10 Painfully Offensive Disney Movie Moments They Want You To Forget

  • Опубликовано: 10 ноя 2017
  • As many smiles as Disney puts on kids' faces across the world, they've also likely offended just as many people. 10 Painfully Offensive Disney Movie Moments They Want You To Forget! Subscribe to our channel: goo.gl/ho3Hg6
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    Most people believe that Disney movies are, by their very nature, the most innocent and child-friendly movies in the world - and that is actually the case, right? Nobody could possibly be offended by them, surely? Well that couldn't actually be further from the truth. Disney movies are genuinely notorious for including offensive content and, sadly, they've offended pretty much everybody over the years - and would you believe that they're still offending people to this day?! They've proven to be racist, sexist, homophobic and generally politically incorrect on a number of levels. This video will look at ten examples of that being the case. Those examples are; Wreck-It Ralph featuring some very blatant homophobia in the form of its main antagonist and Ralph's behaviour towards him, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs being incredibly sexist and promoting non-consensual kissing, The Little Mermaid being unbelievably sexist towards females and its attitudes to female behaviours, Aladdin depicting Arab countries in an extremely horrible way, Peter Pan being extremely degrading towards Native American people, Lady and the Tramp being extremely racist towards East Asians (and Mexicans), One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing being horrendously offensive towards the Chinese, Dumbo being unbelievably racist in its stereotyping and naming of its crow characters, Education for Death and Der Fuehrers Face being some of the most offensive war propaganda ever produced, and Song of the South being so flat-out repulsive in its depiction of slavery that it has rightfully never been released on home video (and never, ever will be!).
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Комментарии • 2 586

  • barry allen
    barry allen 6 часов назад

    This is full of bull crap. People these days are just trying to find offensive comments in the most innocent things.

  • Abigail Jack
    Abigail Jack День назад

    yeahh, sry I'm not offended but snow white she is is a strong powerful women who won't take no mess! ;)
    so if a women can't speak in real life and you meet her after she has lost your voice YOU CANT BE ATTRACTED TO HER!! yeaahh sry nah gotta disagree.

  • Team Berwald
    Team Berwald День назад

    Everything is offensive if you ask the snowflakes 🙄🙄

  • Pablo Garcia
    Pablo Garcia День назад

    Idk how but the shoe size scene from Frozen is probably here

  • Michael Anderson
    Michael Anderson День назад


  • Michael Anderson
    Michael Anderson День назад

    This video gave me autism

  • Jeremiah Williams
    Jeremiah Williams День назад

    hmmm after seeing this maybe nuclear war isn't that bad of an idea.

  • Metalmatt900
    Metalmatt900 День назад

    This video gave me aids and cancer simultaneously.

  • Shrek Dank
    Shrek Dank День назад

    Is this what a tumour in video form is?

  • Michael Scheske
    Michael Scheske День назад

    You would rather die then get kissed non-consensually?

  • geo mod
    geo mod День назад

    Whoever made this video, GET OFF MY PLANET!

  • Jennifer Larrasquitu
    Jennifer Larrasquitu 2 дня назад

    Not only is this video overreaching, many of the things the narrator is saying is totally inaccurate, and subjective. It tells me they clearly don’t reaserch well.....like at all. Makes me wonder about other videos.

  • Mia Dowd
    Mia Dowd 2 дня назад

    I remember my religion teacher in high school showed the class The Little Mermaid clip of Ursula. We were so shocked. One of my favorite Disney movies and I never noticed it

  • Rem Henshaw
    Rem Henshaw 2 дня назад

    For real though as an american of native descent peter pan is RACIST AF. just saying

  • Alex YouTube
    Alex YouTube 2 дня назад

    “Kissed without consent” are you kidding me?!

  • Anecia Scheffers
    Anecia Scheffers 2 дня назад

    This is good but I love these movies

  • Sagan
    Sagan 2 дня назад

    Well, you're wrong.

  • draven Nevermore
    draven Nevermore 2 дня назад

    Plus it was re released in the late 70 or early 80s the theaters

  • draven Nevermore
    draven Nevermore 2 дня назад

    I remember song of the south being released on vhs back in the late 80s.

  • Hailey Roberts
    Hailey Roberts 3 дня назад

    He thought the woman he loved DIED, you dolt.
    How can he get consent? Also, it was a good bye kiss.
    She wasn't forced to clean, she did that because she wanted to.

  • Elizabeth Kizzar
    Elizabeth Kizzar 4 дня назад

    Actually Pedro in Lady and the Tramp the facial features were based on one of the animators not stereotypical Mexican and that the guy was white

  • John Sabp
    John Sabp 5 дней назад

    This has to be a parody. There is no way people are this triggered over non issues.

  • puchop30l
    puchop30l 5 дней назад

    I feel sorry for my children that will have to live among these spineless snowflakes that are offended by normal human behavior done by fictional characters. Something needs to be done these betas males will destroy this country.

  • luke towner
    luke towner 5 дней назад

    This video really brings people together.
    Reading the comments, you can see that black, white, straight, or gay, everyone here thinks this video is horrible.

  • luke towner
    luke towner 5 дней назад

    This video is accusing Disney... DISNEY!!... of not being SJW enough.
    I feel terrible for bringing my kids into this world the way it is now.

  • Jeremy Smith
    Jeremy Smith 5 дней назад

    so you had to go all the way back to the 1930's to look for something to offend you......

  • Nerd
    Nerd 5 дней назад

    You people are sick for searching, digging, and over analyzing innocent situations and misrepresenting other situations just so you have SOMETHING to show for your disgusting agenda. Enjoy the movies and stop ripping them apart. Pathetic!

  • wcm5150
    wcm5150 5 дней назад

    Everything you said is wrong. What is offensive is your level of stupidity.

  • jure hehe
    jure hehe 5 дней назад


  • Kladstone
    Kladstone 5 дней назад

    You are on some next level cuckery

  • Mark Aldred
    Mark Aldred 5 дней назад

    I can't wait for entertainment once social justice gains full control. You people are going to make it so fantastic, as you do everything else. Right?

  • William Ross
    William Ross 5 дней назад

    Funny that all the offensive sexist stuff is perpetrated by the BAD CHARACTERS.
    Also, Snow White broke into their house and cleaned it. And the stipulation of her revival was "true loves first kiss". So she was unconsensually kissed by her true love in order to SAVE HER LIFE!!!!!

  • pvp979gaming
    pvp979gaming 5 дней назад

    well this video legit make me lose all hope for all humanity

  • OxygenBeats
    OxygenBeats 5 дней назад

    Are you saying it's wrong to give someone CPR? Lol

  • Carly Malcolm
    Carly Malcolm 5 дней назад

    You got Aladdin wrong. The original lyrics which talked of cutting things off were changed to 'where the heat is intense etc...' because Disney realised it caused offence, so the lyrics were changed for the video release.

  • Carly Malcolm
    Carly Malcolm 5 дней назад

    Worry about not having consent from Snow White for a quick peck or let her die...ach better be safe and let her die, that would be a great story. I do find it funny though that's she's called 'snow white' and all her dwarve's names are symptoms or stages related to cocaine. Sneezy, happy etc, you might come down and feel grumpy, you might even need the doc haha I love Disney.

  • AGessentials
    AGessentials 6 дней назад

    Ursula was making up lies to try and trick her Into making that deal..

  • Jason Sanders
    Jason Sanders 6 дней назад

    Wow.... whoever agrees with this is a soft skinned fag....

  • Andrew Newby
    Andrew Newby 6 дней назад

    Stop looking for things to offend you and get a job.

  • B Jones
    B Jones 6 дней назад

    I love all of these movies and have a copy of Song of the South. Glad the narrator wasn't in charge of movie content when these were made.

  • Metro Dude
    Metro Dude 6 дней назад

    People just like to be offended these days

  • Shay Ashford
    Shay Ashford 7 дней назад

    Tiny observation... no one Black, Asian, German, Native American is saying this isn't offensive...just an observation.... #dontshootthemessenger

  • Max Ford
    Max Ford 7 дней назад

    Everything here is only offensive if your spineless and/or a feminist.

  • charles leffler
    charles leffler 9 дней назад

    this wasted my time.the offense here was your whiney voice you pc tard

  • Michael Walker
    Michael Walker 9 дней назад

    These are only offensive if you are a Pussy

  • jokkoj
    jokkoj 9 дней назад

    How you even manage to survive is beyond my understanding. it's like you're from an alternate universe where everyone is cucked AF.

  • Ksortakh Kraxthar
    Ksortakh Kraxthar 9 дней назад

    Wow. Some of those are really really... tame.

  • uuasnyder
    uuasnyder 9 дней назад

    The kiss was offensive???? Change it to a CPR attempt and then tell me it's offensive. Snowflakes are more offensive than Snow White.

  • Andrew Faraday
    Andrew Faraday 10 дней назад

    I mean, two of those were literally wartime propaganda movies. It was literally intended to cause people to hate folks from another nation, that's it's purpose.

  • trashleighinkable
    trashleighinkable 10 дней назад

    It's idle prattle not idle babble... Come On Screen Rant at least know what they're are saying, do your research.

  • FJ A3
    FJ A3 11 дней назад

    wow scrren rant, you were looking for anything create controversy

  • Bluehorizon 89
    Bluehorizon 89 11 дней назад

    'Snow White didn't give the Prince consent to kiss her.' She was practically DEAD. That's like getting consent from someone who isn't breathing to give them resuscitation.

  • PlagueRat Styxx
    PlagueRat Styxx 11 дней назад

    Wow definitely unsubscribing from this PC pussy bullshit.

  • Joan Denise Wanner
    Joan Denise Wanner 11 дней назад

    Dude if you are offended by cartoons, than all I can say is, grow the f up.

  • Anita Richmond
    Anita Richmond 12 дней назад

    The world is so thin-skinned these days/ would people ready to find fault in the littlest things complaints about the cats wanting to eat a bird or a fish it's just nitpicking to the nth degree, nothing's perfect and Disney brought a lot of joy and old time values to people's family a time of Innocence when you know better you do better so if Disney was racist it was done in Good Humor.. not that it matters but I'm a 50 year old black woman RIP Uncle Walt.. or maybe I'm just conditioned

    DEMIxGODxSHADOW 12 дней назад

    Oh no! Disney offended Nazis!

  • SchattenMann
    SchattenMann 12 дней назад

    Disney isn't accurate. Jasmine would have more bruises and beatings. Women are so dirty they make one impure for prayer upon contact and as Muhammad once said, hang your scurge where your wife can see it. Treat 'em mean, keep em in line. Of course, I don't endorse Islam, so these aren't my beliefs. Simply setting the record straight.

  • magicarp79
    magicarp79 12 дней назад

    Did we see the same movie? The prince looked pretty depressed after he kissed Snow White. It was a goodbye kiss.

  • Emily Waugh
    Emily Waugh 13 дней назад

    Seriously? If I was in snow whites situation under a deep slumber, I wouldn't even care if a diseased rat kissed me. I would be thankful that it woke me up again and saved me, consent or not. Did feminist come up with this particul "offense"

  • Stravo Lukos
    Stravo Lukos 13 дней назад

    Let's see-- who's left to insult? I dumped on M-assachusetts being gay along w/ Washington state, I flicked boogers at SJWs & snowflakes, dissed on Libtards & Selfservatives, Blacks & Jews are just too easy.... OH!!!! Yes! Christianity v. the world. Well, Christianity isn't the best religion. In fact, it's the only TRUE faith anywhere. And all the rest of you heathens are going to hell.
    That should do it. Unless we want to go after the FemiNazis. Anyone up for singeing their fearthers?

  • Len Hazell
    Len Hazell 13 дней назад

    Hey you forgot about the highly racist portrayal of Liverpudlian Vultures in the Jungle Book and an Indian tiger being played by a Russian actor with a colonial British accent. Shameful. What about the witch Maleficent in sleeping beauty being portrayed again as a stereotypical evil WOMAN and all the fairies being fat, obviously a slight against older women and obese people? A Hungarian actress playing a French mouse in the rescuers, could they not get a real French actress? Crocodiles ALWAYS being cast as villains, that's Specist! Oh and what about the three little pigs being racially and culturally insensitive to Jews and Muslims, or the fact that the wolf hunting and herding them in to one house and then being burned while climbing down in to fire is OBVIOUS holocaust denial! Really you should be ashamed of yourself not picking up on these examples of Disney dastardliness.

  • Joe snider
    Joe snider 13 дней назад

    I wish i could take back my "View" and get back those 13:19 minutes of my life. Seriously? You should be ashamed of yourself.

  • Khimairan
    Khimairan 14 дней назад

    Definitely appreciate the video, but god I can't help rolling my eyes at these comments and how everyone wants to excuse, dismiss or argue their fave's merits or blame the "new PC culture" like no, it's actually a bad thing, Karen, you're just mad you don't get to be a racist anymore.

  • Christy T
    Christy T 14 дней назад

    This video is idiotic.

  • Alec Rodriguez
    Alec Rodriguez 14 дней назад

    I thought Song of the South was offensive, but that dinosaur film takes the cake. At least Song of the South actually Had Black people.

  • Dobby Sock
    Dobby Sock 14 дней назад

    Eric falls in love with mermaid Ariel specifically due to her voice. The fact that it's gone is why it takes so long for Eric to fall for human Ariel. When he first stumbles on her in human form he is disappointed she can't talk! This proves Ursula wrong.

  • BigMacintosh 2029
    BigMacintosh 2029 14 дней назад


  • Jodie Addison
    Jodie Addison 14 дней назад

    I can only hope that most of this video is a joke...

  • Jhaszmyn
    Jhaszmyn 15 дней назад

    I use to watch Song of the South. I remember that movie in the 1990s

  • TheResistanceAsylum
    TheResistanceAsylum 15 дней назад

    Also, everyone loves Song of the South when they're riding Splash Mountain at Disney World...

  • TheResistanceAsylum
    TheResistanceAsylum 15 дней назад

    This video has a lot of inaccuracies as other people are saying.
    And maybe some personal bias with Snow White lol

  • TheResistanceAsylum
    TheResistanceAsylum 15 дней назад

    You can even see that in this clip that he is telling the stories to both black and white kids. It's fucked that the actor couldn't see the premiere, but my family has Song of the South on VHS and it's really not very racist. They are real folktales and the movie is accurate as far as many black people stayed on plantations without anywhere else to go.
    (Sure it's probably problematic as it is depicting his struggle for the entertainment of a mostly white audience.) But it isn't as racist as Pocahontas or Dumbo, so.

  • Fred Schwarz
    Fred Schwarz 15 дней назад

    This is a parody of SJW lunacy, right?

  • Chris X
    Chris X 15 дней назад

    Pathetic. This is just looking for something to be upset about and applying maximum PC-ness. I got fed up after 2 examples.

  • Dusan Ivic
    Dusan Ivic 15 дней назад

    Dont touch my Disney, bitches!

  • Kaya Lincoln
    Kaya Lincoln 15 дней назад

    5:55 the music ☠️☠️☠️☠️

  • Hazel - A WARRIOR
    Hazel - A WARRIOR 15 дней назад

    People get offended by anything and everything.....can't you look at them possitively.....I don't know why I saw this

  • Kyrande Fox-fairy
    Kyrande Fox-fairy 16 дней назад

    Most of these racist things are part of those time periods. Almost everyone thought these thing are okay. We should just watch these movies and be happy 'cause these things changed.

  • Grassy Tiger
    Grassy Tiger 16 дней назад

    Lol what an sjw pussy

  • Dayna Hart
    Dayna Hart 16 дней назад

    Disney made war propaganda!?!?!?!? WTF!!!

  • A
    A 16 дней назад

    Screen rant I hope ur faggot ass dies of aids

  • Gracie Vanderpoel
    Gracie Vanderpoel 16 дней назад +1

    In the movie Aladdin it wasn’t a stereotype they were basing it off of that time period And where he was from it was true not a stereotype. Plus you shouldn’t be worried about these these were meant for children that’s the only way they understandings things. All the kids think men are better than girls and all this other crap so it’s just easier for them to understand. Also these movies were made later in time. So many people still believed in racism sexism and all that crap

  • Therdina Zinastina
    Therdina Zinastina 16 дней назад

    3:00 dude the fact that the villain is singing a song about how women are more attractive not speaking should tell you that movie is saying "this is a bad thing."

  • amedaius
    amedaius 16 дней назад

    Moral of the story is, everything is offensive to someone. Just imagine what they will decide was offensive in 2018 80 years from now. Maybe this list will be on there.

  • Rohan Zener
    Rohan Zener 16 дней назад

    Therefore, Disney is the original South Park!

  • jdprettynails
    jdprettynails 17 дней назад

    Ah yes. Song of the South, the film that Disney are actually ashamed of making and isn't available to buy anywhere.

  • jdprettynails
    jdprettynails 17 дней назад

    War propaganda films are designed to dehumanise the enemy....that's what makes it propaganda. But I'm sure the Nazi's propaganda about the Jews weren't racist in the slightest! Only the monsters at Disney would use offensive racial stereotypes, right?

  • jdprettynails
    jdprettynails 17 дней назад

    You do realise that line in Arabian Nights was cut? They changed it *because* it was offensive. If they kept it in, you'd have a point. But even Disney recognised how bad the line was.

  • jdprettynails
    jdprettynails 17 дней назад

    The prince in Snow White thought she was dead. That chaste kiss is hardly sexual assault. Sleeping Beauty is way worse, in the original fairy tale she gets raped and wakes up to find she gave birth to twins. So if anything...props to Disney for toning down the original content. Also Snow White *chose* to clean up the dwarves' house, hoping it will convince them to let her stay....did you even watch the film?

  • jdprettynails
    jdprettynails 17 дней назад

    I've NEVER heard the term nelly wafer in reference to homosexuals. If he'd called King Candy a fudge packer, then I'd understand. But Alan Tudyk's portrayal and King Candy's character design are clearly references to the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland

  • Indiana Jones
    Indiana Jones 17 дней назад

    I don't know why I think it but do princesses need deodorant? Like dude it's usually the older times and in Moana they have like no idea.

  • Brittany Noon
    Brittany Noon 17 дней назад +1

    Go home Screen Rant, you’re drunk.

  • A Body in Progress
    A Body in Progress 17 дней назад +1

    AARGH! "Song of the South" - in which Uncle Remus, the black man, ultimately puts the white people in their place. Screen Rant really revealed their 2017 hypersensitivity with this one.

  • virna gialini
    virna gialini 17 дней назад


  • firestorm
    firestorm 17 дней назад

    What the hell is this crap. The Social Justice Warriors guide to being offended? Christ!

  • Chantal Blancher
    Chantal Blancher 18 дней назад

    Much ado about nothing! We've gone toooo far the other way when it comes to PC. I'm to the point where I have to filter everything before I even speak. Unless I'm with very close friends or family who know my intent.

  • Alpax Dis
    Alpax Dis 18 дней назад

    Snow white forgot to make 7 sandwich and
    Little mermaid is a man's dream woman

  • Abbie Crozier
    Abbie Crozier 19 дней назад

    I’d still let my kids watch Disney!!!!

  • Tiramisu Desu
    Tiramisu Desu 19 дней назад

    Everything is offensive these days. Just do your thing. They're gonna get offended anyway...and all of them have double standards.