Watch the moment men first landed on the moon

  • Published on Jul 19, 2019
  • Walter Cronkite anchored CBS News live coverage on July 20, 1969, as Apollo 11's "Eagle" lunar lander, carrying astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, touched down on the moon. TV viewers were seeing a simulation of the lander, since NASA's video cameras were not yet operating on the moon.
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Comments • 240

  • sooyoung
    sooyoung 3 days ago +1

    The Britney Spears “Ooops I did it again” music video is more realistic than this💀

  • Sha
    Sha 4 days ago

    The moon landing is fake how is there a camera moving around on the moon before they even land on the moon when they had never been to the moon before round of applause beautiful film on top of it they hadn't even made cameras like they do today

  • Panzer Meyer
    Panzer Meyer 5 days ago +1

    “ One small step for a man, one giant fake for the mankind “

  • John Patriot
    John Patriot 7 days ago

    Men landing on the Moon...still to this very day continues to send shock waves through the hearts and minds of everyone, including the people who watched it happen, and in even those who were but a glimmer in the eyes of their fathers and mothers. Some are still cheering this great accomplishment, but others are angry for not being alive when this all took place. I for one am simply thankful to know that it happened and in some small way took part in this awesome dream that came to fruition right in front of my eyes. All I can say is....don't stop dreaming Americans, for you have so much to be proud of. Remember always, it takes courage, fortitude and sacrifice to achieve great things...are you ready for the challenge??? I wish you Gods speed...

  • whoisyangg
    whoisyangg 13 days ago

    Good CGI of Hollywood Movie

  • Typical Tools
    Typical Tools 17 days ago

    how was they recording, before they even landed? 😆

    • Mex67_ TomPlášek
      Mex67_ TomPlášek 6 days ago

      Idk how much comments I've seen like this not realizing it's a f*cking simulation

    • Masennn-
      Masennn- 17 days ago

      Typical Tools you here because of matthew santoro?

    PUBG NG PINAS 18 days ago

    It looks fake?

    • sooyoung
      sooyoung 3 days ago

      PUBG NG PINAS because it is haha

  • Pouranan
    Pouranan 22 days ago

    The description says it's a simulation

  • Addie Grace15
    Addie Grace15 23 days ago

    This looks very fake like where are the stars and how the moon looks like a set it looks tiny you can also see things that dont make sense like idk if i can trust nasa or the government

    • Kevin S
      Kevin S 18 days ago

      @Addie Grace15 because it's in a wire frame that was explained on TV!!!! You people will grasp at any straw for your Tin Foil Hat Conspiracy crap

    • E. Rose
      E. Rose 21 day ago

      It's a simulation. It says so right there at the top of the video. The audio is real.

    • Addie Grace15
      Addie Grace15 23 days ago

      also why is the flag waving if there is no wind

  • Peter Mitchell
    Peter Mitchell 23 days ago +2

    Amazing how even today live broadcasts from the other side of the world always have a second or 2 delay yet back then there was no delay at all between what NASA were saying and the reply back from the moon.

    • E. Rose
      E. Rose 3 days ago

      @sooyoung No problems? How do you know? They nearly ran out of fuel during the landing while an unknown computer alarm was flashing in their face for one.

    • sooyoung
      sooyoung 3 days ago

      You get delays from two different parts of the same country even lol. This was obviously prerecorded. The fact that they got no problems whatsoever is such an Obvious sign this is a hoax

    • E. Rose
      E. Rose 21 day ago

      Yes there was.

  • The Matrixx
    The Matrixx 24 days ago +1

    Question, who set up the camera?

  • bhisan sanjayal
    bhisan sanjayal 26 days ago

    Dont make us fool😂😂😂😂

  • Denise Harper
    Denise Harper 28 days ago +1

    I want to see prove for my own eyes that these people allegedly walked on the moon because I do not believe it never have and I never will there's no

  • chula
    chula 28 days ago +1

    Look more real than the real ones

  • Mridul TK
    Mridul TK 28 days ago +2

    So real

  • Cindy Do
    Cindy Do 29 days ago +5

    The moon landing was filmed at a studio by The Shinning director Stanley Kubrick.

    • Kevin S
      Kevin S 24 days ago

      I'd reply to that but right now Bigfoot is strangling The Loch Ness Monster in my front yard

  • A R Thur
    A R Thur 29 days ago +1

    Poor simulation. The Lander was moving across the surface as well as down.

  • mel grant
    mel grant 29 days ago

    Lego spacemen went to the moon but not these.😊

  • kbhorseman
    kbhorseman 29 days ago


  • coffin angel
    coffin angel Month ago +2

    this looks so fake,,,,,,

  • Sandesh Sandy
    Sandesh Sandy Month ago

    1.38 🤣🤣🤣 desny studio 😂😂

  • destroy what destroys you

    it was real and its a geatest achievement ever

  • Fetus eggs
    Fetus eggs Month ago +2

    Why does that look so fake

  • Bass Fishing with the AntiChrist

    I'm sure Russia got a kick out of this! It looks like you made the lunar lander out of the boxes and wrapping paper left over from X-mas! And scotch tape (Traitors) A real man would only use duct tape. (Except for duct work)
    Our government has lied about EVERYTHING. The "Super Power" has been lying about the nukes, as well. They've been robbing all the gullible countries with an empty briefcase and a handcuff! (I just press this button and you're all dead!) AND if Israel had nukes, they would have used them already.

    • marko markovic
      marko markovic 21 day ago

      @william Yes my opinion is they just orbit around the earth and they never been on the moon . After all , like human i will be very hapy that it is true . , But I dont like when somebody lie

    • william
      william 29 days ago

      It is a simulation so the only people that knows for sure my guess is select people from Nasa. The question is did they go to the moon or did they just orbit around the earth. There will be people on both sides for sure.I will agree with one thing their simulation was not high quality back in 1969.

  • Shemeka Reed
    Shemeka Reed Month ago

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  • Rezwan Khan
    Rezwan Khan Month ago +2


  • Pramésh Gautam
    Pramésh Gautam Month ago

    Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Celebration at Washington Monument, Washington DC

  • Infinite Ecstasy
    Infinite Ecstasy Month ago

    Video games look more realistic

  • mw10259
    mw10259 Month ago +11


  • mw10259
    mw10259 Month ago +1


  • Stranger
    Stranger Month ago +3

    The beginning is a fricking simulation

  • kunal Dixit
    kunal Dixit Month ago +3


  • Kelp Farming
    Kelp Farming Month ago

    Why do they deny white peopel celebrating this as THEIR unqiue contribution? Or combustion engines or harnessed electricity. Its like they want to deny US identity and heritage. WHO PROFITS FROM THAT? Dare to think

  • Kevin S
    Kevin S Month ago +1

    To those of you who replied to my comment this is because you think moon landing was faked well you better rethink this because Trump said we should go BACK TO the moon so you better fall in line with Der Fuher cuz he believes they happened

    • Kim Calkins
      Kim Calkins 22 days ago

      @Kevin S I don't know for sure, I am not really a Trump supporter but I don't think he is scripted, kind of a lose cannon, so when he said "you will find out..."

    • Kevin S
      Kevin S 22 days ago

      @Kim Calkins Just who is responsible? Those involved were brought to justice Bin Laden is at the bottom of the ocean rotting

    • Kim Calkins
      Kim Calkins 22 days ago

      @Kevin S "This evidence led US regulators to vow, in Congressional testimony, to bring those responsible to justice. Those vows were not fulfilled, as the people in charge of the investigations let the suspects off the hook by conducting weak inquiries and concluding that informed trading could not have occurred if it was not done directly by Osama bin Laden or al Qaeda."

    • Kevin S
      Kevin S 22 days ago

      Again go to the families of the dead & tell them your theory if you have the guts to do it!!!!!!!

    • Kevin S
      Kevin S 22 days ago

      @Kim Calkins Yes you're right firemen headed into a burning building WERE NOT WARNED it may possibly collapse!!!! Are you aware of how insane what you are saying is?????????

  • 1 Bad Jesus
    1 Bad Jesus Month ago

    THIS IS DUMB... thought it was a real one! idiots!

  • Meade Music
    Meade Music Month ago +1

    This happened 10 years before I was born and I missed it !

  • J Library
    J Library Month ago +2

    Why doesn’t RUclip disabled this news CBS ,, it’s all lies

  • Gerry Caslon
    Gerry Caslon Month ago +1

    "Watch the moment"? Sorry you are not "watching the moment". If I was watching a football game at the exact moment someone hit a homer in a baseball game would you say I was "watching the moment" of the home run? Nobody watched the moment, but millions listened.

  • Ipso Facto
    Ipso Facto Month ago +4

    Still doubling down on the lie 50 years later.

  • don64
    don64 Month ago +5

    One of the greatest achievements of all mankind.Still chills 50 years later.

  • Ste P
    Ste P Month ago +3

    What’s people’s thoughts was the moon landings true or fake?
    My opinion is how was technology able to actually achieve this 50 years ago, a mobile phone has more computing power than they had, but I’m open to other people’s views on this!

    • Kim Calkins
      Kim Calkins 28 days ago

      @Jan Solo here is the first photo, just a view of Apollo boots, nothing wrong here, just take a close look at the tread pattern, basically wide straight parallel ribs, same from heel to toe.
      but then we have this detail from a photo from the NASA Atlas

    • Kim Calkins
      Kim Calkins 28 days ago

      @Jan Solo Math is my strong point but I took Physics as electives, Mechanics, Light and sound, Electromagnetism, Strength of materials. I have written several ray tracing programs to do produce different types of anamorphic art. The photos I am referring to do not require any filtering or special training to understand.

    • Jan Solo
      Jan Solo 28 days ago

      @Kim Calkins Question: How much do you know about photo imagetry and physic?
      Since Im a professional Fotographer and my parents bot were scientists and I didnt found any photo that convince me that at least some of these things were staged. So
      please enlighten me but it was to convince you. :)

    • Kim Calkins
      Kim Calkins 28 days ago +2

      It took just two photos to convince me that at least some of these things were staged, I think they hold up in a a court of law

    • Ipso Facto
      Ipso Facto Month ago +3

      @Jan Solo Idiot? Why drag that nasty pig you call a mother into it? She is a great swallower mind you.

  • J Library
    J Library Month ago +1

    The name NASA in the Hebrew language and the Greek language means Deceiver, they went nowhere it’s was a movie with actors

  • slayingwicked
    slayingwicked Month ago +1

    Anaconda, lalalabamba, propaganda

  • elbronco80
    elbronco80 Month ago +4

    "You gotta bunch of guys about to turn blue, we're breathing again. Thanks a lot."

  • Larry Carmody CMD
    Larry Carmody CMD Month ago

    I was on the North slop of Alaska, flying west to Mt Michaelson w/ cargo for a Exxon camp, listen to the landing, on UHF broadcast from our base at Sagwonavich.

  • Jim Keller
    Jim Keller Month ago +1

    Today is the 50th anniversary of this great event. After all the ramblings of moon landing hoax idiots over the years, today I hear not one shred of that on ANY media outlet! Nowhere is there a discussion of this as a hoax;....accept amongst conspiracy idiots on You Tube. Very satisfying to know that right thinking individuals dominate.

    • Ipso Facto
      Ipso Facto Month ago +1

      Right, the people who perpetrated 9/11are right thinking people. You are a sick whack job, but you already know that.

    • James Neilson Graham
      James Neilson Graham Month ago

      Well said! This is a moment when scientists everywhere celebrate a unique human achievement. I hope this gives moon hoax believers a sense of their irrelevance . . .

  • ray Moore
    ray Moore Month ago +9

    I mean Damn!....If we did it so easily back then, why cant we go back now?...I mean what would it cost to go there now, a couple of bucks?

    • Remonize
      Remonize 13 days ago

      Theres just no point in going as what would we gain from going there just a waste of earth materials as we arent in a space war or anything

    • el rumi
      el rumi Month ago +3

      I mean, I think it's useless to flight human again to the moon. There's nothing to explore there.

    • sent18inel
      sent18inel Month ago +2

      more. all the good engineers retired or passed away.

  • Happy Nobody
    Happy Nobody Month ago

    fAkE •-•

  • TSupraLano
    TSupraLano Month ago

    Silly Esau, You will be brought down

    ZIZ ZTE Month ago +1

    I'm so sick and tired of all these crazy conspiracy theorist NASA should shut them up once and for all by having rooms in a vacuum with 200 degrees Plus in 200 degrees below and show us exactly how those spacesuits work they should take the lunar lander into Earth orbit and show us exactly how it Maneuvers in space do things like that would be easy to shut up everybody.

    • Kevin S
      Kevin S 18 days ago +1

      They'd just throw up they're hands and scream FAKE NEWS just like always when proven wrong

  • thegreatmonster
    thegreatmonster Month ago +6

    Just call the damn clip: 'Hear the moment... on the moon.' It's animations and simulations all over the place.

    • Kevin S
      Kevin S 18 days ago

      @Larry Carmody CMD Again ANYTHING YOU DON'T LIKE SCREAM FAKE NEWS why don't you call it what it really is not FAKE NEWS but FOX NEWS

    • Larry Carmody CMD
      Larry Carmody CMD Month ago +2

      You nay sayers are listening to the Fake news again

  • Brandon Gowen
    Brandon Gowen Month ago +2

    Happy 50th apollo 11 landing

  • Helen Bach
    Helen Bach Month ago +4

    One small lie for man, one giant hoax for mankind.

    • L CHGL
      L CHGL 24 days ago

      @James Neilson Graham
      When there's money involved, you repeat it as often as you need to (if you're an agency that's run by a small group of swindlers who lack a conscience, that is).

    • Helen Bach
      Helen Bach Month ago +3

      James Neilson Graham if repeating brings in $20billion a year it’s never going to stop.

    • James Neilson Graham
      James Neilson Graham Month ago

      Helen Bach, If you want to perpetrate the greatest hoax in the history of humanity you do it once, heave a sigh of relief (if you think you've succeeded) and leave it at that. You don't go on repeating it multiple times (there were 9 moon missions, 6 of which landed on the lunar surface) multiplying the chances of being found out exponentially . . .

  • Marmalade Stex1591
    Marmalade Stex1591 Month ago +3

    I think Sting did it too!.

  • charles foltz
    charles foltz Month ago +8

    Why would anyone give this a thumbs down. What a human feat. Fun fact, used my basic math..if the moon is 1 inch away from earth, Mars is 142 inches away.

    • L CHGL
      L CHGL 17 days ago

      @Kevin S
      Not everyone lies, surely. And Trump's lies have nothing to do with this subject.

    • Kevin S
      Kevin S 18 days ago

      @L CHGL Yes everybody's lying But I bet you think President Bonespurs is the only one telling the truth

    • L CHGL
      L CHGL 23 days ago

      @charles foltz
      Sorry to break this to you, but believing that Elvis is alive is no crazier than believing in the ridiculous Moon landings.

    • charles foltz
      charles foltz 23 days ago

      @L CHGL And Elvis and Jim Morrison are still alive. Well, I wish they were, so maybe they are.

    • L CHGL
      L CHGL 23 days ago

      @charles foltz
      Sorry, but those who are uneducated and gullible enough to believe the Moon landings happened are the ones who should study Newton's laws of motion.

      While you're at it, I suggest you read up on the Van Allen belts and pray for common sense.

  • sos clay
    sos clay Month ago +4

    Interesting that CBS simulation showed the Eagle on the moon at the original intended touchdown time. Armstrong delayed actual touchdown by several seconds by taking over in manual.

  • Michael Laprarie
    Michael Laprarie Month ago +49

    It never fails to amaze me how dumb people can be. There were no live broadcast-capable cameras in the LM that were designed for use during descent, and obviously no remote cameras following it to the surface. TV broadcasts had to use dioramas, models, animations, and other simulations in order to give viewers something to watch. This is not difficult to understand, especially for those of us old enough to remember seeing the moon landings when they happened. Go back and watch the July 16 launch. Was that "faked" too? A million people watched a "fake" Saturn V launch. Sure, whatever. And after the spacecraft had traveled out of visual range of earth-bound cameras, what did TV coverage show? Animations and mock-ups with models to illustrate what was happening. No cameras in earth orbit either. Sheesh.

    • Juan Motie
      Juan Motie Day ago

      It never fails to amaze me how dumb people can be when they think the Moon landings were fake. All the landing sites were confirmed by the U.S. and several space missions from other countries. Oh yes, airplanes are real too.

    • Kevin S
      Kevin S 18 days ago

      @out about Who told you this? Hannity,Carlson,Ingram or Fox & Fools in the Morning

    • Stevek552
      Stevek552 22 days ago

      @Michael Laprarie So sad..

    • Paul Aouizerate
      Paul Aouizerate Month ago


    • Michael Laprarie
      Michael Laprarie Month ago +2

      @James Neilson Graham Exactly right. The camera inside the LM was a film camera, and the film had to be brought back to earth and developed before viewing. The external camera on the LM was mounted inside the cover of the MESA (Modular Equipment Stowage Assembly) housed on one of the quad compartments of the LM descent stage. Armstrong had to manually pull a lanyard release on the LM ladder to unlatch the MESA cover and release the camera so that it could transmit a picture of the astronauts ascending and descending the ladder. But neither of those was rigged for live transmission during the descent.

  • Scott Anderson
    Scott Anderson Month ago

    But wait, guys, the Wikipedia article the Google gurus put here for us clearly states we went to the moon. Ha, ha, ha, ha.

  • Fozz Gate
    Fozz Gate Month ago +6

    NASA can't even get the space shuttle out of low earth orbit and they claimed man has gone to the moon? Cold War, that was it all about. Don't you all think that after 50 years, United States would of made a better space vehicle to have gone past the moon.

    • L CHGL
      L CHGL 23 days ago

      @Ron Clark
      Unmanned spacecraft is a far cry from manned spacecraft.

    • Fozz Gate
      Fozz Gate Month ago

      @wolfchrt So much pressure has been put into the minds of the human race, they just cant take it anymore.

    • wolfchrt
      wolfchrt Month ago +1

      It's just not worth it anymore. And man have been to the moon more than once.

    • Ron Clark
      Ron Clark Month ago +2

      We did. Unmanned spacecraft such as Voyager I and Voyager II, among others...

    KING TRUMP Month ago +4

    Simulation clickbait...NICE !

  • Dave Robinson
    Dave Robinson Month ago +6

    The moon is flat.

  • Sia Patel
    Sia Patel Month ago +2

    lovely set :)

  • SickKent
    SickKent Month ago +4

    That's fake af. Lol

  • Black Sabbath
    Black Sabbath Month ago +68

    The news in 2154
    NASA- "We're finally going back to the moon in 2160."

    • Kevin S
      Kevin S 17 days ago

      @Black Sabbath You are positive the moon landings were faked & NASA destroyed evidence yet you admit you don't know what happened with Apollo 13 & why would they fake Apollo 14,15,16,&17. 13 would have given NASA. & the government a very good excuse to stop why would they continue? As usual when hit with evidence you can't explain you avoid question. Again EXPLAIN APOLLO 13!!!!!

    • Kevin S
      Kevin S 17 days ago

      I live near Philadelphia & your telling me NASA limited astronauts to 200 to 300 miles in orbit that's from were I live to Pittsburgh you are NUTS!!!!!!

    • Kevin S
      Kevin S 17 days ago

      @Black Sabbath Ok so astronauts were limited to 200 to 300 miles in orbit? My friend the circumfrance of the Earth is roughly 25,000 miles so John Glenn's 3 orbits total roughly 75 FREAKING THOUSAND MILES IN ORBIT!!!!! & who told you NASA destroyed evidence. Go wash your MAGA hat

    • Black Sabbath
      Black Sabbath 17 days ago

      @Kevin S so nasa destroying all the telemetry data, astronauts handing out petrified wood and passing them off as moon rocks..nobody else even attempting such a feat in 50 years..The apollo 13 drama isn't going to reel me in, idk what that was about..I also hear the proof is we put lunar reflectors up there but Russia did the same using a rover in 1970. I also hear Russia would have called us on it but they did..The entire decade when we were saying we were going they were saying it can't be done and the longer the time passes I think they were right. Their populace laughs at the notion, from what I've gathered most of them dont believe it. I used to think it probably did happen but always found it a bit suspicious. When I learned of NASA destroying the evidence that would have mathematically proven they went, kept all the records to be looked at..yeah that was obvious at that point something went down, looks like a coverup. Nobody ever even goes 1,000 miles out or 3,000..since then everybody is limited to 200-300 miles in orbit but we went 1,000x that distance 50 years ago? Makes no sense.If some other nation claimed to do this you'd have a lot more skeptical people here.

    • Kevin S
      Kevin S 18 days ago

      @Black Sabbath Then please explain Apollo 13 was it faked to get a little excitement?

  • up lift
    up lift Month ago +3

    That lunar module is pathetic looking . Who came up with that design and material ?? Anton on in living color ?? And where did they store all the oxygen to supply the crew

    • James Neilson Graham
      James Neilson Graham Month ago

      As soon as you start checking out the development of the Lunar Module (by Grumman Engineering) you realise why it is constructed as it is. It just takes a tiny bit of curiosity . . .

  • nosuchthing8
    nosuchthing8 Month ago +99

    No one thought it was fake at the time, only years later.

    • Stewie Griffen
      Stewie Griffen 11 hours ago

      It was real

    • whoisyangg
      whoisyangg 13 days ago

      Good CGI of Hollywood Movie

    • Remonize
      Remonize 13 days ago

      @Cindy Do thats debunked

    • L CHGL
      L CHGL 24 days ago +4

      Because as technology has advanced, as computer tech. has advanced, as knowledge of the radiation belts have become more known (and the plasma "glass wall" wasn't discovered until 2012), many more people have used their God-given common sense and realized just how impossible it is even today.

    • Thomas Fields
      Thomas Fields 24 days ago +2

      Cause people were idiots..More so than now.

  • nosuchthing8
    nosuchthing8 Month ago +13

    Saying everything is fake is simply broadcasting the fact you don't bother to understand anything. Prove it.

    • Kevin S
      Kevin S 18 days ago

      @Larry Carmody CMD couldn't have said it better. WELL DONE!!!!!

    • Slick Firmament
      Slick Firmament Month ago +5

      @Larry Carmody CMD we never went to the moon.

    • Larry Carmody CMD
      Larry Carmody CMD Month ago +5

      Take a look at the fotos from the LRO circling the moon since 2009. You can see the landers setting there on the moon, even see their foot prints in the moon dust, so dont tell me we never went to the moon. If you dont believe it, then you have a mental problem.

    • Slick Firmament
      Slick Firmament Month ago

      NASA, we take lemons and make astronauts die. It looks like their mothers' gave them the wrong recipe.

  • nosuchthing8
    nosuchthing8 Month ago +17

    It says simulation in the video. Remember they were receiving from outer space.

    • ECO dom
      ECO dom Month ago

      what are you mean?

  • egami ames
    egami ames Month ago +1

    vacuum tubes, crt tvs, telegrams, dial up phones, star trek tv series etceteras

    • Ron Clark
      Ron Clark Month ago

      Don't forget the short takes from home movie cameras. Zapruder's nearly 30 seconds was a complete wind. Hard to believe for today's youth who have never operated a home movie camera before as they take long takes, depending upon storage up to hours, with their smart phones and tablets.

  • Kevin S
    Kevin S Month ago +4

    There is a far to large crowd(MAGA) who thinks everything is a conspiracy(Kennedy assassination,Watergate,etc etc etc) I'm going to say it you're all idiots

    • Kevin S
      Kevin S Month ago

      @RussianBot1917 you just proved my point by misspelling idiots(idEot)

    • Kevin S
      Kevin S Month ago

      @Larry Carmody CMD there you go like I said whenever you people see or hear something you don't like scream FAKE NEWS

    • Larry Carmody CMD
      Larry Carmody CMD Month ago +1

      @Kevin S just tell us, how the Russians cld make sure Trump wld win, did they come here & put more ballots in the boxes, if they were going to help anyone, itd be Hillary, cuz they know they can get anything from her, they already got 20% of our military grade uranium from her & gave her 145 million for it & she promptly put it in her pocket.

    • Larry Carmody CMD
      Larry Carmody CMD Month ago

      You ppl are watchen the FAKE NEWS AGAIN, HA,HA

    • Kevin S
      Kevin S Month ago +2

      Intelligence community all agree Russians interfered with US elections but whenever you people see or hear something you don't like you scream"FAKE NEWS" If President Bonespurs said 2+2=5 & a mathematician said"No 2+2=4"you'd scream liberal hoax

  • RussianBot1917
    RussianBot1917 Month ago +3

    I heard Stanely Kubrick was such a perfectionist he faked the moon landing on location.

    • mel grant
      mel grant 29 days ago +2

      Bit stale now this joke

  • MrAubery
    MrAubery Month ago +3

    Models & props, photographic fakery. In more recent news, buzz aldrin told people the truth, "We Didn't Go".

    • Meme Videos
      Meme Videos Month ago

      Samuel Hayden I t s a j o k e e e e e e e e e

    • James Neilson Graham
      James Neilson Graham Month ago

      MsAubery, Hoax believers concentrate on the visuals, forgetting the audio. Anyone who thinks this is just actors reading their lines doesn't know much about acting . . .

    • Samuel Hayden
      Samuel Hayden Month ago +8

      MrAubery Oh? And when/where did he say that? Got video or audio? No? Didn’t think so...

  • big Jim
    big Jim Month ago +57

    Guess some one went to the moon first so they could flim it,,,

    • Kevin S
      Kevin S 18 days ago

      @big Jim liberal what? You obviously feel my political way of thinking makes me wrong about everything. He'll why let facts,science, & numbers get in the way of your opinion

    • big Jim
      big Jim 18 days ago

      @Kevin S we all can't be as wonderful and as wise as you are,, liberal

    • Kevin S
      Kevin S 18 days ago

      @big Jim you misspelled have that's the mark of a Tin Foil Hat Conspiracy Theoris

    • Arun Joseph
      Arun Joseph 23 days ago

      Shooted at area 51

    • Tae Tae
      Tae Tae 29 days ago +1

      “CBS News simulation”

  • Brandon Bennetzen
    Brandon Bennetzen Month ago +8

    So far 14 moon Hoaxers were punched in the face by Astronaut Buzz Aldrin!

    • Kevin S
      Kevin S 18 days ago

      @mel grant did you?

    • mel grant
      mel grant 29 days ago

      And he still didn't swear on the bible!

    • out about
      out about Month ago


    • Samuel Hayden
      Samuel Hayden Month ago +2

      Brandon Bennetzen I would be honored to hold his beer while he punches 14 more.

  • dirtysci
    dirtysci Month ago +20

    And the Troll Magnet Video Of The Day Award goes to....

    • L CHGL
      L CHGL 23 days ago

      @mel grant
      Good one, Mel!

    • dirtysci
      dirtysci 29 days ago

      Hey Mel... Take a vitamin.

    • mel grant
      mel grant 29 days ago +1

      Nasa. They have been trolling the public for years.