Is The Earth Flat? | The Flat Earth Conspiracy Theory

Is the Earth flat? The flat Earth conspiracy theory. Is the Earth flat? The flat earth model contends that the Earth exists on a giant, flat plane, with the Arctic or North Pole at the center, and a giant wall of ice surrounding the entire disc and forming the circumference. Members of the Flat Earth Society claim to believe the Earth is flat. Walking around on the planet's surface, it looks and feels flat, so they deem all evidence to the contrary, such as satellite photos of Earth as a sphere, to be fabrications of a "round Earth conspiracy" orchestrated by NASA and other government agencies.

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Автор Shadow Zaron ( назад)
i must truly praise you sir your videos are so well thought out you always give the other side it's chance and the way you discuss that neutral tone is so relaxing it more or less forces me to have a open mind a consider things evenly. The fact you don't call out or chastise either side is a great change from the close minded views of pretty much every other YouTuber and almost all commenters. Keep going strong sir and you'll have a viewer for good

Автор Donald Trump ( назад)
It hurts my head to see people are actually questioning the Earth being round.

Автор Xiaxci ( назад)
people who believe the earth is flat are fucking stupid.

Автор Your Boi Skinny Penis ( назад)
If earth is flat and gravity doesn't exist and the earth moves up at a rate of 32 ft per second then doesn't that mean it would be impossible to jump because as soon as you got off the ground the earth would fly up under you

Автор Void ( назад)
There is no proof for flat Earth.

Автор BlockGamerAran HD ( назад)
If Earth is flat please answer these questions... 1. If the earth is flat, why is it that Euclidean Geometry does not work to obtain the shortest path over long distances (such as those traveled by airplanes)? 2. To further that question, how can it be that a parabola actually produces the shorter route, if the surface is not curved? Why does only non-Euclidean geometry work for determining shortest travel distances over long paths? Are you claiming such is not the case? 3. Why must GPS satellites calculate positions based on a sphere in order to perform accurately? 4. What is Sunset on a flat earth? How could it occur geometrically and still explain how half of the earth is night and half day? 5. Please describe the ice wall that you're saying exists instead of the south pole. How high is it? Can one fly over it? When one does fly over it, does one fly off into space? 6. Are you then claiming that we can launch ourselves into space by flying perpendicular to the "earth's upward acceleration?" merely by flying off over this ice wall? How far does the ice wall extend? Has anyone ever walked upon it? Is there evidence of that walk? 7. Please describe your competence in what lens distortion is and how it works, especially to varying degrees of severity. 8. Also then describe how it's possible that so many photos could be so SEVERELY distorted by a regular lens so as to make a flat object look round, with parts of it fully behind other parts of it and not exposed to the camera, while objects adjacent to it are hardly distorted at all. 9. How do seasons occur if we are not on a ball, axially tilted toward a central light and heat source? 10. Explain the phases of the moon, and what causes them, if not orbit and rotation and also explain the tides, and what causes them, if not gravity and orbit. 11. If the earth is not round, and planets not round, then why is it that we must use calculations based on orbits of round objects in order to place satellites into space adequately?12. Why is it that we can see those satellites orbit us with a common telescope, and how do they lose direct line of sight if not dropping behind the curve of a round earth? 13. If the earth is not round, and planets not round, then why have we had to use spherical/orbital calculations in order to successfully land rovers on other planets? Are you claiming that we have not done such? 14. If the earth is not round and gravity does not exist, then what keeps us from losing our atmosphere and ocean? 15. If the earth is flat, then how is it that if I fly in any direction along a straight line from any point and don't stop, I will eventually return to exactly where I started from? Do you claim that this will not occur?

Автор Ryanator ( назад)
The fact that people are still debating whether the Earth is round or flat is 2017 just shows THAT THERE ARE SOME REALLY DUMB ASS PEOPLE ON THIS EARTH

Автор Keileigh Lighthouse ( назад)
honestly I don't really care about whether the earth is flat or round, but I find points for each side really interesting.

Автор Alex Bogatu ( назад)
Ok guys I have only some basic questions for you which can prove the problems with a flat earth. First, if the earth is flat then how the satellites can orbit around a flat earth without gravity or magnetic force and there are satellites because other wise we wont have GPS. Second if the sea is stuck in a circle surrounded by ice then there wont be waves or hot and cold currents because it cant create a loop. If gravity would be truly base on earth going upwards then because of the surroundings in space the gravity will not have a value of 9.81N it will frequently change also I am an engineer and I use gravity for almost every formula. Third, only thing about sun and mon orbiting around a flat earth, we should be able to see both in some parts of the day or if you believe that they go under the flat earth then the planets from the solar system are gravitationally pulled by us or do they just randomly fly around. Forth people get selfies from the top of mountains and you can see very well a little bit of the curve, I don't think they photoshop to protect nasa. Fifth, why we will be the only flat celestial object? Also if we dig down around 150 miles that means we will find the space under? Sixth, if earth was flat and surrounded by ice then how the ship trading or transport is possible from america to Assia. Seventh, for the sunlight to travel to earth takes 8 mins with the speed of light, it should take less if the sun is closer and orbiting around us. Eight, hot air balloons if earth was flat they would simply not work because flat earth dosent rotate so the hot ballon will stay in one point only, however they work on a round shape one because the earth rotates under them and they will travel somewhere else. I could show more prof that the earth is not flat but I will let you think about it and if you want to prove me wrong then answer the eight questions.

Автор Alt Right ( назад)
Lmao, I can't believe there's actually a flat earth society. The Moon and the Sun is round, so it stands to reason that Earth and all of the other planets are round as well!

Автор Stephen Hanger ( назад)
Flat Earth Theory Society was start out as a Joke. It became amazing how many simple minded people believed this Joke , hey, Not cute any more. BORINGGGGGG.

Автор Harry Dewalt ( назад)
Well done.But the trouble with belief,s is they don,t want evidence to challenge their beliefs.Try talking to theist !!!

Автор Harrisson Georgiou ( назад)
"earth can't be flat! what about the theory of evolution and the big bang theory"

the earth being flat is a theory just like the other two. They are still theories. They may be "universally accepted" but they are still theories. If they were un-doubtfully true then they would be laws.

Автор frenchboi97 ( назад)
fuck all these money hungry lieing pigs called the govt, I only believe myself

Автор Benjamin ( назад)
I have a friend who is a pilot and has literally flown AROUND the world....AROUND THE WORLD. As in he started in one direction, kept going, never turned around, and ended in the same place he started. Flat Earthers should all be forced into mental hospitals.

Автор Nick000002 ( назад)
Of course the earth isn't flat everyone knows its a triangle

Автор Gabriella Kovács ( назад)
flat earth believers are all around the globe.. for those who are, read it again, but slowly :D

Автор PocketsJuicy ( назад)
the curve of rocket launches is because to exit and enter the atmosphere straight is not efficient with the orbital trajectory, 24° is the trajectory they use to get through, is very precise with everything to not blow themselves up

Автор Nakier 'Luffy' Gaidien ( назад)
LMFAO! The best part of this video is the comments section! Geez...why are y'all getting worked up. This dude - creator of the video - was just showing two opposing views on a particular subject. He wasn't voicing his opinions or anything like that. Yet here you guys are at each others throats and you don't even know each other. Check this - THE EARTH IS ROUND!! That's MY opinion and non of y'all can do a fucken thing about it...SO CHILL!

Автор Harzell Saphradite ( назад)
I will answer this. No the earth is not flat. This is not a belife it's a fact. If you think the earth is flat u are dumb.

Автор Jack Slarker ( назад)
Im almost 100 percent certain flat earth conspiracists are missing something mentally,, similar for example, to colour blind folk. Theres ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with this. It just unfortunately makes such people laughing stocks for those whom dont possess such disabilities. BUT PLEASE, if you are reading this and believe the earth is flat, you have to realise you have a disability. Youll have a hard life for yourself if you start broadcasting such nonsense to people who dont possess such things. Please please please take this as a matter of fact and not a matter of opinion. You deserve the scientific truth. Science doesnt lie.

Автор Kyla Garcia ( назад)
flat earth is basically a religion, it has no scientific evidence to back it up, people believe in it blindly, it can never be disproven because it is just a belief,

Автор Brandon Toad ( назад)
No. Jesus Christ!

Автор Sean Aden ( назад)
U sir do not give both sides you are a globe head. 1 sided. probably 100% Democrat.MIC DROP

Автор IrelandVonVicious ( назад)
The earth is not a globe and the earth is not flat. We just like to pretend these are the only options.

Автор GVlogs FamilyNation ( назад)
when I was watching this I felt like I was in space

Автор Angry Pipes78 ( назад)
its squared. They told me in school. When i was a kid other kids had a globe in there room. i had a square, so no matter how many videos and proof you show me on youtube, the eath is a squared planet.... because that's what i learned in school.

Автор Samuel Torres ( назад)
So basically NASA lying that Earth is round? how come an airplane never get to the "edge" of the earth?

Автор elambus1 ( назад)
honestly, if humans lived for any decent length of time, this might matter. but since I'm dead in a few very short years, i don't think i give a shit if the earth is round or flat. just saying . . .

Автор robert ( назад)
Hahah your stick logic lmao. priceless.

Автор MyZombieLick ( назад)
Actually, the Earth is a 3-dimensional triangle you fucking idiots. Only complete morons think the world is round (i.e an oblate spheroid) or that it is flat. It has been proven beyond doubt that the Earth is a triangle. I've literally been to the point of the triangle and besides, NASA has taken satellite photos of the world from a far enough distance to see the entire triangle. The astronauts that work on the international space station talk about how beautiful the triangle looks from space all the time.
The Moon is mostly round however, but Mars is a cube and Saturn is an octagon. How is it even possible that people don't know these basic facts considering the ease of access to the internet and information in general nowadays? It is mind boggling that there are STILL people ignorant and or stupid enough to believe that the Earth is either round or flat. For fucks sake, mathematicians and profound thinkers from hundreds and even a few from thousands of years ago knew the Earth was a triangle.

Автор Joseph Coach ( назад)
Horrible science...actually no science at all just talk. Please give facts next time this is science not subject to opinions.

Автор Willie Murray ( назад)
Then why can't one walk to the edge?

Автор metalhead 93 ( назад)
the flat earth movement are dumbest people on earth

Автор Michael Jordan ( назад)
All other planets, moons and stars are round, but the Earth is flat cuz we're special!

Автор Omega Man ( назад)
Lunacy. Pseudo-science masturbation for social rejects who can't even graduate from high school.

Автор The nextinline ( назад)
So instead of advancing as a species and as a society.... we have religious wars again and more and more people believing that the earth is flat.

Fuckin hell we're going back to the dark ages. What's next? Are we going to start burning people for witchcraft....?

Автор Unmeatable ( назад)
What if the Earth isn't spherical OR flat, but a cube?!!!

Автор Korbes Korner ( назад)
if you feel your being pulled down then you are moving UP! like an elevator

Автор Many ( назад)
ok,,,it's flat! is it possible that another world is under us? and there are people there who are grey with big eyes and come here to get their vegetables? see my garden is picked clean every morning and I keep a very tall fence around it. my best guess they are joy riding in with a ship or have a sort of tunnel that they camouflage with a hologram. and nooooo I don't do drugs . i am afraid for my family from getting hurt incase of tilt. i keep seat belts bolted to all my trees just incase. my children are home schooled so they are able to get to a setbelt fast. can anyone explain how to keep the buckles from rusting the vegetable oil is getting low from all the stealing. thank you for any consideration.

Автор Kelley Two Feathers ( назад)
trump just signed an presidential order. funding NASA for a new water recovery team.this team is to recover water that flows off the edge of the earth. this is to prevent any rusting from the salt water flowing in space. that might come into contact with our space craft. that can only fly in flat lines.

Автор BlackH0wk ( назад)
if the earth was flat why does it take 22 hours to get across the globe

Автор The Flat Earth ( назад)
YEP- Flat as my X Wife

Автор fnutboy ( назад)
Timezones....why does the sun rise and set at different times for different people?

Автор Pokemon and dragon ball z master ( назад)
have you even thought about how earth could be like a Noah's arc of the universe... Heh Heh Heh.

Автор II4037man ( назад)
IF you believe the Earth is flat you are a dumb idiot lol

Автор M Chaney ( назад)
"the earth is flat" but yet I can get to China by traveling east or west.....

Автор 1enzeder ( назад)
oops. The image at 6.30, presented as an example of photographs of the whole earth that predate image manipulation technology, is now known beyond all doubt, through forensic image analysis, to be 100% fake. The image of the earth was, in fact, inserted into the image.

Автор Johnny Marvéll ( назад)
according to holographic theory, EVERYTHING is flat. Chew on that you anti-inquisitive fucks.

Автор Afg786 Malang ( назад)
The earth is an infinite sphere no matter how far you look it looks spread out for our eyes, also if the earth is flat how come I see the sun still going down while I'm up 36000 feet in the air shouldn't it be just on the other side of the flat plane , I should be able to see it just moving slowly over to the other side of the so called flat earth from 36000 feet in the air. Just sayin

Автор Adn Ben ( назад)
I'm skeptical regarding the glob earth theory either the flat earth theory... in the both there are to many unanswered questions; scientifically , how do you explain the both pole are cold than the other part of the earth ? Or what the cause of the 4 seasons ?

Автор Aidan Wilson ( назад)
Wait but if you watch videos of NASA astronauts they float around for ages in one shot but when you fly on these planes they go downwards creating zero gravity then they have to go back up again other wise they would loose altitude so why would the NASA videos be so consistent in zero gravity for a long period of time if they were on a plane and had to re gain the altitude to re create the zero gravity ?????? People who believe the earth is flat I think might have a slight neurological problem in their brain 😕 sorry not slight I mean major hahaha typo

Автор EAGLESIGHT117 ( назад)
its not flat though, and there cant be ice around it. Gravity does exist

Автор Happy Happy ( назад)
want to know if the earth is round or flat? look at the moon!

Автор black Death ( назад)
I dont care honestly long as I am alive ..good video doe

Автор Chris Mcnair ( назад)
all I can say is there is no edge some one please show me the edge or the end of the earth ? or why is the moon round ?

Автор Hasan Ezzeddine ( назад)
that's it I'm just go buy a big expensive ass telescope go stand on the tallest building in New York at night time. and see if I see what part of the world is daytime if I can see it the earth is flat 🤔

Автор ThatBoyU LikeAndKnow ( назад)
Silly humans. Earth is a rectandle.

Автор G Ks ( назад)
you both are wrong. earth is neither flat nor round. It is pear shaped.

Автор Silly willy Suicide ( назад)
I farted, it smells like old tomatoes

Автор Thutmosis7 ( назад)
The earth is round ancient africans been saying this for million of years

Автор Juan Valdez ( назад)
Save yourself 10 minutes, the answer is no

Автор Benjamin Franklin ( назад)
duh it is

Автор thesignsoflife7 ( назад)
1. First they ignore you.
2. Then they laugh at you.
3. Then they fight you.
4. Then they win because they have proof while all you have are dumb YouTube videos.

Автор thesignsoflife7 ( назад)
The flat earth is a hypothesis, not a theory.

Автор Blackatchaproduction ( назад)
i swear flat earthers started out like pasta-farians. fucking trolls. but all of a sudden gained too many fucking true believers.

Автор Kingnotail ( назад)
No. Stick to your great mystery lists!

Автор Kodak Yellow ( назад)
If the Earth wasn't round, why can we see Russia from Alaska..

Автор Luke Palmer ( назад)
Ridiculous theory. It boggles the the mind why this is even a topic at all. Stupid, dumb, spastic.

Автор Peter Ramsey ( назад)
No, the earth is not flat.

Автор Kalipsa Karma ( назад)
It's deeply sad that it is 2017 and a video on this topic is being made, hell its just moronic that this whole topic of debate is even being brought back up, it just goes to show that not all of mankind has truly mentally evolved and , I hope that natural selection does it job, so that those who have evolved are to be the only ones left to push further into greatness and great possibilities.

Автор DAG DAG ( назад)
Earth is round but This video is well put together. I was actually interested listening to your video.

Автор Saiful Jamal ( назад)
Flat Earth theory is a deep...deep. shit!

Автор sgtgrash ( назад)
Flat-earthers should return to their two dimensional universe as the extra one in ours clearly causes them some distress.

Автор Dan Diesel ( назад)
I feel the need to remind people that "science", or rather the "scientific method", is a process of determining facts based on experimental research. "Science" seems to have become this religion or law that everyone must adhere too less you be demonized by the rest of society. There is no place for name calling in "science" and anyone suffering from cognitive dissonance probably doesnt know it yet and so I will refrain from "bashing" anyone for their own personal beliefs...

Автор Jadyden 239 ( назад)
wow, I find that really hard to believe, but I do not live in a box... Stranger things have been described. 🍻

Автор ysonline ( назад)
Do Americans fly east to go to new Zealand?

Автор Master Volume ( назад)
If there Earth is flat. Please explain to me "Line of sight" both as it applies to physical vision and to radio communications. If it's flat there is not reason a VHF radio shouldn't be able to transmit from one side to other but it can't. It's maxed at about 25 miles. That's why we have RF coms that bounce of the ionosphere to compensate for the curve.
I can see the moon which is incredibly far away, but I can't see Japan on a Sunny day when standing on the west coast.
Honestly, I am just horrified this is a thing. It really explains Trump being president.

Автор Gus Gonzalez ( назад)
earth is a cube!

Автор Rezonite ( назад)
@8:26 THANK YOU ... Thats exactly what every flat earther doesnt seem to understand. The true scale of size of our planet. How big do they think we really are as human beings. Ill leave you all with this. Hold a basket ball in your hand and try and picture a person standing on that basket ball. How big do you think a person would be on that basket ball. Microscopic in size, probably smaller than a blood cell. Then try and picture an airplane on that basket ball. How big do you think that would be compared to the basket ball. So small you would still need a microscope to see it.

Автор peristericity ( назад)
Did you find the ATLAS ?? or still searching???

Автор Cheese Cake Salad Head ( назад)
Why do you guys think the earth is flat? Please let me hear so I'll understand what made you guys think that

Автор Z4rrow ( назад)
Answer to title: No!

Автор Neil Forbes ( назад)
+Unexplained Mysteries, why give these people any credence? The fact that the earth is spherical has been proved centuries ago by sane, rational people, even in the faces of the ignorant churches of the day. And there are still stupid deluded people who think the world is only 4,000 years old, even though the aboriginal(term is not restricted to Australia) peoples of many continents have existed there for several millennia. Okay so you've given "their"(Flat Earthers') side of the story, now it's time for the truth!

Автор Danlo Troth ( назад)
The thing with assertions that there is a conspiracy of hiding the flat earth is that, like the flat earth model itself, has no consistency or any evidence of such. I mean which era did this conspiracy start, the classical times when chin li and erostopities worked out the curvature of the planet, the era of galliao to Newton where the heliocentric model is worked out, or the modern era of space travel?

Like the 'no photos of the planet since the 70's, is silly when himawari 8 sends a few pictures of the planet every minute, let alone the pictures from the last couple of years from lunar orbit from the Chinese missions.

Yet not one reasonable observation or evidence is provided for flat earth. Gosh even a sundial shows that the sun travels the same speed every day of the year in defiance of the changing solar orbit of the flat earth model. Let alone that all parts of a longitudinal line see sunrise at the same time.

Автор FoxTrot Plays ( назад)
PEOPLE HAVE LITERALLY BEEN TO SPACE AND SEEN THIS ROUND EARTH DUDE!! Phew! Now that's off my chest, gravity would also be really messed up if the world was FLAT. I mean, the centre of gravity would be further away in countries like Australia... meaning they would have the gravity similar to that of the moon. Science people.

Автор reealitychick ( назад)
the world is NOT flat---- Job 26--vs 7---- AND GOD HANGS THE EARTH ON NOTHING;;;; How did Job know that?? this has been in the bible for centuries>>> of course we have been deceived and lied to--- they were more advance in that day --then we are now--do ur research and prayers...

Автор Masssmartyr ( назад)
the evidence for heliocentricism here is weak homes!! earth is flat!! no doubt about it

Автор Carolyn Stargazer ( назад)
any idiot out there who beleives this flat earth shit if your on the other side of the earth i challenge you go outside and take a photo and will too and then well share them i garentee if its day there it will be night there and visa versa

Автор MorningStar Rev 22:16 ( назад)
so much pride in this video

Автор tony morgan ( назад)
been on an aroplane and looked out the window at a height and you can see its curved

Автор MICHAEL Del Valle ( назад)

Автор haider hlsk ( назад)
don't like how he speak. he is like a robot

Автор John Rodriguez ( назад)
People are just afraid to face the truth.
That's why flat Earthers get so much shit.
Even throwing facts at these mindless sheep can't get passed there thick ass heads.
The best part is that more and more people are starting to notice.

Автор Flat Earth Warrior ( назад)
They use a lot of lies

Автор Ville Vendeta ( назад)
And its still flat

Автор Nick Ross ( назад)
The ISS is not fake... The Zero Gravity Planes only provide a few seconds of weightlessness then they must fly back up and do it again.
The ISS has done livestreams for a long time without any cuts. Proving they aren't in a plane.

Автор Nibiru DeeJay ( назад)
Also, Missile experts are out saying they can hit targets 50 nautical miles away in 'line of sight' which would be impossible on a globe. Look it up its true.

Автор SatanicLight ( назад)
Yes the Earth is flat. I guarantee you.

Автор Auguste Piccard ( назад)
Not one of NASA's pictures of Earth or our neighboring planets are real, use your brain or "FotoForensics" . Knock knock, "whos there?" Slave, "Slave who?" Slave you...

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