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    Your really good at making loads of survival videos

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    Glad I found this!

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    I don't have like any subs and this has 5 million when they repeat everything and I don't

    I wish I can get subs😭😭

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    The home made phone charger would probably get you stopped at security.

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    What is that black stuff you mixed with the thingy in the diaper

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    "THE CORRECT WAY TO FOLD SOCKS!"- So why show me three other ways, that could only logically be classified as incorrect, before you show me the right way? I've unfolded and refolded my sock drawer four times now! There goes my week!

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    Background noise was annoying.

  • Why Not 3? Work-Life Balance for Overachievers

    Enjoyed the edit!

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    Thank you!!!!!💕💕

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    ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Travel hacks?

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    Video about travel hacks
    *Shows how a diaper can save a plant*

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    how is folding clothes going to save the trip

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    Who's watching travel video because you are going on vaction in like 4 months because you're that excited.

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    yeah, go ahead buy those swimming goggles and sandals at your destination. for like thrice as much. they just looove unprepared tourists who are willing to pay $20 fo a pair of flip flops. smh... if that tip is supposed to save you room in your suitcase don't forget you have travel back with all your newly bought stuff -___-

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    Folding socks like that makes the tops stretch

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    Brilliant !!!

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    Clever. Some a little too "MacGiver" for me.

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    Omg I need the cardboard folding clothes thingy

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    hello do you like to diy if you do come and see my new and my first video
    :) :) :)

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    I don't see how the diaper one is a travel hack.

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    they have been showing a lot of the same hacks
    in the videos

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    hack number 1 keep your zipper closed
    hack number 2 fix your zipper broken by thief who was stumped by number 1
    hack number 3 spend time taking apart and rebuilding what you can pick up online for $2.29 (and up)
    hack 4 through 17 how to fold clothes.
    hack 18 don't fold roll!


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    3.30 Those socks are history from 5-minute-crafts

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    YOUR THE BEST! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    omg that thing on 4:33😍😍

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    i dont know on which planet you are living but we call this powerbank

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    that cute girl 😂

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    That portable homemade charger is a great way to get yourself arrested at the airport under terrorism charges.

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    Wow it was awesome.. Thanks

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    I'm always traveling, and most of these are actually more of a hassle than a convenience. yeah folding clothes saves space, but it takes awhile to DO the folding if you have lots of clothes. and not to mention UNfolding them when your Destination is reached. Honestly I don't think these are practical for my way of traveling. but it may work for some people so don't attack me I'm just stating an opinion

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    Why are you wearing sunglasses indoors what is wrong with you?


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    the portable ones are £30

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    peace love me ZaraZ

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    half of this stuff no one will use while traveling

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    It's my birthday can a have alike

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    So much lipstick wastage I felt like I was dying inside lol but the pouring was kind of Soothing. Ahh but what a waste of lipstick still left on the spoon *sighs* :(

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    so Im ten and folding clothes isn't my thing so that folding thing with cardboard really helps

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    They think everyone has a sewing machine at home

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    One of your first hacks, the zip tie on your luggage... use multiple ties and loop one side at the top handle, immobilizing the zipper pull! A movable zipper enables the self-healing feature to be used by anyone who pierces the zipper (with a ball point pen) to gain entry to your luggage. An immobilized zipper that's been zip-tied and cut is far more obvious than a zip that's freely mobile.

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    stop repeating your OLD CONTACT 😥😥

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    Continuous slight please suspend pitcher target anywhere huh.

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    or you could just buy an eyeglass case

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    The last one with the plant the plant was fake

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    why is a little girl folding her own clothes???

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    i hopes everyone subscribe your channel

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    2:01 DAFUQ??? WOW!

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    i cringed when she rubbed the glasses with her thumb.

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    Why not just use the flashlight itself.

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    I'll fold my socks anyway I please! I don't even fold them! I his buy a dozen pairs of white ones and then throw them in a drawer and grab 2 hahahah!

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    i can essure you that if you try to bring that 5 dollar charger on a plane you will be arrested

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    Half of these weren't even related to travel

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    Paradise Love Channel... View our page

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    U cant do the first one bc they sometimes open u r bag when u r in the plane (security opens them )

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    but with the second one with the first

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    The first one is weird because the zippers are stuck together so how are u supposed to open the bag

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    She destroyed the lipsticks and than applied some to her lips that already had lipstick on them 😒

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    "Buy swimming goggles, sunscreen and sandals at your destination." Great and ecologic idea :D sunscreen in SEA is like 12 Euros while it costs 2 Euros in Germany. And if I would use this "hack" on every vacation, I'd have like 20 swimming goggles now :D

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    I luv 3:22

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    thank you guys for posting such useful and incredible videos.

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    Your videos should get more dislikes than likes... All u do is repeat your content🙎🙅hate your channel

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    The lipstick that they made was different than the one on her lips...
    Hers was matte and more deep red
    The one the made was glossy and was more medium toned red

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    Half of these arent even helpful for traveling like I am not gonna pack a BIG pice of cardboard just to fold clothes 😒 also they played the How to fold sock hack like 3 times

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    Lo q mas me gusto fue el metodo para doblar la ropa
    (^_-) :O

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    this is perfect! we love the old towel trick!

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    I am going to U.K. and I am so exited to do this hacks 😂

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    Super videos... but even if you guys make single hack that's enough. Y make lengthy video with all repititions 😐

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    Uhh who would spend money and time on a sunglasses container when chances are you have a glasses case at your house

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    Many more Youtubers don't deserve their large number of subscribers.5minute crafts are a small fish.There are worse channels. But if they just recycle videos, they need to go.

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    I,m going on a trip some where I can swim. I just can,t wait until I get there.

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    Dear 5-Minute Craft, can you delete your channel if you have lazy people who just f*cking repeat their content a over again. Like for God Sake it's annoying.

    And how the f*ck do you have 3.6m. YOu don't deserve those subs.

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    On the video it said usless but the it was really good

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    What does a LAMP have to do with traveling?!?!?!

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    Unsubbed unsubbed unsubbed unsubbed........oh sorry, I didn't realise I was REPEATING myself.

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    This girl needs to find out about the new invention, it is called a hot glue gun, I'm sorry scotch tape will not hold a 9 volt battery in place for long.

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    Hack no1 is all very well until you need to get something from that rucksack. Trust me, you would be cutting it open 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    I don't care if she repeats the same hacks I still like them

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    I hate seeing the same video over and over again

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    Buy sunscreen, goggles and sandals at your destination. Yep - that's what resorts/cruises are counting on. Who looks forward to paying $12 for a small bottle of sunscreen. I can't imagine what the sandals would cost!

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    How was the last one even relevant ._.

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    4:22 ugly and stupid kid

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    Plz subscribe to my channel and help me reach a 100 subs

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    Since I am traveling for about a year now they were really helpful, although I also thing there is an easier way to find a portable phone charger! :D

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    i actually HATE to say this. but you should have a first aid pouch. in my family we always carry a little of everything. i agree. little pouches of ointment are better for travel than a whole bottle. but bring some. its legit saved me TONS that my parents have that. id make the extra room. you need pepto bismol, tums, or rolaids.., and immodium... you just need it, and those types of accidents come suddendly, and usually you cant wait, and you ESPECIALLY should have that if you are NOT going somewhere familiar

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    the first way you fold the socks i fold my socks every time.

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    Here's one tip always put a fragile thing on your bag so when u get ur bag that takes forever because of the fragile thing it I'll be one top of other things so it'll likely end up first

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    those are the most handy life hacks i ever saw in my life!