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The Jimmy Dore Show is a hilarious and irreverent take on news, politics and culture featuring Jimmy Dore, a professional stand up comedian, author and podcaster. With over 5 million downloads on iTunes, the show is also broadcast on KPFK stations throughout the country. It is part of the Young Turks Network-- the largest online news show in the world.

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Автор Zyworski ( назад)
You don't even have to ask Jimmy, of course I will support you.

Автор Tom Calarco ( назад)
Didn't know about this show ... thanks for posting.

Автор Edison ( назад)
$15k a month is plenty, cut the bells and whistles and you are fine

Автор pishi bbjoon ( назад)
hey jim. your patreon account is blocked as well

Автор Kenny ( назад)
Ride the storm out. Old media is taking it's last spiteful gasps.

Автор theoryneutral ( назад)
So do the hyphens work or not??

Автор Captain Cool A.K.A The Faceless Drummer ( назад)
Hey Jimmy I bought a large Jimmy Dore shirt and the picture and the text is very small... No where near the same size text and picture as the one you have on. Like the used a screen print from and extra small shirt on a large. I am a little disappointed honestly. It was 30 bucks and I barely scrap by. But I wanted to support you now that Youtube is fucking you over.

Автор Simon Greenshpan ( назад)
Jimmy, your show has to be your passion, your milky cow. I did not know I have to pay for your intellectual meal. Sorry man, and no donations from me.

Автор king tundra ( назад)
when you tour the country, please drop by texas!

Автор Casey Waller ( назад)
your liberal funding has been cut hahaha

Автор EriKingOfTheWorld ( назад)
You are so fucking funny and on point Jimmy. I love this show so fucking much. I'm Canadian but I think I might become a member to help you guys. I can only wish that some of the money being used also goes towards pushing the idea that Bernie (or someone else) needs to form a 3rd party and end this fake, binary bullshit.

Автор Delfino Garza ( назад)
can we make another youtube that is not connected to google.

Автор Kay Omholt-Montague ( назад)
YouTube will lose thousands of its viewers - myself included - if it continues to withdraw funding from shows like Jimmy Dore's and other Progressive shows. They are truly my lifeline from the propaganda and the bull shit that emanates from the MSM on a daily/hourly basis.

I will provide financial support when I am able to do so! We want to keep you, Jimmy, and all other sites which provide truth, regardless of politics, and which give many of us hope for real and meaningful/positive changes in this country!!

Автор Forum Borealis ( назад)
In case anyone does not get it: this is an organized takedown of independent media by the corporate media. They are terrified by the recent statistics showing their declining viewer rates now for the first time is passed by the growing online media. Hence their similar campaigns like "fake news".

Автор felicity4711 ( назад)
You should also provide a snail-mail address so people who don’t do online transactions can still donate.

Автор David Turner ( назад)
If a YouTube Red subscriber watches a video do they pay the creator as if there was an ad? If they're pulling ads and creators get paid per view through a Red sub.. seems like a good way to support.

Автор Ecphantus the Pythagorean ( назад)
I just bookmarked the Amazon link and will use it from now on.

Автор David Turner ( назад)
Jimmy please do a premium video show.

Автор howardtutorials ( назад)
you should try to get sponsored by someone yourself.

Автор George Lochinski ( назад)
it's amazing how Youtube is legit the platform for propaganda turning ppl into MRA islamophobes and it's Jimmy Dore who's facing punitive measures

Автор Peace Dove ( назад)

Автор White House Lies ( назад)
This is also happening with Google advertising on progressive blog websites.

Автор shawnym ( назад)
besides this obvious and craven dirty trick of defunding channels like yours, net neutrality roll-back is on the horizon, something else they are going to use to silence the truth.

just became a member, something i never do but you guys are the real deal. thank you and keep it up jimmy and all of you at the show.

Автор R LONDRES ( назад)
Every body and anybody can be wrong, how do I know you are right?
How do I know what is your real agenda?
How do you know your accusations against others are real?, do you have prove?
can you prove their intentions? I'm not saying you are lying, but I think, we all
got opinions, and you know what they say about that, i think we should
clearly say this is my opinion, or this is a proven fact, look it up, or
read it in such and such place article or what ever.
I do enjoy your material, just saying we all could be seen as making sayings up
if not careful with our words.

Автор terrytees ( назад)
Pledged via Patron. Keep up the good work Jimmy

Автор Zarko Cekovski ( назад)
Please stop crying censorship, advertisers pulling funding is not censorship, they are not censoring anyone, they are just not feeding the mouth that bites them. I'm not making apologies for corporations or their stooges but this is just braindead whining. You accuse corporate media of being to dependent on their advertisers/owners and you follow that up with whining about how those same evil corporations have refused to fund your show. Am I the only one seeing the cognitive dissonance? Does the US constitution have something in it that obliges corporations to fund talk shows?

Автор uttaradit2 ( назад)
Is there an alternative to You Tube? Without the advertising etc

Автор spoact ( назад)
I'll bet the farm, Hillary Clinton & DNC pressured advertisers & You Tube censors to punish Progressives.

Google and You Tube wouldn't risk their business model future with censorship & blacklisting for Trump &/or GOP!

Check out all the companies pulling ads are Clinton donors. Walmart, Verizon etc...

Hillary Clinton is half nuts, probably on pills just to get out of the house & blames Progressives videos for her downfall.

( that video about Clinton campaign touting John Negroponte was a freakn, kick Chris Hayes to the gutter, LMAO riot )

Angry Americans been pushed to the brink and election 2016 was just beginning of revolution VS this sick Establishment.

good luck

Автор Jim Tanner ( назад)
Russian Trolls Are Fluent In Speaking American English " Word Salad " , Jive
As Well As Vacuous Double Talk .

Автор camabelu e ( назад)
To Jimmy Dore.....If you, or anyone related to the show, sees this, please let me know how Canadians can contribute. And P.S. ..... I'd buy a Jimmy Dore t-shirt!

Автор halfstep44 ( назад)
I'll use the link when I go to amazon. I use amazon alot

Автор Maggie Kinsella ( назад)
Everyone one of your videos was preceded by a 15 second Miller Beer commercial and I didn't hate them. Im not a beer consumer, but if I was, I would stop buying their beer. I want to suggest letting the Miller company know that demonetizing your channel is bad for business. Will check out Patreon.

Автор Is The ( назад)
+The Jimmy Dore Show
Dude, I gotta be honest. I thought you, and like one other guy, were filming and editing these vids in your dining room. How the f**k do you need $25,000 a month to make these videos?? Please learn to spend your money better man.

Автор Pedro Del Castillo ( назад)
Jimmy, your show Aggressive Progressives is the best show on TYT. You and Steve Oh are an awesome combination though I wish it was a two hour show.

Автор Julie Vik ( назад)
That firewall must be working real good because I just watched an ad for Wix prior to the Sarin gas vid - Wix who is on the BDS list - weird! Glad you're going to Patreon!

Автор Ma Ja ( назад)
I hate it for YouTube creators, but Jesus C., the ads on YouTube is really out of hand and glad it is back to commercial free videos. Good luck JDS, great work over there.

Автор Dave Gormley ( назад)
Pitched in my $10 a month. More than worth the money. Direct payments to the shows will take the teeth from YouTube. It's the same as Bernie, they couldn't stop him because he was grassroots funded. Keep going Jimmy

Автор B-Rad Gluckmen ( назад)
Collaborate with other Progressive Youtube Voices...Stream content with them from a website...get advertisers to go there? I thought of that solution in about 90 seconds half asleep but it seems better than begging on here.

Автор Aelo Balthrop ( назад)
have you been on RT? do you know Lee Camp?

Автор Aelo Balthrop ( назад)
I support you Jimmy

Автор Aelo Balthrop ( назад)
its time for a revolution. violent or otherwise.....

Автор Aelo Balthrop ( назад)
so... its true.... money controls everything.... ill do the 2 dollar deal.... I like what you guys are doing.

Автор Anna Summers ( назад)
Jimmy I would like a list of the corporations boycotting Youtube.. I want a counter boycott.

Автор Kennedysmommi ( назад)

Автор funkeekatt ( назад)
How much money do you and you wife make off your show, Jimmy?

Автор joshmnky ( назад)

I’m a long-time happy customer of yours, but your recent actions disturb me. Since Wall Street Journal’s misleading (if not outright deceptive) piece on controversial YouTube channels that supposedly benefit from advertisements such as yours, you have pulled your support for other high quality, entertaining, and informative content that YouTube users such as myself have come to enjoy and depend on. Without large advertisers like you, many content-creators will now be struggling to maintain their livelihoods. I understand you have a brand image to maintain, but please reconsider pulling your sponsorship from YouTube. Until you do, I’m afraid you’ve lost yourself a customer.


Автор Fahamut ( назад)
Jimmy, I'm not an American, but I will give you 500 a year if you promise to to share it around with the TYT network and all the fine hosts. I like you and Kyle, and Anna, and Jordan and... the list goes on. I am a Canadian who for some weird reason is fascinated with American Politics. Not sure if I can legally donate but I would totally give to the Progressive cause if you could assure me that it was money well spent!! Luv Ya! BaBe!!

Автор Barbara B ( назад)
I'm in Jimmy!

Автор Deborah Mahmoudieh ( назад)
am sick of giving money and support to the monetized 'truthers' - none of you have given ME any support toward sharing real and very important info that many like myself, have devoted our lives to, who NEVER ask for or earn any money from our work, who suffer insults and lies, who struggle through poverty and personal afflictions - you all ignored so called 'pzza-gate' and Hampstead - oh what a surprise, we're heading for WW3 - i blame 'truthers' like YOU who choose to IGNORE and thereby support the ignorant - enjoy your F*ing world war - maybe it'll bring in a few more sub's eh???

Автор Mike Bryant ( назад)
all this shit from a joke about Hitler and jews. I think Hitler would love the fact that 75 years after his death the Western world is still afraid of even telling jokes about him and his party .

Автор Mike Bryant ( назад)
any way Jimmy can start a sex can show ?

Автор Hissyfitx ( назад)
I just signed this petition... spread it around...

Автор morningmayan ( назад)
For sure am going over to support you now!

Автор raginGGamer ( назад)
I notify ALL advertisers that show ads on YouTube and tell them that I will not buy their products until YouTube changes it's policy towards YouTube contributors. I Also forward notifications to YouTube/Google as well and I tell them that i now support them on Patreon or PayPal as well as supporting their Amazon Links. Once the money stops coming in for these fools they will stop the stupidity.

Автор Captain Cool A.K.A The Faceless Drummer ( назад)
Bought a "Don't Freak Out" shirt Jimmy! Anyone who asks what the shirt is about, I am going to say, "The Jimmy Dore Show." Spread the word first, and then once I get a little money going with my new job I will become a member. I fucking love your show, and I really appreciate you, and everything you do Jimmy, Steph, Ron, and Jim. You mentioned you are going on tour?! If you don't come home to Chicago I will be very upset, but I know you gotta do Chicago- You could do so much comedy with just Chicago politics alone! I Don't do Twitter or Facebook so this is the only way I can comment. Keep up the good work! Love -Captain Cool

Автор Music Teacher Guy ( назад)
It's not just the "progressive" channels.

Автор Alex J ( назад)
+The Jimmy Dore Show - Although what I deal with is fundamentally different, YouTube is staffed by complete morons and the vast majority of their processes are badly automated. As an agent for Content Owners, I've never come across an abuse department so frustrating and inept with regards to DMCA Notices. It's in stark contrast to their parent company, Google, who are a million times better and seemingly have employees with IQ's above room temperature.

I've applied for ContentID/Content Verification numerous times on YouTube and have been rejected for no reason whatsoever despite being a major, verified Trusted Partner on Google.

YouTube may be pulling funding because of political pressure but it wouldn't surprise me if they're pulling funding because their business model now sucks balls due to the increasing use of ad-blocking software or just because they're fucking idiots with horrendous automated software. It's probably a combination of the 3 aforementioned.

It never ceases to amaze me the stupidity on display at YouTube.

I think you're doing the right going to Patreon tbh Jimmy. YouTube's business model is on borrowed time. Ad revenue is going to die out because no one wants to watch adverts and thus have installed software to block them in their browsers. This is only going to get much worse.

Will definitely try to support you on Patreon as I love your content. Keep it up! :-)

Автор john cale ( назад)
No problemo Jimmy - I'm happy to support you

Автор Geo Metro - Not The Car ( назад)
Jimmy, you're the only one I will donate to. Patreon it is

Автор Jim Tanner ( назад)
( Another For Peaceful
Progressives Petitioning
Oligarchs Pay Their Fair
Share In WarTime Taxes )
Could YOUTUBE Be In Bed
With Libertine Oligarchs Of
The Ilk Of Compulsive
Masturbator , Bill O'Reilly ,
And Holy Pimp President
Sugar Daddy , His Hands Red With The Bloody Menstral Discharge Of Yet Another Decent Violated

Автор Michael Daly Artist ( назад)
I will go to Patreon and support you - we need your work, independence (and laughs)

Автор oliverupload ( назад)
I'll support as soon as I have money

Автор Peter Petrov ( назад)
YouTube obviously doesn't want to have nothing to do with the new movement. Fine! Good luck to them! It's probably a bad business model to make this so personal but they've done it. Well done. What are the chances that they cheated IRS among other illegal things! We may find out in 2020. A huge fine to the company is the least of their worries!

Автор Lexie k ( назад)
You need to get together and start a independent newstube.

Автор jaxflfreebird ( назад)
Jimmy, meanwhile YouTube looks the other way and doesn't shut down the Cyn channel, where some black woman who goes by the name of Cynthia G. spews black racism 24/7 and she has something like 38,000 subscribers up from some 16,000 last summer. Try being white and saying the kind of stuff this woman says about white people.

Автор Rheller82 ( назад)
I'm kinda glad they're doing this. It'll be harder, but in the end it'll make them stronger.

Автор Ashlie Rundquist ( назад)
Screw YouTube. Why not switch to Vimeo??

Автор jaxflfreebird ( назад)
Jimmy, while you're playing the progressive victim how about recognizing that conservatives are being treated the same way.

Автор JMarz ( назад)
we need a new youtube esque site some competition would be good

Автор Meghan burns ( назад)
Awe. I thought they were inclusive and diverse and cared about what others thought. Don't think so.

Автор T3MPL3GU4RD14N ( назад)
They want to replace all the alternative media content on Youtube with mainstream media garbage. Plain and simple. We can go back to our left/right paradigm after the dust settles from this attack on the people by Corporate America.

Автор Isidorus Hispalensis ( назад)
They want everyone to make cat and puppy videos. And rainbows and sunset videos. Anything political or specific agenda has to go.

Автор Jim Tanner ( назад)
Why Would YouTube.com
The Public's Freedom
Of Speech Right Exactly At The Moment
The Politically Incorrect Subject Of
is raised by distinguished scientists
who have determined
that given the grossly immature character of Holy Pimp President Sugar Daddy ,,,
THE DOOMSDAY'S CLOCK is now at two and a half minutes before
God Damned

Автор fanfare100 ( назад)
Do you accept bitcoin?

Автор Carl Moore ( назад)
see what i can do.

Автор Karen Skinner ( назад)
BOYCOTT YOUTUBE!! That will change things.

Автор Karen Skinner ( назад)
Damn, you too??? Google and other advertisers are greedy fuckers!!! Damn them to hell.

Автор Jim Tanner ( назад)
Please Indicate Those Specific Measures Already Undertaken ,
And Now Activated Providing
For 350 Million Americans
As The Doomsday Clock
Is Ticking At God Damned
,,,,, 2 And A Half ,,,,,

Автор judyleasugar97 ( назад)
Yeah, not only would I be extremely unhappy to lose independent news, it really pisses me off that corporate America thinks it can just crush the YT independents and we'll just go back to CNN etc. F*ck them!

Автор Hayley Lewis ( назад)
Fuck you tube.

Автор Mustard Seed ( назад)
We are being advertised to death; what bullchit!

Автор Mark Osborne ( назад)
Just signed up at Patreon --- your the best Jimmy

Автор Mustard Seed ( назад)
Isn't this another attack on
Freedom Of Speech by big Corporations? fkd up.
The world of Rump.

Автор Andrea Wisner ( назад)
If you are demonetized, why am I seeing multiple ads on your program?

Автор nosuchthing8 ( назад)
What you should DO is create a paid channel of progressive shows like this one, tyt, and we can pay one fee.

Автор Paddy Nolan ( назад)
The link for Amazon is .com, is it possible for customers using Amazon.co.uk to also link in with your show?

Автор e ( назад)
Time to Freak out Jimmy. Google killed blog ad rev. RIP you tube progressives ... Evil Twins & the Alt-Right are taking over the red pipe.

Автор dlevitt0508 ( назад)
Where are the millionaire, billionaire bastards/bitches that profess to be malevolent stewards of a just society? Oh, I guess they all mean an establishment just society. Assholes!

Автор spankywzl ( назад)
Who in the FUCK would PAY to watch this idiot make shitty jokes, then mug for the camera? Yeah, watching you play with your glasses, like some 3rd rate Charles Nelson Reilly is worth 10 to 20 bucks a month. Good luck with that. If you lost the shtick, and took on a more serious tone, your show might be worth something, but you are high if you think people are gonna spend HBO money with their already shrinking paychecks to watch this cringe fest. At least Kyle doesn't creep me out by making a point, then turning into into Mister Roper from Three's Company. Stop mugging for the camera, Jimmy. If you're not funny, at least you can be informative, you hack.

Автор Danny Kirton ( назад)
The alphabet media are getting their asses kicked by youtube independent media this is their way of crushing you.

Автор Brian John ( назад)
Love the show Jimmy. But what little I can afford is going to Kyle.

Автор Brass Beats ( назад)
It's not just progressive shows, they just found a way to steal money from everyone. Welcome to a world that people said didn't exist.

Автор joesaiditstrue ( назад)
Jimmy, real talk, how high were you when you did this video. lol

Автор Wordwood The Advisor ( назад)
2 for you and 2 for Secular Talk. Come Phoenix and I'll be at you Shows Jimmy.

Автор Pamela Wilcox ( назад)
We are there for you Jimmy!

Автор Patty Perry ( назад)
Time for a new type "you tube". You are only supporting you tube by staying on.

Автор David Amrod ( назад)
lets start a petition to google

Автор David Amrod ( назад)
What did YouTube say when you explained it to them?

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