8 Expert Cleaning Tricks using Household Items

  • Published on Aug 31, 2017
  • From baking soda to seltzer water, there are tons of things you already have laying around that can do the job in place of harsh chemicals. SUBSCRIBE HERE: goo.gl/gWW1N7
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  • dragonstorm12
    dragonstorm12 Year ago +1

    How many minutes is a few minutes, I mean is it about 3-4 minutes or so?

  • Bryan Rocker
    Bryan Rocker Year ago +1

    Instead of antacid tablets, why not just get a cup of baking soda?

  • Ellen Webb
    Ellen Webb Year ago +1

    Literally, all you need is regular water to clean any mirrors/windows. Go ahead try it 😘

  • Richard Pham
    Richard Pham Year ago

    that's one fucker up toilet

  • I'm Poppy
    I'm Poppy Year ago

    Pls do a face reveal!

  • Kingsway
    Kingsway Year ago

    The least extensive way to unclog drains is...3 tblsp of baking soda and 1/2 cp of viniger. Let set for 15-20 min then flush with water. U will be surprise!!! Redo every 2 - 4 weeks to keep fresh

  • Koton Bads
    Koton Bads Year ago

    Casper mattress

  • BoxLover 1
    BoxLover 1 Year ago


  • Atomic44 H.
    Atomic44 H. Year ago

    Tried the salt and vinigar one and the fumes hit me, jeez that is not a pleasent smell, anyways I'll have that scent on my mind for a while, will come back in a bit maybe and say if it worked or not.

  • slumberdols _
    slumberdols _ Year ago

    I can tell you are not a germaphobe

  • I only eat Brains, Dummy

    Yeah, but, your house is gonna smell like vinegar for a while. Like when you run vinegar through your coffee pot, ugh.

  • Lai Chan Lee
    Lai Chan Lee Year ago

    30 minutes aka half an hour

  • i want yum
    i want yum Year ago

    Yeah, because baking sofa is a chemical. Humans have been using them for 4000 years...

  • Dani Paunov
    Dani Paunov Year ago

    can't you just pour mouthwash into the toilet bowl and flush?

  • TaeTae ʕ•̀ω•́ʔ

    The real question is what Happened To this Toilet ;)

    Get creative

  • Teddy Watson
    Teddy Watson Year ago

    entity absorb meat preparation journey cop elementary address.

  • Josh Novotny
    Josh Novotny Year ago

    How do make it look like your drains are clogged.

  • Shadow Sonata
    Shadow Sonata Year ago

    1/2 cup of mouthwash = really expensive toilet bowl cleaner. Just use hydrogen peroxide (between .50 - .99 a bottle)

  • Arjan Komdeur
    Arjan Komdeur Year ago

    who else thought when the matrass part was there a casper ad was coming?

  • Infotainment Hub
    Infotainment Hub Year ago +1

    Nice video, i like it 👍🏻

  • Lucy Yang
    Lucy Yang Year ago

    1:42 where is the foam coming from if it only calls for vinegar and plain water??

  • Opi Begoob
    Opi Begoob Year ago

    Your house prolly smells so bad like binegar

  • Epic_elites HD
    Epic_elites HD Year ago

    This is the channel I come to when I’m bored

  • victoria brown
    victoria brown Year ago

    Thank you always sharing

  • Mister Hat
    Mister Hat Year ago

    Vinegar doesn't make suds. I call bullshit.

  • Gavin Parr
    Gavin Parr Year ago

    🥊🎺💪👴🍠🌨🐐🙉 🤼‍♂️

  • John Doe
    John Doe Year ago

    Thanks so much ! :-)

  • Adelbert1309
    Adelbert1309 Year ago

    Hydrogen Peroxide is better for disinfection.

  • Lai Chan Lee
    Lai Chan Lee Year ago


  • silly funfair
    silly funfair Year ago +1

    what if u don't have mouthwash as well

  • TheArzonite
    TheArzonite Year ago

    Could you also use metric units when measuring something? After all, America is among the only countries using imperial units.

  • Rocky
    Rocky Year ago

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  • Frakon .Elite
    Frakon .Elite Year ago

    You already did the clogged drain with vinegar thing with baking soda

  • bradley davis
    bradley davis Year ago

    Give paint match operator direction nobody opposition birth

  • Kendale Lee
    Kendale Lee Year ago

    New camera i like

  • Luke Howel
    Luke Howel Year ago

    We do that vinegar one at my house, but instead of salt we use baking soda. I think the foam helps push out obstructions faster.

  • Two Breaker
    Two Breaker Year ago


  • Sohum Gokhale
    Sohum Gokhale Year ago

    Is this sponsered by casper

  • Nisha Hussain
    Nisha Hussain Year ago

    how do people dislike this?

  • Zeratek
    Zeratek Year ago

    Pouring salt down metal pipes doesn't seem like a good idea unless the vinegar does something to the salt to prevent corrosion.

  • Jorge Olvera
    Jorge Olvera Year ago

    Nino would clean your house

  • deepa sapkota
    deepa sapkota Year ago

    Dam good singing of little kid ... ruclip.com/video/Dkd41OTriCU/video.html

  • Irfan Hameed
    Irfan Hameed Year ago

    This was very helpful.....

    Btw i am homeless

  • Roblox Gamer
    Roblox Gamer Year ago +1

    Subscribe to my channel and I will sub back but comment that you subscribed to me in my video

  • Konrad Godel
    Konrad Godel Year ago

    Warning about boiling vinegar, your whole house will stink like hell so make sure to open your windows

  • M No Crybabies
    M No Crybabies Year ago

    Mouthwash, particularly a name brand whitening 1, is an awfully expensive toilet cleaner. No?

    IMACATLOL123 Year ago

    I think you need to clean the resevoir too... Cockroached got fulshed out...

  • lfrohling
    lfrohling Year ago

    Awesome!!! Thanks!!!

  • Mushaffa Nasser
    Mushaffa Nasser Year ago +4

    3:44 is the best tip, use it very often and helps a ton!

  • Tiime
    Tiime Year ago

    ......i have that same bowl...

  • Bearsy
    Bearsy Year ago

    Spraying your windows with sticky carbonated water will just ruin them
    That stuff is filled with sugars

    • Household Hacker
      Household Hacker  Year ago

      It's ONLY carbonated water... There's absolutely no sugar.

  • Olivia Kassebaum
    Olivia Kassebaum Year ago

    This channel make me life easy

  • Bobbydog66
    Bobbydog66 Year ago

    1:30 What about more fabric-y blinds?

  • Noah Nobody
    Noah Nobody Year ago +1

    I save my old socks (the ones with holes in) and slip them over my hand when I need to clean my bike. Afterwards they can be discarded.

  • banmanb
    banmanb Year ago

    Your toilet hacks did nothing and isn't all that salt going to rust your pipes

    • James Goodman
      James Goodman Year ago

      banmanb yeah none of these things work better then commercially made cleaners, and no your pipes won't rust almost all home waste pipes in the USA are made of pvc plastic.

  • Diane O
    Diane O Year ago

    Will the mouthwash soak work on hardwater/mineral deposit stains in the toilet? Seems like I've tried everything else!

  • Heather Holley
    Heather Holley Year ago

    Carbonated water: don't have 🚫
    Floor finish: don't have 🚫
    Fabric softener: don't have 🚫
    Anti acid tablets : don't have🚫

  • David Svensson
    David Svensson Year ago

    Awesome video but per use you might save less than a dollar in a whole year, as most of those stuff you only do once every month or less.
    The mattress one is good tho.

  • pablo laino
    pablo laino Year ago

    No vale falta para muestra sin nombre :(

  • Baron
    Baron Year ago +1

    Use pepsi.

    • James Goodman
      James Goodman Year ago

      NuSh yeah leave a sticky brown film on everything...

  • bobo 2019
    bobo 2019 Year ago

    Save this video before youtube take it down

  • Debbie Mcclure
    Debbie Mcclure Year ago

    I'm going to have to remember some of these tips. Tyfs God bless you

  • Corey.c
    Corey.c Year ago

    Face reveal

    • Corey.c
      Corey.c Year ago

      HouseholdHacker do you live in Portland I live in Tillamook

    • Household Hacker
      Household Hacker  Year ago

      +Corey.c were in tons of our videos

  • nematode spinach
    nematode spinach Year ago +1

    Hack: If you've recently had lice and want to keep them away, use a homemade shampoo made of:
    -any kind of soap
    -lotion (plain)
    -mouthwash (with alcohol, minty flavor)
    Mix them well together, and lather well in hair. Let the DIY shampoo sit for about 5 minutes, then rinse with hot water! That's really it... it worked for me lmao

  • Steve Soke
    Steve Soke Year ago

    Any hacks for making your septic tank not smell like - a septic tank? The odor occasionally comes up through the bathroom shower drain. I am guessing it is out of bacteria balance somehow?

  • Skookum
    Skookum Year ago

    Why is every life hack obsessed with vinegar? Is it really worth making your house smell like a rancid ass-crack just to avoid using some "super evil cleaning chemicals"?

    • James Goodman
      James Goodman Year ago

      Professor Skookum it's not even that good of a cleaner, yet it seems to be on every one of these "life hack" videos.

  • Ross had gay qualities Not Chandler

    "Ceilings love to harbour nasty mildew buildup" lol

  • Aurora Read
    Aurora Read Year ago

    Do you go to other people's houses to keep making cleaning videos? Or do you make a mess of your own residence?

  • Sassage Flair
    Sassage Flair Year ago +11

    I feel like he's just like "yeah my house is sorta gross so I guess I'll just make a video"

  • RealRuler2112
    RealRuler2112 Year ago

    After your corn-on-the-cob in the microwave trick, I'll try anything you propose. (Assuming I'm in need of what it's supposed to fix.)

  • Jeremy Bushman
    Jeremy Bushman Year ago +2

    Ok the clog train trick will ruin your drain. The vinegar and the salt is the perferct home for rust.

  • kassandra
    kassandra Year ago

    am I the only one that I can't see what he 's using?

  • DarkSagan
    DarkSagan Year ago +3

    I just hire a mexican. Just kidding... I hire two.

  • BadBoyeBen
    BadBoyeBen Year ago +8

    Yes just let me grab my everyday long-handled sponge mop

  • Liz For A Day
    Liz For A Day Year ago +3

    I'm definitely going to try the mouth wash in the toilet and the baking soda on the bed. Great tips as usual. TFS!!

    • Liz For A Day
      Liz For A Day Year ago

      Thank you for the tip and advice. I will refrain from doing this.

    • James Goodman
      James Goodman Year ago +1

      Liz For A Day putting baking soda on your mattress is a horrible idea, your never going to remove 100% of the baking soda. Remember that baking soda is very sharp on a microscopic scale so the residual powder will damage your mattress fibers and be driven in deeper with every use.

  • Gaming Reckers
    Gaming Reckers Year ago

    Heh heh nice Pikachu XD

  • Infrared the Protogen

    3:23 But... pipes don't move...

  • Dezra Estrada
    Dezra Estrada Year ago

    Lo ved it

  • Louai Hammad
    Louai Hammad Year ago +6

    rip your kitchen when you boil vinegar

  • Saint Yeetersburg

    Im pretty sure thats a spider at 1:39

  • Ayumo 77
    Ayumo 77 Year ago


  • Carlos Aguirre
    Carlos Aguirre Year ago +5

    Who the fuck shit in his toilet??!

  • Nick
    Nick Year ago

    This was actually really helpful. I can now unclog my bathroom sink that I already have gotten used to.

  • gamer3928
    gamer3928 Year ago +3

    3:02 "don't want to pour nasty chemicals"... proceeds to pour concentrated acetic acid

  • Heidi
    Heidi Year ago +47

    I'm starting to get a lot more skeptical about these tips... Most of them are using some "revolutionary cleaning supply" and then scrubbing really hard, then cutting to the shot of the sparkling item. I want to see how much of a difference the "hacks" make compared to the normal thing. Would wiping a window with carbonated water really be more effective than regular water?
    Obviously most of the dirty items shown in the video are staged and could be cleaned really easily with a wipe of a towel. Could an Alketzeltzer tablet really clean a poopy, sticky toilet, not just a toilet with some dirt and grass?

    • Sinking Feeling
      Sinking Feeling Year ago +1

      Heidi Kuang ok

    • Joe Vargas
      Joe Vargas Year ago +5

      Heidi Kuang Some of the stuff is useful, some are just useless alternatives. You can buy or make your own window cleaner for the same price as the carbonated water. The alkaseltzer tablets should actually help but only up to the water line.

  • Sue G
    Sue G Year ago

    Denture tablets in toilet too.

  • Sandra Buckett
    Sandra Buckett Year ago

    great tips ty

  • Justin G
    Justin G Year ago

    Do you purposely clog your bath or toilet just for the RUclip views?

  • Arianna D’Andrea

    A pop tart is a kind of ravioli.

  • Isaac Contreras
    Isaac Contreras Year ago

    but wouldn't carbonated water leave marks bc of the minerals in the water?

    • James Goodman
      James Goodman Year ago

      Isaac Contreras yup, most sparkling water is high in minerals for taste so when it drys it leaves white spots. Most of the suggestions in this video are either useless or do more harm then good.

  • TrieuTides
    TrieuTides Year ago +3

    Why does your toilet looks like hell lol

  • Jassinth Thiagarajah

    Hows the Casper bed, is it worth it?

  • NakedToast
    NakedToast Year ago


  • oOMonkeyMagicOo
    oOMonkeyMagicOo Year ago +10

    A lot of these hacks cost more than the actual commercial cleaners. For the price of 12 alkaseltzer tabs I could get 4 x 750ml bottles of toilet duck! And do you even know the price of mouthwash? A bottle of window cleaner is cheaper than a bottle of fizzy water and a spray attachment and it will last longer.

  • Dos Op
    Dos Op Year ago

    The salt in the drain will corrode your pipes. Use baking soda instead to create a pressure to flush the pipes.

    • James Goodman
      James Goodman Year ago

      Dos Op first how many homes still have metal sewage lines? Also you know the pressure created will take the path of least resistance which is up and out of the drain not through the clog. Just use a commercially available drain cleaner and if that fails use a snake, more then that you probably need a plumber.

  • FBI
    FBI Year ago

    1:56 Lord have mercy...

  • Norma
    Norma Year ago

    Just a tip: don't pour boiling liquids into your pipes if they're made of plastic (like kitchen sink pipes often are), it will overtime melt small holes in the plastic and the pipes could start leaking (a plumber told me that).

    • IkeofCrimea
      IkeofCrimea Year ago

      Norma Yeah, like... Just use Drano, man. It works and it's made to not ruin your pipes. Long as you vent your bathroom and don't drink it, it's not likely to cause you much harm

  • Rose Ladd
    Rose Ladd Year ago

    Nice tips! Everyone should know how to do these simple things that make life better.😊



    • Alejandro White
      Alejandro White Year ago

      THE SLIME, CRAFTS AND MORE CHANNEL who had school but then hurricane Harvey messed with everything so u don't have school until a long time so u have time to watch this wen it came out? ME!!