Joe Rogan Experience #1412 - Jimmy Dore

  • Jimmy Dore is a stand-up comedian, political commentator, host of “The Jimmy Dore Show” available on RUclip ( and as a podcast available on iTunes.

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  • Andrew
    Andrew 2 hours ago

    How do I block this out dated host?

  • MrMdollars
    MrMdollars 4 hours ago

    G.m.o. Garlic Mushrooms Onion.. its smell like shet.. why is this dudes tounge green 🤮

  • Iva Lindsay
    Iva Lindsay 5 hours ago

    re uppers dpwmers - this is common among performers that r on tour. if u watch the movie coal miners daughter - the Loretta lynn story - she collapses on stage as a result of this.

  • Iva Lindsay
    Iva Lindsay 5 hours ago

    dan bongino explained why presidents have to do "uppers and downers". it is because of jet lag - when u travel overseas, u can't be getting off the plane looking like u need sleep, u have to be prepared for meetings or whatever function they r attending. all presidents do this. bongino talked about this right after trump's doctor was accused of prescribing drugs - isn't that somewhat funny?

  • Howie Loso
    Howie Loso 5 hours ago

  • Howie Loso
    Howie Loso 5 hours ago

  • Raquel Vier
    Raquel Vier 6 hours ago

    A must watch!

  • Will Keaton
    Will Keaton 6 hours ago

    This dude Jimmy is ridiculous!! SMH!

  • Will Keaton
    Will Keaton 6 hours ago

    So do you think America should keep shutting down and filling in our Civil defense sites?? Because as of now Russia already has more power on us if we faced off over the North Pole.

  • Jason Stubleski
    Jason Stubleski 8 hours ago

    If your getting headaches from weed, you need to find a new dealer

  • Adrian At And T
    Adrian At And T 10 hours ago

    I dont remember Italians being thought of as like mexicans.

  • Kamira Dread
    Kamira Dread 10 hours ago

    Fk yea keep real bro

  • Adrian At And T
    Adrian At And T 11 hours ago

    Joe rogan making shit up, they stopped making most diet pills in the 70s.

  • Adrian At And T
    Adrian At And T 11 hours ago

    How does joe rogan know trump is on speed, I call bullshit!

  • John Willard
    John Willard 12 hours ago

    How's he working for Putin? If he is, he sucks at it. IDK, looks to me like they hate him cause he's a threat to expose them as the perverted criminals they are!

  • Paranormal Shaun
    Paranormal Shaun 13 hours ago

    These never Trumpers are hilariously stupid. 😂🤦‍♂️

  • Luminous
    Luminous 13 hours ago

    Why do they keep demonizing the men's rights folks? Why is wanting fair laws in the family courts misogynist?

    • Talk Blocked
      Talk Blocked 12 hours ago

      Because the law already favors men, and "men's rights" whiners are complaining that they can't win, even when they have the ADVANTAGE.

  • Mario The Texan
    Mario The Texan 23 hours ago

    Great show!! Saying it like it really is!
    Chinga HRC!
    Chinga DJT!!
    Sanders Por Vida!!

  • InfiniteMischief

    Because TRUMP is going to nationalize large parts of the market, combine the fed and treasury...restructure the fed.

  • Ghost Banned
    Ghost Banned Day ago

    Wasnt this the guy spitting on alex johnes ?

  • Mike Myers
    Mike Myers Day ago


  • ThothHeart Maat
    ThothHeart Maat Day ago

    All I'm doing is Alex Jones and Joe Rogan right now. On two separate monitors ..

    And I'm pretty high .

  • Robert Glass
    Robert Glass Day ago

    Holy shit man!!
    Is it just me, or do all roads on RUclip lead to Joe "all roads lead to Joe fucking" Rogan..!?

  • David Anderson
    David Anderson Day ago

    Henry Rollins is way funnier than Jimmy “liberal conspiracy theorist and all
    Around hack” Dore

  • Đeath Vader
    Đeath Vader Day ago

    Pigs dont metamorphosize into wild hogs like they were hit by gamma rays lmao. They EVOLVE to adjust back to thier surroundings over several generations.

  • Joshua Stover
    Joshua Stover Day ago

    All the president's besides two of them are related, trump and Obama are even related, trump's uncle was in charge of Nikola Teslas things after he died in New York, Tesla said that he had 80 trucks with documents, in trump's findings he recorded only 30 trunks at the home, but the museum where Tesla's things are conserved the manifest says they have 60 trunks, also in trump's report he said that nothing in the trunks had any significant science data

  • Joseph Szewczyk
    Joseph Szewczyk Day ago

    Who's on speed? 😂. Good job calling that out Joe, this guy is fucked up lol

  • steve o
    steve o Day ago

    Joe- hes the most murderous boxer I've seen in the heavyweight division...
    Is mike tyson a joke to you???

  • T Mst
    T Mst Day ago

    God what a blast! I wish I could remember the name of that comedian shown in the clip that sends these guys into howling laughter.

  • Scott Rensel
    Scott Rensel Day ago

    A billion is 1000 x a million. why do you need a time metaphor to understand this?

  • ToxinGNE
    ToxinGNE Day ago

    is it just me or do they both have orange tongues

  • Chase Condrey
    Chase Condrey Day ago

    After listening to this Trump is actively trying fo get us out of Afghanistan

    • Chase Condrey
      Chase Condrey Day ago

      @anticorncob6 ok bubba you tell who isnt living up to their end of the

    • anticorncob6
      anticorncob6 Day ago

      No he isn't.
      Trump lied about being anti-war. Just admit you were duped already.

  • Someone Andnoone

    What 'F' word ends in a 'T'?

  • Shlomo Nosenberg
    Shlomo Nosenberg Day ago +1

    Pseudoephedrine is available over the counter joe.

  • Michael Dickey
    Michael Dickey Day ago

    Everyone shitting on the New York Times... and I get it, but here's the thing.
    The New York Times can be relied upon to NOT commit libel (for the most part). The New York Times can be counted on in that way. Unlike "News" sources like Salon, "News" channels like TYT, "News" commentary/punditry on any news network, or even free-form discussions like Joe Rogan's Podcast... if the New York Times says something inaccurate, they will most likely have to pay out.
    So, in this article... where they put quotes around a sarcastic statement... thereby suggesting it to be the earnest view of Cenk... that is TECHNICALLY a true quote. Cenk, on the other hand will outright lie about what you said to assassinate your character.
    Am I splitting hairs? Yes and no.
    NYT can be counted on to be completely factual... but only trust the Times as far as you can throw it. You can depend on them getting the operative facts and quotes right, but you absolutely cannot depend on them to provide facts that don't suit their narrative.
    Basically, when you read the New York Times, you must understand that every sentence in isolation from the rest of the article is true. They might craft the paragraphs to mislead you, but the baseline information can be relied upon to not be fabricated.
    So why read the Times? Because it's a really good starting place. You absolutely MUST do your detective work though. Just assume that the Times is always trying to lie to you with the truth.
    I feel the exact same way about Ben Shapiro BTW. I am VERY opposed to him politically... but when he sets up any story, he starts with the facts first... and then moves into his opinions about the facts. He sometimes even mentions the opinion of the opposition (be it with a sneer on his face).
    In today's news media... that's really the best you can hope for.

  • Shaun Mantell
    Shaun Mantell Day ago

    Twitter will cancel you for mis gendering but threatening a missile attack on Iran or North Korea is cool.....I feel sorry for Trump haters,that must suck,he is everywhere and always gets the last laugh.

  • Kimberly Boniti
    Kimberly Boniti 2 days ago

    Hey I listen ton you! 4/29/20

  • c v
    c v 2 days ago

    I used to like Jimmy a lot before he refused to denounce Tulsi Gabbard after she backed Creepy Joe Biden before nomination. Meanwhile he trashed everyone else that endorsed Joe. He's a hypocrite and way less perfect than the people he smears. and trashes because they aren't perfect.

  • Roger Choate
    Roger Choate 2 days ago

    Eisenhower originally referred to the militarial industrial 'congressional' complex.

  • Levi Garrett
    Levi Garrett 2 days ago

    Watching 2 west coast Politically Correct Cocktail Leftists piss and moan about great mens accomplishments is sad.

  • Christopher Dunphy
    Christopher Dunphy 2 days ago

    Trump is way smarter than you. He doesn't take substances nobody famous is that good at hiding anything and you said it yourself after working hard late hours with no sleep anyone would be that way. but it is rare with him and he works 10 times harder for us than anyone else ever has and probably ever will. all he promotes now is America. meanwhile the rest demonize us and refuse to be patriotic and proud. no flag on a presidential debate stage and at their rallies? despicable... stop worrying about him not being a good slick tongued politician and focus on his actions, policies and history... he is the most liberal pres we have ever had and probably ever will. enjoy an open minded president that believes in things on both sides while you can... it will be back to give and take as usual in less than a year or 4 if we are luck.

  • Juan Ruiz
    Juan Ruiz 2 days ago

    I like Jimmy Dore. But really man, you dont know Slayer? What is this dude, 90?

  • gooieglopp
    gooieglopp 2 days ago

    joe and jimmy have a good rapport

  • Nino Brown
    Nino Brown 2 days ago

    The best

  • Anj
    Anj 2 days ago

    Best one ever

  • Eugene Harder
    Eugene Harder 2 days ago +1

    New York Times is one of the most biased propaganda sources around. Don't believe a word they say.

    • Adrian At And T
      Adrian At And T 9 hours ago

      Eugene harder. It is for the left and anti trump.

  • Guts
    Guts 2 days ago

    This dude's a Bernie bro, isn't he.

  • vincent repins
    vincent repins 2 days ago

    Geophysics report DOA

  • vincent repins
    vincent repins 2 days ago


  • vincent repins
    vincent repins 2 days ago

    Mandingo Stade

  • Mike
    Mike 2 days ago

    Here. Let me sum it up for everyone. The government is corrupt AF. The end.
    Oh and you try being the POTUS and see if you don’t need a little pick me up at 70 years old. That man is putting unnecessary years into his life for You and Me. The only difference is that I realize it and appreciate it while others only bash him for making their lives better.

  • Robert Gauss
    Robert Gauss 2 days ago

    Pseudoephedrine is a decongestant that shrinks blood vessels in the nasal passages.- "desk" photo would be simple pain medicine. Separately, the reporter said he got, I think Adderal at the Duane Reed. Also, a little seen u tube video from a comedian (you should have him on0 claims he was an Adderal freak on the set of that TV show.. youre fired or whatever the fuck. Thats the evidence and tfact he doesnt sleep.. really all adds up. Though of course no one knows for sure.. Im 99% sure DJT would have sued that comedian if that was it's kinda a lock. Adderall is a useful medication.. but it can also be abused.. Anyway the desk photo is of simple cold medicine (tho people to use that substance to make meth - that' s why you can olny buy one box etc)

  • Dale 1
    Dale 1 2 days ago

    Joe Rogan is like a high schooler that stayed in the 12th an extra year to tell kids about life.

  • Dale 1
    Dale 1 2 days ago

    11:00 lolzz

  • christopher kettler
    christopher kettler 2 days ago

    Night sweats from pot ive been a user and more 20 plus years never heard of that once until jimmy dore I think that was psychosomatic like mass hysteria or some shit

  • Jacques Bazinet
    Jacques Bazinet 3 days ago

    biden won. ha ha ha

  • Jacques Bazinet
    Jacques Bazinet 3 days ago

    bernie is a huge lie and a giant fraud. a total disaster

  • MyAccount CoolAF
    MyAccount CoolAF 3 days ago

    I see Jimmy Dore going full H.A Goodman in the not too distant future.

  • Jack Jammen
    Jack Jammen 3 days ago

    W.O.P. With Out Papers

  • Jocko Adams
    Jocko Adams 3 days ago

    Jimmy and Joe surprised the one time the NYT treated Cenk Uyger like Donald Trump or any other Republican.

  • John Nada
    John Nada 3 days ago +2

    Did you notice that Jimmy wanted nothing to do with it when Joe said : “Jeffery Epstein’s temple looked like the Israeli flag “ Jimmy shut that down immediately. Coward or knows don’t go there.i It’s starts at 1:14

  • Swimming_Ninja
    Swimming_Ninja 3 days ago

    I don’t smoke weed, but I think about the fact that me and everyone I know is going to die. I think about it every sec of every day and I hate it, it crushes me.

    • James Redmond
      James Redmond 2 days ago

      Yes it is a cruel world isn't it you must wake in the morning and start your life every day,fill it with charity and love, remember you are powerful and important to every one God's speed

  • pallad21
    pallad21 3 days ago +5

    Jimmy is the best interview Joe has ever had. He. Should be a regular guest.

  • D Evelyn
    D Evelyn 3 days ago

    Which is why the veterans are in trouble. Because they become privy

  • Adam Weaver
    Adam Weaver 3 days ago

    Just realized these two are fucking perfwct together. They need to go on tour

  • Adam Weaver
    Adam Weaver 3 days ago

    These craft are military black budget projects. Probably the reason there hasnt been any big wars recently.

  • Everyman Media
    Everyman Media 3 days ago +1

    Pseudoephedrine is a decongestant you can get at the store 😂

  • donald Robertson
    donald Robertson 3 days ago

    Joe, if Trump wanted Speed, don't you think he could get something better than Pseudoephedrine?

  • christopher kettler
    christopher kettler 3 days ago

    When it comes to the climate debate its the same people controling both sides of the debate on the highest level because they need time to figure out how to properly monetize sustainable energy

  • James Barretf
    James Barretf 3 days ago

    JD lives in an old lib world of rainbows n flying unicorns.

  • Matt Dawson
    Matt Dawson 3 days ago

    "Like Slayer?"
    "Huh? Oh, I don't know what the kids listen to."

  • Sci-fi Si
    Sci-fi Si 4 days ago

    Love the show, but when someone says they’re an American it means they’re an American. An African American? Fuck you. An Irish American? Fuck you too. An American is an American. There is no pre-label that separates you from any other American whatsoever. The reason everything if fucked is because you separate yourselves. STOP IT. Love you guys ❤️❤️❤️😜

  • Sci-fi Si
    Sci-fi Si 4 days ago

    Joe you’re f’ing amazing man. Thank you for all that you do. PS. I’m sorry for all the Joe “let’s make a comment” Rogan quotes. We love you 😘

  • two23rem
    two23rem 4 days ago

    Comrade Dore......scumball soicialist. Doesn't realize half the people who are homeless are either mentally ill and or drug dependent and do not want to be placed in homes.

  • CyberdelicXP
    CyberdelicXP 4 days ago

    "I have the biggest guns ever!"
    ....dead from unshootable virus

  • Ashlie Rundquist
    Ashlie Rundquist 4 days ago

    Gay men who are not women haters are GREAT. They don't have to be feminists. That's such a weird word anyway.

  • propertyservices1
    propertyservices1 4 days ago

    And a trillion is 33,000 yrs. And we just dumped 14 of those n economy.. dollar has to fall. Right?

  • daboys1215
    daboys1215 4 days ago

    The left tearing itself up yet again is brilliant.

  • Fareed Shafeeg
    Fareed Shafeeg 4 days ago given what I know and the nature for it. You can have my story! And am willing to sit for it with you!

  • Fareed Shafeeg
    Fareed Shafeeg 4 days ago

    Hi Joe thanks for the you do can confirm this. And help out if need be.