Why Chris Brown Beat Up Frank Ocean

  • Published on Oct 5, 2019
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • LaFlame
    LaFlame 3 months ago +5205

    I legit dm’d this legend on insta asking for him to cover this and he said “in a few weeks” and boom here we are thank you 🙏

      REZXBEATS 23 days ago

      Cris brown is a pussy ass beating up girls and gay people 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • akner
      akner 26 days ago

      @Prince Reiko They're joking my man

    • Prince Reiko
      Prince Reiko 2 months ago +1

      Nigga... Did y'all question if dats da real LaFlame??? Lmfao

    • Tom Solo
      Tom Solo 2 months ago


  • Khronix
    Khronix Day ago

    Man this channel is actually whack af, weak attempts at being funny with them corny ass lines ruined the video

  • Stephen Kosiorek

    I hate the way you say “H”

  • Germain Rios
    Germain Rios 2 days ago

    I’m sooo fucking tired of chris brown. I stopped listening to his music after 2010 and before then he had hella bops! Frank Ocean all the way!! 😍

  • Rio
    Rio 2 days ago

    thought he looked too much like a woman clearly

  • Christian Hill
    Christian Hill 2 days ago

    Wait I thought frank ocean won the fight

  • TheEdgyLeftie
    TheEdgyLeftie 4 days ago

    Not gonna lie, the ear-rape audio in the Chris Brown cousins part made me laugh hard af

  • royal arrington
    royal arrington 4 days ago

    Lol I don't like you I just watched this video and I don't understand why you have subscribers you're straight trash

  • jade alyce
    jade alyce 4 days ago

    chris really wanna be at the top hm? not gonna happen when he got no talent besides beating the shit outta people who are clearly better than him

  • XxKontonxX iiSeikatsuii

    6:00 wait nigga what????🤨that was real sus bruh

  • Bochanable
    Bochanable 5 days ago

    Chris Brown is a despicable little creep that deserves nothing but misery in his life. Ever since he battered Rhiannna, I really don't understand how anyone could support his career. Drake has a major hit with this infidel that I cannot even listen to and definitely won't be listening. I wouldn't spend a single dime on him, never have, never will. You might need to check your moral compass if you don't feel the same. Being creole and fully aware of the colorist discrimination amongst NOT just whites but other people of color, this arse hole ends his last video saying "we light skin dudes need to stick together". What the hell does he mean by that. My skin is light caramel and I definitely don't identify with this creep. He looks like a crazy chicken with that haircut of his in that video that I always turn down the sound on when it comes on. I really like Drake and cannot understand why he would want to work with especially after being involved with Rhianna.

  • IR's Blue Man Money® Channel

    6:52 WTF??? Disliked

  • Vernice Heard
    Vernice Heard 6 days ago

    Frank beat up chris......

  • Tatu CBLA
    Tatu CBLA 6 days ago

    Since when is two dudes pulling up on you asking for a fade, a good time to hop out and actually catch that fade?? You don't know if dude got the Roscoe wit em or what. You don't just get rolled up on, caught off guard, and decide to hop out WHILE YOU ARE BEING FILMED.🤦🏾‍♂️😒

  • Quinnton Carter
    Quinnton Carter 7 days ago +2

    "Jackin it non-stop just THINKIN about the fight" LMAO

  • Clive Roberts
    Clive Roberts 8 days ago +1

    How does this guy have so many views but not as many subs. SUBSCRIBE PEOPLE amazing content here!

  • pat cabauatan
    pat cabauatan 8 days ago

    you hate chris brown do you?

  • Danny Burzun
    Danny Burzun 9 days ago

    2:40 “u gon hurt yourself “

  • OG Conrad Murray
    OG Conrad Murray 9 days ago

    Its simple Chris Brown is a misogynist and hates and beats women Frank Ocean is gay so he has the mentality of a woman which makes him a target for Chris he didn't have this same energy for big draco tho

  • Makaziwe Gabriel
    Makaziwe Gabriel 9 days ago +16

    "Offering him the fade like some kind of mobile barbers"😂😂

  • Suavecito
    Suavecito 11 days ago

    2:09 cringe. Trying way to hard to be funny to the point that you didn’t even make sense

  • Stefan's My name
    Stefan's My name 11 days ago

    Frank is a little crying bitch and don't put your opinions, just the information

  • Terry Bright
    Terry Bright 11 days ago

    first off why did frank beat up chris!! the title is BS!!

  • Jack Witkow
    Jack Witkow 11 days ago +1

    shooting a hot load straight into his cute little face

  • SR47
    SR47 12 days ago

    "I couldn't do research so we can just assume either A or B" lol

  • Eoghan O'Carroll
    Eoghan O'Carroll 13 days ago

    Why is this man weirdly up for Chris brown. Chris is fucking disgusting and a woman beater.

  • Pete Mitchell
    Pete Mitchell 13 days ago

    why do you hate chris brown so much lmaoo

  • p e t r p a n t h r
    p e t r p a n t h r 13 days ago +2

    Chris Brown's fists are bisexual, too.

    • alex zarate
      alex zarate 9 days ago

      p e t r p a n t h r underrated comment

  • Matt
    Matt 14 days ago

    Chris Brown is a master bitch beater.

  • Ugly Water
    Ugly Water 14 days ago +1

    why are you talking bout this in 2019 ?

    • SenshII
      SenshII 12 days ago

      @Jesse Johnson who tf pissed in your cereal? mans was only asking a question..

    • Jesse Johnson
      Jesse Johnson 13 days ago

      Its trap lore not trap news u fuckin 5 head

    Mr SAKBOI 14 days ago

    Tyler the creators music is evil and he gay

  • Armando Murillo
    Armando Murillo 15 days ago

    Chris Brown is such a fucking tool

  • jules
    jules 16 days ago +1

    Chris just wanted the album just as much as we did

  • milan nba
    milan nba 16 days ago

    Was the story of gangstalecious based on these two

  • Jack McKLAINE
    Jack McKLAINE 17 days ago

    White people speakin on our culture annoys the fuck outta me

  • Andre James
    Andre James 17 days ago

    Everybody calling CB a bully like he's not 170lbs just like Frank lmfao...I would hate to be an insecure twerp that empathizes with people for not fighting their own battles. Lmao

  • Young Jaee the goat
    Young Jaee the goat 17 days ago

    Y’all all dick riders Idgaf dry hating on this man for some shi done now a decade ago if not more at the end of the day it’s two sides to a story but one factual outcome and Opinions don’t matter but numbers don’t lie

  • Windy City Welterweight
    Windy City Welterweight 17 days ago +1

    "You a mark if you don't take the fade!" -getting jumped by multiples ain't taking a fade 😂

  • Trae Badd
    Trae Badd 17 days ago

    We don’t care about your opinion on Chris brown. Just report news.

  • Hytman Beau
    Hytman Beau 17 days ago

    F Chris brown

  • Anonymous Fitness
    Anonymous Fitness 17 days ago

    Wait so is Frank ocean album cover with his hair blonde a jab at chris breezy?

  • Metro Customer
    Metro Customer 18 days ago

    Frank Ocean is not the victim

  • Metro Customer
    Metro Customer 18 days ago

    leave Chris Brown tf alone he's a legend

  • nice
    nice 18 days ago


  • a man's journey
    a man's journey 18 days ago

    Chris Brown the type of dude who beat up people that eat food

  • Cameron
    Cameron 19 days ago

    BRO you are nutssss.. Keep going

  • 420 science
    420 science 20 days ago +3

    Did chris brown confuse Frank ocean with Rihanna?

    • Jailah
      Jailah 17 days ago

      420 science lmao 💀

  • Demarcus A
    Demarcus A 20 days ago

    Tyler tje crestor had me weak 😂😂😂 i gotta rewatch his part on the bike

  • Wicko Mode
    Wicko Mode 20 days ago

    frank ocean is whack , he deserves it

    • Quinn Konneman
      Quinn Konneman 18 days ago

      You don’t your opinion privileges for this one

  • Pat Turn
    Pat Turn 21 day ago +1

    5:57 Assuming we're not going to talk about this

  • Aaron Johnson
    Aaron Johnson 21 day ago

    Stop mixing European homosexual ideology with breaking down hip hop. You are truly a culture vulture you have know understanding or connection to my people stop the soft ass commentary.

  • Melissa
    Melissa 23 days ago +1

    Chris needs to keep his hands to himself. You think he would’ve learned that already.

  • B R
    B R 24 days ago

    Nah bro , it’s like watching a grown man try and fight a kid

  • Artist Lafrey
    Artist Lafrey 24 days ago

    Clicked on it said “this bitch did WHAT?”

  • The Hood Goddess
    The Hood Goddess 25 days ago +1

    Who saw the Black Mirror episode about the gay lovers ( who loved video games ) who fought each other instead of admitting their feelings? *sips tea lol

  • Wakglene Marc
    Wakglene Marc 26 days ago

    Frank Ocean blocked Chris Brown's car claiming the studio was "his" and that Chris was in his parking spot when Frank does not even own the studio. Chris tried to dap him up to diffuse the situation but Frank pulled away and the fight started.
    So Overall Frank provoked the situation by trying to be petty but due to Chris history everyone wanna paint him as the bad guy 🙄 FYI the guy in this video is bias and clearly dislikes Chris so his opinion is not valid.

  • Shoana Fade
    Shoana Fade 26 days ago

    this is fvcked up I stand with Frank

  • Pain
    Pain 26 days ago

    Niggas always hating on chris

    • Quinn Konneman
      Quinn Konneman 18 days ago

      Because he’s a shitstain of a human being

  • Luna Muna Swift
    Luna Muna Swift 27 days ago +1

    Chris brown loves to beat women,Frank ocean is gay so his practically is a women.😂😂😂😂😂

  • Abdk
    Abdk 27 days ago

    Bust a load in his cute face pause