How To Make An Ooey Gooey PECAN PIE! Just In Time For THANKSGIVING!

  • Published on Oct 4, 2016
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    Director of Photography: Sasha Hill
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    Producers: Jocelyn Mercer & Connie Contardi
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  • Hilda Mendoza
    Hilda Mendoza Month ago +1


  • Jasmine the Conqueror
    Jasmine the Conqueror 5 months ago

    How long did the mini pies bake?

  • Amy Brooks
    Amy Brooks 5 months ago

    ever made a CHOCOLATE PECAN PIE???

  • David Dye
    David Dye 5 months ago

    It's wierd that you don't let us see it out of the oven lol

  • TarekBakes
    TarekBakes 7 months ago

    Isn’t this a tart though? It has a sable Crust and baked in a tart pan! So it’s a pecan tart

  • يوسف علي المهري

    Omg I just watched an add and it has Yolanda in I think the name of the game is hay day

  • Tammy Wyche
    Tammy Wyche 8 months ago


  • Mubarakka Z
    Mubarakka Z 10 months ago

    Is Corn Syrup soo Important in this pie ??? How about Golden Syrup?? Or No Syrup at all ??

  • Gypsy 1027
    Gypsy 1027 10 months ago

    Im a bit weird with somes foods like pecans.. I love the taste but I hate biting into them for some reason some sort of OCD.. So I grinded up the pecans put some to the side and the rest into the filling.. Mixed the rest of the pecans withe some brown sugar and spread it on top and it came out delish with a crunchy topping. 😊😊

  • History of a Dish
    History of a Dish 11 months ago

    G'day fellow Gastromite...just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed this episode of how you made a proper Pecan Pie. I've added it to one of my playlists as a recommendation to go alongside a video I made about the history of the Pecan Pie. Hope that's ok with you? Really enjoy your channel and keep up the great work!

  • Enxhi. q
    Enxhi. q 11 months ago


  • Sun Goddess
    Sun Goddess Year ago

    Can you make a buffalo chicken cake?

  • Denise Villarreal

    Can this crust be used for a pumpkin pie?

  • Julien Morel
    Julien Morel Year ago


  • Julien Morel
    Julien Morel Year ago

    Thank this really helped me

  • Turkey Man
    Turkey Man Year ago

    Sorry but the laugh in the background sounds like mcfly from back to the future.

  • soniayluis1987
    soniayluis1987 Year ago

    Can I use a cake pan instead of pie pan ?

    CALLME FAYFAY Year ago

    Someone tell her she just did the nay nay

  • Katherine Rejcek
    Katherine Rejcek Year ago

    I know this is an older post but do you know where I can get the deep dish tart pan?

  • Jennifer D. Lewis -DHS- SSC

    My favorite pie! I'd love to make this for this year's Thanksgiving but I don't have a mixer. Can I still do this by hand?

  • Michael Berg
    Michael Berg Year ago

    Very nice. Short and simple introduction to this classic recipe.Check out my ballad titled "Pecan Pie" on my channel.

  • DeathlyHallows 🌻

    She thick

  • The Original ONION

    I’m going to fool around and learn something

  • The Original ONION


  • Jackson Hill
    Jackson Hill Year ago

    You’ve pronounced pecan wrong 🙂

  • MELMUR4564
    MELMUR4564 Year ago

    Can you substitute the corn syrup for maple syrup?

  • The Original ONION

    I want one but I’m a terrible cook, 😁

  • Yøka
    Yøka Year ago

    I can only imagine how it taste 😍😍🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • The Original ONION

    You have to make this pie for me (just pecans please).I can’t do it, I burn water.

  • GroovyMoos **
    GroovyMoos ** Year ago

    Was hopping she would wait and show us how it turned out.... just for motivation hahhahaha

  • Emilylovessleep
    Emilylovessleep Year ago

    Watching yo cut the extra dough off the top of the pan is so freaking satisfying.

  • The Original ONION

    Otay. I can do this. I can do this.

  • Jayla
    Jayla 2 years ago

    I love this channel! Yolanad, all of your cakes and pies are super yummy looking, I want to try them all!!! I want to make this pie for my dad's birthday since pecan is his favorite, but I think I might just buy a pie crust. plz don't hurt me.

  • Marcus Allen
    Marcus Allen 2 years ago

    She is hot and her food looks so yummy, she has what it takes to get to my jk but 4real tho.

  • Faduma Yussuf
    Faduma Yussuf 2 years ago

    You should call your ruler Sir circumference

  • AbnormallyAbigail
    AbnormallyAbigail 2 years ago

    Omg when she cut the dough off the sides it was SOOOOOO satisfying!!

  • Adesua Aigbomian
    Adesua Aigbomian 2 years ago +1

    Did she say....PEE--CAN pie!!!!!!!😲😲 it's PEH--CAN

  • Sarina van der Waag
    Sarina van der Waag 2 years ago

    Has anyone tried this recipe? if so, could you describe the texture of the crust? I'm not a fan of regular, thin, crunchy pie crust. This crust Yo makes looks like a shortbread kind of crust. YUM!

  • JAdamanO
    JAdamanO 2 years ago +1

    I couldn’t seem to locate the link to the pan used? Did it not get posted? I’ve been looking for a pan like this with no luck

  • This Dude Bakes
    This Dude Bakes 2 years ago

    Great video Yolanda, thanks for sharing. I like the dried cranberries tip.

  • Keiarriyen Caesar
    Keiarriyen Caesar 2 years ago

    Can I please have the link to the tart pan? Its not in the description. Thank you!

  • Erika V
    Erika V 2 years ago

    Where can i get the tart pan?

  • Mujahid Kassim
    Mujahid Kassim 2 years ago

    hey yo.. please tell me if I can use this as a blank tart base recipe and if so how to bake it.. I'd like to bake it without a filling

  • Alma Pacheco
    Alma Pacheco 2 years ago

    Great Website!!! Awesome recipes 📚. Love it 💕🍰🎂.

  • Karla Lopez Vasquez
    Karla Lopez Vasquez 2 years ago

    I made this pecan pie and was delicious, thank you for you recipe.

  • Pandalicious
    Pandalicious 2 years ago

    I really want to make this, but I only have a small pie dish. Does this recipe work for that?

  • Andi Renteria
    Andi Renteria 2 years ago

    I’m just trying to find the link for the pans, I can never find the links for any pans 😩

  • lydia tsekoura
    lydia tsekoura 2 years ago

    Can i use honey instead of corn syrop???

  • Julie Bee
    Julie Bee 2 years ago

    Can I use a spring form pan for this??

  • Idk Either
    Idk Either 2 years ago

    2:20 was pretty satisfying

  • Derricka moore
    Derricka moore 2 years ago


  • Robin Yiaski
    Robin Yiaski 2 years ago

    Made this earlier today... oh my goodness. Been looking for a delish pecan pie recipe... needless to say... there was no leftovers and I have been volunteered for pies for Thanksgiving this year.

  • e
    e 2 years ago +1

    I like it

  • Bieassia Law
    Bieassia Law 2 years ago

    I'm little sad that she didn't get to slice and taste it 😔

  • imene daisy
    imene daisy 2 years ago

    I really like your sweatshirt but I am only 12 years old girl ... So it's not going to fit me ! But i also still can watch you wearing it 😁😀

  • Big Pokes
    Big Pokes 2 years ago

    Do you recommend baking conventional or regular bake? Thanks.

  • Mouser
    Mouser 2 years ago

    Who pronounces "pecan" PE-can or pe-CAN?

  • Megan O'Hara
    Megan O'Hara 2 years ago

    I have a toaster oven. No oven in my house ☹️ I live in a loft so all our cooking supplies is small and portable. Would you think I could make tarts in a toaster oven? I want pecan pie but it's summer and no one eats pea an pie in the summer but me apparently.

  • Deuce one
    Deuce one 2 years ago

    where I'm from, we call it pacun pie.

  • AaronNT
    AaronNT 2 years ago