Kim Jong-Un: A Brilliant Leader

  • Published on Jul 17, 2017
  • North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un is a rational mastermind who does anything and everything to stay in power, even with most of the world against him.
    ### Credits ###
    -When I wanted to make this video, I read Andrei Lankov’s wonderful book “The Real North Korea”. It informed much of this video but much had to be left out due to time constraints. If you want to learn more, I highly recommend buying his book.
    -Map at the beginning of the Korean Peninsula is North Korea by - they provided the vector image which was then edited for use in this video. They own all intellectual property rights of that image, but allow it to be used with attribution.
    -Nighttime aerial photo of Korea courtesy of NASA
    -Music is “Lurking” by Silent Partner
    -Sound Effects are all taken from FreeSound.Org using the CC0 license
    -Gameplay footage is of Civ 5
    -All articles and screenshots include their sources in the image

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  • 3. 14
    3. 14 8 days ago

    So North Korea is basically 1984?

  • mc lil Zen the poet
    mc lil Zen the poet 29 days ago

    Well that's terrifying

  • HeavyIzThaCrown -
    HeavyIzThaCrown - 2 months ago

    Great work.

  • Johnny Hackett
    Johnny Hackett 2 months ago

    That Goddamn 7x7 chess board triggers me.

  • Brandon Stennett
    Brandon Stennett 4 months ago

    Can you explain why Sweden has no bail ? Would help us understand ASAP.

  • Plate Productions
    Plate Productions 4 months ago

    4:31 oh my god this in air vehicle camouflage it the color of the sky

  • Eric Fajeta
    Eric Fajeta 5 months ago

    The chess exaple is terrible. You can't beat a good player by making bad moves

  • Donald Trump Uncensored

    You are a clever little sausage aren't you!

  • DerpToni616372
    DerpToni616372 5 months ago

    No recommendations are being shown under video but it doesn't have guidelines notice. What is happening

  • no idea
    no idea 8 months ago

    The title are actually sarcastic

  • Hermann Fegelein The Antic Master real

    if i ruled i feed my people but trap people in citys where this happens so one part strave while other trive but dose not know about straving

  • Mike The Human
    Mike The Human 8 months ago

    60 hours! Damn that's alot of time. Thank you for your efforts best infographic channel on TV

  • EpicMan
    EpicMan 8 months ago

    Holy shit the "good leader" part was so good!

  • MangoMan Power
    MangoMan Power 8 months ago

    5.2k dislikes from people who didnt watch this vid or kim jong un bots

  • Net Cars
    Net Cars 9 months ago

    This was well done. Only thing it got wrong is the theory that a starving population helps Kim. The Kim family had a much tighter grip on NK society when food was plentiful prior to the collapse of the Soviet Union. The Soviets were heavily subsidizing the North Korean economy and NK citizens earnestly praised the Kim family because they’re bellies were full and they thought they were doing well. Since the famine in the 90’s, there has been wave of discontent. Of course this discontent is hidden in the hearts of North Koreans and the only way we know of this is from interviews with NK’s that have escaped to freedom in South Korea. It is estimated that most North Koreans now know (through media, dvd, SD cards entering the country) that other countries and especially South Korea are doing better than they are under Kim.

  • Wasis Haryo Sasoko
    Wasis Haryo Sasoko 9 months ago

    TL;DR. Make an unexpected move. Let your people hungry and your country underdeveloped, and continue threaten other nation.

  • Audrius Baranauskas
    Audrius Baranauskas 9 months ago

    Your chess analogy is terrible. Making "strange" moves is just opening yourself to something neither he nor you know the theory of. And by definition, the better player will outplay you in this position. What you actually want to do is play as safe as possible, trade down the pieces and hope for a draw.

  • Rajat Sharma
    Rajat Sharma 10 months ago

    60 hours😱😱😱😱😱. You really deserve more subscribers than this. I have straight away subscribed to your channel.

  • Sainath Reddy
    Sainath Reddy 10 months ago

    I Appreciate your effort bro 😊

  • Rubens Gaytan
    Rubens Gaytan 10 months ago

    someone knows how does he create the videos?

  • stubi_
    stubi_ 10 months ago

    pls drink water

  • Kyran DM
    Kyran DM 10 months ago

    are u held up at gun point

  • Minecraft Gamer de l’Assomption

    Kim jong un she put his familly in prison!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • Vinh vũ
    Vinh vũ 11 months ago

    At least nỏth koreans do not suffer light pollution

  • peter tuann
    peter tuann 11 months ago

    Correct, he is evil but in power, he does not want freedom & democracy because he will lose power. People in USA don't understand what being a king is, King Kim is king of North Korea, he acts & lives like a feudal monarch, he can kill anyone, rape any woman, no law stops him. Why would he give that up to be merely a rich Korean?

  • the.abhiram.r
    the.abhiram.r 11 months ago +1

    There's actually a pretty simple solution: the money bomb. The US should find a way to drop fake money over North Korea. That'll completely fuck up the economy.

  • Kelly KitKat
    Kelly KitKat 11 months ago

    Oligarchs seem to get along with other oligarchs. "Eh, I know this guy!"

  • phayke
    phayke 11 months ago

    He is a great leader. If you are North Korean.

  • head son
    head son 11 months ago +1

    I'm always looking for good content. Your videos are educational and should have millions of views.

  • Ahmed Wael
    Ahmed Wael Year ago

    Excellent analysis

  • Darius Bagdonas
    Darius Bagdonas Year ago

    Title bait or complete idiocracy? Killing your own relatives for power and keeping people under such huge poverty that they even start cannibalism, make you a great a leader? What's next, "Venezuela is a paradise country"?

  • Justin Lee Miller

    No lights at night is good. Every country should strive for fewer lights, lower carbon footprint, restoration of bird migration patterns.

  • Prakhar Singh
    Prakhar Singh Year ago +1

    Kim jong un is alive because those stupid Pakistanis decided to share their nuclear tech with the North Koreans. Otherwise it would have all ended very earlier....

  • Ray Hoodoo
    Ray Hoodoo Year ago


  • Najib Zaoui
    Najib Zaoui Year ago

    As usual, great content and analysis.
    Many countries use Kim's strategy of purposely keeping the population busy (barely surviving and focused on working) as well as uneducated.
    Starving dumb sheep are easy to control.

  • Phil Ad
    Phil Ad Year ago

    How long can Kim play this game?

  • Kyle Thomsen
    Kyle Thomsen Year ago

    that's because usa and the west wanted to stop communism and funded and supported south Korea and restricted the north not because of commuism

  • Zach Fox 狐智
    Zach Fox 狐智 Year ago

    little arable land and more mountainous in the north than the south

  • MilkTrafficker
    MilkTrafficker Year ago

    Communist Cuba is the same despite being less oppressive on the surface. It too is a ransacked and dystopian nation (one formerly affluent), a nation in ruins, where imposed poverty is so for the sake of control - by a cultish and monopolistic socialist government (one never elected). Communism has indeed worked in Cuba, FOR THOSE IMPOSING IT, at the total expense of the nation.
    Indeed, these are fraudulent stalinist states where the level of cultish repression and the total lack of civic society; as in, no private institutions, excessive surveillance, or legal representation makes an organized rebellion almost impossible. That is, no internet, freedom of travel (even internally unless granted by the state), freedom of speech, no private property, no other employer but the state itself...
    Both Cuba and North Korea are, in essence, crumbling prisons while their mediocre, criminal, and monopolistic regime accumulates BILLIONS thanks to a jewish-european ideology that was merely an attack on christianity, nationalism, and individualism. Marxism was the biggest cancer of the 20th century and it still lingers on.

  • Brendan
    Brendan Year ago

    Capitalism will always be the only solution

  • Fahad Umer
    Fahad Umer Year ago

    I think some part of the story is biased such as people are starving. That's not what I hear from the people who visited North Korea. Maybe because of not having McDonald's and KF etc, the obesity rate is too low. 😉

  • Mindful Chase
    Mindful Chase Year ago

    How come you haven't done a video on Trump?

  • David Fong
    David Fong Year ago +1

    Oof, almost a year later and it’s starting to look like this video is going to age as well as milk. See, the problem comes from assuming that Trump is another establishment politician. He doesn’t give a shit about the media who slander him constantly, who are driven to do so by creating world chaos to drive clicks. Or the military industrial complex and world banks that profit off of constant war. He has a passion for the well-being of America which also involves world peace, and is great at negotiation. If rocket man tries to pull back, he knows Trump won’t back down from his word like pussyfoot obummer or the rest of the spineless politicians.

  • saurav boloor
    saurav boloor Year ago

    Oh God that chess board...

  • Hippopigamoose
    Hippopigamoose Year ago

    Another way to look at this is that he executed all the old guard loyal to his father and the party to usher in modernization and selling of their abundant natural resources to the world without risk of an internal coup

  • יואבי אייל

    There's a problem in the beginning. North Korea is capitalist. To be exxact- state capitalist- ehen the state is also acting as the conpanies. This is no diffrent then what south korea had until not that long ago- a fascist doctatorship with state capitalism. Now, some times state capitalism can make things better (it needs democracy for that), but it does not abolish the core if capitalism- the wage system.

  • Денис Жилов

    Attention presence record director each military fiction fruit universal engineering average.

  • AsellusPrimus
    AsellusPrimus Year ago

    Great video. Way too many people make fun of him without understanding this. If you take away value for human life and concern for human suffering, everything the North Korean leadership does makes perfect sense. Now what I wonder is how a family passes this kind of disregard for life and suffering over generations, that's the real story.

  • Dawson McCarthy
    Dawson McCarthy Year ago +1

    Okay wtf RUclip... All my recommendations are for some creepy thing called Baldi and I've never watched anything related to it before. But cheers for the good video m8

  • Gh0st
    Gh0st Year ago +1

    All i could hear is lip smacking lmao it turned me on

  • Ross Ozarka
    Ross Ozarka Year ago

    In short: No Nodongs from No-Dong Jong.

  • TechnoSpiral Gamer
    TechnoSpiral Gamer Year ago +1

    i literally laughed when i saw the title..😂😂

  • Mechafinch Personal
    Mechafinch Personal Year ago +1

    Why are half my suggestions for this video videos of the shitty meme game baldi’s basics I’ve watched like one video of it from a subscription why have they INVADED

  • q1w2e3r4ge5t6y7u8i9o

    Countries don't invade other countries for democracy!

  • biocybernaut
    biocybernaut Year ago

    You didn't know that the guy spent 7 years in Switzerland, being schooled and even learning Swiss-German-Dialect, did you?

  • Galib Mahfuzullah

    look I've lived North Korea for 3 years, and its a good place then a lot of United States,
    stop making false statement like this, and oppressing their people with sanctions.

  • Patricia Siswandjo
    Patricia Siswandjo Year ago +1

    This is an excellent video that shows a perspective I hadn't thought of before! Good work on the script and wonderful infographics guys!

  • David Levy Pérez

    Wow, you predicted kim's 2018 move in this video!

  • Spacebar - Polytopia

    I can say from years of Chess experience, that your analogy was absolutely retarded.

  • Aide Vresme
    Aide Vresme Year ago

    The N Koreans just like the Cubans are starving and the lights are out because of 70 years of economic sanctions by the western world.