Top 10 Most Dangerous Street Drugs

Top 10 Dangerous Street Drugs
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Why are drugs dangerous to the body? What drug has killed the most people? What are the most dangerous drugs? If you’ve ever asked these questions, check out WatchMojo’s list of the Top 10 Dangerous Street Drugs to see which are commonly abused street drugs and to learn the common side effects of the drugs.

01:17 #10: Flakka [aka Gravel]
02:28 #9: Ecstasy
03:52 #8: PCP [aka Phencyclidine and Angel Dust]
04:59 #7: Ketamine
05:57 #6: Scopolamine [aka Hyoscine Hydrobromide]
07:11 #5: Cocaine
08:11 #4: Krokodil
09:15 #3, #2 & #1???

If you’d like more in-depth info about some of the worst street drugs, learn more in these videos: Top 5 Facts About MDMA https://youtu.be/IM1LDNFops8, Cocaine https://youtu.be/ZEd9ABMI8Bg and Meth https://youtu.be/ea4TwD0UQiE

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Автор Skylar Barnes ( назад)
when are they going to ban drugs from countries,states,

Автор chris someone ( назад)
don't judge me I'm sick that's why my noise  is red and the white stuff its sugar I was baking a cake

Автор Thereapers ( назад)
It was actually called MDA the original version of MDMA.. but what do i know i'm just a guy in the comment section

Автор Doris Megarity ( назад)
Have you ever been asked take a drug say shut up you motherfucking penis get ur ugly ass face outta my angel face and go away drugs smell like dicksim off to tell sir police to fucking laser u noob so fucking SHUT UP

Автор Tamara Kaulitz ( назад)
why would they put heroin on 1 but not Krokodil that doesn't make any sense, also MDMA ain't that scary

Автор Jake Cotter ( назад)
If its not MDMA its not ecstasy!

Автор Twitchy ( назад)
I can look past the fact that you put MDMA on the list... but ketamine? No way. Ketamine is extremely safe when used responsibly. It's nearly impossible to overdose on and can have some amazing affects on depression that last long after the drug has left the system. This drug is not even close to the same vein as the other drugs on this list.

Автор riley gill ( назад)
That's why u don't do drugs

Автор Persian Gulf Baghdad ( назад)
metamphetamine,we call it SHABU here in the philippines,slang name:poor man's cocaine

Автор johnny enumerable ( назад)
Love is the most dangerous drug.

Автор self induced coma ( назад)
Woohoo, Broward County. Famous for high costs of housing, high rates of STDs, and Flakka. gotta love it.

Автор Watermelondancer141 6 ( назад)
Ricky horror is haunted by pcp!!

Автор Goody Cat ( назад)
Age is worst

Автор Robin og Viggo ( назад)
ketamine is tasteless? hell nah man, that shit tastes like fucking horseshit

Автор Karl McDonald ( назад)
Where's datura

Автор Bankies ( назад)
Krokodil is definitely the most dangerous. It consist out of very cheap and harmful substances and it causes so much physical and brain damage that can't be repaired. People stay save and stick to weed <3

Автор Tammy Gans ( назад)
Where Does Opana - Oxymorphone Fit In With These Named Drugs ???

Автор ghettoflyer ( назад)
You forgot Sila ( poor mans Methamphetamine)... P.S. you should probably give credit to vice next time you use a bunch of there footage.

Автор Ric Dweld ( назад)
Whats the deal with Arnold Schwarzenegger ass

Автор Akarsh H ( назад)
fuck... this .... krokodill is the worst one in this list

Автор Abby Mihelic ( назад)
in all of the years I have done drugs, i have noticed that people who smoke weed only, are the most ignorant lol.

Автор Breadlord ( назад)
heroin isnt the nr1! are you fucking kidding me!

Автор Breadlord ( назад)
i eat methamphetamine daily! adhd pills have it in them!

Автор Breadlord ( назад)
yeah i stick to weed and shrooms thank you! and maybe some cactus cause its legal where i live lol!

Автор Ganymede ( назад)
I was given Ketamine in the hospital and I was tripping balls

Автор Mr.bobby from the kkk Lee jones ( назад)
Stick with coke

Автор rainbowapplesparkelpie ( назад)
1k people use mdma

Автор MikeBaut 27 ( назад)
My country has the War on Drugs still ongoing. Just over 2-8K casualties caused by drugs. The President ordered this.

Автор edmon serafico ( назад)
I knew Weed is not dangerous

Автор Buddy Williams ( назад)
Wow what an education

Автор Simon Bonski ( назад)
And what about Mephedrone?

Автор Michael Colloton ( назад)
I would put crystal meth at #1, with heroin a distant second. Back in my ill-spent youth, I did heroin twice in a week. It's by far my favorite drug, but I haven't touched it in 40 years. I know a few meth heads and few of them stopped after the first time. None stopped after the second. I once worked with a woman whose son killed her and tried to burn her body because she wouldn't give him money for meth. In my experience, junkies usually just steal or become prostitutes.

Автор Ian Kane ( назад)
hurt by Johnny Cash is not about heroin...

Автор Fayyaz Binsajid ( назад)
Why isn't fentanyl on here. It's worse than heroine

Автор Johnny MashUp ( назад)
I've done all of these.

Автор A Joshable Guy ( назад)
Blue Sky better be on this. Edit: Well at least they used Breaking Bad clips

Автор Zain Jahan JuTT ( назад)
What's the name of the movie at 7:40

Автор lhakpa tsering ( назад)
wat about "ganja"

Автор Skyfx ( назад)
Krokodil on 4th, and Heroin on 1st? Random list...

Автор A. Braddock ( назад)
"Molly" is a literal crapshoot. Most of it is cut with meth-amph, fluorinated amphetamines or substituted cathinones (aka, "bath salts"). Even pressed pills can be dicey (a lot of the time it's BZP as opposed to MDMA) Pure MD is hella hard to come by unless you've got a solid DN vendor and a test kit.

Автор Boyinthehood ( назад)

Автор Nine Mm ( назад)
Krokodil is the worst drug, it should be on the first on that list.

Автор Shuptinshmit 2 ( назад)
Cocaine is not a strong stimulant in fact meth is stronger in relation to releasing dopamine but is incredibly cardiovascular toxic but it cannot be smoked the hydrochloric salt melting point is to high but when a carbonate is added it removes the hydrochloric base allowing it to be smoked all it does is waste it

Автор Onkel Captain Blue ( назад)
bullshit, I used Ketamine and its not tasteless, it tastes like pure chemicals...

Автор Kevin Solo ( назад)
you do not become addicted after doing herion once.
there are lot of myths in this count down that are not true.
you guys are usually really good about that stuff but you missed the ball on this one.

Автор Kevin Solo ( назад)
you become addicted after just one hit.
opioids don't work like that.
takes a bunch of hits used often to become addicted l

Автор patto ur catto ( назад)
when the women mentioned ecstasy everyone in the comments who said "it ain't that bad" didn't even to listen to what she said after the word ecstasy
I'm surprised nobody was saying -crack- cocaine / heroin ain't bad

Автор frederick ( назад)
how to get hush

Автор Gross Metagross ( назад)
ecstasy isn't that dangerous

Автор Craig mountford ( назад)
Dude weeds finev

Автор SiO2win ( назад)
desomorphine have to be in top of the list. Cheap, addictive and outstandingly deadly.

Автор Onvix ( назад)
OMG the FBI is outside my house I just watched a lot of drug videos welp bye XD

Автор Onvix ( назад)
The only safe quote on quote drug is weed And it's not totally safe of your too young

Автор Anthony Simonetti ( назад)
i dont take drugs that doctors don't prescribe. which means i only do shit like: codeine; adderall; xanax; oxy; & my personal favorite: marijuana ;D

Автор Genesis Herrera ( назад)
Isn't marijuana/weed one of the dangerous ones?

Автор sirLamperouge ( назад)
So Heroin is on this list, but not Fentanyl? Also, MDMA and Ketamine? WTF? Even Cocaine is a stretch. I'm not advocating drug use, but at least do some research.

Автор Jacqueline Woo ( назад)
cripes. a lot of misinformation here. but some are WAY probemlatic

Автор Kevin Broderick ( назад)
About 8 (PCP) another nickname for it is "Wet"

Автор Carlos Perez ( назад)
smoking weed in a long term makes u a lil retard...

Автор kris wright ( назад)
inaccurate as fuck

Автор TheCaptainLulz ( назад)
4:17 - That, ladies and gentlemen, is the ass of a GOD!

Автор TWTutorials ( назад)
So Krokodil is basically heroin but it makes your skin fall off and is much cheaper but its ranked at number 4 ???

Автор put the chicken down robber ( назад)
#1 the strongest drugs: five gum simulates ur senses
don't do five gums

Автор samir baddour ( назад)
damn...i was warching a documentary filmed ar wabash correctional facility and i was shocked that the longest sentences are given to drug dealers..never made sense compared to other more serious crimes till i watched this vedio...now i think all drug producers and dealers shall be sentenced to death rather than spend a penny over these ******* to feed them at prison

Автор the demigod requis ( назад)
i like that thumbnail

Автор It's_David_Pryor ( назад)
I do heroin :/ aha

Автор David Jackson ( назад)
This is the best mojo yet.

Автор AccusedOfRape ( назад)
01:17 #10: Flakka [aka Gravel]
02:28 #9: Ecstasy
03:52 #8: PCP [aka Phencyclidine and Angel Dust]
04:59 #7: Ketamine
05:57 #6: Scopolamine [aka Hyoscine Hydrobromide]
07:11 #5: Cocaine
08:11 #4: Krokodil
09:15 #3 Crack
10:17 #2: Meth
11:43 #1: Heroin

Автор Wil Jam ( назад)
Heroine doesn't get you hooked in one go you have to take it for around about 21 days and you don't see people on the streets after they get out of hospital craving diamorphine a stronger type of heroine

Автор Adam ( назад)
Lol the majority of these drugs are safe if you them right and they're pure. Shut the fuck up.

Автор Adam ( назад)
Only poor people buy drugs off the street.

Автор Aden B ( назад)
scopolamine should be in first because of the exploitation of people it can be used for.

Автор Janis Ivaniscuks ( назад)
so dmt shrooms and weed is all cool

Автор Tom Squater ( назад)
I think the most dangerous drug is weed.. I know it doesn't do any harm to body but it kills your soul ( soul is the most valuable thing)

Автор seventhsinn ( назад)
never touched anything but weed,i really want to try d.m.t but no one I know wants to do it with me so ya feelsbadman.

Автор souleater ( назад)
Ketamine doesn't deserve to be on this list.

Автор Clayton Harris ( назад)
Did obi wan just shove drugs up his ass at the end of this video?

Автор rosy king ( назад)
where os the lcd's and the dmt ,acide ,and other trip drugs

Автор Matthew C. ( назад)
Wasn't Flakka the stuff that one kid in Florida tripped on and he ended up murdering and eating people's faces off? How is that only the tenth most dangerous?

Автор nature gamer ( назад)
8:54 did you notice shreik on the upper right !!!

Автор skater boy ( назад)
what does lsd do and is it dangerous

Автор YellawayHD ( назад)
MDMA? Fuck off

Автор 0 Subscribers ( назад)
I bet the CIA love using scopolamine on people!

Автор Massive Wang ( назад)
MDMA is perfectly safe is used correctly and you can do special k pretty safely aswell.

Автор Dustin Perez ( назад)
1:32 why that doctors face look like its running on dial up internet

Автор Joseph Carter ( назад)
Meth is worse than heroin and crack and Coke and most of these other drugs they have this shit backwords how is krocodil less dangerous than heroin and your flesh can fall off and if you do kroc everyday your going to die within a year if you do heroin for a year your gonna want take a nap

Автор Joseph Carter ( назад)
Crack is worse than heroin

Автор Joseph Carter ( назад)
Krocodil is worse than heroin

Автор Joseph Carter ( назад)
Cocaine is more dangerous than heroinn

Автор Joseph Carter ( назад)
Pcp is worse than heroin quit playin flakka is worse than heroin quit playin alcohol is also more dangerous than heroin sorry scopolamine is definitely more dangerous than heroin

Автор jay davis ( назад)
hey..methadone should of took the place of methadone....been off 120mg everyday for four years, off cold turkey for 8 months and still feel like shit sometimes ,heart rate and pulse ,are low feels like and .they say it eat s ur bones away from inside out..😫😭😥

Автор jay davis ( назад)
got that glass..watch em drop that ass.💃💃

Автор jay davis ( назад)
fuckin Russian s ..crocadill 😦😦🔫

Автор jay davis ( назад)

Автор Super Krusher ( назад)
Okay this shit on Ketamine is so fucking wrong. Who the fuck is trying to spend that much money to date rape someone? Also your drink would taste like absolute garbage if you put k in it. (I know from experience). Odorless and tasteless? It's definitely not fucking tasteless. Also you can't smoke it. You would have to be a fucking idiot to die or even come close to it using this substance. God people are idiots.

Автор William Beauregard ( назад)
I'm fucking seriously close to do heroin and cocaine and crack cocaine and marijuana!!

Автор Chris Shelby ( назад)
Krokodil is so much more dangerous then heroin. The average live span of a addict is 2 years.

Автор Killa Cam HOTBOYS Ent. ( назад)
6 should be number 1

Автор The World's Most Dangerous ( назад)
tried them all no problems except mental

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