9 Futuristic Materials

Learn about some materials that seem like they should belong in science fiction, but actually exist today!

Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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Invisibility Cloaks

Super Waterproofing

Bulk Diamonds/Aggregated Diamond Nanorods

Metallic Glasses

Metallic Foams

Transparent Aluminum

Light-transmitting Concrete

Regenerating Concrete

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Автор HashtagPULSE ( назад)
Aluminium* ;)

Автор Chronomatrix ( назад)
Maybe we can put some kind of light _under_ the light-transmitting concrete to tell the name of the avenue or something without using actual road signs!

Автор Shariya Wood ( назад)
I really enjoy listening but I am also a visual learner. Can you possible add more pictures or even a short clip for each topic!
Love your videos Thanks

Автор Dung Le ( назад)
The guy is so cute❤️

Автор Blayne Peterson ( назад)

Автор Livereater00 ( назад)
...lot of talk. little pictures

Автор David Smith ( назад)
Fascinating! Thanks for explaining things in easily understandable ways.

Автор ESMERZ100 ( назад)
Um isn't Lonsdaleite the hardest substance known to man....

Автор Roboshi ( назад)

Автор BINAURAL BEATS ( назад)
Concrete with fiber optics will be stronger than normal concrete as it would
be like fiber mesh concrete witch doesn't need re bar.

Автор Elliot Medals ( назад)
I want to touch the aerogel

Автор Dan Williams ( назад)
Self-healing concrete STILL, even at 200 years, doesn't hold a candle to Roman concrete...and we still can't replicate their mixture.

Автор Shrimp Bisque ( назад)
Remember how everyone ridiculed the optical camouflage car from Die Another Day? We can fucking do that now. Choke on THAT, 2002!

Автор Nich Citarella ( назад)
They have fiber optic concrete at a subway station in NYC. Its actually pretty cool

Автор Reynaldo Herrera ( назад)
inject carbon into the super-critical AeroGel matrix, hopefully producing a graphene sheets or rods, ?? some type of magnetic controller??foam you can slice thinly to make graphene sheets

Автор oldskoolraveruk ( назад)
Rufio, Rufio....

Автор Hannah jones ( назад)
Beam me up Scotty!

Автор Alexander Wilson ( назад)
Bacteria in Cement. So basically trying to put NHL into Concrete instead of using Portland Cement, and finding a way for the Lime to Calciate. Why Bacteria, and wtf.

Автор sophocles georgiou ( назад)
Well done showing us the advancement made in this world

Автор Yuehan Chanterelle ( назад)
I remember a "lead window" in a nuclear power plant i visited in a school trip when I was little, but this was like 20 years ago, so I guess it wasn't really a "metal glass" but it was somehow full of made of a lot of lead so we could see into the reactor chamber through it, it had a very yellowish tint though so it wasn't like regular non colored glass.

Автор CK ( назад)
Too much text/talking and few demos/proofs...

Автор seaearthponies ( назад)
What if they invented a tech that makes people go throw walls?

Автор kLLE BOLLMANNEN ( назад)
does he say "Gold antennas?"

Автор SavageUnturnedgamer PLAY IT ( назад)

Автор Nadiya Morenko ( назад)
I want to buy aluminium foam and aerogel.. is there any site, where you can actually affort it??

Автор Saint9723 ( назад)
Ummm but isnt glass indestructible in space anyway?
Even stronger glass yeah!

Автор TalhofferMC ( назад)
Can you do a video on magnetic ionic liquids, there uses such as dissolving waste, extracting metal from ore, etc. And I would also like videos on metal organic frameworks, covalent organic frameworks there current uses, creation, future uses.

Автор treborrelluf ( назад)
#5 "glass is amorphous," #7 "glass is crystalline." Fail.

Автор Flyerminer ( назад)
Material science is such a cool field.

Автор Brian Holdren ( назад)
I'd bet that the first consumer application for many of these materials will be in... Golf clubs.eh?

Автор Lewis Brown ( назад)
Cool but slow down and show some examples! It would make it even more interesting to see what you're talking about.

Автор Kreedogger ( назад)
Materials Science and Engineering. Wonderful Stuff.

Автор Rémi Combacal ( назад)
Merci au gars qui a fait les sous-titres français :)

Автор gaurtauk ( назад)
there is n invisibility cloak, that has been made by a Japanese firm, the material reflects everything around its, the cloaks well when running you can see that something was there in front of you, but yours can not catch it.

Автор Sreeraaghav Raj ( назад)
I watched the movie of Star Trek. Save the whales!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Desi Sess ( назад)
first 20 seconds hair highlight trigger.

Автор Crispy Crystals ( назад)
Can the metallic glass even compete with Vitrum Flexile?

Автор Chris Forsyth ( назад)
And yet, here I am, using a "keyboard". How quaint.

Автор Grin Reaper Of Trolls ( назад)
My dad has worked with self-healing concrete (or worked with somebody that has worked with it).

Автор Maya Marren ( назад)
Y is there no pictures for most of them

Автор movesguy ( назад)
Bacteria is going to steal American jobs!

Автор OjaioFansub ( назад)
Ain't gorilla glass made of a aluminum compound?

Автор Blade Blaziken ( назад)
Thanks to science the future in now, Pokemon phrases😂😂

Автор Patrick Hill ( назад)
It's aluminium not aloominum

Автор CyanideSurprise ( назад)
Hello again, Papa Roach! I have a bottle of aerogel from UnitedNuclear

Автор Josh steely ( назад)
If the self healing concrete heals itself... What's stopping it from just growing and getting bigger?

Автор Dani Ellie ( назад)
Why do we bite our tongue

Автор Casual ( назад)
the invisibility cloak is vantablack

Автор XxTheDarkLordxX ( назад)
Why isn't carbon nanotubes on this list? They're cool... Strong, light, like diamond, and also flexible.... but don't wear it in a lightning storm...

Автор Noah McKee ( назад)
I don't see why the small cracks thing is a problem. All cracks formed by that process start out small anyways. so, heal it when it still tiny.

Автор Code Keem ( назад)
5:28, i have trypophobia, so I was extremely scared!! :(

Автор xX_dankdatboi_xx 6969 ( назад)

Автор Raven Lowes ( назад)
5:41 RIP people with trypophobia

Автор Scoobert Doobert ( назад)
what abt carbonfiber? its more widely used, but its very useful and cool

Автор CookieMafiaBoss ( назад)
Let's be honest. Who is gonna make a gemsona of the Hyper diamond? I know I'm not.

Автор Fjuron Arkanos ( назад)
The self-healing concrete is crazy! Crazy awesome!

Автор SuperBuizel ( назад)
Hyperdiamonds are far from the densest known material. Diamond has a density of around 3500kg/m³, and hyperdiamond is only 0.2–0.4% more dense than this. This is less than half that of most steels (7500–9000kg/m³). Osmium is the most dense material at almost 23000kg/m³.

Автор ColdAsteroid ( назад)
AluminUM oxynitride will be used in phone screens I guarantee.
We don't need starships right now, just durable phones lol

Автор Patch143 ( назад)

Автор Scarce is Fat ( назад)
The "Self Healing" concrete is very interesting

Автор kunal lucky ( назад)

Автор marina ( назад)
stealth camouflage - device that reflects light off of the user

Автор Nadilla Marsha ( назад)
I lost it when he said "muggle researchers" 😂

Автор cakeman son ( назад)
future things diverless cars clean energy robots faster better and future planes and trains better smart cities better phones and compter cures for many things the world is more peaceful lees war ligh speed planet colonies mmm not the future yet

Автор Pokemon XYZ ( назад)
the future is now thanks to science!
wonder how many people got that reference

Автор GumbaverianX ( назад)
Q-Carbon Vs Hyperdiamond

What is harder material?

Автор Leafster ( назад)
In the beginning, you sound the brother green

Автор Zes ( назад)
wrg,idts, not coxx

Автор RyanTheGreatest ( назад)
I got a question how come when I'm gotta go to school the next morning I can't go to sleep but when I don't need to I go to sleep well

Автор GreatValue Bleach ( назад)

Автор Kawaii Cinnamon ( назад)
Once I was walking in the middle of nowhere when I came across a random path that had metallic foam pieces scattered around it. I still own a tiny piece of it to this day lol

Автор randomshittutorials ( назад)
But the question is..

Автор Tim Tam ( назад)
Did anyone watch the voyage home?!!

Автор Old king cole was a merry old soul and a merry old soul was he ( назад)

Автор dr cubeman/ amigle player ( назад)
I want to make a suit made out of invisibility cloak so nobody will see me so that im happy

Автор Caleb Cast ( назад)

Автор Zach Flint ( назад)
but if the future is now then it is no longer the future!?!?!?!

Автор John McLachlan ( назад)
This is a dude from Grease, i swear

Автор pete zandt ( назад)
For making the invisible cloak that mimics any background, study the octopus.

Автор Euellb1 ( назад)
The molecular structure and the Intel core v5


Автор Argo TheSlicer ( назад)
HyperDiamond bullets? The ultimate Armor piercing bullet?

Автор Omega Flowey ( назад)
6:36 Conrete "it's probally all around you"
meanwhile at alkatraz

Автор RobertX911 mc ( назад)
0:30 Hi Clemont!

Автор Sparkle Barf ( назад)
+Scishow Please use more pictures/videos of the things you present and less of the person speaking

Автор Robert Kelly ( назад)
There something on your chin

Автор MelissaGarseeya ( назад)
ayeee I made transparent concrete for an art project last semester ✌

Автор Rui Paiva ( назад)

Автор Chris Marthini ( назад)
not sure if I should be proud or not, but I knew all but 2 of these items...

Автор Eugène Troyson ( назад)
this guy looks like the new ghostrider

Автор Comrade Ike ( назад)
So guys, there is metallic glass, then we have to consider Silicon glass guys, and is Silicon a metal no?

Автор Viral VorteX ( назад)

Автор HolDthe doOR ( назад)
for # 7
no fuck you it is called transparent aluminum

Автор SpilledCoffee619 ( назад)

Автор DancingZombie ( назад)
It would be unfortunate if any of these materials became the next plastic.

Автор Guy1581 ( назад)
you should make another one of these videos but with things i could reasonably afford

Автор Tigatron08 ( назад)
Love me some Michael Aranda. Balancing on a board on a ball or not.

Автор ACM Jan's E.D. ( назад)
last invention will make a lot of construction and road building workers jobless, if this self-healing concrete will be practical everywhere to use then riots will follow!

Автор Ted M ( назад)
Presenter is so cute

Автор Grammar Nazi ( назад)
When trying to focus on a cure for cancer is too mainstream...

Автор Amphibian ( назад)
this guys diction is amazing!

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