anime memes that disappoint my parents

  • Published on Mar 29, 2019
  • Memes I made instead of sleeping. Enjoy the nostalgia. P.S. All of these memes were made by me.
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  • Rev says desu
    Rev says desu  10 months ago +1560

    Reupload from the many videos I had to take down.
    Many people requested I do this so here you go. If enough people want me to, I may consider making SOME new ones.
    Enjoy. See you next time.

    • Magic Ahegao
      Magic Ahegao 11 days ago

      Why don't put the names in descrition?

    • Anomounus
      Anomounus 5 months ago

      Amazing Anime

    • ҉
      ҉ 6 months ago +1

      I might need the names of every anime in this video

    • flakpanzer 38t
      flakpanzer 38t 6 months ago

      @TommyManGaming *markipooper

    • TommyManGaming
      TommyManGaming 6 months ago +1

      Markiplier lmao

  • Nacho Man
    Nacho Man 29 minutes ago

    1:17 now this was pretty creepy

  • BoxyCup o-Coffee


  • FGM 0905
    FGM 0905 Day ago

    *angry anime girl sounds*

  • Austin Bryan
    Austin Bryan Day ago

    2:12 what anime is this

  • Justifier
    Justifier Day ago

    You need memes to disappoint your parents?

  • Deadpool
    Deadpool Day ago +1

    1:11 *_sex sells Morty_* (sub)

  • Evil Hayabusa
    Evil Hayabusa 2 days ago

    I see shinobu auto Like

  • Dark Black Heart2
    Dark Black Heart2 2 days ago

    What's that little demon girl i anime show is called?

  • Kurt Tanks
    Kurt Tanks 2 days ago

    Well, my parents are dead ... so they won't bother ... or maybe they will? I don't know, let me dig them up to ask

  • Potatoe Human
    Potatoe Human 3 days ago

    I drank too much soup


  • Weird Dong
    Weird Dong 3 days ago

    *Allahu Akbar*

  • Some unknown person ???

    Me: 1:25 Exams: 1:27

  • RLG Pardox
    RLG Pardox 3 days ago

    What animay at 2:27

  • Mateusz Bielecki
    Mateusz Bielecki 4 days ago


  • Akko Taijō
    Akko Taijō 4 days ago

    Video: Anime memes
    0:11 *RICK AND MORTYS*

  • Red Shadow Ninja
    Red Shadow Ninja 4 days ago

    sauce for 3:30

  • FunfelWielki
    FunfelWielki 5 days ago

    2:15 anime name?

  • hU3
    hU3 5 days ago


  • Le Chi Bao
    Le Chi Bao 6 days ago

    Markiplier's one is the best

  • Anon person
    Anon person 6 days ago

    What's the song that plays in the opening?

  • Jodabro 08
    Jodabro 08 6 days ago +1

    2:13 This is the purest anime moment ever.

  • Jesse Silva
    Jesse Silva 6 days ago

    2:26 FBI OPEN UP

  • KingOfThieves
    KingOfThieves 6 days ago

    Can anyone tell me the name of the anime an 3:47

  • Yakataro - Kun
    Yakataro - Kun 8 days ago

    *anime memes that dont only disappoint ur parents

  • hexell luu
    hexell luu 8 days ago

    i know them all, except the three of the intro, could someone give me the names?

  • Ocean Kitteh
    Ocean Kitteh 8 days ago

    what was the first anime?

  • dub dab
    dub dab 8 days ago


  • Red .T
    Red .T 9 days ago

    Who else heard Bennet foddy in the background of the Markiplier part

  • ュキ
    ュキ 9 days ago

    Your ok in my book.

  • levi's napkin
    levi's napkin 9 days ago

    Oh god, my ears. Why do i wear earphones 🙂

  • 窓 Ramen Kitten 虹
    窓 Ramen Kitten 虹 10 days ago +1

    1:08 what anime? It’s sooo cute!

  • はる
    はる 10 days ago

    Plankton lmao xD “YAASSH COME TO PAPAAA!!”

  • Aj Archer62
    Aj Archer62 10 days ago

    This related to what I pretty much done when Ichigo stopped Hiro from getting to Zero Two... 3:59

  • Pedro Fellipe
    Pedro Fellipe 10 days ago

    I want that tv, so I know that somewhere in a random reality my waifu exists

  • Spider-Man having a mental breakdown

    That Was Amazing! :000

  • EmErAJID
    EmErAJID 11 days ago

    This actually disappoint me

  • Wen Di Leow
    Wen Di Leow 11 days ago

    what anime in first part

  • Nig Er
    Nig Er 12 days ago

    If only they could continue darling in the Franxx

  • lol beginner
    lol beginner 12 days ago

    The second one caught me off guard 😂

  • Joshuel Diaz
    Joshuel Diaz 12 days ago

    But nothing bad was happening 2:00

  • Marinelle Perigil
    Marinelle Perigil 12 days ago

    3:40 wow 10/10 perfect

  • Meyagi Karate
    Meyagi Karate 12 days ago

    anyone telling me to go outside and stop being an otaku: 4:21

  • A Forerunner
    A Forerunner 12 days ago

    fuck this damn weebs

  • vhrossi
    vhrossi 13 days ago

    can anyone tell me from wich video is the markplier rage from 3:51 ?

  • charleskimbac
    charleskimbac 13 days ago

    howd i watch this whole thing

  • hunteranimes
    hunteranimes 13 days ago +4

    "Let's play together"
    Me: (quietly , to myself) what does she mean
    My clean mind: dress up?
    My dirty mind: with her-

    Me: *quiet confused screaming* help me
    I'm in danger I think

  • C. Neko-desu ?
    C. Neko-desu ? 13 days ago +1

    Boys uber car
    Me : wut¿

  • TheLostBoing
    TheLostBoing 13 days ago

    ahahahahha fuck I fuckin died when VSauce Micheal came out of the dark corner xD

  • ntkn
    ntkn 13 days ago

    that V sauce one was perfection.

  • Hentai Cake
    Hentai Cake 13 days ago +2

    5 yrs old me : *I Wanna Ride a Horse*


  • Jotaro Kujo
    Jotaro Kujo 14 days ago

    Wtf i was looking for Jojo, not hentai...

  • James Rivera
    James Rivera 14 days ago

    When someone took the last controller 4:04

  • Braiden Kent
    Braiden Kent 14 days ago

    2:20 anime name plz

  • Nerv Zwerg
    Nerv Zwerg 15 days ago

    2:11 whats the name of the girl and/or anime? (I need it for roleplay on discord)

  • Jack Ingof
    Jack Ingof 15 days ago

    I don't need these memes to disappoint my parents

  • PMTheDragonite
    PMTheDragonite 15 days ago

    anime name at 4:15?

  • zain mudassir
    zain mudassir 15 days ago

    This channel is lost pause without cringe worthy commentary.

  • nightmare 3253
    nightmare 3253 15 days ago

    i dint need meems to disapoin my parents hahahah hahah hah ha.....