Kendall & Kylie Jenner GRADUATION _Suprise Party!

Kendall & Kylie Jenner GRADUATION .. 2014 & 2015
Keeping Up With the Kardashians S11Ep3...

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Автор Kate Philips ( назад)
I'm sorry but I don't freaking get it. If they have enought money to do a party for gratulated that's their business. If you get a pizza or hug for it that's okey. Don't be jealous, only beacouse they have their own money, and they are doing what they want with it.

Автор Facts about famous people On youtube ( назад)
I hate when ppl act not natural

Автор Hanouof A ( назад)
when i graduated my dad got me to findi store and i got the bag that i wanted i was sooo happy!!!

Автор Willyn Grace ( назад)
4:33 kendall's smile looks so genuine and pure

Автор Seulgi Rvv ( назад)
kylie too baby cute

Автор ll Orjjjwan ll ( назад)
Did I see a Gigi Hadid?

Автор Martina Nicole ( назад)
You're still full of money 😂you bought the title 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Автор Doll Bun ( назад)
I got an iPod 📱 video when I graduated 😂

Автор Lorde ( назад)
😂 😂 😂 loved how Kylie had to take pictures before reaching out to the people... Such good manners😂 😂 😂 😂

Автор Aishvan ( назад)

No hating... just found it funny... congrats girls

Автор Lisa Vandyk ( назад)
how fucking dramatic

Автор Peter Corner ( назад)
who's that guy on 4.30 and 4.58??

Автор Yab G ( назад)
Of course Kylie had to whip out her phone and Snapchat 😂

Автор Fiona Myung ( назад)
when i graduated my mom just clap and give me an necklace.. and this two.. just wow.

Автор Srushti Mishra ( назад)
can someone tell me where can you get the EDM music they play in between after the show airs after commercials?

Автор Hà Trang Phạm ( назад)
wtf is this?

Автор Shreyoshi Dasgupta ( назад)
So cringey 😂😂😂

Автор Ansam kareem ( назад)
I love you keem

Автор yazmin leon villalpando ( назад)
Pia mia💕

Автор Clorox Bleach ( назад)
I had to save up with my friends for a small graduation party.....

Автор Nur Amalina ( назад)
kendall is so pretty😍

Автор Nguyễn Nhựt Huy ( назад)
It's just a high school graduation! Not so much proud!

Автор Sandra Fernandes ( назад)
they graduated from What? what as their corse ?

Автор Emre Süner ( назад)
When I graduated my mom wanted to go home quick cuz her fav tv show was on 😭

Автор Amara M. ( назад)
Loool khloes too much 😅😆😂

Автор Una Emilija ( назад)
mom the language 😂😂

Автор cutiepop243 ( назад)
"It means so much that my mom put this together", bitch it means much to your snapchat story. what the actual fuck? people throw her a heartfelt party and the first thing she can do is snapchat it? fucking phonejunkie. I cringed really hard when I saw her there just filming shit. At least Kendall didn't have to lol.

Автор Brieanna Thaggard ( назад)
1:50 when quincy clenches his jawww holy fuck daddy

Автор Dilara Erdogu ( назад)
Why is Khloe stealing the show omgggg ?!

Автор ItsChe GT ( назад)
There soo soo luckyyyyyy

Автор fitri amalia ( назад)
and so what if they graduated til they need a throw a party like this? will they use their degree to contribute helping world? people in third country? will it impacts for at least their country lol. are they even study while in uni?

Автор Stargirl Alk11 ( назад)
Gigi when she was drinking a juice she was like what the fuck I'm doing here! Lol

Автор Séverine Barale ( назад)
than you have Kylie: phone addicted

Автор Peepee H ( назад)
I want kris to be my mom..she's so supportive and show so much love to her daughters... Momgoals😍💖💕

Автор a cup of lisa ( назад)
I got a sandwich when I graduated with really good grades.

Автор Ratna Saridewi ( назад)
love amazing gigi

Автор Annaliisa Lindau ( назад)

Автор Anthier Garimane ( назад)
I think i saw Tyga.

Автор Bianca Saldana Lagos ( назад)
Kim tem tanta coisa no rosto que ate da coisa

Автор troligtvisinte ( назад)
First thing Kylie does.. picking up her phone. This generation is so messed up ftw wtf fml bye

Автор Karen Tromholt ( назад)
Omg, they were watching the swimmers like they were fucking animals😂😂

Автор D3bS ABDN ( назад)
They look stupid but honestly I want their life!...😅 fucking sushi bar in your house just for your graduation?!😍 For me I just spent 3 days of parties and have just a kiss and felicitation by my parents 🙄

Автор Lovana Whitely ( назад)
Only here for kris's "Shut the fuck up!"

Автор sam singh ( назад)
why Kendall thinks that everything special is for her?

Автор T Lee ( назад)
that speech was very cheesy

Автор Missy Girl ( назад)
Kylie is grabbing phone like immediately when they come in

Автор Hiteswar Teron ( назад)
Gigi was also there at the graduation party she looks hot

Автор Sha Lala ( назад)
1:28 Gigi💕they're really bestfriends👭

Автор Baby TAETAE ( назад)
1:51 OMG Kylie 😂 I'd say the same

Автор lisa marie ( назад)
Sorry Khloe but no matter how much your contour your nose we still know your O.J simpsons love child.... Lol........ All the kardashians at nothing but satanic witches.... The girls don't even realize what curse kris has really given them.....

Автор Manu LOVER ( назад)
0:45.....lmao...when your baby is misplaced

Автор Amanda Távora ( назад)
1:29 gigi

Автор georgeharrison162 ( назад)
when i told my dad i graduated. he answered: good, now go and start university and get a job!

Автор Gabriela gonzalez huerta ( назад)

Автор Camila Gaming RM ( назад)
i really Also do don't like Khole and Kim Butt's(Ass🍑)

Автор Camila Gaming RM ( назад)
Pia and Kyile Look the same like there twins Or??

Автор Meilanie Cg ( назад)
OMG I wish I had a mom like Kris 😭

Автор LAURA O' SHEA ( назад)
I love this 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

Автор Nur Ashiquin ( назад)
So lucky!

Автор Ashley Morara ( назад)
khloe u know how to put urself where u weren't ment to be but I luv u sooo much😘😘😍😍 ur my most favourite Kadarshian I luv u khloe u r everything n more I've always wanted to be khloe 😍😍😍💖💕💞😘 followed by Kylie then Kendal then kourtney then last n not list Kim luv u so much I love north cutest baby I've ever seen n funniest "no pictures" 😂😂😂 girl know wat she wants n when she wants it n Kris ohhh Kris ur a blessing from above how u handle ur family is just soo inspiring lots of 💞💕💖😍😍😘 to the kardashians I know a lot of ppl trash u soo much n u Dont deserve that am i just admire y'all inspiration to every one Dont give a fuck about wat the haters say coz they r just all jealous of ur success luv u kardashians I never miss a episode in kuwtk keep doing Wat ur doing coz ur great at it luv u 💖💖💕💞💞😍😘💓💟💞💞😭😭

Автор bec just_BEC ( назад)
they get gifts after graduate from high school?... bitch all I get was " SO WHEN YOU GETTING A JOB AND START PAYING RENT "😭.😂

Автор yjhm yhj ( назад)
They learned nothing tho....

Автор dolphin21 g ( назад)
Illuminati everywhere!!

Автор Fatihah Huners ( назад)
This is the best episode

Автор Astrid michell ( назад)
Al of them

Автор Astrid michell ( назад)
I Wish i can meet her

Автор Irfaan Nauzeer ( назад)
kylie is always on her phone !!!

Автор Sid the Llama ( назад)
So much love in one place!! :))

Автор Weed Wilson ( назад)
I love Khloe

Автор Sharmila Malik ( назад)
l hate Gigi hadid

Автор Rosia Bonnd ( назад)
She's Not beautiful. I am Better than Kylie bla bla

Автор Chansy Ysnahc ( назад)
That's the think About the K fam. No matter if you hate them or love them whatever, you gotta be on awe of how much they love each other and at the end of the day always have so much respect for each other

Автор One Direction Is Everything ( назад)
gigi hadid is a real friend... and someone saying that kris is horrinle mother fucking hell she's sweet and great mother to her children..

Автор Mahatma Gandhi ( назад)
This is the garbage in the internet

Автор Noshin Akhgr ( назад)
how is it possible  those Kendall and kylie since on morning until  midnight just do make going for fun have sex with different guys holidays parties make money to go find rich guys rise money of them make porn video clip when  all those sister they first job fuck sex with any where go for Photoshop they do . what time which days they did go to school and what did study ? you people watch those woman the most liars

Автор Maria Mihalache ( назад)
When everybody says that Kris is a horrible parent... I feel bad 'cause her speech was so CUTE... 😍😍

Автор Jay Tay ( назад)
bitches didnt even attend schools bruh

Автор 1995 ( назад)
4:29 DAMN HE CUTE 😍😍 anyone know his name??

Автор Bye Bitch ( назад)
Who was that guy at 4:32

Автор Sammy Gucci ( назад)
oh they went to school?

Автор Mely Amelia Rizky ( назад)
Family goals

Автор kate bennett ( назад)
Khloe is so funny😂

Автор Ayesha Siddique ( назад)
Lol..I don't even get a Birthday Cake on my Birthday

Автор Hazie ( назад)
this haa made truly appreciate some things in life like graduation with your friends teachers tears laughter it's almost like a right of passage this was okay too because of their circumstances but I can't imagine having it in my house

Автор Awesome Fabulousness ( назад)
I wanna be a Kardashian or Jenner

Автор Aileen Nguyen ( назад)
did kylie even go to school

Автор magali castro ( назад)
1:50 "this is so weeeeeeeeird" OMG she sounded like the dudes from white chicks lol

Автор Lara Darwish ( назад)
they are ćool and funny

Автор Gal Dvorjak ( назад)
she sucked dicks for graduation that is for sure...

Автор Gina Reinthaler ( назад)
wtf is 0:45

Автор K C ( назад)
When I graduate I want a party

Автор C. Mesa ( назад)
Nobody made me a party for my graduation :-(

Автор Youtube killedtv ( назад)
For my graduation i went straight to math camp LMAO @ my life

Автор Miley 5SOS ( назад)
hoenstly love khloe

Автор Ching Chong ( назад)
their dad caitlin didn't even show up ...

Автор joss aston-louis ( назад)
OMG! Kris is the cute

Автор Brenda Nabisubi ( назад)
so should we assume they had 3 grad gowns in the house!??? isnt this somehow staged....where did khloe get her gown? unless it was already planned.

Автор love dovey ( назад)
rich ppl

Автор emmy carenwood ( назад)
nice satanic handsigns. Baphomet grants you another week of fame and riches.

Also, your hellish demise has just been extra guaranteed.

Автор Barney Likes Kids ( назад)
My gradutation party surprise was unemployement

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