• Published on Jun 3, 2017
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    Hey guys, i've seen quite a lot of traps ingame and a few videos about it too but most of them are a So i thought i'd give it a go and try to make some really simple yet tough to escape traps!
    As always, hope you enjoy :)
    This video contains: new update update new class new weapons new hacks cheats mods tips hacker hacking animals bow trolling
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  • XxL0SANG3L0SxX X
    XxL0SANG3L0SxX X 2 years ago +39

    Boi you stuck as hell

    • police officer
      police officer 5 months ago

      You suck as hell boi

    • Dibanessa Catalan
      Dibanessa Catalan 8 months ago

      i know what firezone means

    • Dibanessa Catalan
      Dibanessa Catalan 8 months ago

      hi, my trap idea is to put mines/saplings next to the end of the river then put boosters right on top/bottom of the mines/saplings then put spikes in front of the direction the boosters face. I did that before and got 46 kills lol. try it

    • Cold Puppy
      Cold Puppy Year ago

      King Callisto lolll

    СЛИВА 2 months ago

    Very nice vodeo :3

  • tiffany kyles
    tiffany kyles 2 months ago

    You Should Make A Cactus Trap Because I Do

  • tiffany kyles
    tiffany kyles 2 months ago

    Loooooooooooooooool That's What You Get Panic

  • police officer
    police officer 5 months ago

    You can put 5 mines right side 5 mines left side and put traps in the middle and ho tell someone your chicken and they will follow you in the traps and block the 2side with mine and he we'll be stuck as hell

  • police officer
    police officer 5 months ago

    Go in sandbox mode and make along trap with that ok and put spikes and truts

  • Reaper X
    Reaper X 5 months ago

    ihasyou no iaskyou XD i has you and i ask you XD

  • Mateus Coelho teteus
    Mateus Coelho teteus 7 months ago


  • Omega
    Omega 8 months ago

    Not impossible

  • Endermann Fen
    Endermann Fen 9 months ago

    i will a spike trap l o l

  • Humam Alwan
    Humam Alwan 9 months ago

    You can do pet trap make a big speed pad in sandbox and do in final a spiex they will die and we lauguh for they die and not frogwt to add

  • Ольга Боднарук


  • Intiqam Veliyev
    Intiqam Veliyev 10 months ago

    Umm you are a nooooob?

  • GoldenFolseYT
    GoldenFolseYT 11 months ago

    What LMAO I from Rassia

  • Gustavo Garcia
    Gustavo Garcia 11 months ago

    Have launch pads lead up to a bull out of site while saying long rollar coaster. You need multiple people in a clan to pull off the trap bcuz of needing lots of launch pad

  • nikolai andonov
    nikolai andonov Year ago

    I have idea on trapp.boosters + walls and + spikes = the best trapp.

  • ur mum gay
    ur mum gay Year ago

    bish you could just break the boost pads lmao

  • Arima Kousei
    Arima Kousei Year ago

    Destroy boost traps?

  • Xander VanBecelaere

    You are one of my skilless trashes shame on you

  • Vaughn Howenheim Charlon

    i love the theme song and lololololololololololololololol

  • Heather Jane
    Heather Jane Year ago

    you r the best

  • Micaela Cruz
    Micaela Cruz Year ago


  • Avalanche -
    Avalanche - Year ago

    Just destroy boosters itz ez to escape

  • Avalanche -
    Avalanche - Year ago

    You can just food spam while destorying booster thingies

  • Cold Puppy
    Cold Puppy Year ago

    Spike in tree speed pads to it then walls

  • Ernest Luis Garcia

    Can you make it IHASYOU?

  • Ernest Luis Garcia

    My favorite trap is a prison trap

  • Ernest Luis Garcia

    I want my favorite trap

  • Master Mudkip
    Master Mudkip Year ago

    River Troll

  • Rg Gabriel Manuel

    place the bull in the base make a trap went someone go that trap is works or no

  • Drxczz
    Drxczz Year ago +1

    Do a map sircle of speed pads and a trap down in that idk what is that but still trap:spikes cannons and make a 2nd wall of stone it will be hard good luck

  • Isaiah H
    Isaiah H Year ago

    Next do a kraken beats a black dragon!!!

  • gay rocks are the best

    Idea: I got the idea from the Bull-part:
    So u make a little circle from castle wall, then there's a way to go in with those speed-pad things (idk what its called), but in the circle there's a bull, and if somebody goes in, the bull kills 'em. It needs to be a little bit smaller too, so they can't hide or stuff.

  • spin
    spin Year ago

    while combat stuff a player in those stone mining things (: it will be hard

  • spin
    spin Year ago

    hey u know they can just break the pad

  • Jacob Letcher
    Jacob Letcher Year ago +2

    One spike in the middle and boosts around pointing to the spike

  • suresh kumar
    suresh kumar Year ago

    Keep boost pads and at the end keep spikes and turrets

  • hoom the cute bird

    hey ihy...umm....the first one is a fail...cuz you can just break the boost pad and...escape....sryy

  • AntiNukeYT
    AntiNukeYT Year ago

    you should make a booster pad push them into a corner of the map that is blocked off my stone mines so its impossible to break out and make it tight enough so they cant build

  • Lucky4Life
    Lucky4Life Year ago

    those 51 people are stupid

  • Trí Dũng Lê
    Trí Dũng Lê Year ago

    New video?

  • Puffy Gamer
    Puffy Gamer Year ago

    My suggestion is to make the same trap but make it deadly like put a cannon or lead a bull inside,put spike inside,etc...

  • guacamaca_yt 64
    guacamaca_yt 64 Year ago

    V V V
    > ¤ <
    ^ ^ ^
    V^= BOOST

  • Kitty Craft0
    Kitty Craft0 Year ago

    Make a trap were you are a bush with a diamond spear sitting out in the open CB diamond spears r invisible for some reason lol

  • Kitty Craft0
    Kitty Craft0 Year ago

    Make a ton of them and people ur pets lol

  • Luis kid o niño
    Luis kid o niño Year ago

    Make a trap or a trap to ur base u need to have 15 to 30 and ur teamates stack to kill them (warning) if they all the enemies stack place spikes to they take damage the se spikes need the same meber that i said

  • Leon Hren
    Leon Hren Year ago

    try my trap : trap a bull and then make a trap with bosters and this bosters is go into the bull and block it with wals!

  • MCC Neddynonks
    MCC Neddynonks Year ago


  • Battle Royal
    Battle Royal Year ago

    Build a roller coster with spike and turrets and bulls

  • Vince Aizen Lontoc

    how to make it hard to escape: replace walls as mines so it would be impossible to escape

  • Erin Spence
    Erin Spence Year ago +1

    I now a idea you can put a those speed things together to make a line and put a spike on top of it that’s all 👋

  • Ljl105583
    Ljl105583 Year ago

    So good trap I am going to try it now!!!

  • Justin G
    Justin G Year ago

    path into spike

  • solarflare200.8
    solarflare200.8 Year ago

    Same trap but spike at end

  • Alan D
    Alan D Year ago

    boostinto wall of spikes and when someone gets in, close off the exit and I did this and Is like ded m8

  • Marcos Bllayner
    Marcos Bllayner Year ago

    my pit trap luck server experiment 11

  • Colt -Fever 67
    Colt -Fever 67 Year ago

    Do you guys even skip the intro,well I do cuz du vids are soooooo GOOOD

  • alucard gamba
    alucard gamba Year ago

    if you can make a Roller Corester and Let them in they cant Get out
    sry i dont know how to the that Right

  • Adventure vs Cash

    Do a circle with the boost pad and castle walls all around it (trap idea)

  • SilentGamer
    SilentGamer Year ago

    Here's a trap, put some pit traps around u Wear a bull helmet and put a health pad underneat u when someone get in there then kill them :D

  • Wai Han Choy
    Wai Han Choy Year ago


  • Keong Lai
    Keong Lai Year ago

    IHASYOU you should make walls mine so they can't escape

  • Hieu Vu
    Hieu Vu Year ago

    Bull trap

  • aresio hicianomonegro

    ihasyou is amasing

    FURMI GAMES Year ago


  • Hoang Luan
    Hoang Luan Year ago

    Okay r.i.p xD

  • gps gps
    gps gps Year ago

    build to proteintion more of my base or bbaassee. 😐

  • Tommy Hansen
    Tommy Hansen Year ago +1

    Put cannons with this same trap and see what they do

  • Aaryn Mengel
    Aaryn Mengel Year ago

    make a circle of boosters so the just go round and round again but put a turret in the minddle :DDDDDDDDDDDD

  • raouf fouad
    raouf fouad Year ago

    i name it the maze