Birthday Cake Taco Taste Test

  • Published on Mar 11, 2019
  • The OG Mythical Crew joins us for some birthday cake tacos to celebrate our 1500th episode! GMMore #1500
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Comments • 927

  • Cat Nugget
    Cat Nugget 2 days ago

    The best

  • Abigail Way
    Abigail Way 18 days ago

    Yasss Chase representing the Hufflepuffs

  • samhouston1979
    samhouston1979 2 months ago

    Looks like the road crew for Phish

  • samhouston1979
    samhouston1979 2 months ago

    They can’t make new people eat bad stuff anymore?! Wtf?

  • Aiden C
    Aiden C 2 months ago

    Rhett: everybody blow! Heh

  • Royal Emerald Builder
    Royal Emerald Builder 3 months ago

    Bring hazing back!

  • Christopher G
    Christopher G 3 months ago

    All the memories. I'd love to back and experience these again for the first time.

  • MyBookishBehaviour
    MyBookishBehaviour 4 months ago

    Bring back the hazing

  • Nicole Verson
    Nicole Verson 5 months ago

    Jen is forever my fav crew member

  • chey cat
    chey cat 5 months ago

    plums are good lol

  • chey cat
    chey cat 5 months ago

    the thought of killing an animal just to eat it is so horrifying...

  • Lolerino L.
    Lolerino L. 5 months ago

    Where is Eddie?

  • Amamkoncahuanquichu
    Amamkoncahuanquichu 5 months ago

    The "wick candy" is churchkhela! It's a Georgian candy!

  • David G
    David G 6 months ago

    I wonder how they afford to employ so many people, crazy

  • Koda jablonski
    Koda jablonski 6 months ago

    Yes! Hufflepuff on chase

  • AwesomeCat2012
    AwesomeCat2012 6 months ago

    I really wanna try one of those birthday cake tacos. Like, real bad. LOL Also, congrats on 1500 eps, and YAY for all the crew that has stuck around! I love you all!

  • Krissir
    Krissir 6 months ago

    Anyone see the girl in the back left, she wanted a taco and never got one Lol...

  • Vika R.F
    Vika R.F 6 months ago

    pls don't fire all of them

    DANIEL HOYNG 6 months ago

    We are going to fight climate change! How, by planting trees or donate solar panels to 3rd world countries? No by complaining about politicians. Lmao

  • dancergirl 14
    dancergirl 14 6 months ago

    Omg seeing all of the original Gm crew!! And then to think about the new Gm crew!! It makes my heart happy!!!!

  • K D
    K D 6 months ago

    I feel bad for the girl in the back :( she looks so left out makes me sad😂 :(

  • Jake Edwards
    Jake Edwards 6 months ago

    Birthday cake is way to sweet

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr 6 months ago +1


  • shh h
    shh h 6 months ago

    why is no one talking about Josh with short hair and a mustache

  • Zoe's Zoo
    Zoe's Zoo 6 months ago

    Chase, I think the candy you're thinking of was Turkish Delight.

  • I taint mistaken
    I taint mistaken 6 months ago

    Why'd I just get notified on this?

  • GrizzlyForest
    GrizzlyForest 6 months ago

    I feel bad for the girl in the back left she looks so left out

  • rugxulo
    rugxulo 6 months ago

    This was great! Everybody was so happy and friendly. I can't wait for LTAT.

  • Shelby Ann
    Shelby Ann 6 months ago

    We love Chase the hufflepuff💛🦡

  • Abraham Contreras
    Abraham Contreras 6 months ago +1

    Did anyone else catch that moment when Link pissed off Steve by saying "This is not LTAT ." That's why she was thanking Rhett when he mentioned the show. Relax dude haha

  • Bolin Majere
    Bolin Majere 6 months ago

    3:48 "Blink."

  • thirstylikethemoose
    thirstylikethemoose 6 months ago

    I've been watching gmm every morning since they started. It's a bad day if I miss an episode
    P.S. please make a " I love nostalgia" shirt

  • thirstylikethemoose
    thirstylikethemoose 6 months ago

    they seem to have a high turnover on here, is it mainly internships?

  • Tiddies McGee
    Tiddies McGee 6 months ago

    I must have watched Rhett eat that candle atleast 10 times.

  • The free market of ideas hur durr

    Need the recipe for birthday cake taco ASAP

  • YoungKidKevi
    YoungKidKevi 6 months ago

    gotta do more videos with everyone again

  • ragingfiip
    ragingfiip 6 months ago +5

    Who remembers former Mythical Crew members Mike, Lizzy, or even Saagar? REAL OG Mythical Beasts might even remember Jason (although he was never really on camera).

  • Emilash McCormb
    Emilash McCormb 6 months ago

    Why is that guy next to Jen wearing a disguise?

  • Rain &Rainbows
    Rain &Rainbows 6 months ago +1

    My heart❤️❤️ so good seeing the og crew

  • Rachel F
    Rachel F 6 months ago

    Could you do a "where are they now" video on other old crew members?

  • Not Enderswift
    Not Enderswift 6 months ago

    just in time for my bday

  • Steven Irvine
    Steven Irvine 6 months ago

    Kevin: Look I eat fish!

  • Dan B
    Dan B 6 months ago

    I thought Casey got fired 😂 not that I’d complain either way 😂

  • mando here
    mando here 6 months ago

    Love the diversity in the staff

    • rugxulo
      rugxulo 6 months ago

      You don't watch often, do you???

  • Lance Hooper
    Lance Hooper 6 months ago

    What ever happened to Jason? The original ORIGINAL mythical crew. Wonder why he’s never, at least, been a guest.

  • mojo
    mojo 6 months ago

    I love chase😘😎

  • Meghan Ashley
    Meghan Ashley 6 months ago

    As they blew out the candles, all I could think about was GERMS!😂😂😂

  • Megan Grossi
    Megan Grossi 6 months ago

    This episode aired on my birthday!

  • A Spates
    A Spates 6 months ago

    Who else got scared when Link touched the candle?

  • Ella Dunham
    Ella Dunham 6 months ago

    More Morgan please!

  • sarah
    sarah 6 months ago

    this was such a good classic gmmore episode

  • Julia Lawless
    Julia Lawless 6 months ago +1

    Great Video, but who else saw Rhett eat a candle? 😂

  • Sour_Cream_Daisy 101
    Sour_Cream_Daisy 101 6 months ago +4

    1:40 “I LOVE NOSTALGIA” that should be on a t shirt. I would by that😂

  • Gerald Vargas
    Gerald Vargas 6 months ago

    Stevie's hair looks so soft!

  • Finnean Sieks
    Finnean Sieks 6 months ago +1

    Where is mike

  • Candyce Rynee
    Candyce Rynee 6 months ago

    Where is Mike?

  • Keith Robinson
    Keith Robinson 6 months ago

    Very diverse crew LOL

    • rugxulo
      rugxulo 6 months ago

      Have you not watched recent episodes???

  • Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM

    It gave the appearance as if it was one big taco.

  • michelle burdick
    michelle burdick 6 months ago

    Yay!! Congrats it's my daughters 15th Birthday too!!

  • Puddi Panda
    Puddi Panda 6 months ago +1

    Wait... CUPCAKE TACO :o