How to Reverse-Sear a Steak

Reverse-sear with bonus butter baste. This video was made in response to the Reddit AMA question: what's your favorite way to cook a steak?

Watch in fabulous 4K for maximum steak!

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Автор Avonvalley1 ( назад)
Is that size bone in ribeye expensive/how much?

Автор Andy Vander Weide ( назад)
I love your choice in beer for that beautiful steak

Автор Andrea Sammut ( назад)
I've been banned from letting my steak rest on a wooden chopping board at home. There is absolutely no way to get the meaty smell out once the deed is done!

Автор Martial Sunwalk ( назад)
I can respect that

Автор Jamie Sauce ( назад)
oh god will you marry me <3

Автор Hayden Lau ( назад)
When I rest the steak it becomes all cold and disgusting...

Автор Vincent Navarrete ( назад)
if he would've done salt bae

Автор Vicki Sullivan ( назад)
butter basting is bullshit

Автор saetia7 ( назад)
That steak is enormous!!

Автор Jake Green ( назад)
Delirium is the best beer ever made!!

Автор Alice ( назад)
now I'm a vegetarian, but this was the most arousing video I've ever seen

Автор Hashida Tackey ( назад)
So much, butter

Автор Valerie H ( назад)
Definitely one of the most beautiful videos I've seen on Youtube

Автор Willem Van Hoecke & Stephanie De Waele ( назад)
That bear is belgium AF :D - you go man ! /greetings from belgium :)

Автор Yusen Ye ( назад)
Yo, when you reverse sear a steak, you don't need to rest it because the meat is already evenly cooked in the oven, by resting it, you are going to increase that area of well done, which kinda defeats the purpose of a reverse sear, other than that, good looking steak

Автор Nat F. ( назад)
Hey! I discovered your great channel when I saw the IASIP video you made. I really love your videos! My mom and I decided to cook some steak for our Easter dinner following this video. Just wanted to tell you it turned out great! Keep up the good work! :)

Автор BlackMarsh ( назад)
My proudest fap.

Автор Olivia Kempster ( назад)
can you do lobster stuffed with tacos from the Simpsons??

Автор John Doe ( назад)
why'd you put gloves on? most people cook without gloves

Автор Learn the Lingo ( назад)
Delirium beer is out of this god damn world, good choice sir. That will blow your socks off.

Автор TYPICAL PERSON ( назад)
a good burger

Автор MrBananaDonkey ( назад)
fahrenheit or celsius??

Автор Sofia Andrea Rodriguez ( назад)
I think I am in love <3

Автор Tian Henry ( назад)
let ur steak rest more

Автор Oirub ( назад)
Great videos.. But that was the weakest baste-job I've ever seen. Try 4x the butter and a much larger spoon.

Автор Rebeka Nedved ( назад)
Deliruim beer<3

Автор TheMrWillje ( назад)
god delirium tremens brings back limited cloudy memories from my 18th birthday over 3 years ago

Автор Jules Woodbury ( назад)
As a professional Belgian I urge you to change your Beer. Delium Tremens is a beer COLLECTOR not a trappist monastic brewery. There are far better things to accompany (and cook) your food with:
10. Barbar: Honeymet and Trappist Golden.
9: Chimay Bleue: Brown Trappist with cinammon and brown sugar hints. High Yeast. Good for cooking blood sausage, blood pudding and stoemp.
8. Chimay d'Or: Best Pils on the Planet. Is almost as refreshing as aGerman Radler, except it's real beer.
7. Orval: An amber Trappist. It's a wonderfull beer, but it goes with nothing as one bottle is enough to fill your stomach for a day. Also not great to get hammered eventhoguh it has a 9% alcohol because you won't be able to drink more than one.
6. Westmalle Tripple: Remember the Barbar? This one is like it but better. Amber Rich Trappist.
5. Westmalle Rochefort: A brown trappist that's surprisingly less richer and more refreshing than the westmalle tripple.
4. Judas: hence the name this beer will be your best friend untill it betrays you. Worth it though.
3. Pecheresse: When your testosterone level suddenly drops and your ready for a night to rewatch gilmore girls for the seventh time with your girlfriend, you can drink this fruity beer of a sinner.
2. Vieux Temps: The best commercial beer. Period. It's abit demystified because you can find it in every supermarket in belgium but the spices (nutmeg, thyme, pepper, cinnamon, coffee, chocolate, brown sugar) and the malted hop and wheat will melt your brain.
1. Westvleteren: Once in every Blue Moon, the Monastery of St. Sixte brews 1 gallon (just kidding they brew 4000 hectoliters each year, WHICH IS STILL NOT ENOUGH) you'll have to make reservations in advance, to get a parking spot, to buy one 16 pack of 33cl bottles. They won't sell you more. When you say this beer might have tasted so good because all the effort you have to make to get this beer hypes your tongue up, you're dead wrong.

Автор Felicia Lombardi ( назад)
this is art

Автор Tyrell Cooper ( назад)
my favorite beer bro

Автор gunjeet singh ( назад)
Anyone seen the 'You suck at cooking' channel ? It has a very similar vibe to this channel

Автор not Aisnley ( назад)
I want this, but I'm too poor, (eats instant noodles again for dinner)

Автор KK Hickey ( назад)
I just binge watched every single cooking video you have done... and I'm not ashamed. Subscribed! Nicely done sir.

Автор wolfinsignia ( назад)
how would this compared to souj vid then chimney grill and butter rest.

Автор LilianaKali ( назад)
The commentary was awesome. Love how they worked with the gestures - like, how he waves us over for the "come on", and backs away for the "step away". Also appreciated the last line about privacy.

Автор Wright Marshall ( назад)
I used a smaller steak and accidentally cooked the shit out of it

Автор Bazwalt ( назад)
If you don't own a cast iron skillet will a non-stick pan be fine?

Автор Omar Ben ( назад)
Delirium! Or how to recognize a guy who likes real beer ;)

Автор Lewis Fieldhouse ( назад)
Hey dude - I'm wondering, when you say 'the oven is at 400 degrees' do you mean fahrenheit or celcius? (my educated guess is fahrenheit but i have a rib eye on the bone and i don't wanna toast that thing by accident!

Автор Shane Flynn ( назад)
thought he was going to salt bae it

Автор Duane Martin ( назад)
Great beer choice!!! I always prefer resting uncovered on a rack that way the bottom crust remains jus as good as the top .

Автор Edward Ahn ( назад)
Was i the only one waiting for the salt bae sprinkle?

Автор Aaron Chan ( назад)
Hands down one of the best cooking channels on youtube SUBSCRIBE!

Автор Studio Harmony ( назад)
this video was a huge missed steak

Автор Amine Laifi ( назад)
Your thumbnails need cleaner font IMO, check out Casey Neistat's daily VLOG. His intro font is a good example.

Автор Daniel Hough ( назад)
Hi Andrew. Where'd you get those gloves? How can I find a pair for myself??

Автор Im Not Renegade ( назад)
Your sub count almost matches the views on this. 👌

Автор Stephane Van Der Merwe ( назад)
superb beer taste.

Автор Yash Srivastava ( назад)
I watched Gordon Ramsey do a steak and he just seared it and finished it, whereas I've seen other chefs do what he did either bake it in the oven or sous vide it, what's the advantage of these techniques as opposed to just a quick sear?

Автор Matt Brown ( назад)
4k meat porn, how could I not sub? This is one of the few I can absolutely believe you plowed through the whole thing off camera

Автор Burns Thornton ( назад)
that Ratatat though!

Автор Samuel Frazer ( назад)
when you said make it look pretty, i died, because its steak its already amazing

Автор wazzupo1 ( назад)
I'm not eating red meat at the moment for a challenge, love me some meat though, far from vegan. My heart was pounding watching this. That looked so good

Автор bawoodd11 ( назад)
All of that fancy butter basting means nothing if you overcook the meat.

Автор FRAMEZ ( назад)
that delirium tremmens, excelent taste!!1

Автор Edamame ( назад)
Who needs Joule, when you can do this?

Автор HomersIlliad ( назад)
Have you thought about making Salt Bae's steak?

Автор CrazyAmericanRussianShitAccentHacker ( назад)
Hey! I don't think the music is loud enough! I can still hear you

Автор homerun217 ( назад)
This is my favorite method as well, but what temp is your pan? Won't the butter burn if the pan is "ripping hot"?

Автор Jake White ( назад)
Just found your channel out today and watched a bunch of your recipe videos. Became instantly hooked! Keep on cooking my friend

Автор Filip B ( назад)
Oh man. As if I didn't respect you enough already, you whipped out a delirium tremens!

Автор Skankhunt 42 ( назад)
Gordon Ramsay: it's RAWWWW

Автор Roman Iles ( назад)
You put meat on a wooden board you god damn savage

Автор Kemal Ertas ( назад)
@AndrewRea you sound like Archer or Bob from Bobs burgers. You get my point

Автор davey lad45 ( назад)
Are you sure the salt makes the meat more moist? Salt draws the water out of the steak surely?

Автор Sarah Mariel ( назад)
Delirium and steak some Belgian fries too. unf.

Автор Smyth14x ( назад)
Amazing videos! Keep up the awesome work - inspired more than a few of us (I'm sure) to start cooking again!

Автор 454Casull ( назад)
Getting some Good Eats vibes from this one in particular.

Автор Kosie Oma ( назад)
The original salt bae. c:

Автор Ken Hunter ( назад)
what kind of beer is that

Автор Graham Sutherland ( назад)
This looked so phenomenal that I had to give it a go. It came out a perfect medium rare. Made a peppercorn and mushroom steak sauce to go with it. My mouth is watering just thinking about it again.

Автор wvman2374 ( назад)
excellent. Have you tried resting the steak in buerre monte? it rests better as it traps the juices in the steak and as its liquid it transfers the heat off the steak faster. and of course more butter...

Автор Robert Guinn ( назад)
I like to put an upside down bowl on plate. then, rest the steak on the bowl, covered in foil. the juices can then be collect to top mashed/ baked potatoes.

Автор Nashii S ( назад)
should've done a salt bae meme

Автор Little Crow ( назад)
Dude, Delirium Tremens? You're a wonderful guy and the type of person I could definitely be Bros with.

Keep up with the fantastic videos.

What's your favourite beer? What are your favourite beer based dishes?

Автор m3th ( назад)
small man or big steak?

Автор Matthew Edwards ( назад)
I need the outside to be black and sound like I'm sawing wood when I cut into it lol

Автор Mayer Yedid ( назад)
What type of lard did you use? It sounds to me that you said "leaf lard" but either I misheard or am just not familiar with this type of lard.

Автор troy spartan ( назад)
know THATS. food i would like to fork!

Автор Onlineshrekjr ( назад)
production value is great, i like your videos. but after having watched each of your recipe videos i think the music is extremely annoying and repetitive. it gives the video a stressful tone. please use more passive background music. i honestly can't see myself continue watching your videos with this music even though everything else is so good. the music really sets me off and i cant imagine that i'm the only one.

Автор Coffice ( назад)
Been perfecting my steak technique for almost a decade now. Currently using rosemary instead of thyme for the freshness aspect and dilution of the charring you can get from a pan-sear, crushed garlic like you do and basting as per the norm. I season with less salt and pepper however. I think this reverse-sear method is quite the take on perfect steaks, so much so that I think it's worth a shot. 10 years on and I still learn something new. Thanks!

Автор Brian Russ ( назад)
Needs finishing salt sprinkled erotically from height

Автор 20Capslock ( назад)
nigga smashed that whole stake

Автор Michael Jones ( назад)
Why do you wear the gloves? Also what kind are they? I'd imagine the odour of standard nitrile gloves could ruin any nice dish.

Автор Todd Medium Wellington ( назад)
if you are eating a steak above medium. You are eating it wrong, just get your self a hamburger.

Автор Glue Lantigua ( назад)
Bravo! Love your content, the hand acting is pretty entertaining as well.

Автор daniel nunez ( назад)
you're arteries are going to close up
so much fucking butter

Автор wiadroman ( назад)
The product placement is a bit annoying tbh. Even the chopping board?

Автор firelizard2 ( назад)
I'm about halfway through the playlist of your videos. The dread of coming to the end is coming in, even though it should be okay because bedtime was 3 hours ago. But.
I need to know. How TF do you keep your wooden ish so clean? I love my bamboo cutting boards but hate actually using them, the guilt is unbearable.

Автор JuppyProductions ( назад)
Would this taste OK with A1 sauce?

Автор Sahil Khan ( назад)
My favourite cooking channel <3

Автор Fredric Melchersson ( назад)
good quality videos, you got a new sub here

Автор Andrew Calderwood ( назад)
I was just waiting for you to sprinkle salt at the end

Автор El Pingu ( назад)
What beer was that

Автор Adam Beck ( назад)
Here's a question, what is your favorite hot sauce / meal involving hot sauce? Mine is Baron's Mustard-based St. Lucian Hot Sauce, which goes great on basically anything.

Автор NewMan ( назад)
All these guy does is record himself making him food. Fucking Genius.

Автор Jason Semmler ( назад)
I've seen a few videos disputing the idea of "resting" the meat after it comes off the heat.... what are your thoughts? Have you ever tested the theory? I've never seen a difference either way. Every time I let the meat rest, I end up with a plate full of juice and a slightly warm piece of meat. I don't think I buy the concept.

Автор Mark-Angelo Famularcano ( назад)
Thank goodness you're not into that sous vide fad.

Автор Ace Player ( назад)
You had me at "butter blanket"

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