Is The Earth Flat? | The Flat Earth Conspiracy Theory

Is the Earth flat? The flat Earth conspiracy theory. Is the Earth flat? The flat earth model contends that the Earth exists on a giant, flat plane, with the Arctic or North Pole at the center, and a giant wall of ice surrounding the entire disc and forming the circumference. Members of the Flat Earth Society claim to believe the Earth is flat. Walking around on the planet's surface, it looks and feels flat, so they deem all evidence to the contrary, such as satellite photos of Earth as a sphere, to be fabrications of a "round Earth conspiracy" orchestrated by NASA and other government agencies.

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Автор Shadow Zaron ( назад)
i must truly praise you sir your videos are so well thought out you always give the other side it's chance and the way you discuss that neutral tone is so relaxing it more or less forces me to have a open mind a consider things evenly. The fact you don't call out or chastise either side is a great change from the close minded views of pretty much every other YouTuber and almost all commenters. Keep going strong sir and you'll have a viewer for good

Автор Kodak Yellow ( назад)
If the Earth wasn't round, why can we see Russia from Alaska..

Автор Luke Palmer ( назад)
Ridiculous theory. It boggles the the mind why this is even a topic at all. Stupid, dumb, spastic.

Автор Peter Ramsey ( назад)
No, the earth is not flat.

Автор Kalipsa Karma ( назад)
It's deeply sad that it is 2017 and a video on this topic is being made, hell its just moronic that this whole topic of debate is even being brought back up, it just goes to show that not all of mankind has truly mentally evolved and , I hope that natural selection does it job, so that those who have evolved are to be the only ones left to push further into greatness and great possibilities.

Автор DAG DAG ( назад)
Earth is round but This video is well put together. I was actually interested listening to your video.

Автор Saiful Jamal ( назад)
Flat Earth theory is a deep...deep. shit!

Автор sgtgrash ( назад)
Flat-earthers should return to their two dimensional universe as the extra one in ours clearly causes them some distress.

Автор Dan Diesel ( назад)
I feel the need to remind people that "science", or rather the "scientific method", is a process of determining facts based on experimental research. "Science" seems to have become this religion or law that everyone must adhere too less you be demonized by the rest of society. There is no place for name calling in "science" and anyone suffering from cognitive dissonance probably doesnt know it yet and so I will refrain from "bashing" anyone for their own personal beliefs...

Автор Jadyden 239 ( назад)
wow, I find that really hard to believe, but I do not live in a box... Stranger things have been described. 🍻

Автор ysonline ( назад)
Do Americans fly east to go to new Zealand?

Автор Master Volume ( назад)
If there Earth is flat. Please explain to me "Line of sight" both as it applies to physical vision and to radio communications. If it's flat there is not reason a VHF radio shouldn't be able to transmit from one side to other but it can't. It's maxed at about 25 miles. That's why we have RF coms that bounce of the ionosphere to compensate for the curve.
I can see the moon which is incredibly far away, but I can't see Japan on a Sunny day when standing on the west coast.
Honestly, I am just horrified this is a thing. It really explains Trump being president.

Автор Gus Gonzalez ( назад)
earth is a cube!

Автор rezonite ( назад)
@8:26 THANK YOU ... Thats exactly what every flat earther doesnt seem to understand. The true scale of size of our planet. How big do they think we really are as human beings. Ill leave you all with this. Hold a basket ball in your hand and try and picture a person standing on that basket ball. How big do you think a person would be on that basket ball. Microscopic in size, probably smaller than a blood cell. Then try and picture an airplane on that basket ball. How big do you think that would be compared to the basket ball. So small you would still need a microscope to see it.

Автор peristericity ( назад)
Did you find the ATLAS ?? or still searching???

Автор Cheese Cake Salad Head ( назад)
Why do you guys think the earth is flat? Please let me hear so I'll understand what made you guys think that

Автор Z4rrow ( назад)
Answer to title: No!

Автор Neil Forbes ( назад)
+Unexplained Mysteries, why give these people any credence? The fact that the earth is spherical has been proved centuries ago by sane, rational people, even in the faces of the ignorant churches of the day. And there are still stupid deluded people who think the world is only 4,000 years old, even though the aboriginal(term is not restricted to Australia) peoples of many continents have existed there for several millennia. Okay so you've given "their"(Flat Earthers') side of the story, now it's time for the truth!

Автор Danlo Troth ( назад)
The thing with assertions that there is a conspiracy of hiding the flat earth is that, like the flat earth model itself, has no consistency or any evidence of such. I mean which era did this conspiracy start, the classical times when chin li and erostopities worked out the curvature of the planet, the era of galliao to Newton where the heliocentric model is worked out, or the modern era of space travel?

Like the 'no photos of the planet since the 70's, is silly when himawari 8 sends a few pictures of the planet every minute, let alone the pictures from the last couple of years from lunar orbit from the Chinese missions.

Yet not one reasonable observation or evidence is provided for flat earth. Gosh even a sundial shows that the sun travels the same speed every day of the year in defiance of the changing solar orbit of the flat earth model. Let alone that all parts of a longitudinal line see sunrise at the same time.

Автор FoxTrot Plays ( назад)
PEOPLE HAVE LITERALLY BEEN TO SPACE AND SEEN THIS ROUND EARTH DUDE!! Phew! Now that's off my chest, gravity would also be really messed up if the world was FLAT. I mean, the centre of gravity would be further away in countries like Australia... meaning they would have the gravity similar to that of the moon. Science people.

Автор reealitychick ( назад)
the world is NOT flat---- Job 26--vs 7---- AND GOD HANGS THE EARTH ON NOTHING;;;; How did Job know that?? this has been in the bible for centuries>>> of course we have been deceived and lied to--- they were more advance in that day --then we are now--do ur research and prayers...

Автор Masssmartyr ( назад)
the evidence for heliocentricism here is weak homes!! earth is flat!! no doubt about it

Автор Carolyn Stargazer ( назад)
any idiot out there who beleives this flat earth shit if your on the other side of the earth i challenge you go outside and take a photo and will too and then well share them i garentee if its day there it will be night there and visa versa

Автор MorningStar Rev 22:16 ( назад)
so much pride in this video

Автор tony morgan ( назад)
been on an aroplane and looked out the window at a height and you can see its curved

Автор MICHAEL Del Valle ( назад)

Автор haider hlsk ( назад)
don't like how he speak. he is like a robot

Автор John Rodriguez ( назад)
People are just afraid to face the truth.
That's why flat Earthers get so much shit.
Even throwing facts at these mindless sheep can't get passed there thick ass heads.
The best part is that more and more people are starting to notice.

Автор Flat Earth Warrior ( назад)
They use a lot of lies

Автор Ville Vendeta ( назад)
And its still flat

Автор Nick Ross ( назад)
The ISS is not fake... The Zero Gravity Planes only provide a few seconds of weightlessness then they must fly back up and do it again.
The ISS has done livestreams for a long time without any cuts. Proving they aren't in a plane.

Автор Nibiru DeeJay ( назад)
Also, Missile experts are out saying they can hit targets 50 nautical miles away in 'line of sight' which would be impossible on a globe. Look it up its true.

Автор SatanicLight ( назад)
Yes the Earth is flat. I guarantee you.

Автор Auguste Piccard ( назад)
Not one of NASA's pictures of Earth or our neighboring planets are real, use your brain or "FotoForensics" . Knock knock, "whos there?" Slave, "Slave who?" Slave you...

Автор My Dog ( назад)
The only way to actually get these stupid ass flat earthers to actually understand that the earth is a sphere is to send those dumb fucks into space. Just because the Earth looks flat on the ground doesn't mean it's "flat". It's fucking retarded, that's why it's a conspiracy theory.

Автор mikha007 ( назад)

Автор 4FUN Su Pavarde ( назад)
Whatever. You never know if you do not travel ....

Автор HawkSprings1961 ( назад)
Pretty convincing that the earth is a sphere.
Shaq is wrong.

Автор Jason Miller ( назад)
Well you could still have time zones on a flat earth.

Автор Casper L ( назад)
I have a question for people who can be idiotic enough to think the Earth is actually flat. If the Earth is flat, why hasn't ANYONE found the edge yet? I mean, if it is flat, someone must have seen the edge. And if Earth is flat, and all countries are at the same side of the flat Earth, then how come some countries have day while other countries have night at the same time? This shouldn't be possible, if Earth is flat. Then day and night would happen at the same time for EVERY country on this planet. And how can you disprove photos from ISS that clearly shows the Earth is round? And y'all talk about eye lenses and stuff, while you show us pictures high in the sky, where the Earth looks flat, but how can we know, you haven't manipulated the photo to look flat instead of round? I mean nowadays it is possible to edit a footage to make it go from round to flat. Ta daa! And btw, all you idiots saying the Bible says the earth is flat. It doesn't, it says it's a circle, which in "bible language" means round, or sphere. You fucking idiotic, mentally unstabile fucking cunts who thinks the Earth is flat. PROVE IT!

Автор Nathaniel DSouza ( назад)
The trajectory looks like that BECAUSE THE EARTH IS FUCKING ROUND.

Автор KCCX5 comments ( назад)
My head hurts so bad.
How anyone even consider that the earth is flat is beyond my scope .
If you look through a telescope at other planets you will see that they are round and spherical by watching how they rotate.
The earth has been photographed from the moon (OK let us agree that there was a moon landing because there's absolutely no other way that those photos could have been taken ) and it clearly shows a round earth and over the course of the photos taken it also shows the earth rotating .
So if the earth were flat the photos would only show 1 constant view .
As for intelligent design I will agree with you when you finally realize that a day in the life of God is NOT 24 EARTH HOURS.
A day for God maybe 2 billion years . So then yes , God did create the earth and universe in 14 billion years as science has theorized .
So that in His last 2 billion years He was creating life .
Just remember one thing and that is that you are not God , so I don't think I can even begin to compare a day in my life as 1 that is equal to Gods.

Автор Daniel Leather ( назад)
People believed ships were traveling over the curved horizon, because light refraction wasn't understood yet.

Автор Luís Greg ( назад)
I was not a believer but there is really something!!
Maybe its not flat but it can be much bigger than "they" tell!!
There are a lot of evidences that show that the data NASA and more scientist give us are wrong...just dont match with reality and with what we can see at naked eye.
The Sun's rays of light show a much closer Sun.
Moon Landings have a lot of discrepancies, from shadows of the Moon to combustion that its not possible on vacuum like they say space is
Many scientists that started talking died...over the last 2-3 years a total of 58 ex-Nasa scientists died in strange conditions...like journalists!
Horizon does not have the evidences of Earth being round

Автор Morlock Holmes ( назад)
The Flat Earth Society are a bunch of Freemasons giving out false information and you should know that!! Don't cite that bogus agency to talk about flat earth. You are full of shit, you can't stop the truth, it's too late.

Автор Stan K ( назад)
lul how would we have better pictures of pluto then?

Автор Bond0JamesBond8 ( назад)
globalist: just wanted to say the earth is round. the scientific communtiy proven it. the greatest minds.

flat earther: wheres the documents, reseaech and studies to back these scientific communties results and do you understand any of them enough to prove one to me... ill wait...

globalist: your stupid.

Автор Antσniσ Jσnєѕ ( назад)
This is like the most prehistoric bullshit conspiracy theory that I cannot believe is still floating about being debated in our modern day society after we done been to the freaking moon & looked back now. It's crazy.

Автор Dave Goodridge ( назад)
complete tosh, education is certainly not knowledge

Автор David Ross ( назад)
This IS clearly made to seem as if it gives both sides of the argument a fair shake, but is global propaganda. The ships disappearing can come back into view with a high powered zoom lense, sitting flat on the water that is also always flat. Failing to include this piece of information proves the bias of the presentation.

Автор Malachi Barrowcliffe ( назад)
i agree the earth is round, but your reasons why the earth must be round already have arguments that you've left out, either lack of research or refusal to show both arguments for each individual theory

Автор Vovix S. ( назад)
It seems this shit is being spread intentionally. Several times I encountered flat earth bullshit on facebook posted by empty bots created few days before that. It looks like someone pays trolls for... making people stupid? Or making people think the world is becoming stupid and thus making them fear? THIS is the conspiracy we should fight. Do not argue with flat earth morons. BAN THEM. REPORT THEM. REVEAL THEM. Join our OPEN SOURCE CONSPIRACY to eradicate anti-scientism from Earth.

Автор william amos ( назад)

Автор Austin Fisher ( назад)
ships over the horizon come back into view with any zoom, debunked!

Автор Eric Cigler ( назад)
If the roads where a little flatter, I would have to agree.

Автор Eric Cigler ( назад)
Bubble's agrees.

Автор SaberTag ( назад)
I personally think the flat Earth is an age-old theory that just simply doesn't want to die. If we recall from history class, this is a theory back from the time of Galileo and Copernicus. I believe Vsauce had explained this fully when saying the flat Earth theory is simply false. The Earth pulls on anything on its surface the same way, being towards the center and at the same rate. If the Earth was flat, the farther an object gets away from the point directly over the center would be pulled in a MUCH different direction than others.

Also, think of the physics of it. Gravity pulls objects towards the center, by definition. That would mean that even the Earth itself would be pulled from the edges towards the center. We would also have objects (I.E. spheres) rolling sideways towards the point directly over the center of the flat surface. As many of us can see, none of this happens.

If the earth was flat, it would crush towards the center just like any object on the surface. This doesn't happen. There's more I could say about this: What's on the other side of this disk we live on, time zones (Already covered), and much more, but I don't want an overload of information.Face fact. We live on Earth in real life, not Weyard in Golden Sun.

Nothing I say is closed to discussion, but I don't know how much discussion could be had about this

Автор Richard The Lionhearted ( назад)
Is flat earth theory what is taught in common core earth sinus? or is is taught just in computer sinus class ? Why not just take a sinus pill? . Its not going to cure rabies but it may offer some relief from flat earth sinus.

Автор Lemon Pie ( назад)
flat earthers are too dumb to realize that they are allowed to change their minds, and admit that they were wrong.

Автор ICOИiC _ ( назад)
The Earth isn't flat.Its a disproportioned sphere, that's why some think that.I

Автор illuminatiSUX ( назад)

Автор illuminatiSUX ( назад)
YOU..., and the flat earther's are shills...
Anyone not seeing this (shit) should be doing alot of more pokin' the dead dog...
The ony ones (since the egyptians and greeks) claiming the flat earth, is those who make conpiracy-theorists look like loonies...

Just read up on project mockinbird... sad to say; its not over...

Автор rawkusrex ( назад)
for the flat Earth believers, what is there to gain by "brainwashing" everyone that the Earth is round? What exactly is their end-game by telling people that our planet is round?

Автор Trevor Surette ( назад)
lol . a little biased

Автор SMACC GANG ( назад)
The earth is clearly not flat

Автор whatadollslife ( назад)
Shaq just came out for flatearth  EVERYBODY TWEET #FLATEARTH  #INVESTIGATENASA  to get this trending and investigate NASA

Автор Jack Randall ( назад)
You are wrong on most the examples u give. Put some more thought into it before presenting it as fact

Автор pavju ( назад)
if the earth is flat then all the places should have sun rise and sun set at the same time at one point

Автор Eamonn ( назад)
Why are the star constellations upside down when viewed from the southern hemisphere?

Автор iheart info ( назад)
theyd rather you belive its flat than hollow.

Автор Heath Carmody ( назад)
all of your 1 day of research points for the globe theory have been debunked long ago. you don't make a good argument for either side. hopefully people don't end their research here.

Автор Syn Stilo ( назад)
You should know there's no such thing as zero gravity, there's always gravity, it's called zero g

Автор Nishant Sengar ( назад)
I hope this video educates some of the downright stupid conspiracy theorists..

Автор Ric Broussard ( назад)
I have been to Antarctica.

Автор или Фергюсон ( назад)
This irritates me.

Автор Free Mkhitaryan ( назад)
Im not a flat Earth believer but when he said with a powerful telescope we should be able to see the edge is little bit optimistic. Air is not 100% see trough. Dust particles water and all sorts of stuff limits are view.

Автор Hénry Bruyére ( назад)
american education everyone!

Автор EVOX ( назад)
The moon or other planets aren't flat why the fuck would people believe the earth is flat? Some people ugh.

Автор louie mark luza ( назад)
its a juljul gaming if the earth is flat then why should we try?, please give me some tofiluk

Автор Cunt Head ( назад)
Nobody believes the Earth is flat anyway

Автор Chris Samee ( назад)
If Earth was flat then why doesn't all the water in the oceans just falling off the end?

Автор Ana Hernandez ( назад)
And how do you explain other planets being round?

Автор Creepyverse ( назад)
The earth isn't flat, it isn't round. Earth is a triangle, there solved!

Автор Devan Velo ( назад)
Shill network

Автор Devan Velo ( назад)
Can you make a video on Why is there no video of the ISS being built?

Автор Koli Sclavania ( назад)
spheres have to have a curve. but if there is no curve then, guess what? its not a sphere. Sorry to burst your bubble. and the thing about ships is bs there are plenty of vids online disproving it where they zoom in and you can see the whole ship.

Автор Pasta Sarmonella E-Specialé ( назад)
Seems to be a lot of this appearing on YouTube and it´s understandable as to why, it´s because of how expanded the flattards are even to this day.

Автор Random Burger Stuff ( назад)
People I'm telling you, if you research flat earth it makes a lot of sense. Some good channels to check out are: ODD Reality, Flat Earth Asshole

Автор Random Burger Stuff ( назад)
Flat earth society is controlled opposition.

Автор Ian MD ( назад)
So they have 200 people join the flat earth society every year?... so sad that every year 200 people went full retard

Автор Jimbo ( назад)
Kinda bias. Seems more like Globe theroy pushed. A for effort. How about the impossible eclipse? The uneplained mystery here is why you did not resarch it a bit better? Who needs to be accurate or responsible? Not youtube chanels, thats for sure.

Автор NOT Ilyass ( назад)
yeah... the earth is obviously pear shaped !

Автор Devil's Reaper ( назад)
awesome video unexplained mysterious but my theory is and that I think earth isn't flat but in a spherical shape

Автор Timothy Veres ( назад)
Why am I JUST NOW finding your page?!?!?!? Looks like I gotta go to the beginning and catch up :)

Автор Allison Vestal ( назад)
if the Earth is flat then how are we walking on it if it is flat then we would be walking in space

Автор Levi Strauck ( назад)
next up: is your girlfriends ass flat and you can't see it?

Автор Ameretsu Shidori ( назад)
The Earth is flat.. an idea shared by people that got an F in middle school science and those from medieval times.

Автор Jacob Monahan ( назад)
this angers me THE EARTH IS CONCAVE!!!!!!!

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