7 STRANGE Military Science Projects

  • Published on Oct 31, 2017
  • From EMPs to the top secret project 112; these are 7 STRANGE Military Science Projects
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    6.HVRC |
    5.Project 112
    3.Project Iceworm
    2.Operation Fishbowl
    1.ATLAS I
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  • World Unearthed
    World Unearthed  Year ago +123

    Do you think Project 112 is STILL going on ? Let me know :D

    • Jeremy Fokker
      Jeremy Fokker 2 months ago

      MODERN DAYS iT is netherlands cops

    • KPX 1138
      KPX 1138 2 months ago

      World Unearthed Thule Air Base is pronounced “two-lee”, not “thool”.

    • A҉n҉o҉n҉1҉3҉3҉7҉ 【X】
      A҉n҉o҉n҉1҉3҉3҉7҉ 【X】 3 months ago

      @Nadia Baig i LoL @ you sheep.

    • saberstylegaming
      saberstylegaming 4 months ago

      i live a hour away from rhoulston, wtf bro, medicine hat alberta canada, mind. blown.

  • Video Моskva
    Video Моskva 6 days ago +2

    You can’t cheat on a translator if Русский was your first language

    • Donald Perrett
      Donald Perrett 5 days ago

      Not my first. Nor my second. But my third. DLIFLC Russian School.

  • Randy McKay
    Randy McKay 19 days ago

    9:14 shows a pretty good shot of the USCG Loran station on Johnson Atoll

  • Vít Nikl
    Vít Nikl 27 days ago

    "Airplanes,fighter jets and cables,you don't have to be an aeronautical engineer to know that fighter jets are AIRPLANES! !!!!!

  • Christopher LeMasters

    Its almost like OP.Fishbowl proves the bible right. But you left out a lot of stuff. Like how some nukes hit something and blew up. Wounder what they hit? The firmament......

  • Jo Mama
    Jo Mama Month ago

    How old are you ? Moron

  • Richard Benoit
    Richard Benoit Month ago


  • Croatoan
    Croatoan 2 months ago

    why do you sound like you are speaking in a solo cup

  • Alpha Male
    Alpha Male 2 months ago

    Don't know how true it is but the space detonated missile Had really messed up the Van Allen Belt

  • Cryian Sky
    Cryian Sky 2 months ago

    pictures, radom videos completely nothing to do what he's talking about... and only what he talking about have no facts... so he created video which have no grounds, no proof, no reality... just scary down syndrome voice... and you must be retard to believe it all is true... :d

  • Craig Corson
    Craig Corson 2 months ago

    7:45 Thule is pronounced "TOO-lee". And there was no need to cheat on your little Russian vocabulary test. The second and third words sound very much like the English words "atomic laboratory", and the first word was obvious because you were showing an airplane.

  • Lexx1976
    Lexx1976 2 months ago

    As seen on x files

  • Jerry Newberry
    Jerry Newberry 2 months ago

    Just went critical. Super critical shows how stupid you are about nuclear science

  • Marconi Azize
    Marconi Azize 2 months ago

    I love the names the United States comes up with for these programs....

  • willard fillmore
    willard fillmore 2 months ago

    We have a great President..!!!!

  • Rey Police
    Rey Police 2 months ago

    How to barbecue Human.
    1. Start with one experimental nuclear device that will reach catastrophic failure.
    2.Then add humans, preferably from some new and exotic far away land where those people will be cooked alive.
    3. Collect carbon deposits and serve at will.
    4. Claim that you're a success and did something wonderful for your country at Lucifer's table for the most evil. Ketchup and other condiments at your leisure.
    To quote Stalin "kill one person and it's a tragedy, kill millions and it is inconceivable."

  • Moe Larry The Cheese
    Moe Larry The Cheese 2 months ago

    I have a 22 bullet capable of destroying the entire Universe😶

  • Ge mar
    Ge mar 2 months ago +1

    for #3 he says Ice-warm instead of Ice-worm.

    • Jay Dove
      Jay Dove 2 months ago

      Ge mar I thought the same thing. Huh?

  • Asbjørn Kristiansen
    Asbjørn Kristiansen 2 months ago

    Hey World Unearthed. Would you please tell me who made the tune starting at 3:20 in? Thakk you :-)

  • Shawn Abell
    Shawn Abell 2 months ago

    No it wasn't didn't even finish your video. The third bomb was the test bomb. we only had two and used a bluff and told them we had a third.lucky they didn't want to get a third City blown up and that's why it worked.Otherwise it would have been a something like another year before we had one. Go poker!

  • John Gardy
    John Gardy 2 months ago

    These people are certifiably insane!

  • Dougie Quick
    Dougie Quick 2 months ago

    Totally bogus statement along the lines of "...Since nuclear war would destroy the whole world" ... It would be nice IF that were true so no one would ever be so foolish but the fact is that ALL our nukes together could not put much of a dent in this world ....Oh for sure it would wreak havoc on mankind killing loads of people and crashing economies and all sorts of bad stuff for US ...but for the whole world? Putting it in perspective in the timeline of worked along side all the natural events that have taken place/ do take place? Giant asteroid collisions and massive volcanoes and earthquakes over the millineas? Our big nukes war? Would just be a blip ....the plant and animal world would likely be better off after such .....WE are NOT the whole world ...just a dominant species who think we are God is all....We think the whole universe is about US in the last few centuries and everything else is just a little interesting ....we hold a way higher opinion of our power and abilities than we have any right to....I think

  • Dougie Quick
    Dougie Quick 2 months ago

    Project 112 ....the REAL reason the US lets so may illegal aliens in!....unwitting lab rats who have no idea they have been inflicted upon ....and when government is done with any of them? Deport. So you illegals think you are getting away with some shit? NOT.....lab rat ....they have a complete chart on you dofus

  • Dougie Quick
    Dougie Quick 2 months ago

    Something totally deadly ultra super dangerous HAS to be handles with utter foolproof precision? "Hey Gilbert hand me something to pry this bad boy around with ....a screwdriver? Sure why not ....what could go wrong?" ....Highlighting the severe problem with the male of the human species ....the "I CAN do it" mentality EVEN when DUHH.....Of damn COURSE it is STUPID!

  • initialB 240
    initialB 240 2 months ago

    this deadly weapon isnt safe enough, lets scrap it.

  • Michael Redick
    Michael Redick 2 months ago

    leti Ostia atomnia laboratoria, my guess is flying (or airborne) atomic laboratory.

  • Clayton Kusaj
    Clayton Kusaj 2 months ago

    Operation Crossroads. Where you go to meet the devil.

  • Jack Greeley
    Jack Greeley 2 months ago

    Hail Hydra!!!

  • I K
    I K 3 months ago

    Летающая Атомная Лаборатория= Flying/Airborne Atomic Laboratory.

  • logan
    logan 3 months ago

    It’s means “blyat”

    • I K
      I K 3 months ago

      Сука блять

  • Paul McGhee
    Paul McGhee 3 months ago

    Most people think that weapons of mass destruction are only nuclear weapons but chemical and biological weapons are also considered weapons of mass destruction that's why everyone jokes about Saddam Hussein having wmds when he actually did that's what he used to kill a hundred and eighty thousand Kurds using crop dusting helicopters before the allies found out and stopped him that is how efficient they are it didnt take long

  • Robert Puffer
    Robert Puffer 3 months ago +1

    The only reason our rat bastard government went with solid fueled reactors instead of the much more economical and completely safe form of energy, molten salt, liquid reactors, like LFTR is because they wanted something that could be weaponized.

  • Terratropic
    Terratropic 3 months ago

    I think it means nuclear driven airplane

  • Moe Less
    Moe Less 3 months ago

    America is just messed up wow....

  • Sacro gaming
    Sacro gaming 3 months ago

    It translates to "The Russian Bomber Test" I'm guessing from my arse lol

  • WRB LimeyLuna
    WRB LimeyLuna 3 months ago +3

    It means flying atomic laboratory by the way I speak russian

    • WRB LimeyLuna
      WRB LimeyLuna 3 months ago

      Bill Kendich что хорошо

    • I K
      I K 3 months ago

      Как хорошо?

  • LoveREvolution1111
    LoveREvolution1111 4 months ago


  • djhutchison
    djhutchison 4 months ago

    #7 should be titled, "People that should know better, fucking around and dying".

  • Mille Burghout
    Mille Burghout 4 months ago


  • john p
    john p 4 months ago

    i thought the 3rd bomb was meant for Tokyo but they didn't drop it because of bad weather? O-o

    • sean soblixe
      sean soblixe 4 months ago


  • Adrian G
    Adrian G 4 months ago

    ATLAS 1 is here in Albuquerque, and los alamos is an hour and a half away. Sandia labs is on base here in abq as well.. damn I’m screwed

  • danyl barbour
    danyl barbour 4 months ago +1

    the most important thing that you can glean from this is the government dos not care about you
    the government dos not care if you live or die

    • sean soblixe
      sean soblixe 4 months ago


  • DrDread
    DrDread 4 months ago

    The fourth nuke: "Immediately after the Nagasaki bombing the Allies did not possess any more atomic bombs. It is true . . . 'Los Alamos and Tinian were maintained in a state of complete readiness to prepare additional bombs', but, . . . the earliest the next bomb could be assembled for use was 17 August, and almost everybody expected the war to be over by then." [history.stackexchange.com] However, "[The U.S. planned] to have another atomic bomb ready for use on August 19, with three more in September and a further three in October. On August 10, Groves sent a memorandum to Marshall in which he wrote that "the next bomb ... should be ready for delivery on the first suitable weather after 17 or 18 August." [Wiki]

  • Eggy Empire
    Eggy Empire 4 months ago +2

    I think Russian words stands for nuclear kamikaze

  • Jovan B
    Jovan B 4 months ago +4

    Fluing nucliar labaratori
    i am russian

    • WRB LimeyLuna
      WRB LimeyLuna 3 months ago

      Jovan B you are russian but your English is bad

  • Cristian Mares
    Cristian Mares 4 months ago

    How did they scrap the core?!

  • Victor Daher
    Victor Daher 4 months ago

    very good content; thank you

  • garage187able
    garage187able 4 months ago

    Unfortunately my kids were not taught any of this and say it’s a conspiracy theory, so it will all happen again!

  • benno291980
    benno291980 4 months ago +4

    #3 Thule AFB, used to see flights headed there out of Dow and Loring (Maine).
    Btw, not to be one of those people but it's pronounced like "tu-lee"

  • Drews Quick Fixes Ideas And Hacks

    I think this guy just makes this stuff up so we can hear his nasal voice . He doesnt fact check at all. I dont even know if these are true at all

  • Vladi Atanasov
    Vladi Atanasov 4 months ago

    Flying Atomic Laboratory... :)

  • Webster Arms
    Webster Arms 4 months ago

    @world unearthed - What's the name of the background music as HVRC and Project 112 is being shown?. I feel to write some rhymes to it about conspiracy theories :)

  • Dr. Dread of the Great Horror Library

    Get your facts straight. Japan surrendered on 2 September 1945, not 15 August.

  • Scott Congdon
    Scott Congdon 4 months ago

    project 112 is a perpetual thing . uhm aids

  • Scott Congdon
    Scott Congdon 4 months ago

    wthe thing to put on a different flying object. . and that those objects are around today. small power plant means low wieght and more room for bombs n such or even very small plane. . slow bomber is inpractical for such devices. but high flying high speed aircraft is perfect. who would want to shoot down a nuke powered survalenve aircraft above themselveshat we learned is that both goverments had no problem putting nuke reactors on planes, and that means that they more than likely were just testing

  • therealsnow
    therealsnow 4 months ago

    Huh... I seen that Atlas 1 from the air countless times and always wondered what it was for, now I know :)

  • Landfill
    Landfill 4 months ago

    Aliens saw this and were like" primitive humans "

  • Abyadhz Eldien
    Abyadhz Eldien 4 months ago

    What is the song

  • mastahaxx
    mastahaxx 4 months ago

    atomic research? :P

  • starburstblackout
    starburstblackout 4 months ago

    i think that all these ads in your videos may as well be project 112

  • Dragomir Ronilac
    Dragomir Ronilac 4 months ago +4

    All information are so imprecise that in fact it is useless

  • Dragomir Ronilac
    Dragomir Ronilac 4 months ago

    Third bomb would have the second plutonium core... The first was uranium....

  • Cindylee Dodd
    Cindylee Dodd 4 months ago

    Gas adam crematorium...???

  • WhatWeLearn 27
    WhatWeLearn 27 5 months ago

    #4 = nuclear airborne facility??

  • fabts
    fabts 5 months ago

    Lier's number 6 is a weather device if I'm wrong tell me otherwise with proven fact please double dare you SWT...

  • Horrific Space
    Horrific Space 5 months ago

    I think its a atomic labratory.

    I almost Had it :(

  • Ilker Yozturk
    Ilker Yozturk 5 months ago +2

    flying atomic laboratory

  • Kylor
    Kylor 5 months ago

    ill sub to anyone who subcribes to me :)

  • Funberg Rundberg
    Funberg Rundberg 5 months ago

    The Demon Core was so close to being critical, scientists tried(and failed) to replicate the situation when it killed both men. But they used robots, and it never went critical, confusing everyone for years years. It was so close to going critical, human hands near it was just enough to set it over the edge, but a robot arm was not. Sad but very interesting.

  • Cobra King
    Cobra King 5 months ago

    I already what that translation meant

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt 5 months ago

    A lot of things are "strange" to the uninformed or the downright ignorant.

  • Nathan Smith
    Nathan Smith 5 months ago

    the demon core was _not_ the "third _plutonium_ core" after the cores used in Hiroshima & Nagasaki, since Hiroshima was a very different _uranium_ core design

  • Steve Bez
    Steve Bez 5 months ago

    Spoke en wooden wheels make bus bill meter maids run war den pole tar guests play mummy dad said nort tea six pounds?

  • FreeRanged Lemon
    FreeRanged Lemon 5 months ago +3

    Fun fact. The Demon Core's original name was Roofus. :)

    • Lilly Anne Serrelio
      Lilly Anne Serrelio 2 months ago

      No it wasn't! You are trolling. And if you're just going to make up names then get it right, its original name was LEEROY Jenkins. Or was that the nickname of the scientist whose screwdriver slipped....

  • Steve Ano
    Steve Ano 6 months ago

    Anthrax is not contagious.