Overwatch: Mei is Actually BROKEN! & New Patch Meta Review

  • Published on Dec 12, 2019
  • The patch is out and has changed so much that I wanted to give a review on where the new meta is going while in flux. Also with live came a kinda hilarious bug that literally "tilts" your team, it's actually broken so we expect the devs to fix it quickly with any luck. If you enjoyed the video please be sure to leave it a like and don't forget to subscribe and hit the bell icon next to the subscribe button to actually get notified when our videos go live!
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Comments • 692

  • Your Overwatch
    Your Overwatch  Month ago +318

    TILT your teammates! HA! GET IT?!

    • Apotheosis
      Apotheosis Month ago

      I love how they react real quick to broken things like this, but stay silent for weeks for all other things. Proof that they’re listening, they just don’t care... unless it’s overtly broken things like this.

    • Toxic Neko
      Toxic Neko Month ago

      *3 words*

      *Tilted Flying Bastion*

    • Foma Foma
      Foma Foma Month ago


    • MegaDove
      MegaDove Month ago

      Would have been nice to get extra dmg for tanks if our barriers get nerfed into the ground...but the the cash cows would have a fit of rage.

    • MegaDove
      MegaDove Month ago

      Rein is a must pick at low elo. Been watching many dps free falling today in ranked...back to good old days of DPS who can't shoot/ kill phara...counter widow...stop doom from deleting my supports... can't play aggressive because then people's comfort zone have meltdowns...hard to find good supports...yeah tanking super duper hard.

  • David Remillard
    David Remillard 15 days ago

    Could she be figuratively broken?

  • R
    R Month ago

    I am done with this shitty ass game man, the devs have no idea of how to balance the game. They forced the role lock but the game is not designed to work in 2-2-2 compositions. Character who were buffed to oblivion before because people were abusing other stuff like the goats thing, like mccree firing a literal magnum machine gun, E + one click can erase 400 hp, lol hanzo can wall hack without revealing himself (unlike widow or zen), can one shot 250hp characters all the time, have 2 escape tools, etc.. Obviously Mei, etc.. The list goes on. And when the game changes, all the buffed character remains at their broken ass state, characters like zen and lucio who were nerfed before, they remain pretty much nerfed (especially zen, he became completely useless). Now they nerfed barriers because the disgusting community wants to play call of duty, not a moba shooter, etc... And the "sequel" is nothing more than a reskin. I am fucking done, enough of this shit.

  • A Dapper Kitten
    A Dapper Kitten Month ago

    POWER POSITIONS!!!! Nobody friggin listens to me man! Nobody understands the concept of, forget the objective and win the fight! As long as you stop the enemy before 100% then WHO CARES! Take the winning position and eliminate the team!

    Also, it is SO crucial to have synergistic compositions, but people REFUSE to pick based on the team. Everyone in comp has their favourite hero...smh. Yayyyy QP > Comp...

  • Rebel1280
    Rebel1280 Month ago

    @7:37 you said doo doo *giggles*

  • Bronzebeard
    Bronzebeard Month ago

    Meis ult charged way too fast. She needs a nerf to that

  • Louis Hernandez
    Louis Hernandez Month ago

    Random question but is anyone having problems playing? This new update for your que times messed up my game?

  • Cotoi
    Cotoi Month ago

    this video makes me vomit. It is so retarded and egocentric that if you wold go in real life and tell that in front of all Overwatch players, you would be laughed out of the room. "the game is fun now, because mid to top tier COMPETITIVE players say so". Really? and that is about what? 10? 15%? And while the game is modeled after the top 10 -15% if even that, the game is so bad, that they need to give out daily and game by game rewards just be able to run the freaking game, but no matter some imbecile on the youtube said is fine, so millions of player can f.. off while spending 10-15 min for a 5 min game, in order to play the only fun class. Yes great fun.

  • Torasan
    Torasan Month ago +1

    New patch sucks. No tactics, just rush. Moira nerf is way ott. If she 'needed' nerfing, reduce dmg not healing.

  • Javor Georgiev
    Javor Georgiev Month ago

    Quickplay gives you variety and a place to learn without stress. Ranked gives you depth you'll never get in QP. That's always been so in every game that has those two modes. Not much of a revelation to dwell on.

    • TheGameKeeper94
      TheGameKeeper94 Month ago

      QP isnt the mode to learn in. *Practice Mode* is. Especially now with that "While You Wait" update live. And unless you play on PC, there's nothing but stress in QP. Shitty teammates are constant, meanwhile the enemy team ks nearly perfect, slaughtering with broken DPS mainly, but there have been tons of DPS Reins lately.

  • Aaxoz
    Aaxoz Month ago

    *"New"* Mei exploit? Poor Muda lol

  • Blank Blank
    Blank Blank Month ago +1

    I am so tired of Moira being a must pick.

    • JForJenni
      JForJenni Month ago

      Blank Blank She isn’t though lmao it’s Bap/Zen now

  • tr4nzit
    tr4nzit Month ago

    Reapers life steal needs to be nerfed and Bastions long range damage needs to be nerfed.

    • TheGameKeeper94
      TheGameKeeper94 Month ago

      @tr4nzit If his range got nerfed, he'd be completely useless. It should stay the way it is, unless Reaper, Tracer, Sombra, DF & the rest get nerfed first, then Bastion can get reworked(he desperately needs one).

    • tr4nzit
      tr4nzit Month ago

      TheGameKeeper94 i mean yeah if your team isn’t helping you then you’re useless as bastion but what team isn’t working together at least somewhat at diamond and higher? I just don’t think he needs the narrowed long range damage they gave him anymore

    • TheGameKeeper94
      TheGameKeeper94 Month ago

      Bastion has been nerfed to hell. He's basically a Tank thanks to all of his nerfs. He dies just as quickly & needs protection to be effective like them, or else every broken DPS takes him out.
      He's useless as a DPS, his Recon Mode sucks, his ult is garbage, and he's an easy target while in Sentry Mode, his *only* effective means of attacking.

  • Aceman
    Aceman Month ago

    That wheeze though

  • Helm HamburgerHand
    Helm HamburgerHand Month ago +1

    In Silver/Gold gameplay has literally not changed. Like no one is aware or cares that barriers have been hit.

  • Henry Herold
    Henry Herold Month ago +1

    Let's not forget that Baptiste has more gun power than Soldier 76 right now, which is incredibly dumb.

  • Tormod Steinsholt
    Tormod Steinsholt Month ago

    I think one of the largest changes is that teams need a common understanding of what to do when the shield breaks. More communication. Before, individuals especially in the lower ranks, could just do their own stuff around the orisa shield as if it was part of the map. The dynamic of shield breaks, hard cover and smaller flank engagements will be more emphasized now, I assume.

  • Hovthegod30
    Hovthegod30 Month ago

    No one plays quick play they either play quick play classic or competitive

  • Nike S
    Nike S Month ago

    funny how he talks about masters as if they were golds ^^'

  • Kalmoras Vanhala
    Kalmoras Vanhala Month ago

    I'm just done with Overwatch, it has shifted from a game about strategies and team compositions to "who can put out the most damage and live". You need shields and healing and at every turn and every opportunity blizzard has had they degrade the value of the roles that make the game. If it wasn't for Tanks and Healers this game would just feel like Call of Duty with abilities. It's just not a fun game anymore

    • R
      R Month ago +1

      Exactly, you nailed the issue. Call of Duty with abilities, people barely came up with team compositions, etc... So, if the game is a poor man Call of Duty now, why not simply play CoD or Battlefield and be done with it? Because their machine guns, pistols, snipers, shotguns, etc.. they mostly make sense, decades of gameplay concepts to fine tune those weapons. It's not like overwatch were a magnum pistol or a fucking bow can fire like a machine gun.

  • Falconoffury
    Falconoffury Month ago

    Great, now they are going to nerf my Baptiste. Thanks a lot, Freedo.

  • Fleato
    Fleato Month ago

    So basically I again won't be playing overwatch. Meier literally the reason I stopped playing

    • R
      R Month ago

      @zikkimeister monkey needs to get closer, any character who needs to get closer gets outclassed by Mei. Basically she is the strongest duelist in the game while requiring zero skill (the brigitte disease all over again). The only counter to her are snipers. But if they don't one shot her, she can back down with her 2 barriers. She is a third tank out there.

    • zikkimeister
      zikkimeister Month ago

      You need to play monkey then, no chance for mei

  • Stefan Schwarz
    Stefan Schwarz Month ago

    Pls sy baptiste and batist

  • AtticusSP
    AtticusSP Month ago

    Shield changes have been great in every situation except one. Defending 2CP. It sucks even harder now.

  • John Arch
    John Arch Month ago

    “Lfg” is still used “ oh wait no it isn’t there’s literally no one ever using it when I’m on the matter what time of day maybe it’s my region I don’t know but no one ever uses it

    • John Arch
      John Arch Month ago

      I also am only a gold tank but touching on something you said where using an Orissa is a bad idea when you have ranged DPS like a Hanzo or Ashe I think it’s funny because I was in a competitive game where we literally had a Hanzo and an ash neither of them were near me or my shield but they beg me to play Orissa and then when we lost they blame me because a well you weren’t putting your shield up enough and I’m sitting there with my eyeballs as big as my head going you were nowhere near me anyway and I told you I should never of picked her because she doesn’t work well with ranged but I was trying to be a team player and just do the best I could with what they were begging me to do . Players in gold and under in a nutshell

  • VZA
    VZA Month ago

    I agree. This is the most fun Overwatch has been in a while. More characters seem viable now that barriers have been nerfed. Mei's barrier is now more effective than the tank ones.

  • VZA
    VZA Month ago +1

    I agree. This is the most fun Overwatch has been in a while. More characters seem viable now that barriers have been nerfed. Mei's barrier is now more effective than the tank ones.

    • R
      R Month ago

      Mei is a literal tank. Her entire health pool is bigger than any tank of the game, if you include her base 250hp + 400hp ice wall + another 250hp he can potentially regenerate through her cryo-freeze thing. That's some blizzard logic for you.

  • Michael Tuder
    Michael Tuder Month ago

    Oh boy, starting the baptiste witch hunt. Lets just nerf every support ever.

  • Owen Gillies
    Owen Gillies Month ago +2

    i had no idea what he was talking about but it sounds pretty cool

  • Optimus Troll
    Optimus Troll Month ago +10

    Stupid title lmao
    Shes been broken since forever

  • Linda Madhatter10
    Linda Madhatter10 Month ago

    Fuck off with that meta shit

  • Some Random Gamer
    Some Random Gamer Month ago +4

    > LFG is still used
    *cries in Australian*
    Also, the best gamemode is Quickplay Classic, fight me

  • Mat Sharff
    Mat Sharff Month ago

    Yooo, seent this during Emonggs stream hahaha

  • Justin Lee
    Justin Lee Month ago

    has timthetatman been playing any OW?

  • Kimmi Nicole
    Kimmi Nicole Month ago

    Why be bitter QP is better than comp
    It's just QP after all

  • mesi meee
    mesi meee Month ago

    Shes not broken she’s a queen. 😍

  • Nuahsarthewolf
    Nuahsarthewolf Month ago

    Bastion is to over powered - he needs to be toned down a bit. With the barrier nerf he can break them way to fast and delete players even faster. With a good team comp he almost always get potg (even if the team he was on lost) and there is almost no way to get to him with out a well placed play that could take up to much time. Simply said do not be surprised to see a bastion nerf soon.

  • Eastra3
    Eastra3 Month ago

    gold and below will still play the same ol easy heroes regardless of the meta. I can't play dive, because Dive requires most of the team to also be dive characters unlike double shield meta, so if I pick a dive tank or dive dps, and i may be the only dive hero maybe 2, it won't work. The reluctance of gold players players to play dive heroes has made me hate overwatch more than anything. There are a few genji mains down here who are pretty good, but you never know if those are just smurfs. Some people are very good, they are just hard stuck, because most teammates can't carry weight down here very well. Anyways, mmost of what I see from the DPS are junkrat, Reaper, and other close quarters DPS. The fear of challenging themselves to precision heroes is quite obvious, because they are so binary. Either you land your shots or you don't, there is no free value like some of the easier characters. It just happens that most of the easy characters are not dive characters, so I've been stuck having to baby sit players with Rein or Orisa, and that is so boring.

  • Go to HotRoute dot Tips

    We get it, you’re top 500. You don’t have to mention it in EVERY SINGLE video

  • PerciusLive
    PerciusLive Month ago

    Goats was probably the most damaging meta to exist in overwatch so far because it over written a lot of the fundamentals of being good in previous metas. With double shield appearing right after, everyone forgot that positioning isnt just about movement but about sight lines and angles to deny damage while dealing damage.

  • Lost Help!!
    Lost Help!! Month ago

    It fucking sucks when I'm telling my team my shield is getting eaten by bastion move and they all jus die,I honestly don't want to play tank anymore it isn't fun,I started playing tank because I liked being able to protect my team and draw attention but now 3 of my favorite characters are basically trash especially against bastion,Bap,Mercy,and any Ranged dps

  • Nick Woodworth
    Nick Woodworth Month ago

    I still say role que is a mistake. Severely limits your choices on character selection. But that’s just how I feel about it. I’m sure I’ll get lots of hate from this comment but hey it’s the internet. 😅😆😝

  • Maximilian L
    Maximilian L Month ago

    i have a little problem, from what our man here says I can observe in game and analys what's going on.
    however im bad at communicating this too my team and somehow get us to make the better choice.
    the reason is that I sound like a 14 year old and have a alto voice, any ideas or help to climb out of plat?

  • Maximilian L
    Maximilian L Month ago

    in what scenario can I play ores and sigma

  • J.Oostdijk
    J.Oostdijk Month ago

    this meta sucks!!!! in gold its just junk spam on shield

  • pepsi man
    pepsi man Month ago

    Moira is best dps change my mind ( mercy don't count )

  • A Quest Unending
    A Quest Unending Month ago

    Why did he say all the ranged dps heros are the same with different cooldowns as if that was a good thing?
    Edit: Timestamp 8:35

  • OverSnacked Media
    OverSnacked Media Month ago

    12:35 - if Masters players don't understand the patch, it's worse in Gold. LOL - My DPS Bronze seems to be the most unaffected! xD

  • Lord Darkrai
    Lord Darkrai Month ago

    Weeps in orisa main

  • Edwin Fortesque
    Edwin Fortesque Month ago

    he said doodoo

  • peteylerd !
    peteylerd ! Month ago

    ok, but u play a mean Orisa like holy shit dude

  • Ryan Thompson
    Ryan Thompson Month ago

    So far this patch has killed the game for me. It isn't even enjoyable. I understand that part of it is my play style and some habits I am going to have to break but I am a tank main and have been a Zarya main for a while. She is unplayable in the current form. Even with shields, looking for cover and saving her personal barrier she gets absolutely melted in seconds. The damage is WAY too high overall. The more aggressive team wins and once they have ults, it is game over. Double barrier was annoying but at least games could be competitive most the time. Right now it isn't competitive at all. You either walk through them or they walk through you. I haven't had one good battle since the patch. I will give it a little longer but I may be done with OW. Blizzard is completely lost on what to do with this game right now.

  • Hitman74
    Hitman74 Month ago +1

    That was like the worst laugh I have ever heard

  • Dark
    Dark Month ago

    Wrong is still aim botting

  • nicolas daigle
    nicolas daigle Month ago

    The game devolved with this patch. Game sense is useless. It's just poke, dive in, die. Run back. Feels like playing oldschool COD. Heck even camping is good now since dps aren't safe behind a shield so go for cheesy plays instead. Tanks aren't tanks, they're just dps with bigger hit boxes and more health.

  • Evgeni Georgiev
    Evgeni Georgiev Month ago +2

    I came across a rein in plat that didnt really like barrier changes. He was saying stuff along the lines you can no longer hold your shield to push anymore. Ultimately we won the game but I tried to explain to him why the changes were good and told that his playstyle had to change. Hope he's climbing

    • Wright Wright
      Wright Wright Month ago

      @R um yes nerfing shields was the answer. Way more diversity now since range damage coutners mei and reaper as well as mcree which than leads to more dive heros being picked which than still leaves room for dive coutners to not be comeptly useless. Tank play is way more engaging and skillfull than just use shield and never die which was basically sigma and orisa meta. Now the game is back to being a game where team comp matters and skill plays a huge factor as well as game knowledge as their isn't a team comp you can default to every match. Really the only things they need to do is nerf mei wall and maybe immortialy field.

    • Wright Wright
      Wright Wright Month ago

      @R um zen is litteraly the meta support right now with baptise. Why would you buff him. Mcree doesn't fire faster than soldier and still has a lower dps output than soldier. Seriously check your numbers. Soldier has like a 360 maximum dps while mcree only has around 300 and soldier has wah more mobltiy and survablity than mcree. If mei misses her wall she is litteraly free kill. The main reason why mei has been weak since the game launched is because of how punishing she is. Miss your wall and your a free kill for the enemy. Second enemy run range dps and you just die. Enemy run dive and your team doesn't consist of at least reaper or doomfist with a moria and lucio and you just lose as well. So easy to counter which is why you rarely saw her in pro play until double barrier made it to where simply clicking heads on characters like widow just simply wasn't possible.

    • Wright Wright
      Wright Wright Month ago

      @R potienal mcree shots. You mean mcree shots that are easily dodged. Zen litteraly has more dps while supporting and is a way better dps than mei. Heck he use to be a better dps than mcree before mcree's buff. No wonder why he got that discord nerfed. Also you keep saying mei is easier but that's extremely far off. Reaper only needs one well placed shot and he can kill way faster than mei. Roadhog only needs to land one hook. Doomfist just needs to land one combo and gengi only needs to land 3 headshots and a dash( really only 2 headshots and a body shot with a dash) while mei has to perfectly track a character and freeze them over the course of a second. Even if you want to argue mei is easier, mei takes way longer to kill a target than all the character I listed above. Like I said battle mercy has a faster ttk. Saying mei is overpowered is like saying old sym beam was overpowered simply because it was easy which is dumb.

    • Wright Wright
      Wright Wright Month ago

      @R if your supports is trying to sustain mei in a brawl than the promblem is your team is focusing the mei instead of the supports and the other dps. Why would you focus a character that is litteraly harmless. The only characters forced to close the gap between mei is reinahrt and really hammond. That's pretty much it. No other tank is forced to close distance and have many ways of outplaying mei.

    • Wright Wright
      Wright Wright Month ago

      @R also no mei's ult does not end a fight for map control. It's so weak and so easily avoided that the top mei players highly recommend it on using a Winston that used leap simply because it's one of the few situations where your going to get a kill outside of comboing ults or an overtime push.

  • Daniel Yeatts
    Daniel Yeatts Month ago

    QP feels a lot more like Comp these days and now I think I know why. Thanks.

  • quickfast fps
    quickfast fps Month ago

    Who's that orisa btw

  • Eric Cabussu
    Eric Cabussu Month ago

    Spot on analisys! I feel it's mostly as you say.
    What i've been wondering about is Sigma's place in this new era of tank play. Overall his shield is non existant BUT his damage is top notch for the tank category.
    When your team can shield break quickly enough I've been feeling that Sigma can really put in his damage into the enemy team when they play a Deathball kind of comp. His ult is great for counter engaging in defensive fights, helping stop the progress of the enemy tanks.
    I believe we'll see less and less of teams playing clumped together but I don't feel that Sigma is outright a bad option for the tank category.

    • Wright Wright
      Wright Wright Month ago

      He's still a great off tank which does make him good. Not all dps combinations can easily break two barriers. What this patch did was make barrier break coutner double barrier but from what I can tell range dps is still countered by double barrier. Like does 600 health really matter to a pharah or a widow when you still block their line of sight for 8 seconds still.

  • veretx nerd
    veretx nerd Month ago

    There should be 4 roles heal, tank, damage and flex.
    Each game should have at least 1: tank, support, damage. And 3 flex
    Each round however you can only pick one role so if you are a flex and you decide to pick a tank this round you will remain at a tank for the rest of the remaining round