• The Trombone section of The United States Army Field Band presents Ernesto Lecuona's Malagueña, arranged by Jerry Ascione at the 2018 International Trombone Festival in Iowa City, Iowa.
    For more information visit our website or contact:
    The United States Army Field Band
    4214 Field Band Drive
    STE 5330
    Fort Meade, Maryland 20755-7055

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  • StraightNoChaser
    StraightNoChaser 15 days ago +1

    Tambourine player has killer technique.

  • William Harris
    William Harris Month ago

    Awesome incredible virtuoso performance! Wow!

  • Eric Burger
    Eric Burger Month ago +1

    Nice to see Col. Keene...!

  • DrMoneyAndTheBoyWithNo...Uh

    Where can I find the uh, sheet music for this?

  • Jessica Eernisse
    Jessica Eernisse 7 months ago +1

    Awesome 👍👍

  • Jessica Eernisse
    Jessica Eernisse 7 months ago +2

    Beautiful and blessed! Thank you so much for sharing your gifts and talents in music and services to our country! Donald Trump for President 2020!

  • Jessica Eernisse
    Jessica Eernisse 7 months ago +1

    Simply amazing!

  • Jessica Eernisse
    Jessica Eernisse 7 months ago +1

    Simply amazing!

  • John Weimar
    John Weimar 7 months ago +1

    Dad to see all those watching and wishing they chose the trombone...

  • Merican Made
    Merican Made 8 months ago +1

    5:17 till the end of my favorite part

  • Judith Meyer
    Judith Meyer 9 months ago +2

    Absolutely incredible music from our best military music organisation.

  • Laura __
    Laura __ 9 months ago

    Bravisimooooo, bravooo!💕

  • Maria Luisa Burgamy
    Maria Luisa Burgamy 9 months ago +1


  • Jugoslav Somodji
    Jugoslav Somodji Year ago +2

    Thank you USA. My friends forever............!!!

  • Jesus
    Jesus Year ago +1

    Creo que lo suyo es que interpreten algo de música americana. Creo que no le pillan el estilo a la pieza que están tocando. Saludos desde España. De todas formas, bien por ellos. 🎶

  • Jamie Ferguson
    Jamie Ferguson Year ago +2

    4:39 BASS SOLO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Angela Luna
    Angela Luna Year ago +2

    Saludos a todos los integrantes le ponen alma vida y corazón como debe de ser.

  • Lourdes maradiaga
    Lourdes maradiaga Year ago +1

    Wonderful, lovely Hispanic music 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Joe Johnson
    Joe Johnson Year ago

    Was there a contrabass trombone in there?

  • Massimiliano Pescetti


  • Hèctor Hugo Moyano
    Hèctor Hugo Moyano Year ago +3

    GENIAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Evandro Roberto Speri


  • Owen Williams
    Owen Williams Year ago +3

    Technique from bass and 3rd trombone is utterly dire. Quite often out of tune in the higher register too

    • Manuel Fong
      Manuel Fong Year ago +3

      I didnt notice any errors..Great performance...Maybe envy you have....

    ELOY BAEZ Year ago +4

    I'm a Stan Kenton music lover! This arrangement was fantastic! Bravo!!

  • Miguel Aguerrebere
    Miguel Aguerrebere Year ago +1

    Fraxtxy gatwiyon,freestayirii,goćišæwrtu

  • Collin Young
    Collin Young Year ago +1


  • Ник Лог
    Ник Лог Year ago +1

    It's GREAT! I am russian military musician from far East, and I want to contact with anybody from USA army band, to exchange information about music education, and another non-secret information))). Our professional skill is very low. Are anybody military musician from another country too?

  • Yazmin Orozco
    Yazmin Orozco Year ago +5


  • chelsea bling
    chelsea bling Year ago +5

    Estupendo! Se ve que le ponen el alma . Felicidades! Saluditos desde Acapulco.

  • E LopezLo
    E LopezLo Year ago +1

    What a great performance!!! ❤️

  • Mark Harrison
    Mark Harrison Year ago +4

    What a great arrangement, and virtuoso performance!

  • Liz Cordova
    Liz Cordova Year ago +3


  • Manon Dumouchel
    Manon Dumouchel Year ago +2

    Bravo, Olé Malagueña, you’re amazing I love it, Thank to all, Fantastic

  • _iPhoenix_
    _iPhoenix_ Year ago +21

    2:22 is absolutely insane. (Not like the rest of this isn't insane, this is just particularly bonkers)

  • Steven Noel
    Steven Noel Year ago +1

    fine performance but i do wish the US Military Bands would not sound so much like Las Vegas show bands and more like the once did years ago a true Band sound with the depth and power and heavy low brass sound .

    • Texas Retired
      Texas Retired Day ago

      Steven Noel US MARINE BAND is still the Sousa March no nonsense band! They are so clean!

  • joao marcelo de oliveira


  • Funguy
    Funguy Year ago +35

    *Madison Scouts intensifies*

  • James Angius
    James Angius Year ago +3

    I love this!

  • Garrett Dennis
    Garrett Dennis Year ago +6

    You guys always have the best sound

  • Giovanni Messina
    Giovanni Messina Year ago +1


  • ransome51
    ransome51 Year ago +1


  • antonwearsakilt
    antonwearsakilt Year ago +10

    Good Job, when will the US Space Force get a band? God Bless America MMXIX

    • seminole
      seminole Month ago

      Why do they need a band? Sound doesn't travel in a vacuum. ;)

    • joao marcelo de oliveira
      joao marcelo de oliveira Year ago

      Probably it'll look something like this

  • TIAGO Bezerril
    TIAGO Bezerril Year ago +1

    I like this songs

  • Nicolas Elsen
    Nicolas Elsen Year ago +9

    Bravo!!! 🙌🙌

    • joao marcelo de oliveira
      joao marcelo de oliveira Year ago +2

      Bravo for every single person in the orchestry.

    • James Angius
      James Angius Year ago +1

      Bravi** for men and brave** for women. Bravo for a lone man and brava for a lone woman.
      Lol I’m just kidding. But those are indeed the facts.

  • Mike Pearson
    Mike Pearson Year ago +4


  • Ruth Villalobos
    Ruth Villalobos Year ago +2


  • Wrestling freak
    Wrestling freak Year ago

    Sub to me plz