse of religious order. You are a strong man with an amazing brain. Fight the power. What you are doing is so right and powerful in ways you may or may not realize presently. You are empowering us, Jordan. your work and effort are greatly appreciated.

  • a u g u s t u s
    a u g u s t u s Year ago +2

    Isn't it troubling that you, as a black director, like most black directors, have made yet another politically motivated film about race? Is this all black people think about? Racism? Don't you find it troubling and somewhat insulting that when an African American directs a movie in which involves race, that white people immediately give it positive reviews, regardless of how mediocre it is? Doesn't it make you feel that you are given artificial praise, just because critics and the media are so afraid of being labelled racist? Doesn't that say something? This film being scored next to Citizen Kain and higher than Alfred Hitchcock movies is absolutely absurd, yet it is happening. This is a form of affirmative action, to spare your feelings, not honest praise.
    You aren't taking any risks here with this movie. If you wanted to take a risk, you'd make black people the "baddy", as we are all equal, therefore, any group of people, deep inside of themselves culturally, has the potential to be "racist". Now, that would be the "non-racist" view of course. Any race of people could technically be in the role of white people, but white people were in fact only lucky. Now, what I just said is the ultimate anti-racist thesis - A thesis in which, I don't think you take. I believe that you yourself are as bad as the racist white people you hate and it is made crystal clear when you write and direct a movie like this.
    I just find it amusing, that people now see you as some kind of genius for producing something so mediocre, without seeing the fact that the real racism in this country isn't coming from regular blue collar white people, but from the upper class white people who rather do nothing but virtue signal and parade black people around as if your people are owned by the democrat party.
    Now, apparently, you're taking "a shot" at white liberals, but then again, you'll go out and call Donald Trump racist (He's most likely a terrible president who says dumb things, similar to how terrible Obama was - who spoke nice, but was in the pocket of every major corporation in America) without any REAL evidence. So I think it's safe to say Peele, that you are basically racist yourself, and racist towards white people.
    If you had any respect for yourself as a director, you would drop the entire "race" premise and go for something more human, because the fact to the matter is that you ignore any racism, except the racism that you want to see. It's an easy coercive way to get good reviews from guilty white people, but if you want to be truly remembered as an outstanding director, this kind of movie does a great disservice to not only yourself, but to other black people.
    Do you really want to get a job or a position based on the colour of your skin and bad people feel for you? Or do you want to get recognition for something that you've actually earned. Because as far as I can see, you haven't earned a damn thing that people say that you have. Sure, you're successful, and obviously many people have heard of you, but the credit they give you for "the best film of the year", is an absurd joke. This is an average movie at best, which has been done before 100 times.

    • MrSnow1961
      MrSnow1961 Year ago

      With many blacks it's all race all the time.

    • a u g u s t u s
      a u g u s t u s Year ago

      This is a lot of word salad which misses the point I made entirely.
      1. These kinds of movies don't help to resolve the race issue, they perpetuate it and make it worse.
      2. If the roles were reversed, and black people were made the evil ones of course you would have a problem with it.
      3. It is being over hyped and over praised because of white guilt, something which you don't touch apon. 99% fresh rating, for a meh movie.
      4. Race is only a issue for me when people decide to make racism more intense and abuse the conscience of decent people for their own political benefit.
      You need to examine what is really happening today in the world instead of just observing the surface.

    • Steven Nieves
      Steven Nieves Year ago +1

      a u g u s t u s Damned if you do & Damned if you don't. Have you ever thought that maybe there are tons of Black Directors out there that tried to get All sorts of different stories told on the big screen not about Race &/or Racism but the powers that be didn't green light any of those Black Director's films? And Peele didn't say he was Hitchcock or his film was better than "Citizen Kane". And maybe this interview show & other shows that Peele's been on didn't air his full complete interview with his explanation of his script & his movie. Peele tried to answer their questions as best as he could. Maybe he's answered so many of the same questions regarding his movie that he's totally fried & out of it. Whatever, who cares? Why are you taking this guy's positive achievement & discrediting it & tearing it all down? Peele's movie entertained millions & it made millions. Critics raved & gave it great reviews. Stop being so negative. If anybody is talking too much about Race & Racism, it's people like you. Since his directorial debut made lots of cash & won awards, maybe Peele's next movie won't be about Race & Racism. Obviously, it would seem race & racism in America are topics you can't handle & deal with. Or is race & racism in America just too much of a touchy topic for you & people like you? If that's true then don't pay your hard earned cash to see movies like Peele's or movies about race & racism in America or anywhere on planet Earth. And to answer your question about whether or not Blacks Only think about race & racism, Yes and No. Some Black people think about race/racism alot & some Black people don't. Just like anybody else & any topic/issue. Unfortunately, racism in America is a very current & long standing issue for many Black Americans. So, excuse & forgive many of them for thinking about a topic that still has not died & gone away. When there is true equality for everyone, especially all Blacks in America, then it won't be such a major topic & issue for alot of them. Not All of them but alot of them. And not every single day, week or month of their lives either but a prevalent issue. And it seems Black Americans aren't the only group thinking & replying about race & racism in America. I think it's a major topic/issue for you too? Or maybe I'm way off with my feeling? Please let me know if I'm a little wrong.

    • Ben Harper
      Ben Harper Year ago

      Betsy Were you trying to prove his point or are you just a shit stupid bigot? I'm seriously asking you. Oh wait. I'm axing you.

    • a u g u s t u s
      a u g u s t u s Year ago +2

      Dear Betsy, I am sorry to have offended your delicate sensibilities. It appears as if we are all walking on ice these days doesn't it? Nonono, it only feels as if you have to watch what you say about everything because there is a hoard of SJW feminist race baiters who "have studied critical race theory" and will try to get you fired or ruin your life just because something "seems" racist. Which to these people, everything is racist.
      P.s> I am not from America, but even if I was, I wouldn't want to discuss racism every time I opened my mouth. It's exhausting!
      P.S - Grammies and Oscars don't mean shit anymore, in case you didn't notice. Citizen Kain is all about a man finding his way, right? You'd probably think to yourself "Damn, that's some white people shit". Or something retarded like that. It's funny how the entire country of America almost has embraced african american cultrue in music, but that isn't fucking good enough, everybody needs to suck your dicks and kill themselves. What is going to be good enough? Nothing. Nothing will ever be good enough for you. Complain, complain, complain and complain. You are now the racist bigots! That should be a movie!!!!!!!!!!!!! How the oppressed are now the wannabe oppressors! Do you think for a second, that if black people were solely in charge, that you would be fair to white people? FUCK NO! You hate white people and you know it, you racist idiot.
      The sad truth is that most black people are warmonger, not black panther, who in my opinion would be a great man and an asset to society. Sad!

  • Derek Placeholder

    When I saw this movie, I lost my mind where the cop asked him for his ID. I got pulled over once for speeding with a woman I had only briefly known (I was driving), and she, as a passenger, *volunteered* her ID to the cop. He had never even addressed her, since it was a traffic stop and he had no reason to engage her, there was no probably cause (he was very professional). I could not believe it. I talked about it with her later, and she said, "I have a clean record, I thought it would help." Giving information to the police can *never* help you. You have the right to remain silent.

  • Brandon Lockett
    Brandon Lockett Year ago

    I dont like them sitting in a circle around him looking at him crazy in a dark room

    • Ben Harper
      Ben Harper Year ago

      Brandom A black guy whining about something?!! WOW!!! That's a first.

    INTERNETWORK Year ago +3

    Something about this guy makes me want to beat his fat face into the ground. I loved his movie. It was genuinely frightening and I had no trouble rooting for the protagonist. I barely thought of race while watching it. It has a sour aftertaste, however. The reaction of certain black audience members is disturbing, as if they share the film's seeming contention that the entire white race is, by unchallenged affirmation, the villain. Peele's failure or refusal to address this perception is irresponsible and rather cowardly. A person would have to be intellectually dead to believe we are all living in a post-racist society. But by encouraging and justifying the feelings of victimization and vengeance among blacks who watch it, Get Out only contributes toward racial friction. For all that, it is still one hell of a great thriller.

    • delphineblue
      delphineblue 8 months ago +1

      @Jan Carlos Mañon Uncle tom hispanics are like that.

    • delphineblue
      delphineblue 8 months ago +1

      In other words, you were triggered because you are an insecure, ugly, violent, racist pos ("makes me want to beat his fat face into the ground") AND upset because you don't want Black people to consider the historical AND current totality of white savagery and racism. Because it makes YOU uncomfortable.
      Go fuck yourself. And enjoy Jordan's newest flick.

    • Jan Carlos Mañon
      Jan Carlos Mañon 10 months ago

      blacks are like that

  • Jill Inthebox
    Jill Inthebox Year ago

    Anyone else scared for Jordan, right now?

    • Ben Harper
      Ben Harper Year ago

      jill Scared that some black guy will rob and kill him for his wallet?

    • jed52
      jed52 Year ago


  • CheavorTV
    CheavorTV Year ago

    Interesting Interview

  • boredom2go
    boredom2go Year ago +1

    The most important thing this movie gave the world is an amazing prank for white parents to pull on their daughter's new boyfriend who happens to be black. Extra points for getting a black friend to dress up in old-timey clothes and pretend to be completely out of touch with modern black culture.

  • Bram Money
    Bram Money Year ago +2

    Get Out was much better than anything Black Mirror had to offer in Season 4 on a different note. Great film.

  • Aaron Simon jr
    Aaron Simon jr Year ago

    It must be hard to speak your mind about a pro black/anti-white movie around a group of white people

    • Ben Harper
      Ben Harper Year ago

      awan You made a blanket statement that implies white people would harass or in some way attack a black person that was pro black/anti white. Not only is that proof you are oblivious to your own glaringly obvious bigotry, it also shows you have been hiding under a rock for the last several decades. Many (most?) white people these days are hammered with anti white sentiments daily and are labeled a racist if they dare try to have an objective discourse on the subject. Look at your response to me as a perfect example.
      You ARE an ignorant hate filled bigot. That goes against the facade you have created for yourself and your community. Sadly the black community is just as vicious in the rare cases when a person of color dares have a differing opinion than the hive mind. Educate yourself or continue to be a miserable angry bigot. The choice is yours.

    • Aaron Simon jr
      Aaron Simon jr Year ago

      Ben Harper you have no valid argument and now your targeting my RUclip profile pic, and I'm supposed to be the bigot

    • Ben Harper
      Ben Harper Year ago

      Awan So you're a bigot then? I suspected as much from yo avatar.

    • Aaron Simon jr
      Aaron Simon jr Year ago

      Ben Harper liberal or conservative it doesn't change the fact that their white people or would you prefer caucasians

    • Ben Harper
      Ben Harper Year ago

      A group of white LIBERALS?!!! Are you actually as shit stupid and bigoted as you seem?

  • lucaboden
    lucaboden Year ago +1

    Good to see MadTV alum making an impact in Hollywood, but personally I did not care for the movie. I feel Jordan is more brilliant on camera than off.

  • Dcecena
    Dcecena Year ago

    This man is literally sitting on a scene from his own movie!!!!!!!!!! Jordan Get Out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Iván Jiménez
    Iván Jiménez Year ago

    0:45 I thought it was Mr Bean

  • enima
    enima Year ago

    I only saw Megan in the beginning

  • ShuddleBuppitz
    ShuddleBuppitz Year ago +7

    Freshly done watching this movie for the first time. As a white dude in the middle class, I loved every moment. It’s scary to think about that fact that, although this is a dramatic version of some black peoples thoughts of how white people view them, there is a gigantic group of HUMANS that live their lives terrified of how they’re going to be treated in a room or setting full of people that wear a different color than them.
    Super happy Jordan Peele pulled this off. Our country, and the world, needed to see this. Even though there will be plenty of close-minded people that take it as a personal attack on their kind. Very cool. Very thrilled for Jordan and could not be more excited that this could open up a door for more movies bringing to light a very dark, and very real problem.

    • John
      John Year ago

      You’re such an idiot

  • comrade 0118
    comrade 0118 Year ago +1

    71 white tears

    • UpAndDown
      UpAndDown Year ago +1

      Tears don't have colour, you racist little turd.

  • Cheryl Richemond
    Cheryl Richemond Year ago

    Dam look at their faces when he is talking.Wow!!!!!

    • Cheryl Richemond
      Cheryl Richemond Year ago

      Ben Harper Corny.

    • Ben Harper
      Ben Harper Year ago

      Cheryl Why you triggered? You want a couple of loose newports and a handful of change?

    • Cheryl Richemond
      Cheryl Richemond Year ago

      Ben Harper Hahahahaha you little woman.

    • Ben Harper
      Ben Harper Year ago

      Awwww You tried really hard to be clever, huh? I'm sure there was a reason you failed miserably. Perhaps a white person looked at you. Apparently that really triggers the black community. Dry those tears boo.

    • Cheryl Richemond
      Cheryl Richemond Year ago

      Ben Harper Like you!

  • ABCEEZ 888
    ABCEEZ 888 Year ago

    As he only talking to all white colleagues

  • MrSnow1961
    MrSnow1961 Year ago +1

    Peele clearly thinks he's better than whites because he's half black.

  • MrSnow1961
    MrSnow1961 Year ago +1

    Peele considers racism a one way street. What a jerk.

  • MrSnow1961
    MrSnow1961 Year ago +6

    Peele is extremely ignorant.