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Автор Nafisa Abrar Mohoshin ( назад)
4:39 is the best!

Автор lord pikachu 9 ( назад)
Have you ever left for a trip and your like crap did I lock the door next time you leave lock the door then do something weird. You will remember that moment

Автор The Girl In The Back ( назад)

Автор andrew garfield ( назад)
You can definitely use an altoids tin box for the power bank.

Автор Mira Philadelphia ( назад)
really, there are amazing people. thank you 🌹❤

Автор Syeda Bilgrami ( назад)
It was a sock origami!!!!! Congratzzz u have learnt sock origami!!!!!

Автор Vichitra Kumar ( назад)
Does plant part of our travelling.......f*ck offf..........

Автор Vichitra Kumar ( назад)
Is there something new........most of hacks r repeated......tired of seeing same things....try something new in every video........

Автор Helen Chatz ( назад)
can someone explain me how can the lip gloss hack be a travel hack ??

Автор ĶHÂŃ ÃŠHHÂĐ ( назад)
this life hacks is very useful for us

Автор Madysan Luczak ( назад)
I disliked a I am happy about it. ; ) : )

Автор DucksterKing ( назад)
Yeah like like we have cloth and a sewing machine laying around

Автор Jordan Marley ( назад)
the song sounds good on .75 speed

Автор woody wood ( назад)
bottle of water over a cell phone? come on!!!

Автор Veda Doe ( назад)
the laptop bag one is like "how to make the ugliest, most uncomfortable and impractical bag ever but like you can still make it tho"

Автор Amanda Neuman ( назад)
Omg when the little girl did a dance because she finished folding her clothes was hilarious

Автор Trix Gaming ( назад)
what happen to you youtube? 4 views and 10 likes ???

Автор Because of me ( назад)
this comment get Z
Likes. I bet

Автор foxtale ( назад)
ok............i quite like these hacks i NEED MORE

Автор Jamailah Ong ( назад)

Автор Murtaza Mustafa ( назад)

Автор Smallsissy ( назад)
Girl yellow ain't yo color.

Автор Never Normal ( назад)
I subscribed because I really like your videos and the life hacks as well. :) :D :3

Автор Dax draws ( назад)
I can fold socks faster then that. that is
just a waste of time.

Автор Katy Watson ( назад)
I better not make that sunglass box or whatever that is, and carry my own XDD

Автор Isa Ina ( назад)
"Rain coat instead of umbrella"
How about a telescopic umbrella?

Автор Rozeena ( назад)
the portable charger can damaged your phone because it doesn't have icu

Автор Jane Domingos ( назад)
i love the folding idea so nice and easy for kids and adults

Автор Tom S ( назад)
This channel is just other people's videos

Автор mistari khan ( назад)

Автор Crafts Collection ( назад)
1:33 does it really charge in one second?

Автор idea of my mind ( назад)
i love the cloth folding hack

Автор Pastel Pink ( назад)
The kid's cardboard folding clothes hack, are they just copying 'Whatsupmom'

Автор Aisha wasti ( назад)
I used a 7 up bottle and it made the coolest lamp ever

Автор skill freaks ( назад)
The first 1923 people who will watch my latest video will get a bag of 14k dollars and a aventador in a lottery
Believe me it is true

Автор Howard Ho ( назад)
The first one is USELESS

Автор MoldyMacaroniX GD ( назад)
I am actually going on a trip tonight, Thanks!

Автор cookieswirlc fan ( назад)
go people check out the channel my life it is starting this week it will be a pretty cool channel😎😎😘😘😍😘

Автор ulllaaaklara ( назад)

Автор Khanim Khalilova ( назад)
very useful hacks

Автор Asak Asak ( назад)

Автор Sameer Shah ( назад)
What's a Last-Minute Adventurist? Well, lets put it this way... I'll get up one morning and say....I want to go to Barcelona! I'll grab a couple of wrinkled shirts and jeans, stuff it in a backpack and I'd be on my way to the airport to catch a flight to Spain. I have tons of stories to share, but I think it would be better if YOU join me in my journeys, instead ;)

Автор firoskhan ibrahim ( назад)
buy small things or buy a big bag :p

Автор William Westwood ( назад)
That phone charger will get your frisked for dayssssss.

Автор Wisdom Seeker ( назад)

Watch me travel to all 50 states on my channel! :D

Автор Corner Raiser ( назад)
Am I the one who liked the video?

Автор SkitBits ( назад)
Thanks so much I use them when I'm going to places and it helps thank!

Автор Zetra edits ( назад)
Don't go on my channel

Автор CatFish45 ( назад)
the diaper "guts" look like snow!😀⛄❄

Автор meilanyastewart ( назад)
this is boring quit doing the same things over and over

Автор Mel S ( назад)
I like the home-made sunglasses case and toiletry roll-up case.

Автор Kaitlyn Nightflower ( назад)
I like the kid folding clothes one. now kids can pack their own suitcase.

Автор gamer Girl ( назад)
Honestly the clothes thing is dumb it was in reverse we aren't freaking retarded

Автор Vyolet Infinite ( назад)
The Towel-Holder Thing (4:39) You Can use The Loop At The End Of The Towel To Hang It Up?

Автор PandaGamer 86 ( назад)
The hacks are just random hacks, not actually to do with a trip

Автор Sandra Sanchez ( назад)
0:08 how can you take it off

Автор Dávid Horváth ( назад)
but if you put a Ziploc on your bag how are you going to get it of 🎒😯😃😓😦😧😨

Автор flyhigh A ( назад)
Too many hacks cramped into one vid. It would be better if you made shorter vids, like five mins long!

Автор Deanna Grant ( назад)
have a blessed day of school and college and a third

Автор mikala larsen ( назад)
I'm so tired of wanting to see new things but you always show the same hacks and only a few different ones...rather make a shorter video with new things all the time than constantly making 10-15 minutes videos long that just repeat what you showed before :/

Автор Saf biscuitz ( назад)
who folds socks?

Автор pocky-dog ( назад)
how did i get here

Автор IMcRoni ( назад)
6:14 yeah and then after combing your hair it will have a nice sweated feet odor (sry if i typed wrong ._.)

Автор Riya Hussain ( назад)
I've seen most of these hacks in another video of yours...

Автор katemarie6 ( назад)
how the fuck are these travel hacks

Автор LionSrbijaSI ( назад)
im got iphone 4

Автор Shaba Udin ( назад)

Автор It's_So_Artsy 10 ( назад)
2:48 to 3:08
Yeah that'll be super easy to do on a trip or airplane

Автор Earth The Humans Hone ( назад)

Автор Tomato Soup ( назад)
Because taking a handmade battery powered charger through security won't look suspicious at all

Автор Marina Aizpurua ( назад)

Автор Aemen Ahmed ( назад)

Автор princess kayla1605 ( назад)
Its the same thing over and over

Автор The Entertainment Channel ( назад)
You padlock is not useless if you forgot the code for it. simply start from 0000, 0001 etc and you will find it :) So please remove your stupid thumbnail.

Автор Mr Nha On the mix ( назад)
Good love

Автор Azam Siddiqui ( назад)
most of them are not travel hacks

Автор Inayah Hoque ( назад)
2:01 was soo cool.

Автор BENACHOUR Abdou ( назад)
This is clever as f.

Автор X GAMER ( назад)
From where did you buy it

Автор Lan Vu ( назад)
All babies need diapers, Plants too

Автор Joyce Rothermel ( назад)
can you go slower on the folding of the flowered top. That was so slick, but o matter how many times I watch it I can't do it. I have about worn my shirt out trying.

Автор Amnesia Nox ( назад)
You're not allowed to have batteries on a plane

Автор xx SourLime xx ( назад)

Автор Hamster Quail ( назад)
never noticed that she was left handed

Автор Roy ( назад)
A 9v battery will NOT charge modern smartphones.

Автор Roy ( назад)
iPhone in 2017? LOL.

Автор Pinja K ( назад)
how are these travel hacks? 😂😂

Автор wildclay ( назад)
what the fuck does plants have to do with traveling

Автор Crystle Gaming ( назад)
Me: **roams around youtube** OH A VID! AND ITS HELPFUL FOR WHEN I'M GOING ON MAH TRIP!
**Looks at video** **afew mins later**
Oh she-
**looks at comments**
**looks back at vid**

7:21 - She copied from the king of random

Автор Crispy Bacon ( назад)
no offense but the makeshift lamp idea is just plain stupidity not unless your phone is waterproof

Автор Crazy Candy Crush ( назад)
How many people are working for 5 minutes crafts? How do they share the profits?

Автор ilossxx ( назад)
travel hacks turned into random hacks

Автор Glitterful Butterfly ( назад)
what the fuck does the diaper one even have to do with traveling!?

Автор Mady Rose ( назад)
Please stop reusing the same clips. It gets really boring. I came here to see hacks i have never seen before. Half the things aren't even related to travel

Автор Gastry LifeHacker ( назад)
Please rate my Life Hacks, thanks:)

Автор Barbie Karaoke and Video ( назад)
When you realize you're clickbait

Автор Sapphire Gurl ( назад)
aww that dance at 4:37 was so cute..

Автор Redstone Radius ( назад)
Is it just me or does the song keep saying "I'm adopted"?

Автор Anushka Trivedi ( назад)
Only first-3 hacks were new, rest all were repeated from old videos.. 😒

Автор alicia trevorrow ( назад)

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