Game Theory: Bendy 2, Return to the Ink Machine (Bendy and the Dark Revival)

  • Published on Apr 21, 2019
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    Good old Joey Drew Studios isn't done with us yet. Bendy is coming back! The Bendy and the Dark Revival trailer left us with a bunch of questions as to what the second installment of the Bendy story will bring us. Is is a prequel? A sequel? Who is the observer? Today Loyal Theorists, I am diving back into the ink machine to figure out this puzzle!
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick
    Editors: Marc Schneider and Tyler Mascola
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
    Bendy and the Dark Revival Trailer -
    The Dreamfisher,
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  • Gogeta V
    Gogeta V 50 minutes ago

    FNAF 69 and Bendy 40 gets released
    Matpat : Commits non-living

  • Kar Krash PLays
    Kar Krash PLays 2 hours ago

    Guy Offscreen: your heads a bigger target!
    MatPat: oh.. I’LL SHOW YOU A BIGGER TARGET!!!!!
    Guy Offscreen: AHHH!! *ded*

  • DeathClawDC
    DeathClawDC 3 hours ago

    Did anyone notice something is behind mat at 6:48?

  • Nicholas Brown
    Nicholas Brown 5 hours ago

    #bothteams #bendy #alice

  • Vodale lore
    Vodale lore 6 hours ago

    Who's here before Matpats theory gets completely trashed by the game releasing.

  • Noah Lopez
    Noah Lopez 6 hours ago

    It can't be bendy talking because in chapter 3 Alice angle says "He said he hears everything"I am thinking it is the Piper too

  • PokéMasterJoe
    PokéMasterJoe 8 hours ago +1


  • Nu'est and LOVE Ren's wifey? idk

    oh gosh here we go again. looks like we gonna have to wait for mf fall

  • Tasha Kelly
    Tasha Kelly 10 hours ago +2

    And now we wait for MatPat to theorize about the new gameplay trailer..

    Wonder how mad he'll go this time

  • toxic man
    toxic man 11 hours ago +1

    18:10 it worked

  • God •
    God • 12 hours ago

    Well MatPat I have good news, you were right for once about everything!

  • Christian Walters
    Christian Walters 12 hours ago +1

    Matpat a new trailer came out

  • He Likes his puppets
    He Likes his puppets 12 hours ago

    its nice knowing that its on my birthday XD

  • Alekzander dodge
    Alekzander dodge 13 hours ago

    none of your tables are titles, you lose 5 points each.

  • Cellious Maximous
    Cellious Maximous 14 hours ago +1

    Heyo new trailer

  • Amazingpandas 75
    Amazingpandas 75 14 hours ago +1

    In the new trailer I noticed something you might want to pay attention to, in the beginning of it it plays the music from the tasty trios cartoon, which stars the butcher gang

  • Black And Yellow Gamer
    Black And Yellow Gamer 15 hours ago

    Hey there is a new trailer break that dow!

  • Audrathewolf 707
    Audrathewolf 707 15 hours ago +1

    Hey a new trailer came out

  • OrangeAnimation
    OrangeAnimation 15 hours ago

    A new trailer came out

  • Angel Medina
    Angel Medina 15 hours ago +2

    2:11 pause there and imagine bendy looking like this without the magnifynglass

  • Jowan Julien
    Jowan Julien 15 hours ago +1

    Well now we know we aren't even playing as Henry. WHAT NOW MAT?

  • Cale Zitman
    Cale Zitman 17 hours ago

    Wait no I was wrong it was Joey then Alice then Sammy so the last voice could be Bendy

  • Cale Zitman
    Cale Zitman 17 hours ago

    That mysterious voice was Sammy Lawrence

  • supahshadow9
    supahshadow9 17 hours ago

    You know what I noticed from the Bendy Twitter as well? Whenever they have a split decision poll, one side is always Alice, and the other is always Bendy.

  • Tim Tam YT
    Tim Tam YT 21 hour ago

    Sorry Alice I have to pick Bendy 😂😂

  • Thegoldte FanfLover
    Thegoldte FanfLover 22 hours ago

    Me: How dose fanf work in here XD

  • kangourouuu1
    kangourouuu1 Day ago

    5:13 : How to kill RUclip's compression.

  • Jevil The Jester


  • Russell March
    Russell March Day ago

    Get hit in the head with a plunger? #blamejason

  • foxy 92
    foxy 92 Day ago

    I saw bendy behind him in the doorway

  • Pigwars
    Pigwars Day ago +2

    I didn't know where to put this comment, so I put it here. You should do a theory on hollow knight. It is a dark souls esk. Game, and I love it!

  • Xexnon Strygyst
    Xexnon Strygyst Day ago


  • Iloveraz 10101
    Iloveraz 10101 Day ago

    Perhaps the new voice is the actual voice of Henry bc/ it is theorized that he only thinks and that’s what we hear (I mean after you beat chapter 5)

  • Iloveraz 10101
    Iloveraz 10101 Day ago +1

    Time is money
    Time is money
    Time is money

  • Gage Johnson
    Gage Johnson Day ago


  • Gage Johnson
    Gage Johnson Day ago


  • Selin Naz Sur
    Selin Naz Sur Day ago

    414... huh.
    Anyone wanna bet The Meatly is a Homestuck fan? xD cuz this hits too close to home

  • kittengal butterball

    In one part of the game thar is a giant hand that come from the ink water and it almost looks like bendys hand. But I don't think it is

  • TTV_Green
    TTV_Green Day ago

    Matpat - Finally the end of the franchise, time to
    move on
    Bendy and the Dark Revival - That ain't it chief, not how it works

  • Fukurouyoujo
    Fukurouyoujo Day ago

    Thanks for putting Mat in the trash.

  • CatMuto
    CatMuto Day ago

    Well, you could also create an 'Interquel'. Something that occurs during the original source, though previously done 'off-screen'. For example, DreadOut: The Keepers Of The Dark expands on what happens during the trippy moment where the protagonist gets pulled into a mirror by her reflection.

  • Apcot Daniel
    Apcot Daniel Day ago

    I like the new style of presenting the data and theories! Keep innovating and bringing us moar content Matt!

  • jasmine rose
    jasmine rose Day ago

    Matpat: thats the end
    Gamemaker: he he

  • Mark Harbaugh
    Mark Harbaugh Day ago

    Matpat maybe they make it to where their is multiple choices the ultimately decide what side you end up with.

  • Joaquin Garcia
    Joaquin Garcia Day ago

    Think how it is a darker side of bendy what if bendy split his good side from his dark side and the dark side bendy what's power to use the ink machine and raise hell with it and be like how laughing now Joey or baybe the good bendy

  • krisp
    krisp 2 days ago

    Evrey bobyd fav fav?!?! Dont you mean underswap hit u with a au =()=

  • Zachary Honrud
    Zachary Honrud 2 days ago

    With team are you on like bendy comment Alice

  • kul saleem
    kul saleem 2 days ago

    Bendy and the ink machine is a true story.

  • Stev e
    Stev e 2 days ago

    #2:04 really just one guy

  • ToxicMoonRay 7007
    ToxicMoonRay 7007 3 days ago

    Which team?

  • Shannon Martinez
    Shannon Martinez 3 days ago


  • Sydney Gilbert
    Sydney Gilbert 3 days ago

    Go Bijuu Mike!! I know being shown on that clip is probably a big deal for him!!

  • Monica Deleon
    Monica Deleon 3 days ago +1

    0:22 Your head is a bigger target

  • Isaac Sun
    Isaac Sun 3 days ago +3

    Matpat: Bendy is done!!
    Bendy:Hold my Bacon soup

  • Nuclear Rainbows
    Nuclear Rainbows 3 days ago


  • Taylor Monk
    Taylor Monk 3 days ago +3

    I sincerely miss this format of videos with us actually seeing MatPat instead of it just being his voice.

  • Dummy Channel Playz
    Dummy Channel Playz 3 days ago

    Is it possible that the 2nd bendy game is really the 1st so the 2nd game released of bendy is the 1st and the 1st released is really the 2nd in the series.

  • XxFire_ PlayzxX
    XxFire_ PlayzxX 3 days ago

    Hello game theory welcom to the recording closset

  • CJ_2493
    CJ_2493 3 days ago +1

    Markiplier: Ohhhh okay
    Dawko: NOOO NOOO WAY
    BijuuMike: Are you kidding me?Sammy Lawrence?
    Jacksepticeye: Oh do I finally get to fight you?
    DX army: Soo that's not Sammy cause Sammy died in chapter 2 right?
    (I'm sorry GTLIVE you guys were soo many I didn't know which one I should type in)

  • CJ_2493
    CJ_2493 3 days ago +2

    I just love to see how the youtubers react where they saw Sammy

  • C00l k1dd0
    C00l k1dd0 3 days ago


  • Añêkø Akábãńè

    Ooooohhh and that’s why she says something like here everything changes, except your decisions. That’s some deep 💩

  • Lee Haneul
    Lee Haneul 4 days ago

    6:51 it took me a while to realize that the creature behind him is one of the lost souls XD it scared me tbh

  • solomon crawley
    solomon crawley 4 days ago

    I really gotta stop watching this at night

  • Pixel T0AST
    Pixel T0AST 4 days ago

    Me: Your head's a bigger target
    Life:Oh I'll show you a bigger target

  • Ella Jones
    Ella Jones 4 days ago +2

    Sammy is just mad because bendy senpai won't notice him. Sammy is just a yandere.

  • Genesis Sonic3508
    Genesis Sonic3508 4 days ago

    Which side would you be on? Demon n or angel?

  • Kippy 6400
    Kippy 6400 4 days ago

    The voice is bendy he is still alive for some reason but a theory would be nice

  • Bubblegum Gamer
    Bubblegum Gamer 4 days ago

    You mean the toilet?

  • Itz cookies Gacha
    Itz cookies Gacha 4 days ago

    #team angel

  • Nicole Wilson
    Nicole Wilson 4 days ago

    0:10 somebody get this man an Oscar

  • Nick Bohm
    Nick Bohm 4 days ago

    I love how you refrenced borderlands

  • GamerGirl Miller
    GamerGirl Miller 4 days ago

    #TeamBendy :3

  • nanokille2 ???
    nanokille2 ??? 4 days ago

    When we Saw some RUcliprs that Saw sammy we Saw bijju Mike
    Edit: i call sammy Sam i like you and bijju mike

  • Rosey's editZ
    Rosey's editZ 5 days ago


  • Aura Gacha
    Aura Gacha 5 days ago

    I think that the butcher gang was tested subjects that Alice used to make herself perfect because that could maybe be the reason they keep coming back to life, I mean it happened with Boris so it might have happened with the butcher gang. The butcher gang might have been used to perfect Alice and that's the reason they attacked Alice there out for revenge. But hey that's just a theory a game theory!

  • carly jump
    carly jump 5 days ago

    These are kind of wierd videos.

  • WackyWheel
    WackyWheel 5 days ago

    I remember getting the game and connecting all the pieces

  • samruns
    samruns 5 days ago


  • Barış Cihan Geçkin

    Wwwoowww fancy intro!

  • E M
    E M 5 days ago

    make a new game theorists

  • Got So Emo I Fell Apart


  • Cucuzza Aurora
    Cucuzza Aurora 5 days ago

    Wait a civil war between demons and angels (bendy vs Alice) and maybe Alice lied maybe she made the Borises into that giant thing to help Alice fight off bendy 🤔

  • THEtrue JASON
    THEtrue JASON 5 days ago


  • Joshua Hardin
    Joshua Hardin 5 days ago

    if you look of where salad or soup is present you can spell

    k r a d e

    mabey piper from the trailer

  • Epicgamerguy 77856
    Epicgamerguy 77856 5 days ago


  • Gabriel Griffin
    Gabriel Griffin 5 days ago


  • Jae Bi bitch
    Jae Bi bitch 5 days ago

    10:55 I haven't watch the video fully yet,but I got so excited I had to say it now. What if the voice was bendy? Or A character everybody missed,but was actually in the game?

  • disco ball
    disco ball 5 days ago

    That is not sammys mask .his mask is cut on the mouth

  • Enigmatic Gamer
    Enigmatic Gamer 5 days ago

    It can't be Sammy's mask, it doesn't have a hole

  • Bliss Luv
    Bliss Luv 5 days ago


  • Artilistic Dragon
    Artilistic Dragon 6 days ago

    "Me dissapear into a puddle of ink. Make it happen editors!"
    * Trash can appears *

  • Grant Anthony
    Grant Anthony 6 days ago

    wait plz... what a gear. the ink has turned into a gear... that is SO COOL!!!

  • Jaz Waz
    Jaz Waz 6 days ago

    I will show u a bigger target
    Me: is the bigger target his butt?

  • Debosmita Das
    Debosmita Das 6 days ago

    *how will MatPat's son react to his videos o.O*

  • Trev A
    Trev A 6 days ago +1

    I think that Henry is good bendy

  • J. Jaime
    J. Jaime 6 days ago

    2:07 Yep, you are definately a dad.

  • Sean Ogburn
    Sean Ogburn 6 days ago

    What's with the eyes in the dark at 6:51???
    Edit- 6:50

  • Random Viewer
    Random Viewer 6 days ago

    Also if you match the numbers to the alphabet you get 'DAD'. Coincidence? I think not!

  • Ethanplayz
    Ethanplayz 6 days ago +2

    But what if it's a clone because if you said they melt if they have no soul the first sammy melted