Zelda Medley- Lindsey Stirling

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Film by Devin Graham
Devin is an amazing cinematographer so be sure to check out his channel

I (lindsey) arranged this medley based off the Nintendo game Zelda!

Our friend Dan Reyes- Cario then recorded it for us.
Check out his sound recording website in the link below!

And then Stephen Anderson did the sweet epic background orchestration.
Stephen composes most of the music for my videos! You can check out his rad website in the link below!

You can also contact him here.

Other Credits:

Melia Harris - Costume Designer
Ben Brooksby - Makeup/put on ears
Jacob Schwarz - Color Correction/helping film

Sam Bilodeua - Color Correction
Lincoln Gutke - Production Assistant
Kristen Hillier - Production Assistant

The ears that Ben Brooksby put on, he bought them from Aradani Studios. You can check them out here if your looking for cool ears and other sweet stuff. http://www.aradani.com

We shot this on our company's Red Epic film camera. You can check out our website in the link below.


Edited by Lindsey Stirling and Devin Graham

The original idea for this film came about in regards to the release of the Nintendo game Zelda: Skyward Sword coming out this week!! The music arrangement was made using some of the Zelda video games most popular songs. THese songs were written by Koji Kondo.

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Автор TheSmileyFacedPizza ( назад)
I'd hit that Link so hard, I'd make her Sheik.

Автор Caroline Dack ( назад)
predicting that Link would wear blue way before Breath of the Wild :)

Автор Junko Enoshima ( назад)
For anyone about to comment that Link wears green, not blue:
Link has multiple versions of his tunic that are different colours, including red, blue, and purple. So she isn't wrong about wearing a blue outfit because Link does in fact have a blue outfit.

Автор Kristian Bohr ( назад)
Piers Morgan, open mouth insert both feet!

Автор [DTR!X] ( назад)
mais c'est un truc de teuber mdrr la moyenne d age des fans doit etre de 16 ans c'est trop debile serieux j'ai l'impression de ragarder un dessin animé 😂😂 j'imagine que les fan ont des tendances suicidaires et sont mal dans leur peau pour tomber si bas x) jsuis deaaaaad 😂

Автор eddyy132 ( назад)

Автор Nort Hitora ( назад)
just take my rupees!!!!!

Автор KrackJaxGamingX3 ( назад)
This is amazing!!!

Автор Susana Cuastumal ( назад)
me encanta! !!

Автор Brian Murphy ( назад)
You are a blessing to this world. Thank you for creating such wonderful music.

Автор youssef ahmed ( назад)
1:40 saria's song nostalgia 😍

Автор sadmac356 ( назад)
I wish there was a love button!

Автор The Jokers ( назад)
Gros bisous de la France

Автор Jasper Rannells ( назад)
Lindsey you should do Pirates of the Carribean

Автор Atomicz Keoh ( назад)
Play to Breath of the wild with Lindsey, it's perfect ♥

Автор Hacks in stacks ( назад)
Can you imagine Lindsey Striling in an orchrestra, just dancing and jumping while playing.

Автор squadle Rutherford ( назад)
anyone notice the car in the back

Автор Garrett Nelson ( назад)
I love the legend of zelda

Автор Hannah Bergh ( назад)
Most talented violinist Ive seen <3

Автор Jean Solvier ( назад)
It's epic

Автор Lizzie May ( назад)
love this game ❤❤❤

Автор Messi ( назад)
Everyone is commenting about the music and zelda, can someone tell me why she looks so good in the zelda outfit, lindsey looks adorable cute af 💕

Автор Masaru Isamu ( назад)
time to play Breath of the wild while listening to this XP

Автор PaperBuddy ( назад)
so incredibly talented and nerdy too lol! massive girl crush on lindsey <33

Автор android gamplays videos y mas ( назад)
un clasico la amo

Автор Jaylin Moye ( назад)
Emo lmo lol

Автор Leon Etienne ( назад)
What a shame this is not available in 4k...

Автор Kayoua Xiong ( назад)
This makes my heart happy! :D

Автор Cristal Okumura ( назад)
Sorry but Link is green..(The video is very good anyway)

Автор FlacxDose ( назад)
thats not epona

Автор Eric Ogletree ( назад)
Kind of cute for Link...  Hehe.  Seriously though, makes me want to learn how to play the violin.  :)

Автор James C ( назад)
There is at least one nerdgasm for every view this video has. Thank you Lindsey Stirling!

Автор Tigiver ( назад)
breath of the wild

Автор Samuel Bois ( назад)
nice the car at 55 sec

Автор Andreas Ryge ( назад)
Anyone else think this is really hard to watch?

Автор AnnucksZooi ( назад)
She is a good vilolist, and a good dancer. I love all her music and her video clips

Автор qubert pidster ( назад)

Автор elizabeth Rogers ( назад)
even though I have no idea what Zelda is, I loved that melody

Автор PRESIDENT DOG ( назад)

Автор Inplay` z ( назад)
I watched that 4yrs ago... and I died 😂😂

Автор leo loin ( назад)

Автор Hadassa Guimarães ( назад)

Автор HylianExpected ( назад)
R.I.P Arrow 2011

Автор Rasv ( назад)
its so cringey the movements

Автор Symblotic ( назад)

Автор DimDim 101 ( назад)
Just beautiful.

Автор Shakti Prakash Majhi ( назад)
I haven't heard all of legend of Zelda's songs but Saria's song is my favourite...

Автор I'm To High For This ( назад)
Am I the only one weirded out that she plays a violin and that violin strings use horse hair and there's a horse in the backround

Автор Marceau Raznov ( назад)
you are rock and roll

Автор Ace Caldejon ( назад)
#triggered by the fact that Lindsey Stirling be wearing blue when Link always wears the iconic green clothing. Hhhhhhhh. Love the cover/medley, but just really triggered by the fact that that she wore blue instead of green.

Автор Casey Ettle ( назад)
this made me tear up i freakin LOVE it nice job

Автор PokéMaster Pumpkaboo ( назад)
Can you do the trailer of the Breath of the Wild!!? Please

This is my first video of you and you are freaking amazing!!

Автор HeyItsEdith ( назад)
your transitions are so smooth and perfect omlll

Автор CookiesRock ( назад)
What is the first song originally called?

Автор Soto Axel ( назад)
honestly, she looks kind of cute like if you agree

Автор Aaron Sedgwick ( назад)
she's Soooo adorable in her smile, like a squirrel

Автор Liam Dunbar ( назад)
It's time to kill some evil

Автор 周沰海 ( назад)

Автор The Epic Gamer ( назад)
Truly amazing

Автор IsaiahCasados ( назад)
Where's she get the costume I love that

Автор schlomit fénero ( назад)

Автор Gautham Krithiwas ( назад)
Lindsey Linkle! 😶😶😶

Автор Racso Markez ( назад)
que genial :D me encanta

Автор benzad123 ( назад)
This video came out a week before skyward sword but it looks more like breath of the wild

Автор PlanetGeekdom ( назад)
this was the first video that made me want to play violin year on of playing!

Автор Vilver II ( назад)
And all of a sudden this become relevant again!

Автор The Random Channel chillie pepper ( назад)
Link from The Legend of Zelda and Wander from Shadow of the Colossus would be best friends

Автор MrRiptoast ( назад)
Went to this video by accident, fell in love with the music and style at first glance and purchased my first violin an hour after that. Freshly inspired to learn even though some people might say it is too late. Thank you so much Lindsey, your work is beyond amazing!

Автор Federica Maganja ( назад)
La delicatezza del violino rende questa canzone di Zelda unica! it's so beautiful!

Автор Caitlin Doughty ( назад)
Can u do one of hall of fame

Автор Caitlin Doughty ( назад)

Автор John Estrada ( назад)
The water temple is flooding out my eyes!!

Автор Sharon Caruana ( назад)
I am honestly curious wouldn't playing the violin in the forest Temple attract stalfos?

Автор Eric Mansur ( назад)
Its just so so

Автор XYZDreadnought ( назад)
Love the music, but looking at some of her videos like this one, she must have either a large travel budget, or live in the most scenic place in the universe :P

Автор Élodie Lopina-Whovian ( назад)
I love you!!!

Автор Marcus Lane ( назад)
what's the original track at 2:20?

Автор Matthew Ashby ( назад)
It's dangerous to go alone take this 🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻

Автор Sketchy Mane ( назад)
It would've been funny if the quiver on her back was just full of extra bows. (the bows you play violins with)

Автор aivars tjapusins ( назад)
nice bravo..

Автор juliet beneke ( назад)
Should have did a violin cover of "Temple of time" theme. That one is so exhilarating. was always my favorite.

Автор Batcoon ( назад)
Im not a hater or anything, but i don't think she's actually like playin the violin while she is outside. I think its all edited in. but, the wind would effect the sound of the violin. i learned this in math class

Автор Feather blossom productions ( назад)
Hyrule for life awesome job Lindsey 🍧🍧🍧🍧🍧🍧🍧🍧🍧🍧

Автор Nobody Important ( назад)
All I want is that outfit 😭

Автор Alex Bianchi ( назад)
Do something for Breath of the Wild please!!!

Автор Rainyy ( назад)
Okay but why are you wearing the blue tunic in a grassy field

Автор ᔕᕼIᖇO ( назад)
So old, yet so beautiful.

Автор Heinzelman88! ( назад)
I would like to see you do a colab with 2Cellos

Автор Enigmatic Danger ( назад)
You changed way to much in this beautiful melody, song of storms is suppose to show happiness, and then darkness because Ganondorf came and brought chaos with him. This is just pure happiness, not a fan, but well done though

Автор Seraph O. Storms ( назад)
It's like Lindsey thought of Breath of the Wild years before it was released!

Автор Jose Luis Mejia Villamizar ( назад)
She predicted the blue clothes from breath of the wild :v

Автор Esther Quesnel ( назад)
whats the song at 2:20??

Автор din ( назад)
c mamo mas10 y directo a favoritos :v

Автор Alexandre Bloskie ( назад)

Автор Mr. J ( назад)
Your cosplay of Zelda is fabulous!!

Автор xox clarissa xox ( назад)
I like how she looks like the characters she plays

Автор Zoey Mueller ( назад)
Could you do lugia's song from the Pokémon series.

Автор Fabiolek ( назад)
+Lindseystirling see you tomorrow I'm so excited:))

Автор Diego Lorenzo ( назад)
Lindsey, what about a The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of The Wild - Main Theme videoclip???
It would be gourgeous.

Автор TenToes ( назад)
uhittelee pesällä

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