Play Half-Life Alyx As Inexpensively as Possible

  • Published on Nov 28, 2019
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    Today on Valve News Network, we take a look at some holiday deals that could very well get you playing Half-Life: Alyx in March as inexpensive as possible, given the current market climate.
    Samsung Odyssey + -
    HTC Vive (Black Friday Weekend for $349) -
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  • Raul
    Raul Day ago

    Or they could have released it on the PC with the ole' mouse and keyboard? Bunch of money-grabbing bastards... Screw them, I'm interested only in the story anyway.

  • Zuce31
    Zuce31 4 days ago

    got my odyssey on sale for 299cad regular $600cad upgraded from my rx 480 to a 2070 super.. im ready!

  • Kenneth Molina
    Kenneth Molina 8 days ago

    Do you need a vr to play the game or could i play the game like a normal game on a pc? Please tell me I'm confused af

  • RizeVize
    RizeVize 26 days ago

    Oh that‘s easy: *you dont*

  • FlyingFireBall Master
    FlyingFireBall Master Month ago +1

    I wish it was still 10 minutes ago when I had hope I might be able to play this game in 2020.
    Btw, how the hell is $650 a budget anything? That’s a shit ton of money right there. More than I’ve ever had to spend on anything that wasn’t absolutely necessary.

  • NovaGhost
    NovaGhost Month ago

    having it cheap is very good news but it gets ruined by the fact that VR is too expansive and that you need to buy a PC that will run it

  • shoes. no socks.
    shoes. no socks. Month ago

    my favourite vr games just for the record:
    (note these are the games i keep coming back for. very replayable. i play some of them every week and have for years)

    1. onward
    2. dirt rally
    3. project cars 2
    4. pistol whip
    5. dirt rally 2.0
    6. assetto corsa
    7. boneworks
    8. bigscreen beta

    great games that you may only play once or twice. but they are amazing:

    rick and morty vr
    accounting +
    trover saves the universe
    robo recall
    lone echo
    arizona sunshine
    zero calibre
    the gallery
    in death

    there are many many many more.
    some i dont play but are very very well regarded:

    no mans sky
    asgards wrath
    budget cuts
    the climb
    vader immortal

    ugh, there are too many to list.

    there are also a lot of local multiplayer games that are great (one player in vr, one or more on the monitor/ tv/ phone screen).

    ones i am very much looking out for: (releasing next year)

    medal of honour
    half life alyx

    good for a scare:

    paranormal activity
    dreadhalls (definitely recommend. even though its old)
    five nights at freddy's
    a chair in a room
    contagion vr
    there are more, just cant recall them right now.

  • shoes. no socks.
    shoes. no socks. Month ago

    half life alyx better have all the weapons of other games, including two handed weapons. if that shotgun handgun thing in the trailer turns out to not be a handgun but actually the shotgun. so there is no two handed shotgun... thats enough to turn me off. if you are going to make a vr game. do it properly. the lack of two handed weapons has always been a surefire way for me to detect a bad vr game. also, it better have proper free locomotion. like in games like onward. implemented in a way that doesnt make you feel sick. no inertia, no acceleration/ deceleration. no traditional effects. just stop and go at a set speed depending on thumbstick position. no bumping up and down. just sliding. trust me, it works good. onward and pavlov feel amazing to play and have never ever left me feeling sick. also, please dont add too many special effects. or give us the option to turn every single graphical option possible on or off for according to preference. not just for performance reasons. kiss. keep it simple stupid.

    and please do not be adding full body ik etc. just hands is fine. it works the best and is by far the most immersive. also full body disconnect leads to nausea in many people, if you cant see your body you cant feel disconnected from it and sick. boneworks is an amazing game. but not at all immersive. you know the whole time you are playing a game. controlling a character that lags behind your movents. i like it in that game. sort of. not really so far, but i want to like it. but in any other game, no thanks. its far far far too janky.

    thats it. enough said :-)

  • shoes. no socks.
    shoes. no socks. Month ago


    the vive has terrible sde and low res screen. terrible wands/ controllers. brilliant tracking of headset and wands. but every other headset has full roomscale too. you make it seem like only lighthouse can do it. wmr can too. and the headset tracking of wmr is basically perfect, its only the controllers that are not.

    also, what about other wmr headsets? obviously the samsung odyssey is the best, although there are advantages and disadvantages, like the oled screen looks better than other wmr headsets with lcd, except it has more sde. unless its the samsung odyssey + which has an anti sde filter, which potentiall blurs the image a bit.

  • Evil Koala
    Evil Koala Month ago +1

    And people spend 1200$ for an iPhone

  • SpiderMatty
    SpiderMatty Month ago

    Don't forget you can get a used Rift CV1 for about $230 with a third tracker for roomscale.

  • L33R0Y
    L33R0Y Month ago

    Spending 1000 bucks on Alyx+Boneworks.
    I'd rather rent the Index for 50 bucks a month and save the rest for a RTX2180TI...
    Let's be honest, it's gonna be at least 2-4 years before another great AAA VR game hits the market, waste of money.

  • Lionel Townsend
    Lionel Townsend Month ago

    I have a couple WMR headsets and the inside out tracking works great. To be honest outside in is totally unacceptable. Half of the fun is bringing it over for friends and kids. Changing rooms, houses, or venues requires very little effort. Microsoft still continues to update their WMR drivers but I've heard nothing about hand tracking for their controllers and I won't be holding my breath for them to do so as they no longer seem to be interested in pursuing VR gaming for PC or next generation Xbox. If Valve comes out with a Quest like device themselves at the same price.... TAKE MY MONEY!!!
    I have to add that the sense of wonderment the kids have while experienceing VR is something to cherish. Watching and helping them explore is a surprisingly satisfying reward unto itself.

    • Lionel Townsend
      Lionel Townsend Month ago

      In regards to GPU an RX 480 does a great job for WMR even at the experimental high screen refresh rate. Well not so much on Fallout 4 VR but that game has serious optimization issues.

  • the Godfather _
    the Godfather _ Month ago

    Do you think after half life alyx has been out long enough Someone will make a made that makes it non vr and playable with a keyboard and mouse

    • SteveTheBassist
      SteveTheBassist Month ago

      Probably, but it will really suck. You're better off waiting however long it will take for you to get VR than to ruin the game for yourself experiencing it like that

    JJJJJ Month ago

    VR is stupid and a money grab change my mind.

  • James The Retro Gamer

    Probably should have mentioned the Oculus quest, Since now Oculus link is a thing you can use in order too play PCVR games and the official half life website states it's an option.

  • Equinox
    Equinox Month ago

    Me before half life Alyx: I waited 3 years and stuck with a 1050 from 2016 to the near end of 2019, I finally got a rig with a 2080 and i7 after 3 whole long years I finally have a computer that demolishes new games
    Me after half life alyx trailer: *Oh ok I need VR now fucking great*

  • Jimmy Nguyen
    Jimmy Nguyen Month ago

    Half-Life Alyx isn't vive exclusive? I thought it was.

  • Samuel Taylor
    Samuel Taylor Month ago

    i got an oculus rift CV1 from ebay with 2 base stations for like £200 lol

  • Dunkskins
    Dunkskins Month ago

    Judging by the comments the only way people are going to be able to play this is by watching a 1080p or higher 60 fps walkthroughs of the entire game pretending they've got VR gear themselves.

  • Om Chari
    Om Chari Month ago +1

    ok guys, so these are not the cheapest way , there is even a cheaper version i know , go check out leap motion with vridge
    its not the best but what can u expect for 100$

  • Get out.
    Get out. Month ago

    I just threw common sense out of the window (no, not a wife. no wife = no problem) and bought index off the bat. Along with upgrades for my computer. D:

  • Pix Tron
    Pix Tron Month ago

    Or, if you live near a mall, pick it up at a VR Arcade

  • xVxXPrinceXxVx
    xVxXPrinceXxVx Month ago +1

    Sadly in my country a "cheap" VR headset costs 7 times my entire salary.

  • teh_supar_hackr 0010101

    Here's my list for the minimum requirements:

    MOBO: Gigabyte GA-A320M-S2H Micro ATX AM4 / ASRock A320M-HDV R4.0
    CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600 3.2GHz 6-Core
    CPU Cooler: ARCTIC Alpine AM4 LP (Or compatable w/ above)
    RAM: 8 GB, 4 GB DDR4 (Total of 16 GB)
    PSU: 600 W 80+ ATX (~347W Needed)
    Storage: Hitachi 1/2 TB HDD (preferablly SSD)
    GFX Card/Video Card: XFX Radeon RX 580 8 GB

  • PaxDrakonis
    PaxDrakonis Month ago +1

    added tip: which ever headset you get, try and get some time in playing Pistol Whip on Deadeye mode. The game is awesome fun by itself but playing it (especially on deadeye) will help you get your hand-eye coordination for aiming down.

  • DrHotelMario
    DrHotelMario Month ago

    Reminder to get your tax returns ASAP so you can buy a headset next spring.

  • Monster Zero
    Monster Zero Month ago

    Is rift S a better choice?

    • SteveTheBassist
      SteveTheBassist Month ago +1

      I haven't tried either of them, but it seems like most people on the internet recommend getting the Rift S over the Vive. Not sure why Tyler has no love for it

  • Blam Krotch
    Blam Krotch Month ago

    @valve news network I’m not a RUclipr but I just uploaded my first video in 7 years. I thought you might get a laugh out of it. It’s called Half-Life: Alyx mouse and keyboard play-testing leaked!!!

  • teodor staicu
    teodor staicu Month ago

    what mod is that playing in the bgnd?

  • party4lifedude
    party4lifedude Month ago

    Today I just paid off my car so I'm gonna have a considerable amount of extra income I could use for my VR interests. As a bonus the computer I already have seems to be perfectly fine for running the game already.

  • veryfatchild
    veryfatchild Month ago +1

    Problem: I'm getting my headset in april at the lowest. How am I going to get a headset in april? VR prices might as well be all time high by then.

  • Dilly Mackey
    Dilly Mackey Month ago +1

    Or you can just wait until Valve releases Half Life 3.

  • Stillwater
    Stillwater Month ago

    you forgot the oculus

  • Darth Lord Revan
    Darth Lord Revan Month ago

    Do you think that a computer MSI INFINITE A 8SD-499EU will do the job for both the game and the Valve Index ?

  • Demanding Being
    Demanding Being Month ago

    VR cafe 😂

  • ilya D.
    ilya D. Month ago

    bruh just pirate the game, run it on an emulator and screen share onto a phone which is inside a cheap phone VR headset. i’m not being ironic or anything, you should actually consider this.

  • --
    -- Month ago

    You wouldn't want to go with an AMD GPU in either of these cases.

  • Fallout Fan241
    Fallout Fan241 Month ago

    When you don’t even have a gaming pc...

  • Foxly
    Foxly Month ago

    Don't know if this is the place to ask, but will the following be good for most VR titles(and hopefully HL Alyx):
    - i7 4790k
    - Gtx 1070 ti
    - 16 GB DDR3 1600Mhz

    That's the PC upgrade I'm currently looking at

  • Petsto
    Petsto Month ago

    oculus rift s for everyone who is searching something in the mid range.
    The visuals are stunning (If your IPD is right XD)

  • Sean H
    Sean H Month ago

    The Oculus Rift S is a wayyyyyyy better choice than a used HTC Vive.

  • Sean H
    Sean H Month ago

    2:22 Yeah no, you're way better off getting an Oculus Rift S than a Used Vive System. The inside out tracking on the Rift S is fantastic, there is wayyyy less screendoor effect, less godrays, a higher quality image, easier setup and better controllers. Hardware wise there is absolutely no reason to pick up a used 1st Gen Vive over a Rift S.

  • Go Clunker
    Go Clunker Month ago

    Phew. My computer for work is much than minimum, now if only I could afford a headset

  • Tim Beverly
    Tim Beverly Month ago

    5:34 OR OR OR maybe it's because the 1060 3gb and the 6gb ARE IN NO WAY THE SAME CARD. This was and is a major point of controversy for nVidia, since the 6gb is substantially more powerful, and the 3gb has a gimped core, and this passive acknowledgement of this marketing deception from an _expert_ irks me. There is no reason a VR title should be particularly memory intensive for GPU's, and that 12 gb of system memory is probably crap as well.

  • Thundercrack von Asswhistle

    when you haven't got a shipment confirmation yet (From the day this video was uploaded) from the used Vive's and suddenly find out not only does HTC have spotty support but also 10,000 other extra people doing exactly what you're doing.
    t-thanks tyler

  • Gamerboy9013
    Gamerboy9013 Month ago

    Does...does it work with Oculus Rift S? Because I've been using my Rift S for months, and I really don't want to upgrade to an Index

  • killer dog
    killer dog Month ago

    I'm getting the quest because it works with my upgrade path so I think that's good. I'll be able to use it on its own for now and work my way up as I upgrade it. Idk why Oculus isn't recommend at all here

  • KleanUpSqad
    KleanUpSqad Month ago

    What about the oculus quest? Cheaper than buying a cheap headset + PC and is standalone.

  • ChadLance Woodring
    ChadLance Woodring Month ago

    The phanteks case is unavailable

  • VoltageLP
    VoltageLP Month ago

    Budget build - buys RGB RAM...

  • VoltageLP
    VoltageLP Month ago

    I would wait for christmas sales

  • John Mann
    John Mann Month ago

    Alyx is also set to run on the Oculus Quest, which retails at $300 and requires no PC at all. They’re also releasing the Link for the Quest next year, which will allow you to plug it in to your computer for a power boost if you need one.
    Seems like the best option to me.

  • Jbeast 701
    Jbeast 701 Month ago

    Helllll no am I gonna be able to play Half life Alxy

    Soo for my TF2 friends
    “Gentlemen, synchronize your death watches”

  • benjamin gahagnon
    benjamin gahagnon Month ago

    This amount of money to get to play this game is insane...Long time ago, you just needed a decent card to play Far Cry in ultra. I wouldnt be to surprised if they release thirdparty new headset compatible with this game

  • Noam Molloy
    Noam Molloy Month ago +1

    Umm... just completely forget oculus exists I guess lol. The rift s is on sale now and it is much better than the vive

  • omar
    omar Month ago

    fuck this. Im selling my pc. I can not afford to play any new games and I only enjoy older games

  • Enderzt
    Enderzt Month ago

    Any reason the Rift S isn't mentioned? It's the same price new as a used Vive and is a better all around headset than the OG Vive. The touch controllers are also better than the Vive wands and have more feature parity with the Index controllers. Feel like it should have atleast been mentioned.

  • Adel O
    Adel O Month ago

    Surprised how you skipped Rift S when it's the best modrange VR hmd

  • Volziinos Zahkrii
    Volziinos Zahkrii Month ago

    What is the game being played throughout the video ?

    • Volziinos Zahkrii
      Volziinos Zahkrii Month ago

      @ChadLance Woodring Very quite helpful. I ask because I don't recognise the map(s).

    • ChadLance Woodring
      ChadLance Woodring Month ago

      I don't think you should play hlvr if you don't know lol