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  • Grab your shakers and swizzle sticks - class is back in session! Today on Method Mastery, New York bartender Jeff Solomon shows us how to conjure up almost every cocktail he’s been asked to mix, step by step. Watch as he stirs, shakes, and garnishes his way down the list - then make your next evening cocktail a new adventure.

    Old Fashioned 1:45
    Manhattan 2:54
    Whiskey Sour 4:03
    Sazerac 5:45
    Whiskey Fix 7:11
    Boulevardier 8:15
    Presbyterian 8:58
    Blinker 9:58
    Improved Whiskey Cocktail 10:41
    Monte Carlo 11:25
    Mint Julep 12:05
    Martini 13:39
    Martinez 14:20
    Gimlet 15:00
    Gin Rickey 15:34
    Negroni 15:52
    Corpse Reviver Number 2 16:10
    Aviation Number 1 16:37
    Tom Collins 17:13
    Ramos Gin Fizz 17:38
    Bramble 19:10
    20th Century 19:51
    Bee’s Knees 20:46
    Last Word 21:18
    Vodka Martini 21:53
    Moscow Mule 22:42
    Headless Horseman 23:19
    Vesper 23:30
    Margarita 24:13
    Paloma 24:47
    Mexican Firing Squad Special 25:30
    Daiquiri 26:04
    Hemingway Daiquiri 26:32
    Dark n’ Stormy 26:53
    Mai Tai 27:20
    Mojito 28:10
    Hotel Nacional Special 28:47
    Sidecar 29:31
    French 75 29:55
    Brandy Alexander 30:45
    Vieux Carré 31:04
    Pink Lady 31:38
    Delmonico 32:13
    Jack Rose 32:42
    Pan American Clipper 33:01
    Aperol Spritz 33:11
    Americano 33:41
    Champagne Cocktail 34:03
    Bamboo 34:26
    Pisco Sour 35:00
    Caipirinha 35:50
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    How To Mix Every Cocktail | Method Mastery | Epicurious

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  • Duncan Bailey
    Duncan Bailey Hour ago

    You forgot my favorite cocktail long island ice tea

  • Ajit Kulkarni
    Ajit Kulkarni Hour ago

    It saves me from quarantine boredom.......thanks

  • Jade C
    Jade C Hour ago

    Why do you break the fancy square ice versus just using like freezer ice or bagged ice cubes?? It’s not like the going to end up in the final product? It’s more for temperature right?

  • Jade C
    Jade C Hour ago

    Ugh 3am quarantine me is saying i need to make all the sweet fruity drinks sksksksk

  • g
    g Hour ago

    I want to marry this man

  • Nathalia Assunção

    "this drink is a weird one and I like it" sounds like my husband about me

  • Blu Gaming
    Blu Gaming 2 hours ago

    Me, Not legal drinking age and probably not going to drink: Ah, yes, the perfect video

  • Shae Rayne
    Shae Rayne 2 hours ago

    What have I done to deserve this flat flavourless Manhattan?

  • Ayla Scammell
    Ayla Scammell 2 hours ago

    Is anyone else here also counting off which ones they know how to make the non-alcoholic versions (mocktails) of?

  • Gilbert Rueger
    Gilbert Rueger 3 hours ago

    So many twists in this god damn video, M Knight Shyamalan added this to his favorite video playlist.

  • Ayanna Marielle
    Ayanna Marielle 4 hours ago

    Okay so I have a question and sorry if I am a little ignorant but does the Angostura Bitters is it okay for a pre teen/teenager to have it in a drink? im only asking because when i was like 12-13 I had a babysitter from Trinidad where the product is from and she used to make me like this special lemon ginger tea when I would get sick and then add a few drops of the bitters to it. I mean I always felt better but was that legal? Lol 😂 just curious.

  • Faith Bray
    Faith Bray 4 hours ago

    How strong do you think his one arm is

  • Mc Dinosuat
    Mc Dinosuat 4 hours ago

    i'm not even of legal drinking age but i'm still here because it's satisfying and the drinks are pretty
    **aggressive finger guns**

  • Charlie David
    Charlie David 4 hours ago

    Here for mojito

  • Braxton Beaton
    Braxton Beaton 4 hours ago

    Dark and stormys are made with kraken too

  • Mark Fusco
    Mark Fusco 4 hours ago

    Love the candor about the Last Word. As a somm, I'm the same way when it comes to the Negroni. Excellent video.

  • Tj Calingasan
    Tj Calingasan 4 hours ago

    Great 👍

  • ScazzBoy
    ScazzBoy 5 hours ago

    Hey Dad, think you can get me some ingredients?

  • Cam the Mayor
    Cam the Mayor 5 hours ago


  • Jaime F
    Jaime F 5 hours ago

    Me: half way through the video ...Amazon: "bartender tools" ..add to cart.

  • Tamara Turner
    Tamara Turner 6 hours ago

    had a pisco sour in peru and im almost certain thats what gave me travelers diarrhea

  • Omega Mortum
    Omega Mortum 6 hours ago

    The Mexican firing what now?

  • Nerissa Vogt
    Nerissa Vogt 6 hours ago

    i appreciate all this effort but I live near rural WI and none of these drinks are an options.

  • VanillaSnake21
    VanillaSnake21 7 hours ago

    How does ordering this work? You walk into a bar and they have a menu of these or do you just ask for them by name?

  • Tanner Clark
    Tanner Clark 7 hours ago

    This video, with every new drink, solidifies my dream of becoming a bartender. I love mixing drinks and watching people's reactions.

  • Ariana Milian
    Ariana Milian 7 hours ago

    *me, trying to remember the names of the one that sound good to me*
    *Also me, knowing that I'm literally just going to order a melon ball like always*

  • Jessica Perez
    Jessica Perez 7 hours ago

    I’ve been wondering throughout the video if they drank them or threw them out lol

  • Zane 687
    Zane 687 7 hours ago

    How about Gin bulag???

  • Charlie Herman
    Charlie Herman 7 hours ago +1

    I’m 16...

  • Joel Tong
    Joel Tong 8 hours ago

    anyone ever wonder where all these cocktails go or who's the one drinking it???

  • tazmon122
    tazmon122 8 hours ago

    i'm straight edge, so Jeff you're not the only one that thinks Last Words are disgusting.
    although i question you anyway.....cuz if Bond is your big influence, you have to SHAKE a Vesper. i mean that's dumb as hell, but no one orders a Vesper because the like martini's. people order Vespers hoping to come off just as suave and mysterious as James Bond.

  • jovanattisha
    jovanattisha 8 hours ago

    Did anyone else realize they've been using a muddler upside down or was this just me?

  • Squidney
    Squidney 8 hours ago

    This is so fun to watch but im overwhelmed

  • d00mdrag0n101
    d00mdrag0n101 9 hours ago

    i went straight to the mojito and i noticed he says the drink incorporates lime, but he never adds the lime. Club soda is often a common ingredient as well, but is not mentioned. I'm doubtful about these recipes he's using.

  • GunScott HDgaming
    GunScott HDgaming 9 hours ago +1

    =introduces a kind of cocktail=
    The trumpet: *TA-DA!!*

  • Hmmm
    Hmmm 9 hours ago

    Never tried alcohol in my life but that Brandy Alexander looking kinda sexy rn

  • Hirushi Perera
    Hirushi Perera 9 hours ago

    i like that you are using a metal
    straw. thank you

  • Beth Momot
    Beth Momot 9 hours ago

    He looks like a mix of Ryan Gosling and Gene Wilder

  • Adam Freak
    Adam Freak 10 hours ago

    Pretty cool. However: bloody mary, white russian, long island?

  • benny l0l0
    benny l0l0 10 hours ago

    This man's arm has to be on fire

  • Silver Linings
    Silver Linings 10 hours ago

    *adds whiskey to an old fashioned*
    Wisconsin: excuse me? what? (also where's our cherries?) lol brandy old fashioned is basically Wisconsin in a glass.

  • Sherlock Holmes
    Sherlock Holmes 10 hours ago +1

    "My names Jeff"

    2014: "What's that I hear?"

  • apajax6
    apajax6 10 hours ago

    It's like you guys knew we were going to need this. Now I need to go get a muddler for all the caipirinhas at home.

  • Smoking woman
    Smoking woman 10 hours ago


  • Julia Chaddad
    Julia Chaddad 10 hours ago

    fiquei vendo esse video todo só pra ve se ia ter capirinha kkkk arrazouuu

  • Shyre
    Shyre 10 hours ago

    "this is usually when you talk to your customers, and then they tell you their problems"
    damn. thats deep

  • Alex Abeyta
    Alex Abeyta 10 hours ago

    I hate the white background, I’m watching RUclip on my tv and it be tooooo bright lol

  • Rebecca North
    Rebecca North 11 hours ago

    It is so satisfying watching him pour the drink into the glass and it's just the perfect amount.

  • Zelnyair
    Zelnyair 11 hours ago

    I get it- they'll be demonetised if they say the one that's vodka, peach schnapps, orange juice and cranberry juice. Or the one that's Bailey's and amaretto, topped with whipped cream.

  • Froshow 2030
    Froshow 2030 11 hours ago

    Ok ok ok ok, I know the egg white doesn't taste of anything or taste of what it is in BUT I still don, t know AND that is after I now can not remember if any of my whiskey sours have been like that......😕😕😕😕

  • pandygrr
    pandygrr 11 hours ago

    Idk if I can trust this guy, he didn’t show an AMF

  • chrs rtlin
    chrs rtlin 11 hours ago

    he’s cute

  • FBI
    FBI 11 hours ago

    In cocktails and drinks, like some people say its more cheap for bars to use a lot of ice, but I mostly want to see how its done, what it has and how it tastes, not how much I get it. I respect bartenders!

  • Inacio Cartafina
    Inacio Cartafina 11 hours ago

    Where is the Brazilian “caipirinha” 🇧🇷?

  • softcinnamonsticks
    softcinnamonsticks 11 hours ago

    everybody’s talking about being productive by working out, reading, painting blah blah great. but the dabbling or making drinks sounds like EVERYTHING!

  • S Douglas
    S Douglas 11 hours ago

    What a brilliant guy; he left out the pina colada and the strawberry daiquiri and I don't know how he stays so slender while being around all that booze and syrups.

  • Bianca Aletti
    Bianca Aletti 11 hours ago +1

    can we have an every type of coffee video?

  • Sarah Andrews
    Sarah Andrews 12 hours ago

    I wish he’d shown Singapore sling or sex on the beach

  • redhot chilli
    redhot chilli 12 hours ago

    I really hope there's one guy offscreen that's drinking all of this

  • PM Pascoal
    PM Pascoal 12 hours ago

    doing Cocktails with one of the best Gins in the world , you wot m8?! I need to find a bottle of Citadelle for myself

  • St Rik
    St Rik 12 hours ago

    Who was also waiting for the ‘vodka martini’

  • Clueless Valkyrie88
    Clueless Valkyrie88 12 hours ago

    When your bartender stirred your martini rather than shaken.

    *cries in british*

  • chris graf
    chris graf 12 hours ago

    Ice. The bartenders most important tool.

  • TheFood Fighters
    TheFood Fighters 12 hours ago

    Vodka martini. Shaken, not stirred

  • Anna
    Anna 13 hours ago

    Do another one....there are so so much more

  • Daniel Lawson
    Daniel Lawson 13 hours ago

    I winder what happened to all of these drinks he made... I’m sure the set was lit that day.

  • Ciprian Mares
    Ciprian Mares 13 hours ago

    You can make a Mojito, but have you heard about the El Mojo?

    KEMI SIGGINI 13 hours ago

    lmao the official barmaid of tiktok must be sweating rn

  • Gal
    Gal 13 hours ago

    Where is the lime in the mojito my dude ?

  • Andy S
    Andy S 13 hours ago

    I hope those drinks were drank! Don’t want to commit alcohol abuse!

  • Larry Henery
    Larry Henery 13 hours ago

    I’ll never drink alcohol but it’s interstate

  • Cakebaby53
    Cakebaby53 13 hours ago

    Hmm yes now I’m 12 and know how to make a cocktail

  • SabineHolterman
    SabineHolterman 13 hours ago

    Was waiting for a White Russian!

  • Maddox 540
    Maddox 540 13 hours ago

    How to make every sushi roll?

  • Jack Dog
    Jack Dog 13 hours ago

    Now, who’s going to drink all of these?

  • Emma Locher
    Emma Locher 14 hours ago +1

    “Metal straws are good for the environment “

  • Papilio Demoleus
    Papilio Demoleus 14 hours ago

    Alternative name for this video:
    "How to get shitfaced at home."

  • Danielle Davis
    Danielle Davis 14 hours ago

    I like this guys explanation of everything- knowledgable without being obnoxious. Also his cocktails look BOMB... but I feel like I could totally make them myself

  • kang seulgi
    kang seulgi 14 hours ago

    i'm a muslim...what am i even doing here ?

  • Kai Green
    Kai Green 14 hours ago

    I dont see Lynchburg Lemonade in that list... colour me disappointed.