😲 Fortnite NEW Secret Easter Egg Mini Game! Tomatohead Pizza vs. Durr Burger (Konami Code)

  • Published on Oct 13, 2019
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Comments • 245

  • ASMR Gaming News
    ASMR Gaming News  2 months ago +53

    💎 HERE is the Secret Code: UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT B A START (If you on PS4 use O and X button instead of B and A)

    MORGUE CITY Month ago +1


  • Poe Pins0n
    Poe Pins0n Month ago +1

    Very relaxing

  • Valeria Alvarenga
    Valeria Alvarenga Month ago +2

    I’m sorry but when you are whispering it sounds like you are a girl I just found out you are a boy much love to your Chanel

  • Yeti 7117
    Yeti 7117 Month ago +1

    I just got the reference that Peely and Jonesy are the scores because they were in that bunker hiding from the volcano at the end of season 8

  • Rhiannon Wright
    Rhiannon Wright Month ago +1

    Right, I've been on this once and acidity left it so I tried going back on it and it's not working now, like I've made sure I put the code in right, I've restarted Fortnite and my Xbox and it's still not letting me play it again, can you only play it once or?? Is anyone else having this issue?

  • Christina Chandler
    Christina Chandler Month ago

    Only thing that entertains me while a wait hours looking a at the black hole.

  • Tiff Funderburk
    Tiff Funderburk Month ago


  • justin del canto
    justin del canto Month ago +1

    I dont know for you but a feel fortnuts is trolling us real hard real quick

    = big ass YEET

  • Damir Dakica
    Damir Dakica Month ago +1

    Which button is the start button

    NXT RAGE Month ago +1

    Were ist start on the Keyboard?

    • NXT RAGE
      NXT RAGE Month ago

      @ASMR Gaming News ok thanks i thought it would be the windows button PS: i love your videos

    • ASMR Gaming News
      ASMR Gaming News  Month ago


  • Donavan Murray
    Donavan Murray Month ago +1

    You guys know this isn't new right

  • Official FrogsGoYete
    Official FrogsGoYete Month ago +1

    Hey agn where is the item shop video? We have a MYTHIC in shop! Its blue and black!

  • Drizzo _
    Drizzo _ Month ago +2

    this event was _decent_

  • derp turtle
    derp turtle Month ago +2

    Agn: let's land lucky guys!
    Epic: *I'm about to end this man's whole carrer*

  • derp turtle
    derp turtle Month ago +2

    So your telling me that.
    They removed lucky

    For this

  • Clan TBF
    Clan TBF Month ago +1

    How works in Switch?

  • Melissa Keller
    Melissa Keller Month ago +1

    No daily item shop today. EPIC😡

  • tony yao
    tony yao Month ago +1

    How do you do it on Nintendo switch

  • YT Rewindz
    YT Rewindz Month ago +1

    What music is that?
    I forgot

  • YT Rewindz
    YT Rewindz Month ago

    What music is that?
    I forgot

  • Bebrius
    Bebrius Month ago +1

    The end :(

  • MinishThe2nd
    MinishThe2nd Month ago +1

    Imagine a new player trying out fortnite for the first time and he just sees the black hole and he's like 50+ GBs for this?

  • mariska bal
    mariska bal Month ago


  • Jake MazariegosRodas
    Jake MazariegosRodas 2 months ago +1

    LOL what is epic doing

  • lizzy
    lizzy 2 months ago +3

    They weren't kidding when fortnite said this is the end😂

  • Me lose, you wish
    Me lose, you wish 2 months ago +1

    what is start in pc

  • Kury
    Kury 2 months ago +1

    Wow ... fortnite Hope to see u soon and more videos from AGN -Fortnite as well !☹️

  • King Burger
    King Burger 2 months ago +3

    Me:watches an 11 hour live stream

    But then I realized it’s just a rifts belly button

  • HyPeRiOn
    HyPeRiOn 2 months ago +1

    Up up down down left right left right o x

  • _Redbiotic _
    _Redbiotic _ 2 months ago

    What's the code again?

  • doctorxtn
    doctorxtn 2 months ago +1

    I was just getting back into fortnite and this shit happens, like wtf I was ACTUALLY GONNA PLAY THE GAME FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MONTHS

  • Savage
    Savage 2 months ago

    this is a first lol

  • Smittydillan 20
    Smittydillan 20 2 months ago +1

    Please can you play more Minecraft

  • XEROZTron
    XEROZTron 2 months ago +1

    If i knewed that it was gonna end i would never paid in this game now i waste 700$

  • Brandon
    Brandon 2 months ago +2

    What about Nintendo switch?

  • Wheatmaster 120
    Wheatmaster 120 2 months ago +1

    how do I do this on mobile

  • Henry Euceda
    Henry Euceda 2 months ago +1

    RIP fortnite

    Edit:oh wait there is maybe going to be a chapter 2 yassssss I wasted more than 500 dollars on fortnite

  • VRK Cliips
    VRK Cliips 2 months ago +3

    I spy with my little a bird a plane? Oh nope it's a black hole...

  • Booty trooper ツ
    Booty trooper ツ 2 months ago +2

    How do I play it on mobile

  • Elio Ngjelo
    Elio Ngjelo 2 months ago +1

    Hey agn i founded out what the easter egg. I think it refers to yu gi oh parody video, the name off the video is yu gi oh abridged crowd atlas episode 59 by little kuriboh. Go to this time stamp 4:09 and the code will be the exact same one!!! Pls check it out

    • ASMR Gaming News
      ASMR Gaming News  Month ago +1

      That is a Konami show/Game series so it would make sense for the Konami Code to be in that too. It has appeared in a ton of games :)

  • john respenso
    john respenso 2 months ago


  • Joe Wheeler
    Joe Wheeler 2 months ago

    Go live!!!

  • ItsJaydon
    ItsJaydon 2 months ago

    Looks like your going to just have to play cod mobile for now

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 2 months ago

    How do you get it up for ps4??

  • darbington yeet
    darbington yeet 2 months ago

    if you exited out can you re-enter and play this, if not I’m going to be sad

  • The Blurrr
    The Blurrr 2 months ago

    Are u on ps4 or xbox cause I see that it says ur on online xbox sometimes

  • Dlofty26
    Dlofty26 2 months ago

    Whats start

  • Mxshpieッ
    Mxshpieッ 2 months ago

    Btw the background music sounds like best mates..maybe the new season has something to do with this?

  • The_Goated _God
    The_Goated _God 2 months ago

    I love staring into a black hole for 4+hours😭

  • Berserk Plays
    Berserk Plays 2 months ago

    Whats the code for nintendo switch?

  • Slitheren _
    Slitheren _ 2 months ago

    Sub to me

  • Slitheren _
    Slitheren _ 2 months ago

    What about pc

  • Vasvir
    Vasvir 2 months ago

    Wow season 11 gameplay already!

  • lllxxnn on Insta
    lllxxnn on Insta 2 months ago

    This minigame isnt new

  • CookingAndTiktok
    CookingAndTiktok 2 months ago +1

    How do I do it on Nintendo switch?

  • Chloe Higgins
    Chloe Higgins 2 months ago +1

    15 not 25

  • Chloe Higgins
    Chloe Higgins 2 months ago +1

    The numbers where 11 then 146 then 62 then 25

  • DankToad
    DankToad 2 months ago +2

    It’s a pain waiting for the season to start...

    • DankToad
      DankToad 2 months ago

      Outlaw Jodie Wales probably not you know epic games

    • Outlaw Jodie Wales
      Outlaw Jodie Wales 2 months ago +1

      Bet we get free vbux for this

  • Webx
    Webx 2 months ago +12

    No one:
    Literally no one: