3 Star the Last Chance Qualifier Challenge (Clash of Clans)

  • Published on Nov 25, 2021
  • How to Complete the Last Chance Qualifier Challenge in Clash of Clans. Judo Sloth Gaming provides a Tutorial Guide for this new event and exactly how to Best 3 Star the Clash Worlds Challenge. The World Championship challenges are not easy, especially for non Town Hall 14 players, and this one is a bit more unpredictable being a 'spam attack' with Yetis and Super Archers. Be sure to share your 3 Star Success and best of luck, keep at it because a key part is reacting with your spells! Clash On.

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  • Judo Sloth Gaming
    Judo Sloth Gaming  Month ago +574

    Best of luck with the LCQ Challenge. Remember to support a creator before purchasing the New Skin, my code is Judo and it is much appreciated my friends

    Leave ALL Season Pass Rewards and This Happens: ruclip.com/video/KqCzBA0X808/video.html

    • Jean-Philippe ETIENNE
      Jean-Philippe ETIENNE Month ago

      Thank you. Very good... but very hard for me. Too bad. Congralutations for this perfect strategy !

    • FAKE Drogon
      FAKE Drogon Month ago

      Thanks for the help , I was able get 3 stars in my first try

    • Castle 01
      Castle 01 Month ago

      I’ve been at this for 4 hours and have rewatched this multiple times and no three star

    • gayan sandakalum
      gayan sandakalum Month ago

      I allready support u bro...best of luck...👍

    • Max Venom
      Max Venom Month ago

      it help me thanks

  • Wizard Ambrose • 62 years ago

    Two books of Heroes, one book of Fighting and a Rune of Dark Elixir. This month is pretty good overall.

    • Gustavo
      Gustavo Month ago

      Book of fighting was kinda useless tbh, 8 wall rings were more value

    • juan almos
      juan almos Month ago

      Awesome only thing my King never goes to the TH

    • huSan sidhu
      huSan sidhu Month ago

      @Rohan Bhumij clan games

    • greninga
      greninga Month ago

      @Mater Cornea Tua season pass

    • Arush Verma
      Arush Verma Month ago

      @Rohan Bhumij the clan games

  • J. Henry Welsh
    J. Henry Welsh Month ago +166

    It's incredible how hard these are. Like the precision that leads to a difference between 2 and 3 stars is crazy.

    • carlosfer2201
      carlosfer2201 Month ago +2

      yeah it's not really fair then, is it? It's essentially a challenge in bad faith from SC

    • blurry
      blurry Month ago +11

      True I hate this

  • Boogy woogy
    Boogy woogy Month ago +135

    You're an amazing help for all these challenges, judo. I am a th-7 and completely unfamiliar with the th-14 strats so your videos are always such a huge help to me :D

    • Judo Sloth Gaming
      Judo Sloth Gaming  Month ago +28

      So great to hear, thanks for the awesome feedback!

    • wnnr
      wnnr Month ago +13

      same I'm th8 and I got like 40% when i tried myself but judo really helps!

  • gomethrius
    gomethrius Month ago +55

    You’re the best for these! I tried to copy the entry from the qualifier attack to the letter about 20 times and never got over 80% which proves that 3-star was a complete fluke and deserving of being the only one from TT in that match. Honestly it was fun to listen to the commentary from Carbon and Itzu, and naming it the TT smash was clever but this army comp will never stick!

  • General GHOST
    General GHOST Month ago +8

    Thank you Judo.. I just made a comeback to coc and I was struggling with this event but I made it after watching and following your instructions ❤

  • pkzant0o
    pkzant0o Month ago +2


  • Avijeet Kumar Biswas
    Avijeet Kumar Biswas Month ago +2

    Thanks Judo. I'm on TH 11 and yet with your instructions got 3 stars in the second try! That's how good your videos are! Thanks mate.

  • Tony Wang
    Tony Wang Month ago +4

    2:45 I would agree because the spam attack is much easier to operate; however, it has poor consistency or to say depending on luck for three star

  • aphesoj
    aphesoj Month ago +1

    Thank you. After some couple of tries with forgetting certain steps, it finally went smooth when I got it together 😂♥️

  • Mr Unknown
    Mr Unknown Month ago +616

    Judo is so fast in uploading these challenges that I didn't knew this challenge existed until judo uploaded this 😂

    • Wizard Ambrose • 62 years ago
      Wizard Ambrose • 62 years ago Month ago

      @Aaron M Yes it is. Creators get access to the developer build and you get special perks for supporting and making videos on the game for years. Those who supported the game by making videos before the hype and got it this far get special boxes.

    • Lee Steal
      Lee Steal Month ago

      Where are you?

    • Aaron M
      Aaron M Month ago

      @Quipie I don't think it works that way🤨

    • ShinyFlame 6543
      ShinyFlame 6543 Month ago

      Same lmfao

    • vxbes
      vxbes Month ago


  • Andrew McCanna
    Andrew McCanna Month ago +7

    Did what you did, Judo. Took me a ten or so tries, but finally got the three star!!!! Thank you!

  • Pahan Dinupama
    Pahan Dinupama Month ago +2

    Thanks a lot my guy. I finally got 3 stars. I recently downloaded coc and I'm still in th5. At first i had no idea how to attact a base this big. I was able to get 1star at first but thats all. After watching this, i got two stars at my 2nd try and after couple of rounds i was finally able to get 3 stars.

    ARITRA GHOSH Month ago +4

    Fun fact: What u perform in the challenge will be different than what u see here....

    But the main concept will be same and it really works. Thanks😊

  • Nezar-Frosty
    Nezar-Frosty Month ago +2

    Thank you so much Judo Sloth Gaming for helping me win this challenge! You deserve more subscribers then your current amount. Keep up the great work!

  • Matt Gabriel Palabrica

    I literally grinded for an hour and a half and I found Judo's vid and saved my time, Thank you!

  • Ro0b0
    Ro0b0 Month ago

    Thank you so much for this! I quit like 5 years ago when th 9 was still meta for wars so all the new stuff is a bit overwhelming but I was able to clear it in a few attempts with your guide :)

  • Anthony L. Butler
    Anthony L. Butler Month ago

    Thank you! The timing of placing your spells was very elegant. I learned a lot from this video.

  • CrazyT273
    CrazyT273 Month ago +1

    Damn man that last challenge was just rough. Not this one. Thank you man🔥🔥🔥

  • Alan Ng
    Alan Ng Month ago

    I was able to complete the challenge thanks to this video! Thank you again for taking the time to make and share these, I greatly appreciate it :)

  • Kay's Gacha Galaxy
    Kay's Gacha Galaxy Month ago +1

    Judo, you always help me on challenges. I time failed alot in this one, but if it wasn't for you i would have never gotten that book. Thanks for the help

  • Rafael Carlos da Silva

    Thanks a lot, I've been struggling with this challenge for a few days, tried most of the strategies I could find and avoided yours because it seemed difficult. Coupled with the experience in the other approaches by 20+ tries, yours is by far the most consistent and I could easily repeat it in 4 accounts, just wanted to leave my appreciation keep up the great content !

  • res927
    res927 Month ago +1

    Perfection! After an hour was able to get the 3star! Thx, Judo!

  • Waifufles
    Waifufles Month ago +118

    I never knew this existed

    Thank you for making this 💜

  • OllieSutton
    OllieSutton Month ago

    This was by far the easiest one, thanks for the help 👌🏻

  • Dragon
    Dragon Month ago +1

    Thanks Judo for the lovely tutorials you provide for the challenges/events, it helped me alot to complete it by couple of tries.......

  • Marco Barcenas
    Marco Barcenas Month ago

    First challenge I’ve ever gotten on the first try! Thank you Judo

  • Jayson Borbe
    Jayson Borbe Month ago +1

    after 15 tries finally i got 3s. thanks Judo you are a legend, i already support you!

  • dash robbin
    dash robbin Month ago

    Thank you very much Judo sloth, I tried like 6 times but finished it with 32 seconds remaining. Love you keep updating us with your videos ❤️❤️

  • Kaloyan Kireziev
    Kaloyan Kireziev Month ago

    Thanks Judo! I crushed that base first try. Funny thing is that I got lost in the middle of your explanation and I improvised but surprisingly all went well lol. Keep it up mate!

  • StoneOcean
    StoneOcean Month ago +18

    I like how this player just put a HUGE amount of effort to win and teach us this. Thank you 😊❤️

  • Avishek Shrestha
    Avishek Shrestha Month ago

    I was able to attack while listening to you and get 3 star in 1st attempt. Thanks for the easy tutorial!!

  • PokeKageAl
    PokeKageAl Month ago +99

    After learning the attack and timing after 15 tries I finally got it!! Thanks judo!

      MTS EDITZ Month ago

      After 50 try 😭😭 no time to 3 star

    • Abhishek Pathania
      Abhishek Pathania Month ago +1

      @Jack Ray yah man finally was able to 3 star it. But tried Kenny Jo's technique. It worked after 3-4 tries

    • Abhishek Pathania
      Abhishek Pathania Month ago +1

      @enjoying life yah man. Try Kenny Jo's technique. It worked for me after trying 3-4 times

    • enjoying life
      enjoying life Month ago

      @Jack Ray i placed warden with archers and 5 or 4 yetis together and placed The RC ALONE WITH 3 skeleton spells. And balloons for the top clean up and waited for queen and an super archer to clean up and swagged wallbreaker freeze and a balloon

    • enjoying life
      enjoying life Month ago

      @Abhishek Pathania i did it like 20 times

  • Jeremiah🖤
    Jeremiah🖤 Month ago

    Thank you Judo. I’ve been a subscriber since I was a th8 and now I’m a th.11 but I quit for 1 years and a half. But thank you you’ve helped me a lot. With tips and tricks and everything. I’ve grown stronger and smarter with attacks but all thanks for your tips and tricks. Thank you 😊😊🙏🏽

  • Relja Vasilije Žmarić

    From 10th attempt I managed to 3-star it, I'm happy 😊

  • Jorge Rivera
    Jorge Rivera Month ago

    Thank you Judo Sloth. I three starred the base with your guidance. You saved me thousands of dark elixir as I was maxed out but active in the clan leagues. Now my King is stronger and I'm going for more. ¡Un abrazo! 💪

  • TheAlexpadilla26
    TheAlexpadilla26 Month ago

    Thank you sir! After the 30th try I got it down. 3 star completed. Side note to whoever is doing, make sure to place the troops exactly where he is stating it. I was late on a few things but it still worked out.

  • TodayWeWillBeSpending24HoursInNorthKoreaTobeKilled

    How does judo even beat the qualifiers this fast, edit them so good, and post them already

    • Manorama Swain
      Manorama Swain Month ago

      @Judo Sloth Gaming hi bro

    • MarkoWasHere
      MarkoWasHere Month ago

      @Blaze Clashing and*

    • TodayWeWillBeSpending24HoursInNorthKoreaTobeKilled
      TodayWeWillBeSpending24HoursInNorthKoreaTobeKilled Month ago +5

      @MLG Tactics 3 star a th14 in a world clash esports or something with lavaloon. I'll believe you if you can

    • MLG Tactics
      MLG Tactics Month ago +1

      These challanges suck they always have like 10 small spells and 10 different types of troops to use. You can 3 star with hybrid or lavaloon no need to show off every type of troop in 1 army.

    • Starfox47
      Starfox47 Month ago

      Godspeed man.

  • Chimera_LtS
    Chimera_LtS Month ago

    Took me about 15 tries but finally managed to get it. Thanks for the help!!

  • jay
    jay Month ago

    Finally got it! Took me like twenty tries but I did it! Thanks, Judo!

  • Carmine D'Esposito
    Carmine D'Esposito Month ago

    Very nice tutorial, good job Judo. Successful on the first try!

  • Sami
    Sami Month ago +1

    It took me 3 tries to 3⭐️ it. Great strategy. Thanks.

  • Kira Takanashi
    Kira Takanashi Month ago +20

    Been trying this challenge for a couple of tries now.

    Thanks man! This helped me out A LOT.

  • John Budhu
    John Budhu Month ago +1

    Thanks!! Took me a couple tries but I eventually got it! Awesome tutorial!

  • Pepe Kennels
    Pepe Kennels Month ago +1

    For the first time ever, I smashed it on the very first attempt. Thanks Judo

  • Carl Lauzon
    Carl Lauzon Month ago

    2 tries and I made it, awesome tutorial. 1st try my king went left side, ignoring the TH, 2nd try wasnt fluid but made it with 30secs left. Great job

  • paul tintin
    paul tintin Month ago

    This is the very best tutorurial so far, the other ones are even spamier. Thank you so much

    ANONYMOUS K Month ago +22

    Yes... Another awaited video from the most helpful and educative content creator... Keep it up❤️

  • Galih Yuga
    Galih Yuga Month ago

    After more than 10x tries i've finally made it! Thanks a lot mr judo

  • LZG Bonesy
    LZG Bonesy Month ago

    This took me forever but I finally did it ❤️

  • Mr Origen
    Mr Origen Month ago

    Thanks Judo! I would have never done this without your help!

  • Gaming with Boss
    Gaming with Boss Month ago

    Great attack 👍 you know I actually forgot to deploy my super archers 😂😂 but still got 3 stars 😎

  • Zach Barry
    Zach Barry Month ago

    Wow this strategy is insane, three started it on my first try

  • H Lin
    H Lin Month ago +1

    thank u so much for the most specific tutorial on RUclip. As a th10 player, didnt know much about th14 attack strategy. But when i get 3 stars on this challenge while watching this video, i think i love this game even more.

  • Bryce 3D
    Bryce 3D Month ago

    As a town hall 4 this was very confusing, but it finally worked after about 15 tries and 2 attempts that ran out of time. Thanks for the guide!

  • Legend
    Legend Month ago

    I had to try at least 30 times to win that base! It was damn hard! Thank you Judo for helping!

  • Geetansh Waldhurkar
    Geetansh Waldhurkar Month ago +194

    2:52 just noticed that the archers spawned from AQ have a different skin , that's cool !!

    • Alexander Elderhorst
      Alexander Elderhorst Month ago +1

      Yeah sometimes the spawned units share the skin that the queen and king do, not the new golem king skin but some of them like the champion skins and the 2021 anniversary skins do it. Having a bunch of barbarians with afros is funny.

      PLANES DOMINATOR Month ago

      @Geetansh Waldhurkar barbarian king minion look like a better version of the elite barbarian lol

    • Geetansh Waldhurkar
      Geetansh Waldhurkar Month ago

      @PLANES DOMINATOR exactly !

      PLANES DOMINATOR Month ago +1

      Elite looking archer

    • sleep boi
      sleep boi Month ago

      I nvr noticed dat !

  • CornPop1
    CornPop1 Month ago

    Took me a few tries but got it thanks to your help! 👍

  • Jacob Niemiec
    Jacob Niemiec Month ago

    Thanks for the tutorial! On my third try I got it and was able to swag two freezes and the poison with time to spare!

  • aola wili
    aola wili Month ago

    Yes... Another awaited video from the most helpful and educative content creator... Keep it up❤️

  • Monteiro 2016
    Monteiro 2016 Month ago

    Did it on my second try ! Thanks so much judo keep up the good work !!

  • Rodrigo Jove
    Rodrigo Jove Month ago +14

    What I really love about judo is that he's so early on uploading videos like this thanks mr judo

  • MartíRS
    MartíRS Month ago

    Thank you so much for the amazing content man!

  • Pankaj Kumar
    Pankaj Kumar Month ago

    Got 3 stars in 1st attempt, thanks brother 😘

  • infiltrinity
    infiltrinity Month ago

    This helped me complete the challenge, thanks so much!!

  • Salahuddin Ahmed
    Salahuddin Ahmed Month ago

    Thanks.I got 3 star with this tutorial❤️

  • Poireng Prod.
    Poireng Prod. Month ago

    This attack is easy and perfect, I three star the base and you know what's the best part I even swag one freeze spell 🔥👏

  • James Gillette
    James Gillette Month ago

    Thanks for the help judo... Finally got the timing down 😁

  • Lucas Prince
    Lucas Prince Month ago +1

    Got it first try with this! Thank you so much Judo!

  • Balaji
    Balaji Month ago

    Wow! Your guide is so simple I did it in couple of tries!

  • Adib Fahmid
    Adib Fahmid Month ago +67

    Judo Really Helps us Completing these challenges appreciate it

  • himanshu singh
    himanshu singh Month ago

    Thanku so much brro, watching your video is so helpful for me, before I am not getting 3 stars , but now after 50 attempts I got it... So thanks to you... Keep it up 🙏😊

  • JohnEasy
    JohnEasy Month ago

    Thank you, I got it after about 15 tries. Great advice

  • Roy Long
    Roy Long Month ago

    I always tell my clan to watch your videos for events and now my clan leader tells the newbies to watch your vids for strats. Thx for the boss vids!!!

  • Zac A
    Zac A Month ago

    I did it! Thanks. Took a few attempts. I actually forgot to use the earthquake spells this time but I was still able to get the 3 stars.

  • Renzo Nicoletto
    Renzo Nicoletto Month ago

    Thanks Judo! Success at first try, even without using one Ice spell and the Poision spell.

  • Lucky Luuk
    Lucky Luuk Month ago

    This is the third video I tried to follow, and I was successful in just two tries, thanks a lot:)

  • Gabriel Mayen
    Gabriel Mayen Month ago

    After a fee trials and errors I was able to get it down. Thank you so much for the tutorial, I would have never figured it out

  • Silly Cat
    Silly Cat Month ago

    Very Helpful tutorial judo,Thank You💪

  • junar estolonio
    junar estolonio Month ago +1

    Thanks Judo sir, got it at the 3rd attempt🙌

  • ImJustAKwimp
    ImJustAKwimp Month ago

    This was probably the hardest challenge so far but yet I was able to do it in only 2 tries thanks to your video! Great explanation, it was soooo easy to follow! Thanks, now I can finally upgrade my grand warden while in the cwl instead of having to put that same elixer into my walls 😊

  • Narender Kasana
    Narender Kasana Month ago

    Thanks judo
    I tried with this plan and I get 3 star
    Thanks a lot for your guidance

  • Nothing
    Nothing Month ago

    Thanks judo! You are the channel I always go to tutorials on these challenges!

  • Fransiskus Xaverius Christian Anggaraksa

    It takes at least five times for me to three stars it. Thanks Judo!

  • John Cyril Palivino

    Thanks for the help Mr.Judo Another qualifier challenge finished with your help :)

  • 何仲轩
    何仲轩 Month ago

    Just got 3 stars with only two trying. Thank you for the video 😘😘😘

  • SeriouslyInsidiis
    SeriouslyInsidiis Month ago +1

    Thanks for helping me win the Last Chance Challenge, Judo

  • Choeh Jiat Chan
    Choeh Jiat Chan Month ago +24

    damn, I always come to Judo’s channel for solution every time the challenge is available. Always useful, keep uploading videos and thanks for the solutions as always!!

  • Elechim !
    Elechim ! Month ago

    It ended up taking me three tries but I did end up getting it! Thanks a lot dude

  • Clash Layouts
    Clash Layouts Month ago

    My advice if you keep time failing: start your main attack instantly, don’t wait for the king to destroy the town hall. It’s slightly harder but also more reliable.

  • SkilledNoob456
    SkilledNoob456 Month ago +1

    Tysm, It took a lot of tries but I finally managed to do it :D

  • Andres Garcia
    Andres Garcia Month ago


  • The Notorious One
    The Notorious One Month ago +30

    Love the content judo I'm currently a th10 and these guides are perfect I'm struggling with attacking though if you could link me to a video of yours showing good armies for my town hall level I'd appreciate it so much👍🏽

    • Aditya Kant
      Aditya Kant Month ago

      @RC-Fran I know

    • RC-Fran
      RC-Fran Month ago

      @Aditya Kant that means that you dont know that strategy :)

    • Aditya Kant
      Aditya Kant Month ago

      @Surya Mukherji 😂😂🤣🤣

    • Aditya Kant
      Aditya Kant Month ago

      @Kekez Bro I had did many different attack and I know every attack

    • Aditya Kant
      Aditya Kant Month ago

      @RC-Fran And I also know how to do queen charge I had did it many times

  • All Might
    All Might Month ago

    Thanks Judo!! I love your videos and you are fantastic! I tried this challenge almost 10 times but thanks to this video i 3 starred it! Go Judoooo!🤩🤩🤩

  • Kartikeya Joshi
    Kartikeya Joshi Month ago

    Educational but entertaining, never fails 😀

  • Markie Zee
    Markie Zee Month ago

    THANK YOU for your help on these! Even though I follow your instructions, my attacks looks almost nothing on this video.

  • Snicker
    Snicker Month ago

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    AgenT Month ago +13

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    Jay LAND Month ago

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    Reyansh Singh Month ago

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