Mixing All My Foundations Together

  • Опубликовано: 8 сен 2017
  • I mixed all my foundations together and combined them into one giant frankenstein-foundation! No foundations were hurt in the making of this video. Last time, I melted my lipsticks together and after that I wanted to mix more makeup - and make even more custom creations! Would you guys do this?
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  • Safiya Nygaard
    Safiya Nygaard  Год назад +11481

    HELLO FRIENDS!! hope u guys enjoy this strange franken-video! how do u guys think it did? i wanna make more!!

    • Čhêłšêå Vłøgš
      Čhêłšêå Vłøgš 18 дней назад

      Safiya Nygaard I’ve watched this so much lol, why are you so beautiful?!?

    • April Lopez
      April Lopez 2 месяца назад

      Safiya Nygaard..... Safiya!!! Your're Amazing. Loves you videos and I honestly love to mix foundations. I'm just starting out with foundation. I honestly can never be sad watching your videos with your eyebrow dances!!! Lol I love it .. . you're awesome!! - South Texas Momma

    • Ailsa Napier
      Ailsa Napier 2 месяца назад

      Safiya Nygaard yess!!!

    • Shio S
      Shio S 2 месяца назад

      Safiya Nygaard Ææ

    • Arbutus Kathleen
      Arbutus Kathleen 2 месяца назад

      What about concealer?!

  • Lali’s GachaEdits 0707
    Lali’s GachaEdits 0707 2 дня назад

    That is actually kinda your perfect skin color

  • TheEvilGirl 24
    TheEvilGirl 24 2 дня назад

    Sayf: "I've worn all of these seperatly so they should be okay together" Me: WHAT!? NO!!! That's like saying that I can have salt and I can drink water so they must be perfect together!?

  • Adan Faris
    Adan Faris 2 дня назад

    There is hair on your hand

  • Autumn Peck
    Autumn Peck 3 дня назад

    I dont think ur undertone is yellow girl lol

  • Lil meow meow i thought he's dead Ma bad

    Girl just open ur own make-up factory

  • susan smith
    susan smith 3 дня назад

    All the make up that you mix I double dog dare you to were all of them for a hole day and video it

  • Brooke Klemesrud
    Brooke Klemesrud 3 дня назад

    You should do a full face of makeup with all of the mixes you’ve done

  • Rip my social life wait I never had one

    I love the fact that sometimes you can hear Tyler’s heavy breathing like when saf was putting it on you could hear him 😂😤

  • the day in the life of great kaliki (nub squ@d)

    It looks like peanut butter -.-

  • Harry Mims
    Harry Mims 4 дня назад

    Mix all of your countours

  • Serenity  Hamilton
    Serenity Hamilton 4 дня назад

    That foundation is making me want a frosty 😋

  • Khloe Conley
    Khloe Conley 4 дня назад


  • Khloe Conley
    Khloe Conley 4 дня назад

    Safiya you should do mixing concealers lol don’t know hot tho

  • Melody Melody22
    Melody Melody22 4 дня назад

    Oh my god she needs serious waxing those hairy arms 😶

  • #Ididntknowwhattonamemyself
    #Ididntknowwhattonamemyself 5 дней назад +1

    You should have added it to a normal bowl, mixed it, and then added it to the tube to make life easier lol😂

  • john mathew
    john mathew 5 дней назад

    can u mix all of your eyeliner

  • Taamz Heart
    Taamz Heart 5 дней назад


  • Pranjali Sonawane
    Pranjali Sonawane 6 дней назад

    Why her hands aren't waxed in any of the videos?

  • Cofe four
    Cofe four 6 дней назад

    💄💄看小妹漏点私拍视频➕微信hot5383💄💄风 v 功夫丰富h yu

  • NG diy
    NG diy 6 дней назад

    3:19 have i just......seen H💿L💿!?

  • Aerin Skidmore
    Aerin Skidmore 7 дней назад

    Somehow most of the makeup so she mixes actually comes out really good

  • Хриси Панайотова
    Хриси Панайотова 8 дней назад

    you are prety

  • Mackenzie McDonald
    Mackenzie McDonald 8 дней назад +1


  • Jiffy Gee
    Jiffy Gee 9 дней назад

    You should mix all your fragrances. Create a FrankenFragrance? FrankenSense? FrankenScent?

  • Cindy Conrad
    Cindy Conrad 9 дней назад

    Lol SHMASH

  • 0ceaniic
    0ceaniic 9 дней назад

    I had a cover girl foundation add before this video 😂

  • Mia The Kawaii Neko
    Mia The Kawaii Neko 9 дней назад

    #CatEars4life ROCKING DEM CAT EARS

  • Jessica Aurelia
    Jessica Aurelia 11 дней назад

    You're so beautiful!!!😍😍😍
    Edit:safiya never liked my comment 😥😭

  • Ryley3595
    Ryley3595 11 дней назад

    I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE your cheek bones they are soooooooooooooo pretty just like you💜💜💜

  • Sarah Ahmed
    Sarah Ahmed 11 дней назад

    Can you make a shop of all of your makeup creations that you made adding all them together! I'm sure it'll be great!!

  • Priya Jethva
    Priya Jethva 12 дней назад +1

    full face of franken makeup!!!!!!!!!!!!!plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SpiritAnimal Dragon
    SpiritAnimal Dragon 12 дней назад

    Ur shiny af😂

  • Mnsgirl1028
    Mnsgirl1028 13 дней назад

    1 year anniversary!

  • Jade
    Jade 13 дней назад

    Do a franken makeup routine

  • Haley Trosclair
    Haley Trosclair 13 дней назад

    You should mix all your eyebrow products together

  • Carmen Cunha
    Carmen Cunha 13 дней назад

    please make a frankeinliner

  • LMSPetRescue
    LMSPetRescue 14 дней назад

    Perfect foundation? Never gonna be possible because different parts on the face have different skin colors and different oil products and tans more or less than other places because of the “highest points” of your face. I have a three foundation rule XD all from the same maker so they’re relatively similar in consistency and how they sit on the face, basically think of it like contouring but with foundation rather than things on top of the foundation. It becomes more natural, your skin will thank you, and you won’t look dead or plastic or like a bad paint computer job where you use the fill bucket and wonder why it looks weird XD

  • Zeldy Castillo
    Zeldy Castillo 14 дней назад

    Mixed eyeliner!!!!!!!

  • LiveLoveLaugh 121
    LiveLoveLaugh 121 14 дней назад

    Can you do the same but with blush please

  • Holly Ham
    Holly Ham 14 дней назад

    I think you should wear all of the makeup you made

  • Dizzyizzy 902
    Dizzyizzy 902 15 дней назад

    I love the ordinary foundation lol

  • Tyler Downing
    Tyler Downing 15 дней назад

    U should do a full face of Frankenmakeup

  • Isha Ramdham
    Isha Ramdham 15 дней назад +3

    Could you please do a video like "a day out wearing all my Frankenstein creations" plz.......🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Rainstar of Jadeclan
    Rainstar of Jadeclan 15 дней назад +1

    0: 32 😂 elf is a brand name? 😂

  • Hgdgg Fddgfd
    Hgdgg Fddgfd 15 дней назад +1

    العرب الي شافو شعر ايديها لايك🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣متت ضحك

  • Haloworld 9180
    Haloworld 9180 15 дней назад

    If Cristine has Nail Pron
    Safiya has Frankendation(Franken) Pron

  • Nicole Sun
    Nicole Sun 17 дней назад

    RUclip recommended this to me in the "makeup tips" section😂😂😂

  • Lena Cuoger
    Lena Cuoger 17 дней назад +1

    You should make mixing all my concealers

  • Elina & Lanting
    Elina & Lanting 17 дней назад


  • shaniw527
    shaniw527 17 дней назад

    fraken mascara

  • Brooklynn Baum
    Brooklynn Baum 17 дней назад

    Am I the only one who noticed that while filming this video she also filmed the buying my outfit blindfolded video at the same time. Her outfit is the same

  • Aria The Wolf
    Aria The Wolf 18 дней назад

    Wear all of your franken-makeup all at once!! Please? No? Ok.

  • Crystal kitty5
    Crystal kitty5 18 дней назад

    I think they all match your face better when they are all mixed

  • Ronnie Logsdonn
    Ronnie Logsdonn 18 дней назад

    You have a lot of makeup

  • Ashlyn Smith
    Ashlyn Smith 18 дней назад

    What a fun franken foundation

  • Amy Alvarez
    Amy Alvarez 19 дней назад

    What a waist of foundation!

  • Drea Slays
    Drea Slays 19 дней назад

    8:07 her eyes though, 😂

  • Aljouhara Alr
    Aljouhara Alr 19 дней назад


  • Taeddy Hyung
    Taeddy Hyung 19 дней назад


  • Aljouhara Alr
    Aljouhara Alr 19 дней назад


  • Beauty by Teens
    Beauty by Teens 20 дней назад

    😲😲Where’s the bat sleeves 🦇🦇

  • Holly Holdsworth
    Holly Holdsworth 20 дней назад


  • Holly Holdsworth
    Holly Holdsworth 20 дней назад


  • Kalpana Sisode
    Kalpana Sisode 20 дней назад


  • Girl’s Channel
    Girl’s Channel 20 дней назад

    Why do u have idiot face on thumbnails? Wtf!

  • Sophie Spina
    Sophie Spina 21 день назад

    You should do franken eyeliner!!

  • Mikaela J Webb
    Mikaela J Webb 21 день назад

    You should do your "werid" coloured lipsticks

  • Maddy Productions
    Maddy Productions 21 день назад

    I use the ordinary foundation!!! Well that’s exciting.....😱😱

  • Alexandria Robinson
    Alexandria Robinson 21 день назад

    You should try mixing all of your brow gels and see what it’d look like with all the Franken makeup

  • Usha Krishnan
    Usha Krishnan 21 день назад

    I think people are just wasting their money 💵

  • Rumana Ayesha
    Rumana Ayesha 21 день назад

    Did any one notice that in second part of the video she is wearing the outfit from shopping blindfolded...

  • Amy Thompson
    Amy Thompson 23 дня назад

    I got a foundation ad before this video

  • Lillie-Mae Wyman
    Lillie-Mae Wyman 23 дня назад

    Mix nail vanish next! If u do shout me out plz!
    Love your vids!❤️

  • Jayden P
    Jayden P 24 дня назад +1

    You should do a mixing all your eyebrow stuff

  • Kat Umlang
    Kat Umlang 24 дня назад

    Serious question how do you not wear a face powder 🤔😮

  • Fizzy Droid
    Fizzy Droid 24 дня назад

    1 like = 1 foundations doesnt die from science. *prays to science gods (aka bill nye da science guy)* DONT LET THE FOUNDATIONS DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! :D

  • Frate Latte
    Frate Latte 24 дня назад


  • Jenn Sherman
    Jenn Sherman 24 дня назад

    I am so addicted to your channel and watching these franken-makeup expirements! So glad i found you! These are so fun and i want to try all of them!

  • Matthew Xia
    Matthew Xia 25 дней назад

    All these foundations are the same colour as my bad attempts at light brown in art class

  • Alt Le Grande
    Alt Le Grande 25 дней назад

    I literally think she could date a better looker guy

    • Frosty Dawn
      Frosty Dawn 23 дня назад

      Alt Le Grande Good job, but that’s a shitty thing to think.

  • Rebecca Holt
    Rebecca Holt 25 дней назад

    Omg I don’t have loads of foundation I have one and when I run out I buy more of the same one xxx

  • Helia Dastpeyman
    Helia Dastpeyman 25 дней назад +1

    Did anyone else noticed her hands hair?

    • the artistry the elegance
      the artistry the elegance 20 дней назад

      hold the front page PEOPLE HAVE HAIR

    • Frosty Dawn
      Frosty Dawn 23 дня назад

      Helia Dastpeyman Well, there’s nothing wrong with arm hair. No reason to shave it.

    • Helia Dastpeyman
      Helia Dastpeyman 23 дня назад

      Frosty Dawn yep

    • Frosty Dawn
      Frosty Dawn 25 дней назад

      Helia Dastpeyman You mean arm hair?

  • Fluffy Kitten
    Fluffy Kitten 25 дней назад

    Have u tried Clinique

  • Lykong Chhay
    Lykong Chhay 25 дней назад

    Your skin is nice ;-;

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    Tamar Murphy 26 дней назад

    Lol diy fenty foundation

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    Kyara 26 дней назад

    Everyone talks about makeup, like food. Yum.

  • Joshelyn Santiago
    Joshelyn Santiago 26 дней назад

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  • OMGItzEllie xx
    OMGItzEllie xx 26 дней назад

    the 'double chin test' lol

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    Alissa McCormick 26 дней назад

    You done even need eyeshadow it’s natural 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ !

  • Abira Bia
    Abira Bia 26 дней назад

    can u plsssssss react to kpop

  • priyanka ghosh
    priyanka ghosh 26 дней назад

    OMG u r soo pretty.......o.god I think I am becoming a lesbian 😎

    • Frosty Dawn
      Frosty Dawn 23 дня назад

      priyanka ghosh That’s not how it works, but okay.

  • Rarenesss MSP
    Rarenesss MSP 26 дней назад

    you should mix all mac or sephora colourful eyeliners

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    Ashlyn Hildebrandt 26 дней назад

    I was thinking on what you can do for a video my idea was you can do all the mixing makeup videos and then you can you a whole face of frankin makeup

    DIRTY WATER 27 дней назад

    *Can you do all of your concealer?*

  • Everything Haschanged
    Everything Haschanged 27 дней назад

    i was just say i think you need to wax this things before you’re so beatiful but this face hairs or whatever is that so ugly i think i love uu

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    Samanthiya Manokaran 27 дней назад +1

    I have fit me

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    Kaela Goding 27 дней назад

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    Abigail Cote 28 дней назад

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    It’s Gabie The magical unicorn 28 дней назад