• Published on Apr 22, 2019
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  • Jack Sammons
    Jack Sammons 2 months ago +147

    3:30 from top gear Bolivia special Jeremy Clarkson

    • Jay Jay
      Jay Jay 2 months ago +1

      Why did steve start the hole in the center and cut all that extra metal getting to tWhyhe circumference of the circle than cutting a circle? LoL

    • therealmannz
      therealmannz 2 months ago +2

      Got u fam🍪🍪

    • TheLe9end01
      TheLe9end01 2 months ago +4

      Awww beat me to it. I love Top Gear!

    • Brandon Payne
      Brandon Payne 2 months ago +3

      Jack Sammons
      I’m surprised I didn’t know that. I love that show. I can watch it literally any time.

  • Jordan Scheurer
    Jordan Scheurer 6 days ago

    You guys please stop using chains your going to get someone killed. You need straps and a safty blanket.

  • Jordan Scheurer
    Jordan Scheurer 6 days ago

    The white tahoe is obviously not getting spark or fuel so why keep cranking it

  • Jordan Scheurer
    Jordan Scheurer 6 days ago

    I think 96 is when they went away from TBI


    You still trying to live up to other RUcliprs almost there buddy

  • Tyler McShan
    Tyler McShan 2 months ago

    Anybody else see that duce and half barried to the frame in the back ground. Lol

  • Austin Strickland
    Austin Strickland 2 months ago

    Dude please don’t use a chain. I’ve seen people get killed using chains. That’s why they make tow straps. Chains come through the back glass and kill drivers.

  • Trumby
    Trumby 2 months ago

    Don't know why americans don't have snorkels

  • Dawson Ell
    Dawson Ell 2 months ago

    Getting a running start with a chain is a surefire way to fuck your day up, invest in a good recovery strap with some elasticity.

  • Khyre Grier
    Khyre Grier 2 months ago

    😂😂😂 the hitch came out but the dude with the raptor he hasn’t learned from you how to bring good wanted content he didn’t even want to get dirty 😂😂😂😂

  • Cody Doyle
    Cody Doyle 2 months ago

    3:45 Mike, first year of the Vortec engines was 1996. Also first year of OBD II

  • Joseph Saucedo
    Joseph Saucedo 2 months ago

    U had a tbi and a round 95 or 96 they change it to mono jet then 99 or 00 change to efi.better on fuel my be one mile per gallon better.

  • Cody Gosvenor
    Cody Gosvenor 2 months ago

    Started in 96

  • tysdaddy970 NTBFW
    tysdaddy970 NTBFW 2 months ago

    Got to show a bright side as well on a darkened slate I was handed....well my military cousin and his mom have had easier days...want to see some rousch parts on a mustang 2 his mom and grandfather have had a hard time. But I can get ya a little sample of a 200mph car....just go tell them where to tell the story. Cry and maybe die for a little sample of life? Smoking Joe Rhodes it's been yrs since its seeen life....go charge a cam and well....your not helping me at all people. You scared me with that gun...its not for all to believe in ricochet hitting hard rock its dangerous to judge

  • Double SynchroHelix
    Double SynchroHelix 2 months ago

    Mikey, it was in 2002 they started installing that "plastic box" crap intake systems to plug in EGR tubing and SMOG emission reduction

  • Inshore Slam Series
    Inshore Slam Series 2 months ago

    Steve is a Pennsatucky backyard mechanic 😂😂😂🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Breyer Roberts
    Breyer Roberts 2 months ago

    Damn Steve answer your child

  • sdarkgunz
    sdarkgunz 2 months ago

    $10 hole saw. lol

  • Cal Bell12
    Cal Bell12 2 months ago +2

    A prime example of why you don’t use the tow ball for recovery, please mike get some better equipment! Before someone gets hurt

  • Jake Lawson
    Jake Lawson 2 months ago

    Just saying a hole saw probably cost less than that rotary file kit

  • M Jones
    M Jones 2 months ago +1

    I bought an MTech from knives deal seems like good quality for $6

  • TrollMaster300
    TrollMaster300 2 months ago

    Bigger lift & bigger tires. City boy says he's not bringing his 4 wheeler to the mud 😂😂😂

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin 2 months ago

    steve.... i have that same knife. i bought it at ikea.... its a kitchen set

  • Paul Kolodziej
    Paul Kolodziej 2 months ago

    Andy got the munchies .😎

  • KoRn nuTT
    KoRn nuTT 2 months ago

    Why does Raptor guy have a Raptor? Fuckin pussy

  • D B
    D B 2 months ago

    somebody get sendit and speed a hole saw STAT!

  • Randall Villanueva
    Randall Villanueva 2 months ago

    If i was der i would have pulled it out with ur tahoe n a jack. Front tire was buried so jack it up put plywood n pullit out

  • Kris Funkhouser
    Kris Funkhouser 2 months ago

    The “big air filter carb-looking setup” your 92 probably had was TBI (throttle body injection) consisting of 2 injectors. Chevy changed from that to multi port injection (vortec) in ‘95

  • macbdo 1996
    macbdo 1996 2 months ago

    Never liked the videos, actually couldn't stand the channel .. but dude I think we are all loving the blazer videos!!

  • James Wieser
    James Wieser 2 months ago

    I’m sure the former owner of that Blazer, who took good care of it, isn’t too pleased with how you are wrecking it.

  • Ryan Foster
    Ryan Foster 2 months ago

    “I’m not bringing the raptor down here” legit the worst kind of friend.

  • Hunter Spence
    Hunter Spence 2 months ago

    1996 was the first year for Vortec engines. Also first year for obd2. Before hand, the engines were tbi (throttle body fuel injected). The main difference between them is the heads on the vortec are better

  • Irving Rodriguez
    Irving Rodriguez 2 months ago

    I love andy

  • Maximum1A
    Maximum1A 2 months ago

    Great stuff 👍

  • James Bryant
    James Bryant 2 months ago +1

    The main tool you use on the blazer is a saw Zaw lol

  • j gutie
    j gutie 2 months ago

    You need proper mudding attire

  • Dad2dannyjr
    Dad2dannyjr 2 months ago +1

    When you are done ruining that Tahoe I’ll buy it from you and make it as respectable as it should be.

  • alex pelchy
    alex pelchy 2 months ago

    Anyone else just think that used to be a nice blazer.

  • SOUP 650
    SOUP 650 2 months ago

    Jeez lol get a hole saw kit.

  • Matt Shuey
    Matt Shuey 2 months ago

    Holey what the hole is up with that fender hole attempt, Batman?

  • 454dw
    454dw 2 months ago

    Tug of war blazer raptor. I call blazer for the win

  • smcox1991
    smcox1991 2 months ago

    No Steve, you’re just a dumbass!

  • Allen Nosidnarg
    Allen Nosidnarg 2 months ago

    Stop using chains to yank vehicles out, I knew someone who died from a chain breaking and smacking him in back of head. please start using straps.

  • The Cooler Daniel
    The Cooler Daniel 2 months ago

    "lets do some hoodrat stuff with my hoodrat friends"

  • Kyle Haines
    Kyle Haines 2 months ago

    Damnit Mike, how could you SINK to Stave's level like that? lmao

  • Brian Juracko
    Brian Juracko 2 months ago


  • ejoyce35
    ejoyce35 2 months ago

    weld the hitch one

  • Jay Vandrew
    Jay Vandrew 2 months ago

    My dad has a 2011 Silverado and he is using the same snorkel for 3 years now not one problem with it

  • High Altitude Trucks
    High Altitude Trucks 2 months ago

    I need a vehicle I can just destroy 😂

  • Farmall Lover
    Farmall Lover 2 months ago

    Nice video. You should pull the interior out of the blazer and just bed liner it so you can just rinse it out.

  • Aaron White
    Aaron White 2 months ago

    Streetspeed717 is it the UAB fight song

    ERIC CAPPS 2 months ago

    Give your child some attention dude

  • kyle trinkle
    kyle trinkle 2 months ago

    The hitch the hitch every blazer video I say maybe todays the day and it finally happened lmao

  • Joseph Unknown
    Joseph Unknown 2 months ago

    The longest 3 days ever. Mike you really need to do more uploads

  • Mike Harmer
    Mike Harmer 2 months ago

    Mike....its Mike from Canada a long time subscriber. You should reach out to "Truck Claw" to get a pair of truck Claw 2's. Would have gotten you to pull that truck with ease. Just a thought Mike. Have a great day, Mike.

  • Ty Bridges
    Ty Bridges 2 months ago

    What fucking idiot with no appreciation. snorkel is cool but all the un-clean hacking is sad. poor Tahoe.. keep trashing them 2 doors & eventually the clean 2 door Tahoe's & Yukon's will just become more and more rare as they are in most areas so I guess. Cant cure ignorance & stupidity but they help with lowering the count of clean hoe's. btw 92-94 was tbi.. not fuel injection...

  • Mason Hartl
    Mason Hartl 2 months ago

    Send it Steve

  • Eric Paradise
    Eric Paradise 2 months ago

    I'm not bringing the raptor down here lmao 😥😥😥

  • Judge_Jon
    Judge_Jon 2 months ago

    Man you need to Rhino-line that interior before soaking that floorboard to many times.

  • Joseph McClure
    Joseph McClure 2 months ago

    We don't believe in hole saws here.

  • Cole Broetzmann
    Cole Broetzmann 2 months ago

    How are the headlights?

  • J Sharp
    J Sharp 2 months ago

    Tacke the dirtymack mundi were the blazer goes muding

  • Head Aches suck
    Head Aches suck 2 months ago

    Philadelphia is full of absolute retards confirmed after this video.

  • Anthony Smith
    Anthony Smith 2 months ago

    What’s up with these non skippable ads!🤨

  • Sheldon Shaw
    Sheldon Shaw 2 months ago

    Buys a raptor but won’t get it dirty!?!?

  • Nate Masse
    Nate Masse 2 months ago

    I love how he buys a raptor thats meant for being off road and rippin around sendin it and the pussy wont even take it in a little mud im dead lmfao

  • Upshift Z71
    Upshift Z71 2 months ago


  • R A
    R A 2 months ago

    I just saw that same tuna Andy has in the candy section at the cash register at my local vons. Lol

  • Mechanical Madness
    Mechanical Madness 2 months ago

    The changed the engines in 1996 they when from the 350 tbi to the 350 vortec with better flowing heads

  • Zachary Wiley
    Zachary Wiley 2 months ago

    Sig Sauer actually has co2 powered bb and pellet guns I have 2 of them my self pretty badass actually